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Back pain and chest pain/burning were not worth...

Back pain and chest pain/burning were not worth having them replaced after 10 years.

Pros: I will be able to sleep on tummy again! Back pain is gone, hopefully chest discomfort will lessen with time. I feel like me again.

Cons: SMALL again, painful post op. Long term wait before final results. One breast is ackward/wrinkled but will fill out with time, hopefully.

I'm uncertain of the final outcome, I;m bothered...

I'm uncertain of the final outcome, I;m bothered by the fact that the doctor did a "kinda" internal lift to create a crease but I have very little tissue that the lower part of my breasts looks flat directly underneath the incision and the the sides look "plump" I'm concerned that this will not change and my right breast looks almost tuburous. Pre BA I was flat but not deformed looking.

I am just learning that my regret with implanting...

I am just learning that my regret with implanting and explanting is really about my self esteem. I am so hard and judgemental on myself. I will work on my internal issues. I somehow thought that being super athletically skinny was beauty and didn't give much thought when family and friends told me I was too thin. Now that I don't have my two rubber balls I see myself as too skinny and wish I had seen this before.

Hello, I am doing great. I love not having...


I am doing great. I love not having those things in anymore. I'm currently working through a "self discovery" process. I left my teaching job b/c I thought I wanted to go back to corporate but now I remember why I left corporate, but teaching is not the ideal either. How does this tie to implant removal? and other aesthetic treatments? Well. now I am aware that I have placed more emphasis on the material and superficial things instead of balancing it. LIke it's all or nothing. So I need to find balance to live a successful life on my terms not the socially accepted standard terms. By this I mean that I want to continue working with students/children but not in a classroom setting and not feel guilty about not reaching the top of the corporate ladder. Sorry for the rant.

Anyhow, I prety much look the same. I had very little breast tissue to start with and the implants kinda compressed it so the top half is pretty much flat and where the scar is. I also weigh less than when I had them placed. I am considering fat transfer but I must weigh all the pro and cons of that. I like the way the rest of my body looks and I would HATE to have a lipo deformity like a divet or rippling specially b/c I'm so skinny. I am still very concerned with self image that even if only I could tell, it would seriously depress me for a long time and cause me regret. THat's a whole other story. BTW I went to see Dr. Khouri in Miami, will see Dr. Ahn in NY next week. Will keep you posted. If at all, it will be at least a year before I decide.

Current stats:

No kids and 34 y/o

No kids and 34 y/o
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I hope you are doing better
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Hi gardeniian, thanks for your story. I hope you are feeling much better about yourself. Both your body and career. You sound like a smart cookie.
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Hi! I hope you are much better. I was wondering how you feel about your PS. I am in Houston and looking for a PS to remove my implants. Like you, I have been told that I have little tissue and that I will not like my results. Did you have your capsule removed "enbloc"? I am so scared of the results.
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Hi Gardenien I am curious how you are feeling w. self esteem? I hope you are doing better I hope so! Did therapy help?
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Please remove them Pantea. Also mentor has allegations of poor quality. I have PIP, and getting the removed on the 21 of feb
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whatta same problems, i have had it 4 years ago. and exactly it's PIP( fuckin word that i've heard since 1 months ago).
anyhow i searched to find the best implant and it's Mentor.
i bought it to replace my implant and i'm gonna do it in 20 days. but now i can not decide what is the best for me, replace them or the removal.
i scared so much and i can't imagine my breast without them, i mean become smaller.
anyone can help?
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why i can not log into my account ????
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i just want to sighn in into my account and i just can not coz i forgot my password ! any help :) lol
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hiiii any new girls?
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thaks alot new baby ur support is really helping me i just wanna feel my self again and to tell u a secret the guy who asked me to do this implantation is the first one who disappeared after the surgery !!! i can not find him
and i was begging to him just to support me !!! anyway about the scars they r keloid scars that is why the dr said he is going to do a revision under general anasethia !but u made me feel much better i wish u the best of luck and be happy with ur natural shape thank u
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any advice ggirls i just regret having this surgery i was cute and having nice skin now i am so sad coz i have to scars under my breast and they do not feel natural or look natural at all and yet stay small !!! one doctor told me he will do a scar revision after explanting and will leave the capsule another one said he treats the capsule in a manners it will go by time !!! who i wud believe and am scared about the look after !HELP ME what will happen to the space of implant am so stressed and just wanna go back by time
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Nivo I can totally understand how you feel. I had 310 over the muscle for two years and never liked them because they felt too big. Ive had them removed ten days ago under local anaesthetic without sedation. I had no pain and my boobs look pretty much as they were. The scars are fading fast and will just look like a normal skin crease after a while. My PS didnt remove anything other than the implant. My breasts feel soft and normal, in fact they look better each day. There has been no special aftercare, all Im doing is gentle massage each day now. I love them again and feel normal. Dont be disillusioned and go ahead with the explantation. Sometimes in life you just have to put things down to expereince. :)
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newbaby1..thank you so much for posting your experience.I am 68 yrs old with saline implants that are due to be removed in two days(May 30th 2012).Local and sent home with RX for pain and antibiotic for three days afterwards.I am widowed and will never be in the dating field again..so I don't bother about scarring.I am just sooo happy to finally be getting rid of this out of my body. and once agin have the feeling of being me.I have been wanting to do this since almost immediately after the original surgery.I knew I had made a mistake. Thank you for the information on your experience, it has been very helpful
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p.s. I have had these bags of water in me for 18 years.
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Dear Trulyitsme.

