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I did Fraxel Repair on November 16th 2011 around...

I did Fraxel Repair on November 16th 2011 around my eyes, since my eye lids were drooping more than I would like them to specially the right eyelid which is why they increased the intensity on the right eye which is why its suffering more lol. anyways the procedure its self was ok the worst part was when they insert the metal shields that FREAKED me out :( even though you don't feel it since they put numbing drops in your eyes before hand but it was still freaky. you are completely numb for the whole procedure which probably took 15 minutes but the prep time was about 45 min. first there was the anesthetic ream then the doctor injects more anesthetic all around the eye which is why I have bruising starting to show now :( I wish the doctor was more gentle with the shots, Fraxel doesn't cause the bruising its the injections. after the procedure they clean you up with diluted vinegar and put you in front of the "general Wave light" for only 1 minute it supposedly helps with healing and I did it the day after and also today and planing on going tomorrow to do another 1 minute on the general wave light. I know driving 10 minutes to get only 1 minute of that light sounds absurd but hey its FREE and plus I really need to heal fast b/c Thanksgiving is in 6 days LOL!!! anyways I would tell you how I looked but let the pictures speak for them self. I will change my opinion from undecided as I'm done heeling and of course will post more pictures as I go.

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Sorry I meant to say " GENTLE WAVES LIGHT" not...

Sorry I meant to say " GENTLE WAVES LIGHT" not general wave.


Hi The Perfectionist,

Oh my, your eyes look so painful, it's been four days I hope the bruising has gone down. What made you decide on Fraxel for your eyes over other procedures? Also community member New York5005, posted in their review about what helped with bruising after Botox injections, it might help for you too. Please keep us updated. 



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Hi Britt, actually No pain at all just discomfort the first 2 day :). now it looks so much better I will post pictures tomorrow which will make it a week after. I chose this procedure b/c I didn't want to go under the knife when I did my research on eyelid lifting it was either this or eyelid surgery and I didn't have enough sagging skin to do a surgery. and thank you for the tip for bruising I just have 2 small ones that I can cover with "DERMA BLEND" cream that cream was recommended by my doctor and it really does cover well :).

Today is one week after my Fraxel repair and I...

today is one week after my Fraxel repair and I still have just 2 very small bruises and pink around my eyes which was expected the doc said the pink should take another week or maybe a month depends on how I heel but so far doc says I'm heeling very well and fast :D. ok so my right eye is a lil swollen still since they did more work to it but I can already see results in my eyelid :) yaaay so this procedure is definitely WORTH it. will update again once the pink is all gone and my eye is back to normal.


Get back with us a year from now! You will get a hollow look around the eyes because fraxel will remove the fat that is under the skin - and it will make you look much older than you are.
I had fraxel done under my eyes and have that very same problem right now.

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I considered Fraxel due to....well, just being almost 50, I decided that it was time I start looking into procedures. I've never done anything, or had any injections, etc., so I've looked into everything from Fraxel to Botox to actual surgery.

I've been a careful sun-avoider and avid SPF wearer my entire life, in addition to following meticulous skincare. That, in addition to genetics, has given me good results, but I figure there's always room for improvement.

I've used it all: Retin A, Vit.C, AHA's, glycolic acid, etc. What I've done over the years is picked a routine, gone with it meticulously for several months (until the products run out), then try something different, until those products run out. For me, it's been the consistency of a daily skincare routine rather than the actual products used. I'm so careful about it that even if I get home very late at night and will only have a couple of hours to sleep, I still go through my nighttime routine which might include an acid peel or an at-home microdermabrasion (I have one of those little machines).

I love RealSelf because I can read everyone's reviews and decide what's best for me.
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Perfectionist, you definitely chose the right doctor for your procedure. Dr. Bruce is the one to see in Houston (I've seen her; she got me started on Obagi).

Please keep us updated on your progress. When she counseled me about Fraxel (I didn't end up doing it, but strongly considered it), the one thing she asked me was if I really had the time for the downtime. She told me I would not be able to go out in public for many days to a week. She was very honest about the downtime, which I appreciated.

You're looking terrific; keep us updated please!
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Ok so the last picture was a week after the...

ok so the last picture was a week after the fraxel, but I was still swollen and now after almost 5 months later my eye looked the same as before :( so I pretty much spent all that money for nothing :(. so 3 days ago I did an eyelid surgery for my right eye and removed 3mm off so it was an in office procedure and so easy and cost me $1250.00 I should of just done that from the beginning and I would of saved money :/ oh well you live and learn :).


who did u go to have surgery for the eyes afterwards? thanks
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Could you post some more recent pictures? Fraxel tend to somehow dry the skin and cause premature wrinkles and aging. But this doesn't seem to happen until 1-2 years after treatment.
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In Australia Fraxel is not allow in the eye lids or near the eyes
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