Part 1: Capsular Contracture at 4 months post op- Houston, TX

Hello everyone! First off here are my stats. 5'5",...

Hello everyone! First off here are my stats. 5'5", 177 lbs., 38 yrs. old., No children- and no plans for any. Pre-op 36 small C, Hoping for a full C, small D. (and really, no more than that!) The plan is 371 cc in the left, and 392 on the right Cohesive Gel Silicone, Inframammary Incision, sub-pectoral, dual plane technique

HOW IT STARTED: I decided this January that I am not getting any younger, and I want to look as good as I can for as long as I can. I mean who doesn't right? I actually look younger than my age, and I am a returning college student changing my career about to graduate from college this May. During my time in college I moved to another state, been to three different universities and have gained 30lbs after moving to a hotter climate and sitting on my butt studying all the time. I really have been feeling like I have been wasting my youth, while feeling powerless to change it. I don't know if many other people have this issue before they get augmentation, so I am hoping my story might help some of those ladies as the majority of ladies getting BA's seems so to be in really good shape. I actually started out at 190 lbs, and have lost about 13 so far. When I get closer to my ideal weight I should be around a 34 B from the 36 C. I hope to lose another 10 pounds by the time I have my surgery, and will then continue to lose more. I need to lose a total of 37lbs to get to my "ideal" (140lbs) which is still on the high end of ok for my size. I will have to start job hunting after I graduate and I want to be more “presentable” weight wise while doing so as I feel really unattractive. So this is how this all started. I have been researching the web and creeping around in forums trying to learn whatever I could learn about these things. It has been wonderful to have that sort of reference and hear everybody's stories in order to compare my experience. And thank you everyone for posting pics! That is so brave! I am still trying to decide how I will as I know there are men who view these reviews, and it sickens me when it is for the wrong reason.

CHOOSING THE DR: The Dr. I chose seems to have hundreds of reviews that are just raving. The lowest rating I saw for him was 4.5 out of 5, but mostly 5's! Also I found a couple ladies on the forums that I roam who had their BA's with him and they are all happy confirming these reviews. I broke a cardinal rule by only having one consult- I hope I don't regret it later but I am sooo confident he will do a good job and his before and after pics look great. He is Board of Plastic Surgery certified and has many awards and been in many magazine reviews. (I hope I am repeating that right) So anyways, yadda yadda- he’s got the credentials and has been doing it many years.

CONSULT: Today I finally had my consult (3/20/12). His office is very nice and is located right next to a hospital. They have you fill out your new patient paperwork on a digital tablet which is really cool, and my husband asked them if they had any coffee- and they asked him if he would like espresso and “how would you like it sir?” They were all very nice and very professional. I didn’t have to wait any unreasonable time and was quite entertained by the tablet that had other things for you to look at. We were brought back to the exam room where the coordinator asked us some medical history questions and confirmed what we were there for.

The Dr. came in after she was done and spoke with us a little bit then had me change into a paper vest that opened in the front. When they both came back they took a look and took some measurements. After the measurements were taken, we went to another room (while I held the vest closed, but no one else was there anyway as I was the last patient). In this room, he had me put on a cotton-stretchy bra and asked me what size I was thinking. He placed some sizers into the bra and had me put on a form fitting white shirt and then analyzed their appearance in the shirt. Along with my husband and the coordinator/assistant (I’m actually not sure what her title is). He felt like my slight asymmetry was more obvious and decided to use different sizes which he and everyone else felt looked more even. I put on a couple of shirts I brought and my hubby took pics of me in the sizers. We sat down and discussed the pre-op, the surgery procedure, recovery, and post-op. He also answered any more questions we had, then took pictures with the sizers and shirt off for his records.

Once done there with him, we went with the coordinator to talk money, payment options, scheduling, etc. I booked my surgery for May 11th at 8:30 am!. FINALLY! But will need to be there by 6:30 am for pre-op preparation, I will be in surgery for 1 hour, recovery for 1 hour, then I will be free to go home. They will put an anti-nausea med in my IV to hopefully prevent any sickness when I come to. I am instructed to not wear any bras or straps or anything for 6weeks after, as well as dietary, alcoholic beverage, smoking, vitamin, painkiller, requirements before and after the surgery.

So that is where I am at right now, sorry it is sooo detailed! But hopefully this will help someone. When you have no idea it’s like a big black hole that your imagination can run wild in! LOL. I hope to have some pics posted soon. Until then…..! I'll change my "worth it" status once I have the Aug done and can truly determine.

I forgot to mention that these will be moderate...

I forgot to mention that these will be moderate plus profile, Natrelle implants

I just added pics of what I look like in my...

I just added pics of what I look like in my clothes normally. I usu. wear a slightly padded bra which makes me look bigger than I am. And then there are the pics with the sizers taken at the docs office with my own shirt and with their tight shirt. Real boob pics to come. I may have to wait until next week for that.
yes i really do, i would like them alot better if they would stop their still sore and at times they feel like there burning,but that's just the nerves trying to get to normal. have you decided how many cc's your going with?
congratulations on your decision. i had mine done 16 days ago,Im 36 and i wish i wouldn't have waited this long. but hey better late then looking forward to hearing about your experience once you get your procedure done. good luck to you
Thank you NWME! Nice to find another around my same age. =)
You must be liking yours then?

Well I was able to take better pics with my itouch...

Well I was able to take better pics with my itouch today since the lighting is better, so I am going ahead and posting what I look like without clothes on. Interestingly, before this consult I had no idea that one breast was bigger than the other. They always looked pretty even to me, but funny when you take pics of them they look different. For some reason I thought my breasts were a little perkier than this too. Lol.

I am still a little worried these sizers are too big, but I am trying to have faith as everyone says they are smaller once in. I will try them again before the surgery as I am hoping to be at least 10-15lbs lighter by then.

I am wondering if anyone elses PS is offering...

I am wondering if anyone elses PS is offering "FREE" anythings with their new boobies?
I am getting Natrelle's and they come with $50 towards botox injections or other services, and a free chemical peel.
I got free latisse treatments for myself and a friend. It was either that or free Botox. Haha
O Yea if your going for a c then I think what u Picked would b great. My boobs were saggy so it helped going bigger, u dont have that problem so you'll look fine. Your doctor knows best..
Ahh! I think you're going to look GREAT! I think we have similar "before" shots, but don't be scared by my results since I'm freaking out about them being big at the moment! It's ctazy how different the projection looks in your tight shirt vs normal shirt. I think they look great either way!

Did you show the doctor what you normally wear for a padded bra at all? The might help give a better idea of the size you're looking for if that's the size you do want/are used to. I wish I'd done that during one of my consults to show what I had in mind.

I really appreciate the input that was given to me...

I really appreciate the input that was given to me on the size of these sizers. I think I am starting to feel better about them. Maybe I am getting used to seeing these pictures? I dont know. But I am going to have faith that I won't look like "Betty Basketballs" once these are in, although I will double check it at the pre-op and see how it fills out a size C and D bra and take those pics too.
I will def. post after photos with and without clothes so any newbies can be the judge of how it looks compared to what sizers look like. I certainly hope the implants have a better shape and sit better than what these sizers are looking like. =)
46 more days and counting.....

Ok, I keep going back and forth about size! I am...

