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I had the coolsculpting by Zeltiq done 3 hours ago...

I had the coolsculpting by Zeltiq done 3 hours ago. I decided to do this procedure to give me a kick start at losing weight and tightening my lower half up after having 3 kids. I am 5 ft 8in, weigh 139lbs and although I'm not overweight by any means, I have lost a lot of elasticity due to the 3 pregnancies.

I highly recommend that you eat something good and solid before going in for treatment. I made the mistake of keeping to a very low calorie breakfast which resulted in me nearly passing out with very low blood pressure after each side was done. Even though this is not surgical, it is still an evasion within your body and you experience similar feelings to just coming out of surgery.

They put an EXTREMELY cold, wet cloth on you before they put the machine on the area. The machine then sucks in your skin. This does hurt but goes away within a few minutes. The procedure lasted 1 hr for each side.

Like another person said, the pain of the sucking machine is nothing compared to the massage after they take the machine off the area. Although temporary (about 15 min)I wanted to jump off the table as the therapist dug into my sides with her fingers in order to move the skin/fat around. It was the kind of pain that you debate whether to ask for something like vicodin to help.

Good news is the pain is temporary. Within 30 minutes I felt fine. If you are prone to bruising, you will definitely bruise.

So now I wait for the results. I'll post updates when I can.

Day 1 - The area is sensitive to the touch, red/bruised, numb, and jelly-like. I took excedrin to help but didn't need it.

I was planning on only updating this review once a...

I was planning on only updating this review once a week as I progressed but I'll forget details. Its been 4 days and for the past 2 days Ive experienced a lot of sharp pains in the areas where I had the procedure done. I have been able to get about 25 min of exercise in daily with the exception of today because I'm in a lot of pain. And don't even think about exercising vigorously lol!! Just the normal jiggle when you walk will bother you. I cant wait to start seeing results because right now I feel bloated. Maybe the sharp pains mean something good is happening? hmmm
Thanks for the updates. I also live in the Houston area and went for a consultation yesterday. I am very interested in your results.

Can you please let me know where you had your procedure done? I would like another opinion just to compare facilities and technicians. Did you actually see a doctor or just the tech? I am seriously considering this procedure but have read such mixed reviews and just want to gather a much information as possible.
I had the procedure done at Realis Med Spa on 1960. I've gone to them before and had a microderm and lipodissolve done.

I met with the technician who was the one that would be doing the procedure. I think I prefer that since the dr. would not the actual one doing the procedure. It's best to get the answers you have from the person who is certified and experienced.

I am actually doing other things simultaneously. Today I had Velashape II done by a clinic in The Woodlands and I read up on results before doing it. The mixed reviews are normal because no two people are alike.

I read both positive and negative and if anything, I am just more informed on what to expect when going through with the procedure. Its really up to how good and passionate your technician is.
Please do update. I am considering doing this. like you ive had three kids and am not over weight, just have a little here and there id like gone, if you know what i mean. :)

Photo Update

I'm checking in but dont have any new results...

I'm checking in but dont have any new results unfortunately. I'm no longer experiencing the sharp pains and I've resumed exercising which makes me happy. My sides are numb but feel less "jelly". I'll post a pic at the 2 week mark although I doubt there will be a change. This is a waiting game. I weigh 138lbs now.
Looking forward to your update! And I'll take that 20%! I'm doing lower abdomen. . .had a c-section 11 months ago and just can't get that area back to normal (otherwise I'm in relatively good shape). Not sure I have to courage to post a pic. . . I'll think about it ;-)
I know it's only been 3 days since your last update, but anything new to report? I'm debating buying a discounted Zeltiq treatment, but in spite of the discount, it's still expensive. So, I'm doing my homework before I buy, and your posts have been really helpful. I know it takes time for your body to flush out the dead fat cells but just wondering if you think its kicked in?
As long as you understand that it takes time (approx 4 weeks) to see results then that is what is most important. Even though I've already had the procedure done, I still continue to read magazine articles and doctor reviews on coolsculpting and its all the same. Expect a 20% reduction no sooner than 4 weeks after the treatment. I'm looking forward to 2 weeks from now when hopefully I will see a change. I will post a pic tomorrow to show my 2 week progress. Also, its going to depend on your body and your bmi and how well you eat and exercise.

Its a huge investment!! I would love for you to post and show pics and let me know your progress!! Are you doing love handles as well?

Today makes 2 weeks since the procedure was done....

Today makes 2 weeks since the procedure was done. There's nothing new except progress pictures. This new one was from today. Do you see a difference yet? Remember, day 1 you are a bit bloated in the area.

@Gilda64, here is our Houston CoolSculpting directory. :)  I hope this helps!






I am considering this procedure and need to find a practice in Houston that performs zeltiq. Where did you go?
any more updated pics?
Bruce McClendon

Very professional staff. They tend to be the first in Houston to have the latest techniques in body sculpting and are reasonably priced. I've had a few procedures done with them and will always go back.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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3 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
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