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I had my surgery on March, 28th 2011, and like...

I had my surgery on March, 28th 2011, and like most people I was extremely nervous. I kept asking myself if this was going to be the best decision for me. Even on the morning of the surgery I was little skeptical, but went with it because I knew how miserable I felt with my large breasts.

The first few days after surgery are the hardest. You will feel sore, tired, uncomfortable, and just overall crummy. You won't be able to move with the speed and stamina you had for at least the first few weeks. Also, I was used to sleeping on my stomach and side, so having to only sleep on your back is very annoying. Your new breasts will be swollen and look very different than the final product, trust be patient and don't jump to conclusions. Taking a shower and washing your hair can also be a chore since you can't really raise your arms up to high in the beginning, so try to get a family member to help you out with that.

After a few weeks, you will definitely feel better, have more energy, and will love your new shape! Initially, after surgery I questioned if this was the right decision, but almost 8 weeks later it was the best choice for me. I took 2 weeks off from work, and felt that was the perfect amount of time for me to recover enough.

Nothing that you want comes without a sacrifice. Going through the surgery is tough, but at the end, the self esteem and confidence you gain is so worth the temporary pain you will experience.

Be strong and take the leap! You won't regret it!

I would like to know the name of your surgeon in Houston if you would recommend him.. I want to look into this.. I just REALLY want to know I am getting a good doctor. Thanks,
Hi Sharly,

My doctor was Dr. John Nguyen. He was very kind and informative. I would definitely recommend him. Here is his website should you be interested:

Good Luck with your decision!
I am about 2 months behind you, had my surgery May 17, 2011...and your words about being patient and not jumping to conclusions are really ringing true to me. I am paranoid and obsessed with how they look. At nearly three weeks, I am hoping that swelling is the reason that they look so...odd and feel so hard. They don't have swing to them and I'm obsessively measuring them because they feel so small. Am I crazy? Is 3weeks too soon to know how I am going to look?

Well, its been 8 months since I had my surgery and...

Well, its been 8 months since I had my surgery and I can't explain how its changed my life for the better! My confidence is through the roof and I no longer hate shopping for clothes. Working out at the gym is great too, because I don't have to worry about my large breasts getting in the way. There is still some scarring, but I'm sure they'll get lighter as time goes on. I have an appointment with my PS in a few weeks, so I'm excited to show him my progress! I'm so thankful I took the leap and decided I wasn't going to be held back by my large breasts anymore! Its been a long journey, but one that's definitely been worth it!! Good Luck to all you ladies out there!!
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