Ok, I keep going back and forth about size! I am so worried I will end up a DD which is bigger than I care to be!
I know I am starting out a C, but really they don't look like C's do they?
I've even seen other B's who seem to have more breast tissue/projection than I do. It's so wierd!
I have no idea what to do right now and am freaked out that they will be bigger than I want!!
I would rather be a little on the smaller side than the too large side........=(

Maybe I should have posted a full length pic minus my head so we could see how it looks on my whole body. I dont think currently have one though. Trying to figure it out is killing me!
I'd definitely talk about your concerns with doc and make it CLEAR that you don't want BIG boobies, just bigger than you have :) I'd bring in photos of your dream pair too! I didn't worry enough about the size beforehand, I was more concerned with recovery and I'm struggling to deal with my bigger-than-expected boobies now. BUT, don't let people's stories scare you into going too small either! You want to get your money's worth!
Hey ILMDSD, (what a long name! hope you dont mind that i abbreviated)
I keep going back and forth about these being too big or not.
I got an angel looking over one side of the shoulder saying " Nah, they look proportional, it'll be fine and I should be losing weight so they should get smaller." Then the devil is peering over my other shoulder saying "hey! you're gonna be DD's when he's done with you! And shirts wont fit, and your boobies are totally going to be in the way and you are going to hate it!"
Sigh! I know everyone struggles with figuring out the perfect size to fit their body and their personality.
These ones I know fit my body, but I am wondering if they are too big for my personality!
I am starting out at a supposed small C and so it makes sense that I will end up at a DD. But the doc said it would be a full C, small D.
How can I tell??? That is the question....and it's killing me!
I looked at your pics again. Thanks for posting a pic in a shirt. Gives me an idea what they look like in clothes. You are looking really good. But I did ask my self if your size is the size I would be happy with since I think we were the same cc-ish. Only thing is that I am heavier. I am worried it will make me look even fatter.
Decisions decisions!
Don't worry about me. I am sure I will figure it out and if not ...will live with whatever I choose. The path there is riddled with doubts though....ugh!

OMG, I had a boobie nightmare last night. I...

OMG, I had a boobie nightmare last night.
I dreamed I had my BA done and when I was able to look at them to see how they came out, both boobies were lumped together like one long boobie and they hung really low and off center of my chest.
I looked at the doctor like WTH??
I wanted them back out immediately!
And he was like "oh, know" and just kind of looked at them.
That would be horrible. I might have to clock him if he did that to me and said that. lol
If you guys can do me a favor...if you see someone who has boobs like mine can you paste their link here so i can check their results out? It seems that I cannot find anyone that has boobs like me or I am oblivious as to what they really look like. so please, HELP! lol
Scrappy, I'm back! Read my review and you will see why I was missing in action! My nipples hurt sooo much they are so sensitive!
Fitluv, i sent you a private message

I just tried a bra calulator since I am thinking I...

I just tried a bra calulator since I am thinking I am not really a C anymore. I went to Linda the bra lady 's website and the measuremts said I was either a 38B or 36C. I know I don't fill a C cup and I could never find 38B's in stores. I think I am going to go to the mall and see if I can find a 38B to try on. Maybe that is my true size. This is measuring 34" ribcage and 37" across the bust, both with a semi-padded bra on.
yes, I think you should do it with a sports bra. I put the rice in a bra at first too and looking back on that today, I find that the sports bra version was a lot more accurate! Try it and let me know what you think :)
I put the rice inside my normal bra. I wonder if that is not an accurate way to go about it? My norman bra is a size C, but again I am not filling them correctly so I wanted to see how much it would fill it. =)
Maybe I should try it with a sports bra....?
I done the rice test before my surgery and i find my results to be very close to how it looked with the rice in a sports bra. I think the rice test is pretty accurate now that I've seen the before and after on me. I don't think you will probably need a high profile. I'm not a doctor, but I've done looked at so many pictures and found that they usually put high profile on woman who has a thin frame and tall in height. Listen to what your doctor says. If they are good and professional, they will tell you what they think what kind of implant will go with your frame. Also, I notice that you don't have alot of extra skin like some woman have as far as sagging. I think that you should pick an amount of cc's that won't be too much because the bigger you go, the more prominate (i can't spell ;) your breast will be since you have less skin. The bigger you go, it'll show a roundness look more. You are going to look great though I can promise you. You have very pretty breast to begin with. The question now is what you are wanting. If you want them to be bigger, they are going to pretty much look like they do now, but bigger. Do the rice test and how ever man cc's you like, i'd say stick with that if your doctor agrees with you.

Creepy dudes on the site, so I took my "in the...

Creepy dudes on the site, so I took my "in the buff" pics off. For those that have been interested in my journey, I'll share pics with you after my BA in private messages.
for 350cc how much rice is that?

I just found out that the hubbs has to leave for a...

I just found out that the hubbs has to leave for a work trip right after my surgery!
I go in on a friday morning and then he leaves the next morning! I hope I'll be able to fend for myself as I dont have any family or close friends there. =(
I am a little worried. How is it going to the potty or opening the door for the dog, or what else is there to worry about? I have no idea.

He thinks I'll be up and running around very quickly after. Argh! This could be very bad! He is going to see what our neighbors are doing and see if they can check on me that weekend. They are friends of ours, although I am not sure how "close" our friendship should be defined. I was thinking I'd need someone basically waiting on me hand and foot and stay in bed. But doesnt sound like THAT is going to happen if I need it.
Any suggestions??
You will probably be fine but I have a two year old and it was a challenge to pick him up. I def. couldn't do that. But I felt pretty good. i was sore but I was able to move around. You won't feel too much anyways in your chest because most of the nerves wont be working at first. I found that when the nerves started to come back, that is when some of the pain started because you can feel again :) Hope this helps and I cant wait to see the result. Good luck! I see that your surgery should be coming up really soon!
I am a DD now but they aren't even that noticeable. I wore padded bras so I looked larger than I was. Good luck and God bless you during your surgery.
I called the PS office and they were pretty confident that I would be fine. In fact they expect him to take me out to dinner the night of the surgery and that I will be up and running around the next day. He claims to have a rapid recovery, so I guess we will see. I am keeping my surgery date for the 11th.
1 more week!

Well ladies, I just had my pre-op appt. today. I...

Well ladies, I just had my pre-op appt. today.
I decided to stick with the 370 and 390cc's.
Got my meds, only costed about $30 as generics.
I have to shower with some special soap tonight and tomorrow morning.

I plan on cooking some foods tonight that I can just microwave over the next couple of days that are relatively healthy and low in salt and fat. I tried to figure out what would be easy to eat/make. I'm thinking sandwhiches, cottage cheese with fruit, bagels, reheat grilled chicken, steamed veggies, grilled veggies, steamed rice, sweet or reg. potatoes. Thats all I could think of.

I am having the darndest time trying to figure out what I am wearing to the hospital.
I was originally thinking pajamas, but now I am having second thoughts about that.
It is hard to find tops that zip up or button that are not hoodies or dress shirts.
Its flippin hot here, I dont want to wear a hoodie but I may have to.
House is still not clean, but I dont think i'll really be able to get that done tonight.
I sprained my ankle really bad last Sunday and have been trying to put stuff away since I just moved here.
Oh well, I wont worry about it. Doc thinks I'll be up and moving around same day. Lol
We'll see how that goes. =)

I am trying to drink lots of water today to get hydrated and figure out what I need to have on the end table in the living room next to recliner.
Oh, I also bought these two packages of "TheraPearl". You can freeze of heat it, and they are small balls, like little peas- molds to your body, yadda yadda. Check out the link if you are interested in seeing.

Hmmm, what else?

Dr. Vitenas and his crew have been awesome, and I have the utmost confidence in his skill and "eye in the art" that he won't let me down. I am "praying" for success! Give me pretty boobies please! Maybe I should make a note on my belly for him in indelible ink......LOL

I'll prob be posting some new pics, but these perverted dudes on the site have me paranoid and uncomfortable. So we will see.

There are a couple of other girls getting surgery tomorrow also. I hope we all keep in touch so we can commiserate together! lol
Hope you are doing good, thinking of you!
How are you? What size did you get?! Hope you are happy with results and aren't in much pain,
Saying a prayer for you and your surgeon

Hello Ladies! Yesterday's surgery went fine. I...

