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I am now 6 days post surgery and loving the...

I am now 6 days post surgery and loving the results so far. The lipo pain was a little more intense than I thought but overall I would definitely do it again in a heartbeat!

Looking good your new butt looks really good on you... I noticed prior you had more of a square shape from the waist down with narrow hips... with the BBL do you now have hips? I'm really square too and hoping that the BBL will give me curvy hips. Where was the fat harvested from? Is your stomach swollen... I have a pouch at the bottom of my tummy (I have had 4 c-sections) so I'm wondering if you saw an improvement in your lower tummy from the lipo...
Reply said he removed 7 lbs of fat and... said he removed 7 lbs of fat and injected 1000 ccs into each butt cheek.
Today is day 8 and i'm still very swollen but still loving the results. Feeling SOOO MUCH better today! Will update again soon!
Wow!! I too have a 10 & 8 year old that I will be having to take back and forth to school and I have a 4 year old and a 1 yr old they both are gonna be home with me! LOL I wil have help the first week and after that I'm on my own... I'm agreeing with your mother in law you look great.. honey wait until your all healed... tell your husband to get ready cause your gonna turn a few heads! Keep me posted on how things go this upcoming week with being home alone
Funny you say that about the itching after having a baby. I had no epidural with my first baby but with my second one I did and it's exactly like the itching you experience after having an epidural! Exactly! You just want to take a wire brush to your whole body. lol The benadryl helps sooo much though. Not sitting actually hasn't been that bad for me so far. It sucks but it's not really bothering me, guess because I slept alot. I would stand to eat or visit with my husband and kids for like 20 minutes but then I would get tired and go lay down and sleep. I have just mostly been laying in bed turned to the side watching TV or laying on the couch watching TV or on the computer. I also kneel on a pillow at the coffee table to eat and play with the baby. This week will be the test though since my husband is going back to work and I have a 10 year old to get off to school and do homework with and I also have a 10 Month old baby that I have to chase after. This weekend I have pretty much been handling the baby on my own to see how i'd do and it's about like before I had the surgery. I will have to give her a bath in the sink or have my husband do it because it still hurts a little to bend all the way over but it's possible. I can tell each day is getting better now and the swelling is slowly subsiding. I even tried on my pants and swimsuit which was SUPER cool to see my new booty. My mother in law came by and said "oh my, you have lost so much weight from the surgery!" through my tummy/waist area. I said nope, still weigh the same(because of swelling) but she thought i'd lost like 20 pounds. I loved that!!!
Wow thanks for the advice!! Its funny you say you itched alot because I have had 4 c sections and after everyone... I start itching like I have fleas!!! lol it has to be a side effect from the medicine used to put me to sleep. Honey your doctor did his thing on that waist you are gonna look so banging when your all healed.. I'm excited for you!! Rest up and get your strength back... and when you have time can you update me on some advice on how to avoid sitting... Thanks doll!

I am now a little over 4 weeks post-op and feeling...

I am now a little over 4 weeks post-op and feeling great! I am still so happy with my results. The lipo made such a huge difference in my waist, back and axilla area. It's amazing! My butt went down a little as expected but still about 3 inches bigger around than I was before. I lost about 5 inches in my waist and 4 inches around my bra strap. I am still a little swollen and a little sore but its worth it. My back is still pretty numb from the lipo but doc said it gets better over the next few months. My clothes fit so much better. I would have done this surgery again and again. It has really increased my self esteem and confidence. I got into my bathingsuit for the first time this weekend at the beach and that was a pretty cool feeling. It's so nice not to have the muffin top overhang over the back/sides of my pants and shorts, and to not have the bulge in sun dresses is awesome! I love shopping now. Oh and my husband loves my new booty ;-)
I'm glad I avoided this Dr . His work is overpriced for box shapes. No butt shaper is better than Cortes in Texas.
Hi asop.

This Thurday I will make 4 weeks post op. Looking at your b4 pics reminds me so much of my body frame b4 my surgery. I too was square shape. I am 5'8 and weighed 194lbs day of surgery. I now have curves (waist) and a booty (smile) as well as hips. My doc did a great job. My butt is more rounder on top but as it falls, it's a little flatter, however, when I wear a dress or pants, you can tell I have a "shelf" I was a size 12 in pants and yesterday I went to a store and tried on a pair of size 8's and they fitted perfect! I am still swollen and sore, especially in the mornings. I still wear my compression garment and have to order a new one because the one I have on is big on me. I haven't weighed myself but am sure I lost a few pounds. I had fat removed from upper and lower abs, flanks and axilla as well. My upper abs (the first week) was so bruised (purplish) but went away in 3 days with the Arnica Gel. I don't have kids but did have a small pouch which seems to be going down (not fully though, but am happy with results).

I thought I was the only one that felt exhausted/dizzy/faint after taking my first few showers 3 days after surgery. I would come out shower and put a towel on my bed and just lay there butt-ass naked and wet because I would feel so tired/faint.

I will post pics of myself after maybe the 2nd month post op.

You look FABULOUS asop, all the best to you and the rest of you ladies.
Thank you and congrats to you on your inches lost! Isn't it the best feeling ever?! To me it was kinda funny how I looked as if I lost 20 pounds but it was just the fat being moved to a different part of my body. It's amazing how it can make such a huge difference. I hated being square shape, I felt like a tomboy even though i'm not. I feel like a lady now with these curves. :) I would have to say it took me 4-6 weeks to feel totally normal again but there's still some swelling that I have to get rid of. I notice it the most when I stand alot during the day. My surgical nurse had the procedure done 3 months before I did and she said it took her 8 weeks for all the swelling to go away, doc said 3 months but everyone's different of course. Well good luck to you and keep me posted on your progress.
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Dr. M was great. If I have any surgeries in the future I will definitely go to him and refer friends.

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