Good luck for the explanation. Im still very happy with the outcome of my breast implant removal. Not had any problems. Love my little boobies and too be honest I dont even like wearing padded bras either now. Even the PS who removed my impants said what I had suited me much better. They are not perfect but at 50 with two children who were breastfed for a long time, I dont think they are too bad. Im sure you will feel great after they are removed and remember there is more about a person than the size of their chest!
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i am 260 cc silicone implants subgalndular and am sooo sad i want them out
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Gem B- I'm putting good wishes and thoughts your way- I know it's gotta be hard to see yourself in that way for now- I will probably have the same thing to go through. But I do believe it's worth the initial heartache if it saves you an unnecessary breast lift surgery and more scars and money. If mine don't bounce back after I have them removed I will definitely get a lift- and know that is an option too. You don't have to live with less than great results. I have a few friends who have had REDUCTIONS and lifts and were always happy with the results. True, the anchor scar is unavoidable, but it fades and it's so much easier to stomach than saggy breasts. I will stay in touch with you, and once I get closer to my surgery, I will take pictures and swap "war stories":)
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Why oh why did I get implants at 19? I am so dumb- I'm glad I wisened up- I wish I would have removed these stupid things 5 years ago! sorry- just venting.
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Thanks for supporting each other, ladies. This is turning into a wonderful community!

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LeighG.... Thank you got your comment, I am now exactly 2wks post op and the change in such short space if time I'd very promising for the end END result in 6months .... I still have stretched skin, mainly under my nipple and a slight fold in both nipples but this I think is mainly because my support bra is so tight that it flatens my breasts... Can't wait to wear a normal bra (with some extra padding). I returned to work after 4days, luckily I run my own business so for a week I flitted in & out. Recovery is very quick though. My follow up appointment is next week and so back to my normal exercise regime (I hope).
I too feel GREAT for having the implants removed all beit I think I'm now an A cup instead of a B like I was before surgery, nothing a little padding won't sort. I just wish I'd realised how perfect my breasts were 10yrs ago before I went under the knife!! I shall try posting my (very small) 2wk post op picture shortly.
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Thank you for your post it's very encouraging. I thought I might need 2 weeks off but you are going back after 2 days! And good to read that local anaesthetic was easy. Still haven't booked to have it done yet but getting closer to it and reading that you and JGrey and Back2Natural are all very happy really helps. Thank you :)
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Good luck, I hope your happy. Please let me know how it went. Take care, Shae
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I certainly will. getting them removed under local anaesthetic. Not going to consider a lift until I see how my breasts settle. I plan to give them at least six months and it was my PS who suggested that I wait. I am quite anxious about how they will look but look forward to get rid of the weight on my chest. lol
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Just to say I had my implants out today. Unbelievable experience. Had local anaesthetic with no sedation and all done in about fifteen minutes. Never felt a thing and home in two hours. I have no pain, just a little itchiness around my stitches. As for my breasts well better than I was expecting. Some sagginess mainly at the side of my breasts but hoping that will settle down in time. So good to feel normal again and feel soft breasts. My expectations were not too high for the appearance of my breasts as prior to my breast implants I had breast fed two children for quite sometime a few years ago so breast already alittle saggy. Will post some pics soon but back to work tomorrow!!
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Wait until you can lie on your stomach again for the first time! I finally did last night and I could NOT believe how comfortable I was.
I wish I could have done the local - my doctor really didn't want to do it that way because he was unsure as to how much (if any) scar tissue there would be. As it turned out, I really didn't have much.
Anyway, glad you are pleased so far!
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