Hello Ladies!
Yesterday's surgery went fine. I got there at 6:30 am for an 8:30 surgery. Once I went to "pre-op", they had me gown up, stuck an IV in me, etc. I talked with the Anethesiologist and his assistant?, and 2 nurses, one of which stuck the IV in me. Dr. Vitenas came in and marked me up. Just 3 lines- then I was ready to go.
One of the anesthesia guys put in the coctail to the IV. I think I remember being wheeled into the OR, then I was out like a light. LOL

When I woke up, i was pretty groggy, and it was hard to talk. I tried to look at my boobies and I had thought they looked the same size as I was pre-op. After a while they put me in a rolling, reclining chair to another area where the hubbs came back.
They gave me crackers and ice water. I mostly ate the ice in it. They started my massage there and showed us how to do it. The hubbs had to do the first one. I almost threw up at the hospital right before leaving, but made it to when we got home. The car ride was a little bumpy- but not too bad.
I ate a bagel and fruit cup and was fine, but I slept most of the day. Hubbs made dinner and I only could eat a couple fo bites before I threw up again. Ewww, I hate throwing up!!
The anesthesiologist put an anti nausea med in my IV, and I have that anti-nausea bandage behind my ear. And as you can see I threw up anyway.
They did not give me a pain pill before leaving the hospital, and I didnt feel the need to take one later, but I did right before bedtime because i was afraid they would start really hurting while I slept.
I can sleep flat on my back, sometimes I prop up, I can raise my arms over my head, my pain is very minimal. I took 2 tylenol today and the antibiotics.I am driving my hubbs to the airport today. I think I can anyway. I'll be testing that out soon.
I have iced the boobs some and been massaging when I remember.
My right boob hurts when i massage. that is the boob I got the 397cc in. I have sharp searing pains when i do it on that side. Left side feels absolutely fine. Both are still pretty tight, and are numb. I cant really feel the cold from the ice at all.

When I get back from taking the hubbs from the airport, I'll take a muscle relaxer. I think it's valium. It is supposed to relieve any muscle spasms and help the muscles relax.
I have no idea how swollen they might be or maybe they really arent. No idea, but they do need to drop. My inframmary incision is about 4cm. Which is less than an inch long.

I believe that because of the technique that Dr. Vitenas employs, my recovery has not been too bad at all. I expected it to be worse today, but it really isnt bad. I couldve refrained from taking the tylenol too.

I wonder how my other May 11th surgery buddies are doing?

In my last post, I said scar was less than an inch...

In my last post, I said scar was less than an inch. Correction: less than 2 inches! 2.5 cm=1 inch.
Hey May 11th buddy, I am doing okay man o man drugs are great, I was only taking one pain and one valium but I had to bump those puppies up to two each in order to feel better. Today was worst then yesterday and I really cannot believe how small my 700cc look but the doct said to be patient-i mean it really is only day two. I ll post some pic when I get a chance. Are you happy with your results this far
Hey Statuesque,
I like them fine right now. But they need to drop and they feel hard as a rock. Hurts to massage them. I am getting zingers in the right one. 700 cc's look small? Are you looking down or in the mirror? I only got 397cc and they look to be a decent size. When i looked straight down they didnt look very big at all, but in the mirror and esp from the side they seem big.
Well i cant wait to see your pics!
How do your boobies feel to the touch? Like pumpkins trying to jump out? LOL
Yes, I thought gurgling was only with saline! I guess you learn something eveyday!!

I now know what "morning boob" is. Man, that is...

I now know what "morning boob" is.
Man, that is sore first thing in the morning but I immediately started jiggling them around and they feel better once they've loosened back up.
Previously i said my scar is less than 2 inches. I may not be saying the correct size.
My huband said the doc said 4mm, i am thinking it mustve been 4cm. Either way, i really dont know as i have small bandages covering them.
My Boobs dont seem as stiff today, but they are in fact still stiff.- just not as much as yesterday.
I keep banging my boobies on things like doors. I forget they stick out further i guess and with them being numb i better be careful i dont hurt myself! lol
I am pretty much only taking the muscle relaxer and the antibiotics. If it starts to hurt I'll have to decide between the pain pill or tylenol- but until then i will wait to take it.
I found that i have a bruise in between my breasts. I push on it and it seems to depress some. I hope that is not the beginnings of symmastasia. (SP?) I am going to bring it up to PS when I go in on Monday.
Everything else is going good My poor dog wants me to play with him, but i cant throw any balls. I tried walking him yesterday off leash and that was uncomfortable just walking.
I may try to take him to a doggie daycare center tomorrow so he can run around and play with other puppies.
Also I just took off the anti nausea patch a few minutes ago and now i feel a little dizzy. I have no idea if they are related or something else.
so anyways, I continue to ice and jiggle my boobies around and massage them.
Lol, my hubby says they are huge all around lol, and to the touch they are super high and hard. I cant feel my nipples (like at all) and i am constantly checking on them becaus i think they are bursting out lol
Haha! Hilarious!
Hurry up and post pics! I am dying to see!
Today i think I have a little more feeling in them, but pretty much still numb.
Have you been icing your boobs?
Lol yes i am going to have to I've then more, it seems

I just went in for my first post-op appointment. I...

I just went in for my first post-op appointment. I am on day 3.
I gotta say, I wondered if my massage technique wasnt quite right, b/c I really couldnt get them to quite hit my collar bone.
Well I went in today and Doc popped them up to my collar bone and right back down- multiple times in rapid movements.
I gotta say, I was kind of in shock. I didnt know what the hell was going on! And it felt SUPER wierd! LOL
So they had to show me how to do it again.

So anyways, everything looks good- I am to go back in 1 more week and he'll take the bandages off the stitches and check to see if I am massaging correctly again. At that appointment it shouldnt hurt or feel odd.
SIGH! I got a long week ahead of me. I am going to try doing it lying down, maybe they'll slide up easier.
He said the bruising and tendereness in between the breasts are fine.
So I will just continue icing my incision areas and that spot when they are sore.
Good to hear you're recovering so well!! I really think having the lipo at the same time is what made it so difficult for me to get around on my own :) It's amazing how docs differ on their post-op instructions! I was told absolutely no icing my breasts, no driving for 2 weeks since it engages your pecs, no raising my arms above my head for 1-2 weeks, and no removing the bandages or bra for one week haha. SO happy you're doing so well!!
Yeah, really wierd how different the post op instructions are!!
How are you doing these days??

Sorry if you got a bunch of email that i updated....

Sorry if you got a bunch of email that i updated. I had to add only 1 pic at a time. Fore some reason it wasnt liking me . So anyways, 3 new pics are up.

BTW_ I dont think my boobs now look much like the...

BTW_ I dont think my boobs now look much like the sizers!
I think you look great!!
You look great!!!! Just 12 more days for my surgery!!!
Oh, I do love mine dont get me wrong! I'm very happy with them but yours are pretty hot!! No they were not monsters but they use to be sock puppets!! I love the cheatIng comment!

***DAY 7**** Well yesterday was day seven, and...

***DAY 7****
Well yesterday was day seven, and OMG i guess i overdid it.
My girlfriend and I went to the outlet mall to get some shopping in and by our fifth? store, I was ready to pass out.
I wasnt even the one trying on clothes too much either.
I dont know if I was dehydrated or what was going on buti just had NO energy left. I had to drive us home and I felt like I was going to throw up on the way back. That would have been interesting to drive and throw up at the same time. (just kidding)
When i got home I slept for two hours and iced my boobies. I felt better after and then we went out for dinner.

Today we are going to the pool, where I will stay out of the sun and not go into the pool except for my legs.
And I will prob just wear a tank instead of a bikini top.

