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Back pain and chest pain/burning were not worth...

Back pain and chest pain/burning were not worth having them replaced after 10 years.

Pros: I will be able to sleep on tummy again! Back pain is gone, hopefully chest discomfort will lessen with time. I feel like me again.

Cons: SMALL again, painful post op. Long term wait before final results. One breast is ackward/wrinkled but will fill out with time, hopefully.

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I'm uncertain of the final outcome, I;m bothered...

I'm uncertain of the final outcome, I;m bothered by the fact that the doctor did a "kinda" internal lift to create a crease but I have very little tissue that the lower part of my breasts looks flat directly underneath the incision and the the sides look "plump" I'm concerned that this will not change and my right breast looks almost tuburous. Pre BA I was flat but not deformed looking.


Thank you so much for posting your experience here on RealSelf. I hope that, in time, your breasts become what you want them to be. In the meantime, if you'd like to post a question for doctors, you can do that under the Q&A tab of this community. Please do include a photo if you post a question.

Keep us posted on how you're feeling about things!

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I am just learning that my regret with implanting...

I am just learning that my regret with implanting and explanting is really about my self esteem. I am so hard and judgemental on myself. I will work on my internal issues. I somehow thought that being super athletically skinny was beauty and didn't give much thought when family and friends told me I was too thin. Now that I don't have my two rubber balls I see myself as too skinny and wish I had seen this before.


Hi Gardenien I am curious how you are feeling w. self esteem? I hope you are doing better I hope so! Did therapy help?
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Please remove them Pantea. Also mentor has allegations of poor quality. I have PIP, and getting the removed on the 21 of feb
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whatta same problems, i have had it 4 years ago. and exactly it's PIP( fuckin word that i've heard since 1 months ago).
anyhow i searched to find the best implant and it's Mentor.
i bought it to replace my implant and i'm gonna do it in 20 days. but now i can not decide what is the best for me, replace them or the removal.
i scared so much and i can't imagine my breast without them, i mean become smaller.
anyone can help?
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Hello, I am doing great. I love not having...


I am doing great. I love not having those things in anymore. I'm currently working through a "self discovery" process. I left my teaching job b/c I thought I wanted to go back to corporate but now I remember why I left corporate, but teaching is not the ideal either. How does this tie to implant removal? and other aesthetic treatments? Well. now I am aware that I have placed more emphasis on the material and superficial things instead of balancing it. LIke it's all or nothing. So I need to find balance to live a successful life on my terms not the socially accepted standard terms. By this I mean that I want to continue working with students/children but not in a classroom setting and not feel guilty about not reaching the top of the corporate ladder. Sorry for the rant.

Anyhow, I prety much look the same. I had very little breast tissue to start with and the implants kinda compressed it so the top half is pretty much flat and where the scar is. I also weigh less than when I had them placed. I am considering fat transfer but I must weigh all the pro and cons of that. I like the way the rest of my body looks and I would HATE to have a lipo deformity like a divet or rippling specially b/c I'm so skinny. I am still very concerned with self image that even if only I could tell, it would seriously depress me for a long time and cause me regret. THat's a whole other story. BTW I went to see Dr. Khouri in Miami, will see Dr. Ahn in NY next week. Will keep you posted. If at all, it will be at least a year before I decide.

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No kids and 34 y/o

No kids and 34 y/o


I hope you are doing better
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Hi gardeniian, thanks for your story. I hope you are feeling much better about yourself. Both your body and career. You sound like a smart cookie.
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Hi! I hope you are much better. I was wondering how you feel about your PS. I am in Houston and looking for a PS to remove my implants. Like you, I have been told that I have little tissue and that I will not like my results. Did you have your capsule removed "enbloc"? I am so scared of the results.
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Dr. Bonnie Baldwin

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