Oh good, (well not good! ) but I am glad i can identify that that is why i am exhausted and not feel up to snuff. I was wondering if I was dehydrated, eating too much salt or something??? Lol. Its been a week since, I guess I thought we'd be as good as rain by now.
How is the massage for you? do you have to push them up to you rcollar bone?
My right one has never felt right doing it. It is uncomfortable and kind of hurts.
My left one is a breeze, doesnt mind it at all. Makes me wonder whats up with that. My right one is a bigger implant, so i am wondering if that is why?
I still have my stiches or bandage on until Tuesday.
So anyways, how do you massage yours?
Oh and I have to lie down or it doesnt seem like they go up all the way when i am sitting up.
haha- another question. Does your skin hurt? My boobs are getting so sensitive. The seatbelt in the car was driving me nuts.

******DAY 9****** I wasn't going to post until...

******DAY 9******
I wasn't going to post until Tuesday but I've had some changes today, so I thought I would update.

Today was a good day. I am finally not so exhausted after doing some running around.
My boobs are feeling much better when I bend over- I no longer have to hold the right one when i do. It did not feel good, and holding it BARELY helped. And if you've forgotten or didn't know, I have to go braless for 6 weeks.

I was actually able to shop for 5 hours today, take a light bike ride (I have to run my dog, i dont have to expend as much energy this way, but he does), i even cleaned the house a little (sweeping, picked up some stuff) and took out the trash.
And I feel really good!

Massaging has gotten much better for me. Its still is a little uncomfortable on the right breast, but it has definitely gotten much better.
My doctors appointment is on tuesday, where i get my bandages off. I still plan on asking him why that side is uncomfortable where the left side is no problem at all.

The numbness in my breasts continues to diminish. My nipples never got hard when my boobs were numb, but i noticed they did today at one point.

I think they've dropped some, I will take pics on Tuesday and post those without bandages.

So anyways, I'm making progress and that's a good thing! Yay!
One thing I changed since I've been so tired is that I started taking the multivitamin again and had gotten off of drinking as much water, so have picked that up again.
As a suggestion to anyone on the way to surgery, you would be better off maintaining a healthy and nutritious diet both before and after surgery in order to ensure the quickest recovery as possible.

But anyways, Life is good!
Now if I can find me a corset tomorrow, and a dress for a wedding, I will be doing SUPER FAB!

I'm feeling good fit! I hope you find that sexy corset, I'm sure you will look great! Make sure you take a pic!
Stitches came out today right??? How was your post op appt? I agree our scars will probably all look different due to skin pigmentation, are you using anything to help it fade? I put TNS Skin medica cream on twice a day massaging it over the scar for 30 seconds. I don't mind the look of the scar but I hate touching it. And for the 50 cc size difference, I bet you are right but I'm trying to tell myself it wouldn't matter b/c I feel huge lately.
I know, we cant go back and change anything at this point. But i just wanted to say for everyone else who thinks that same thing. I have heard that same stigma over and over that 50cc doesnt make a difference. My difference is only 26cc difference and I can feel it and see it.
The good thing is that even though you think you are a little large, they look fantastic and dont make you look dowdy or anything like Dolly Parton. Lol!
I guess I didnt have any stitches to remove. He just took the little bandaid thingies off, massaged my boobies to see if they were loose like they were supposed to be, asked me what I thought of them and said they are looking good and that i can use scar cream now if i want. Do you really think it does something? I am debating using it. I actually dont care about my scar. But it is a little raised....i dont know...what do you think?
So I go back in 1 month and my boobies dont like my shirt rubbing on them!! Now that i can start to feel things more, but still partially numb.
I tried to take pics, but lighting is bad. will have to take the pics tomorrow when daylight can help.

***Day 12*** Well I wish I could say my boobs...

***Day 12***
Well I wish I could say my boobs feel better. Today they are horrible! So sensitive to the fabric rubbing on them and the jiggling is uncomfortable. I cheated today and bought a stretchy tube top bra thingie. I got the biggest one poss to try to reduce any compression. It helped significantly, but i took it off when i got home so will only wear it when i just cant stand it anymore. =)
So i guess that means the nerves are continuing to rgenerate and the numbness is further disappearing. Hence the unbelievable sensitivity and soreness. I actually took a muscle relaxer today and was debating the pain pill. Which one will reduce any feeling? lol

Also, while trying on clothes today, I was flexing my pectoral muscles in the mirror. I wanted to see if I had any rippling or distortion or anything double bubble-ey. I couldnt tell if what I was seeing was my own fat or anything with the implants. lol
I am chomping at the bit to go work out. Now that I have new boobies, I'd like to slim up the rest of me to compliment each other. Shopping for clothes has been depressing due to it.
Well, it is what it is and hopefully that day will get here soon enough.
I don't have a new bikini! My old bikini is an A cup, that's not gonna happen! I'll definately have to buy a new one.
Ok, I'm putting up my pics tomorrow too! Can't wait to see your pics!
Cant wait to see yours too! I have been having problems posting pics. I have to submit tons of times, sometimes coming back hours later before i can get them to take! Its been seriously aggravating!

***DAY 18**** Ugh my boobies are killing me!!...

***DAY 18****
Ugh my boobies are killing me!! Lol
Not enough to take anything, its just the skin and/or nerves. So I hear this will go on for a while. I am really excited about that. NOT> haha, I fully enjoy my skin feeling like its sunburned with my shirt constantly rubbing on it. haha Also jiggling and bumps are still bad. Maybe if I was allowed to wear a sports bra, compression bra, or whatever- it might feel better.
Hmmmm, maybe I will cheat and wear a sports bra tomorrow! I wonder if that would feel better?
I had been using the tube top, but now the corner where my boob and armpit meets on both sides is sore. So I guess I gotta change it.

I am still getting morning boob, I have discovered dry spots on my boobs, so had to start moisturizing.
I do the prescribed massage where i have to push the implant up to the collar bone- this is no longer uncomfortable anymore, and I also have added my own massaging technique. I basically just grab my breast in my hand and jiggle up and down as far as they'd go quickly, then left and right and then in a circle.I also push them together from the bottom, middle, then the top. That really helps when my boobs are sore in the morning or anytime really.

I was in Washington DC recently and we walked around and the temp was around 90 degrees , after walking for a bit we went back to hotel room. I was tired as I still dont have full endurance and energy, i looked at boobs in mirror and noticed they were a blotchy red which alarmed me. I immediately iced them. I hope that wasnt a bad sign for anything.

I have been eating out a lot lately, not taking the multivitamin or drinking as much water, so i am wondering if my boobs are kind of swollen from it. I need to get back on track.
When I lift my arms and look at my incisions, it looks like its pulling some. I am trying to take it easy more to reduce any undue stress on my inner stitches.

I just posted a pic of me in my old bikini. LOL. I still fit into most of my stuff. Yay, I guess that'll save me some money.
Doc said I can go into a swimpool now as my incision sites are completely closed and healed shut, no gaps or anything. I need to make sure they dont get exposed to the sun though and to wash them really good after being in a pool. For bacteria reasons I assume.

The funny thing- while I was on vacation I had actually thought the girls will laugh at this, the ones who heard me freaking out about size anyways. But sometimes I think I COULD HAVE GONE A LITTLE BIGGER!!! LOL
And other times I think I'm fine. hah, i thought someone might get a kick outta that.

Hey Scrappy I put my pics up:)
Girl, you look FANTASTIC!!!! I'm so happy for you! They are the perfect size and look like they're settling perfectly :) How does the hubbs like them? Is he sad they aren't bigger? lol Mine were sore whenever I used my pecs pretty much until the 3 month mark, so it'll get better! Congrats again!
Also, where'd you get that gray tube top bra thing? I love it!

******3 Weeks****** Well Ladies, today is week 3...

******3 Weeks******
Well Ladies, today is week 3.
Sorry if you got tons of emails with me updating my post. I basically added one pic at a time, then took them off to add titles, and so on. So sorry if you got tons of notices. I post them one at a time b/c it usu. wont let me post more than one pic at a time. Today was a little different for some reason, but i didnt find out until a few pics in.

Morning boob has gotten better. Is only slightly sore now in the morning.
My skin sensitivity has gotten better also. It isn't killing me anymore, but it is still there and a little uncomfortable. But def, better!
I noticed my incision site looks like its being pulled when i lift my arms, so I am trying to not do that so much so it wont pull on them.
I still haven't gotten any scar stuff. My main issues with the scar is that it is darker- but I am asian, I expect it will be until fading, and that it is raised. I am not sure if the scar stuff can really help me with any of that. How has it been for you? Any of you feel like you are getting good results from it?

What else can I report?
I think I could've gone bigger. LOL I never thought I'd say THAT as I was seriously worried about being too big with these cc's!! Especially based on how the sizers looked. I didnt think they looked very flattering. But now, I am like they aren't much different although my hubbs says they are huge. I am not sure they are so huge if I can still wear old tops. lol I can't forget that i have lost weight. Maybe that is why- but i am not sure.

Differences in how my breast look after the BA:
I think my nipples look larger and there are bluish colored veins visible. So be aware that this could happen to you on some level after BA. Could be more or less obvious in diff. people.
I don't mind either one on me as my nipples were on the small side before anyway and the veins aren't too bad.
I am just happy to have boobies now!! I think i look more even/proportionate.

So now I am just waiting to heal up and get to the point of working out so I can lose my flub!
I was thinking I could do squats very slowly without raising my heart rate too high or get too heated but still work the muscles.
I could even step into a squat and hold it for a while.
I will wait to work out my upper body until they say I can as I don't really feel comfortable doing it anytime soon still.

I am still not wearing a bra. I got 3 more weeks to go. So i am either wearing a fitted tank, the tube top, or going boobie commando! It depends on the shirt when I leave the house. Numbness is still progressing a little at a time.

I guess that's all i got to report for now.
How you all are having a good day and recovering well if you are in that stage!
Thanks for posting the sizer pics!! You are right, once they are in they look smaller! They look very nice!! Those sizers are such a false example - so huge! LOL Makes me feel better about my size choice!!! That really does help! Thank you!!
Good, i am glad they helped! Good luck!
Hey Scrappy, so did you have any wine? How is the breast sensitivity going?

I posted a question to the docs on this site about...

I posted a question to the docs on this site about over-doing it after surgery. My question is what could happen?
So far an answer I got was a hemotoma. (sp?)
I have recently begun to hear a "wheezing" sound in my chest- I am assuming it is fluids like I had also experienced when I first had surgery. But I better find out if I've injured myself.

I guess I better call the doc up.
It is so nice of these doctors to donate some of their free time to help answer some of our concerns.

As a side note, I just bought some Bali bras that are made out of the same stretchy material that tube top is ( a microfiber). I got them at Kohls, and so far- very comfy!
Have you seen the doc yet? How are you? Please update soon and let us know. I'll be thinking of you.
Hi TCinIN, I think I am allright. My other May 11th buddy had the same issue going on. No big deal. Going on week 4 now and doing better. I am feeling closer to normal!! But I dont know about working out my upper body normal or anything. =)
How are you doing?
What did you find out about the wheezing? How do you feel? I told a friend of mine today I swear I could hear the left one kinda sloshing around. I also feel them get cold, like if the ac is high or I chug a shake it seems like they don't warm up like the rest of my body.
Also, are yours getting smaller as they drop? I went swimsuit shopping yesterday and they looked huge but overall I'm happy although I'm getting measured as a B which is slightly disappointing.

*****4 weeks**** Today I woke up just sick,...

*****4 weeks****
Today I woke up just sick, sick, sick!!
Sick and tired of being bored!! I cant go work out, I cant golf, my hubby wont let me go spend any money, its frickin hot out (90degrees)

WTH?? Where did the rest of my update...

WTH?? Where did the rest of my update go???

Well you didnt miss much. I am whining about how bored I am. =)
My 4 week report is:
Boobs feel pretty good though. I am getting closer and closer to being normal again.
I have roughly a 2 inch patch under my boob that is still numb, and my sensitivity is pretty mild now. It doesnt feel like a bad sunburn anymore in a really big patch. Just a slight sunburn in a much smaller patch- mostly towards the center of my chest between my boobs and includes inside portion of my nipples.
My incision sites are not as raised as they were, feels a lot better.
I will prob go get the scarguard from CVS soon. I have been procrastinating. Its $30 for a 0.5oz bottle.Its the same product my PS sells, so they must really believe in it, and i've seen really good reviews on it- and some bad ones. But mostly good, so I guess i will give it a try if I can ever get my butt down there.

I gotta find something to do today. I am going crazy. Hubby went golfing so I am on my own and my mind is going loopy!
I hope you guys are having a better day than me. 2 more weeks before I get released. I need to start working soon!! I envy those with a daily direction....
Scrappy!!!! Congratz your boobs look great!! I havnt been able to update new pix but will soon.
So good to hear from you NWME! I'll look forward to seeing them! I should have updated pics posted today too.
Happy 1 month anniversary :) Can't believe it's only been a month!! I totally feel the same way you do about the boredom, I am going crazy. I have been walking outside but it has been hot lately and I really miss the gym. It's hard not being able to do simple things and I still don't feel comfortable vaccuuming or mowing.
How are you feeling? Has your size changed at all? I kinda thought the fluffing was a myth but I feel like they were huge, the swelling subsided and they were smaller and now they've dropped and are getting bigger. Hopefully it isn't my imagination. I will post pics after my one month appt on Friday :)

****1 month 4 days***** Hello Ladies!! sorry...

****1 month 4 days*****
Hello Ladies!!
sorry it has taken me so long to update my pics- I am on a procrastination kick. I have been in a funk, and I dont necessarily think its just because of the BA, but rather because I have no direction in my day. Hopefully next week the doc will release me so I can start working out, and also hopefully I will start working my new job- (unless he's changed his mind for some reason b/c I havent heard form him in a week), and my life will find some new kind of normal since I just moved to a different state as well. =)
As far as my boobies go- well quite frankly, I dont feel like they are very big, and when i take pics of them they look a little lopsided. Meaning one side is bigger and lower than the other. My left boob could have been another 10cc's bigger- it might have helped, but I'm not really sure. But anyways, it doesnt really matter and I realize that it would be hard for a doc to tell if they are exactly even once they go in. I dont think anyone can tell as much as I can tell. And who sees them anyway but the hubbs and I? And the girlfriend or two who i show my boobies to. =)
Boobs are feeling pretty good. I previously said I only had a 2" numb patch on the bottom...well i guess thats not completely accurate. I have "feeling" the rest of the way around, but it has a numbness to it too. Hard to explain. Maybe I should say it has partially feeling?
Certain positions are a little uncomfortable still. I went "swimming" today. I put that in quotes b/c I actually am not much of a swimmer. I had a kickboard, and I didnt like the feeling of my arms all the way extended. Felt like it was pulling on my stitches- and I am not thrilled with that idea. When I lift my arms straight over my head and pull down on something heavy from there, that doesnt feel good either (like garage door). So anyways, stuff like that.
Morning boob is pretty much gone. I still have a little achey something going on, but better than before.
As you can see in the pics, i've dropped some more.
Overall I am doing good and have been doing more, biking is no longer unconfortable.
My focus this next week is to get my ass to the gym at least 3 x's. When working out is not part of your normal routine, it is a pain to make it a new habit- but I am going to work on that and losing weight in 15 pound goal increments. I am about 175lbs right now, so then I'll get to 160, then to 145, then to my final goal of 140lbs.
I need to get focused!
I hope you all are having a good day! It's nice out over here. Hot, but nice. =)
Ciao chicas!

Oh and btw, my hubby had a thought which may have...

Oh and btw, my hubby had a thought which may have some merit.
I was saying to him that i didnt think my boobs looked very big, esp compared to ther girls with the same cc's.
He pointed out that if I lost my belly weight, they might stick out further. So, hey- it's worth a try!! I need to anyways! =)
Lookin FABULOUS!!!!

Something of interest to note! Pre-op, my bust...

Something of interest to note!
Pre-op, my bust line was 37" (with a 35" rib cage), at around 2 weeks it was 39" and now after 4 weeks it has reached 40-41".
I do not know how much more dropping I have to go or how much this number may change. I thought this might interest some of the girls who are pre-op or just post-op and are wondering if they get bigger or not after surgery. It really isnt that you got BIGGER, it's just that the the upperpole fullness has now moved "downtown"! (as you can see in my right side pics) lol

So far based on on-line measurement guides I am a:
36 DD, 38C, Another site said I am a AA ( Bwahaha!) WHAT-evah!, and VS says 36 C on their website.
We will see. another 2 weeks before I can wear a bra although I have been cheating and wearing a Balie microfiber bra and been putting swimsuit cups in there to cover the nips when i go out in public. I will post a pic of that. Its the pink thing.
Can definitely tell you have dropped, you are a lot further then I am in that regard. Also you are looking more toned/your stomach is flattening so that is awesome too. Way to go with all your workouts :) love the swimsuit too, super cute!!
Thanks for the compliments Pink!
I am surprised I dropped more than you- but maybe its because you have been wearing sports bras and I've been going boobie commando? I think 6 months is a little long to go commando. Are you sure its not 6 weeks? That pink Bali bra (in my pics) is what i've been wearing when i have to go in public and am wearing a shirt where i cant hide the nips. I got the biggest size i could without being too big and use bikini padding to pad the nips. In case if that suggestion helps. I dont blame you on the occasional pushups and I feel for you. You have to go much longer than I till a regular bra. Sad thing is- I am having a hard time finding bras- especially any great pushups. I need help with that!
Six months does seem like forever but almost 2 months down and at month 3 I can either go braless or wear a wireless normal bra. Honestly right now I don't think I could handle the underwire against my scars, I tried one on the other day just to check out my cleavage under a tank and it hurt!! I guess the reason for waiting six months for me to have pushup/underwire is because my dr said that is how long it will take for everything to settle and drop completely so he doesn't want anything pushing them up and counteracting that.
It seems like a lot of girls on here have had good luck with Calvin Klein bras, have you tried any of those? That Bali bra looks comfy, I am having major nip issues too even through my sports bras so I will have to try some bikini padding to see if that helps. Have you got sized yet?
How are you feeling? Is your 1 month post op appt this week? And how are the scars? My scars are looking good and I am doing pretty decent but can definitely tell when I overdo it still.

***Week 6***** Well hello Ladies! It's week 6...

***Week 6*****
Well hello Ladies! It's week 6.
Today was my first day at the gym and the first day I am legally allowed to wear a bra so I got fitted at VS.
VS initially determined I was a 38C based on my measurements, but once I actually started trying them on- It became apparent that I was more like a 36D or 34DD depending on the bra. I can still wear certain C's depending on the bra.
Sadly, I also found that no amount of push up for me will give me the lovely cleavage you ladies have. I think I will have to literally use duct tape to get it. How annoying and sad! =( No boobilicious boobies over here! I am not without hope though. I am going to start working towards losing my 35 lbs and see if they are different when I am skinnier. Maybe I will have extra skin which might allow my boobs to move. Who knows as they have never moved in my life like that. lol Maybe they arent meant to. You guys are so lucky!!

First day at the gym was good. I probably am not hitting it as hard as some of you gals- but i havent been on a workout regimen in 6 years while in college and have gotten badly out of shape. So the fact that I am in the gym is a good thing in general and I think it is ok to take it slow initially. I did upper body today and some cardio. I have actually always liked to lift weights so I enjoyed that part more than the cardio part. The only exercise I did that I felt my pecs was bench press. I just used lighter weights on that exercise and took it slow. No hurry here, I am just glad I can work out everything else like normal. I have been having pains in my ankles and knees lately, so I hope that doesnt affect my new potential workout schedule.

I did kayak some last week and paddling hard made my pecs "tweak" some. I need to make sure I am careful with that one too and dont plan for any long trips any time soon, I want to though! I bike through the neighborhood and at a nearby state park. I have a mountain bike, so I "off road" some with the dog. He loves chasing squirrels. =) Nothing too hilly, and big bumps still jostle which doesnt always feel too good still. But much better than they used to!!

This morning I did have a strong sharp pain here and there throughout the day. Kind of weird as I've never had this "pain" before.
I am sure it is normal and will just keep my eye on it and make sure it doesnt get worse or show some other symptom.

Hope all you ladies are enjoying your new boobies and your cleavages! I am soooo jealous that I dont have any and cant even make any without duct tape! LOL
I will try to post a pic of the VS kockout bra I got. I look nowhere as good in it as some of the other gals....sigh!! I would've thought that by getting bigger boobs, it was a shoo in. I guess not.

6 weeks cont. Maybe I should mention a couple...

6 weeks cont.
Maybe I should mention a couple more things

1) I still have some numbness on both breasts, It is still a partial feeling/partial numbness feeling. I am sure it will fully come back
2) I am using scar guard. Putting it on 2 x's a day if I remember. Scars are still colored, but definitely flat now whereas they were big bumps before.
3)Massages dont hurt at all.It actually doesnt feel like much at this point. But I make sure to move them around
4) I can sleep on my side no prob. stomach still feels weird still, buts it do-able. Maybe i should try it on the floor of my living room soon and see what that feels like.
5) I went swimming again today and having my armns extended using a kickboard felt less straining on my incision areas. I cant swim laps so I have no idea what that feels like at this point. I am paranoid someone might see my scars in my bikini top- You know, in case it slips up.

I cant think of anything else- so ta ta for now. =)
Hey girly! Just wanted u know I was thinking about ya.Sending love your way :) xoxoxoxo
Aww, thanks Star!! xoxoxox back atcha! =)
I am so jealous you can kayak, lift and wear normal bras!!! As for the cleavage, it definitely looks like you have some in your swimsuit pic, or are you just talking about the pushed up and together cleavage under tanks?
How did your 1 month appt go? Did he have any advice? I wonder if the pain in your chest is due to kayaking or lifting? So far I have pretty much only used the elliptical and only use the arm movement maybe 10 minutes of that time and am always really sore and achy after so I would imagine exercise would cause pain but maybe not. Hope all is well :)

*****week 7**** Hello Ladies! As I was...

*****week 7****
Hello Ladies!
As I was cropping and editing my pics I just noticed that I look lopsided in my bikini.
That means that others can see how one is bigger than the other.
I may have to say something to PS.....=(
I have an appt this next week I think.

Oh, and I just posted pics of me in my new VS bras...

oh, and I just posted pics of me in my new VS bras. Not much cleavage. =(
Knockout bra really isnt very sexy on, but i like the other one. It's cute and comfy!
Hey scrappy, how are you? Your pics look great!
Hey girl just wanted to see how your apt went.
Hey Happy!
Well it seems he thinks they look pretty even and any unevenness seen in pics might be b/c my shoulders are slanted when I stand. I dont think this is the case- but since they wont do any revisions before the 6 month op I will let it be for now and then I will look at them again at that point to see how they are looking.
Thanks for asking!
How are you doing?

***WEEK 8**** Hello Ladies! At week 8 I feel...

***WEEK 8****
Hello Ladies!
At week 8 I feel great!
5 days ago on 4th of July, I went kayaking, and didnt have a problem loading/unloading my kayak or the actual kayaking.
Workouts are good, but I still avoid pushups and will only do light chest exercises. I might be able to do more but am being a wienie. I haven't really tried. I don't like the way it feels when those muscles contract.I should prob. push myself a little more in that regard.
Well, I will work on it.
But they feel soft, I think they are fully dropped, and I do think they are still "lopsided" with one being visually bigger than the other.
I am not dwelling on it, and will re-evaluate them closer to the 6 month mark as they supposedly can still change.

I just my bike tuned-up, and fixed a few things. I am going to try to get some longer distance biking in and get my speed up.

I do still have some numbness around my nipple area on my skin. It feels funny with only partial sensation, partial numbness- but its all good. Small sacrifice! =)

So my theory is that if I can lose weight, my boobs will look a little bigger. lol. I need to lose weight anyways as I dont look as good as I could. So that is my main focus right now other than trying to find a job.

Hope all you ladies are doing good !!!
Thanks for following my story and being my support through this journey~~~
Just wanted to drop by and say hi, glad you are feeling good and able to exercise. I might be kayaking soon after your review.
What does your hubby say about how your implants feel? I ended up sleeping with my ex last week (long story, big mistake) and he said that they look amazing but feel like tennis balls. I was kinda bummed by that but he also said it wasn't a bad thing, just a lot firmer then expected.
Has your size changed lately? I swear mine are getting bigger and dropping more every day, they are looking pretty good and the scar is fading a lot. I burned my forehead pretty bad with my curling iron the other day and my scar cream helped that fade in about 2 days so I think it was worth the $$. Anyways, it's been a while so wanted to check in!!
Hey Pink!
Thanks for checking in, always good to hear from my buddies!
I just asked my hubby about how my implants feel to him. He says they feel firmer than before. And firmer is not gross. Thats why we get them done he says. Also the nice thing about implants is that it prevents your boobs from falling into your armpits when you lay down. lol. He also said its hard to be objective since he knows that there are implants in there but maybe if he didn't know he might think they were natural.
Natural boobs can feel gross in my opinion. Like super soft and squishy. I think firmer is better, but not CC firmer. LOl

I think your ex was just being a d*ck. I could punch him.
Yours could feel a little tighter or firmer than mine for two reasons- but HARDLY tennis balls!
The two reasons being 1) you didnt have much breast tissue before and 2) your young and thin and so your skin is tighter.
But growing up my breasts were always really firm. I couldnt get cleavage or wear a push up for nothing. They wouldn't move! So I wonder if i had told your ex i had a boob job back then if he would have said the same. He's dumb, please dont let his comment bother you. I really think it was in an effort to not be very nice. Your boobs look very nice and very attractive on your frame. And a very nice size. Please know that!

Let me know how kayaking goes! And I hope your aren't cussing me out afterwards.=)

Well let me know how kayaking goes.
I dont know if my size has been changing. I'll have to
Happy 2 month anniversary :) Hard to believe that's two months ago we just got our boobs, lol.
Yeah I think you are right about the ex, he said they look amazing and were worth every penny but when I asked how they felt he said a lot different then "real" have silicone which I hear are softer then saline but my girl friends have felt them and were completely shocked at how soft they were so I figure he's just jealous that I'm looking good and not sitting around the house depressed, lol.
I saw a friend tonight that I haven't seen since the day before my surgery and she said they look very natural and proportionate. If I could go back right now I would probably have gone a smidge smaller because although I love how they look it is going to be hard to find 32D bras I think. One more month til I can wear wireless non-push-ups that aren't sports bras :)
How's your pain? The stitches/scar hurt when my sports bras ride up under the boobs, I still can't sleep on my stomach and I have just realized my nips are SUPER chapped/dry so I have been slathering on the vaseline. But I love them and whenever I get sad all I have to do is stare at them in the mirror and I'm happy, lol.
I will keep you posted on things, I may be cussing you out if I'm in pain after ;-) Take care and so glad we've had each other to compare recoveries with. I'm still worried about statuesque :(

***Week 9**** So just thought I would update by...

***Week 9****
So just thought I would update by saying that although I have some feeling in my breasts and nipples, it still feels numb-ish. Certain things that used to feel good have yet to get back to feelin' good if you know-what-I-mean. Sorry if thats TMI. lol

Also, my left incision was hurting yesterday under my bra. I thought that had gone away, but I guess its still there.
Also If I lay a certain way, it doesnt feel back to normal yet. (i.e. laying on my side with my arm above so you can rest your head on it.)
One of my surgery buddies asked me if my size has been continuing to change. I didnt think it was changing anymore but I've noticed more of a boobie bubble over my bras recently. I dont know if those bras shrunk or my boobs changed.
Prob the boobs changed.

I haven't lost any more weight. I am gonna try again over the next couple of weeks. I would be interested in seeing what my boobs looked like in a skinnier body. So am going to try again to be focused by eating cleaner and getting my butt to the gym more consistently.

Hope you ladies are having a good day and enjoying your ta-ta's!
Wow wow wow!!! You look soooo good! I wish you had a few more slightly larger photos without a top on; I think we look a lot alike... I realize that I need to do a better job with my posture when I take my photos. I think I was slouching a bit which makes my breasts look a little more 'adequate', I guess. I'm happy to see another girl more like me. I'm 5'9" and a little over 200. Thanks for commenting on my profile! You're really sweet and nice! Jenn
My surgeon passed away unexpectedly yesterday and I am a lot more upset/sad about it then I expected considering I only knew him through his practice. I really liked him as a person and he made the whole surgery experience a great one for me and I absolutely love my new additions. I was talking to a friend a month or so ago about how I hoped he wouldn't retire before I needed a revision surgery down the road (10+ years).
Prior to finding that out I wanted to see how your workouts have been going? I started Pilates this week and it is going well, the arm movements haven't bugged me too much but I have to use the lightest settings. Hope things are well with you!!
I'm so sorry to hear that he passed away. How old was he? Did he have partners that can take care of you if you have any problems?

****3 Months*** Well ladies, here's my 3 months...

****3 Months***
Well ladies, here's my 3 months pics. I dont think they are looking much different.
Scars are still dark, but I am half Asian so that might be how it's gonna be regardless of the scar treatment. I have no clue without seeing another Asian and comparing.

My boobs are definitely uneven. It bugs the hell outta me when I see them in pics, and I think you can tell in my bikini too.
I am not sure if I am going to consider having it revised. I am going to talk to my doc at some point about it- maybe my next appointment. Whenever that is, i dont remember. I dont know if its worth risking another surgery and whatever the cost is.

Everything feels fine. Certain exercises are still odd feeling, and I avoid them. When I jog, my left boob feels odd as it bounces. Makes me feel like holding it, so maybe my sports bra isnt tight enough. I bought the zipup Danskin one at Walmart and that one holds things together pretty good.
I also got the "Perfect Bra" from H&M for $14.99, which does more for me cleavage wise than any of the VS bra's did. The biggest size they have is 38D. Luckily, I am a 36D.

As far as feeling goes, still a bit numb-ish feeling on the nipples and around it, but I still think it is slowly getting better. The skin around the nipple still feels warmer than the rest but no as much as it used to. They used to feel really hot. I am assuming this is the case for some of the other girls too, but I havent heard anyone mention it.

I still massage them daily. But certainly not 10 times a day or anything. Maybe once or twice.

I guess I dont have anything else to report. I hope my boobie buddies are doing well, and anyone considering it, I hope my pics help you out. I probably wont keep the frontal ones up forever, so dont be surprised if they disappear one day.

Ciao ladies!
Hi Sheri!
Yeah, Cleavage is a no go over here. lol
Hopefully you'll have better luck than me.
Its called the "Perfect Bra." Let me know how it goes for you!
I am 36d as well and celevage is a big deal to me since i really don't have any. I will have to try H&M. Thanks.
I was re-reading your review about your sensitivity and numbness issues. I asked you on my page about it but remebered reading, I thought I should visit you here and read it again. Thanks! Yes, I just love your review! Fun to read. again :-) I have memory issues.... getting old. My sweetie is always teasing me. The mind is a steel trap - trouble is, once the stuff goes in, it wont come back out.
Oh I am 3 weeks TODAY!!!!!! Yipee! Worst is over!
By the way - what is with this lopsided stuff? YOU look great.....picky picky! We are out own worst critics! One doctor said it in the questions and answers -" The one thing that can guarantee you a need for a resurgery, is a resurgery" I believe that is a quote.
Repete after me....they are beautiful! :-)

***3.5 months*** Well I just wanted to say that...

***3.5 months***
Well I just wanted to say that my boobies still dont feel like my natural breasts.
I am wondering if they ever will. But I guess it doesnt really matter.
I notice when I wake up in the mornings that there is a "strain" in my breasts and during the day they feel a little funny too.
I have been massaging more and trying to be aggressive in moving them around just to make sure its not CC. I would like to think that it is not and I am just being paranoid. But either way- i am making sure to move them around.
My incision sites are still uncomfortable at times. My bra sometimes feels like it's digging in there.
But i guess everything else is going good.

I attempted to do a pull up the other day, and it was def. better than when i previously tried but I have to keep my arms close to my body. Doing a wide pullup is a NO-GO. Push ups are ok if I can keep my elbows in also
Haha, not that I do many of either of these.

I had a chiro appt and a professional massage last week. I am happy to say that a chiro adjustment didnt pop my boobies and laying on the massage table face down was fine too. I know a few weeks after surgery I was not comfortable laying on my stomache, esp on a hard table.

Maybe after 6 months, these uncomfortable things will be gone. I have been having pains and haven't worked out in prob a month or so. Chiropractics and a massage has def. helped and I hope to get back to that soon.

I hope all you ladies are enjoying your new girls.
And I hope you are having a good day!
Your 3 month pics look great to me. I think you have a really natural look that is perfect. I tried chiro, at about 6 weeks out. There was no way I could lay flat and let him adjust me. It looks like you are healing well. I've heard it can take 6 mos to a year before the scar fades, so don't let that worry you. I get random shooting pains from time to time. Not horrible, but uncomfortable while they last. They are getting less and less frequent, so that is good. I guess the healing process takes longer than we imagined. Still, it is worth it.
Scrap I just read your last update, sorry to hear about the soreness :( I have noticed the only time I feel uncomfortable is if I wear my "normal" bras which are wireless....sports bras or no bra seem to be the most comfortable. Have you noticed if you hurt more depending on what you are wearing?
Scrappy, thanks for posting your story. In looking at your photos, I really like the idea of wearing the tube top under clothing. Since my PS says no bra for awhile, this may be the way to go for me otherwise my nips will be poking out at everyone.

Hello Ladies! Sorry, I have been missing on the...

Hello Ladies!
Sorry, I have been missing on the site. I finally started my new job and have had waaay less time and internet was down for a couple of days too. I will be taking pics of my scars as an update for my 4 month anniversary on the 11th. I am not sure if i will post updated pics of everything else as they prob dont look any different. But I will take them and see. I hope you are all healthy and happy and loving your boobies!
4 months!!! Time flies....hope all is well.
Scrappy, you have the BEST photo collection. The side-by-side comparisons are super helpful -- what program are you using to do that? I'd say the Scarguard is doing SOMETHING because your scars are looking awesome. Very minimal and sure to get even better over time.

Hi Breasto!

Well its a combination of Word and IrfanView program (you can download it).

I basically open a word doc. insert pics and adjust their size so I can fit them side by side. Sometimes you have to change the layout of your paper to "landscape".

I zoom into the arrangements of pics so they are filling in the whole screen, push the "print screen" button on your computer and then I open the IrfanView program, paste it into their and then crop out the pic collage and save it.

If you want to try it, I will tell  you exactly which buttons to hit in the irfanview program, or if the instructions overall are confusing I can be more detailed- just let me know. =)

I am sure there are many other ways to do this, but that is how I have been doing it.

**4 months** Hi Ladies! Well I am posting a...

**4 months**
Hi Ladies!
Well I am posting a little late for my 4 months (was on the 11th)
Here are some updated pics. The lopsided-ness does drive me a bit crazy and I can see it now outside of pics.
Still trying to figure out why it looks lopsided. i.e. pocket cut lower on one side, i was originally lopsided, b/c one implant is bigger, etc. I am not sure what is causing it and not sure if I am willing to go through another surgery to try to fix it.

Also, I cant say they feel like my normal breasts at this point. In fact it is hard to not be aware of them. especially when i am laying down or running down the stairs. I cant explain how they feel, but its definitely not "natural"
But whatever for now.
So here's my new pics. I hope you are all doing well!
Thanks for updating, scrappy! I can especially see the latest changes from the slope pictured in the side view. And you mentioned lopsidedness, but it's hardly noticeable AT ALL from where I sit. You're looking great!

Ok, now I know some of you will think that I am be...

Ok, now I know some of you will think that I am be SUPER anal. =)
But without measurements, I couldnt know for sure if my lopsided-ness was jut a trick of my eye, or what.
SOoooo I took measurements on my picture. By using a rectangle shaped box, I could see if I was also standing crooked or leaning, etc.
The tops of my nipples are even, but you can see by the measurements, that the width of each boob is off as well as the length of each. So although it may not seem obvious to you, they are off, I can see it, and my bikinis arent sitting straight b/c of it either.
Ya ya ya, I know i shouldnt be wearing a bikini. Lol
But Its the point of the matter dammit. =)
Are you going to meet with your PS concerning the difference in your breasts? I think it would bother me to have them crooked. I also would feel uncomfortable in my bikini, I don't think it would matter to me what anyone else saw but rather only what I saw. If you go back will you have the PS do a revision? As I am considering my BA, this is one thing that I worry about. What if I am not happy with them afterwards and what will I do. It is a lot of money. Love to know. Although, I do think you look great :)

Thanks wingsredhot!

I havent decided if it  bothers me enough to do a revision. A part of me is like "hey, you are problem free right now except for the aesthetics, is it really worth risking complications you didnt have the first go around?"

For the most part it doesnt bother me. But there is a little devil on my shoulder saying "but hey! this can be fixed!" So what to do?

I think the reason why mine are crooked is the difference in cc's. Unfortunately it isn't a science and my doc thought they looked lopsided with the same cc's. He also said any difference is magnified once you go bigger. So we did a 26cc difference. I am thinking that i wasnt THAT lopsided. But how could we have known before they went in? Also, the size difference didnt start showing until  week 4 i think.

You'll have to ask yourself what you'll do if something goes wrong, and for what "thing". Some are very fixable and not a big deal.

Well i'm off to bed, had a long day. Will write more tomorrow~

Good night!
Hi Scrappy. When I originally went to talk to my PS he told me I had more skin on my left side. After talking to him abou it we felt it was probably more comfortable for me to nurse my kids on that side so I had more milk. When I went back for my pre-op I asked about getting different sizes because I had read of so many women here at RS doing just that and his only question to me was, "do you notice the size difference?" My husband and I both said, 'no.' So we were told that different sizes would be a waste and may make the situation worse.

Again, I'm very glad I listened to him.

I along with everyone else that has chimed in did not notice your difference until you posted the photo with the measurements but this is not about us, this is about you being happy.

You know we will all support any decision you make. Hugs!

Just for shits and giggles I am posting an xray of...

Just for shits and giggles I am posting an xray of what our implants look like inside. LOL
With the measurements, I can see that there is a difference between the two sides. I can understand wanting them to be as perfect as possible.
The x-ray picture is cool. I've wondered what it looks like "in there".

Hi Tc!

Yes it was kindof neat to see them in the xray. The chiropractor had no idea what it was. I think she was thinking it might be part of my bra or that I had something stuffed in there. lol

The shape of the implant indside was unexpected. I thought it would be more round.

I am not expecting my boobs to be perfect. But I dont want others to be able to tell. That is my main concern. And when you see them in the bikini photo (on right) you can see the string rises up to the left. That is what bugs me. Otherwise i dont mind them a little lopsided so long as noone else can tell.
I do see the difference on the bikini picture. That would be a bother. I don't notice it nearly as much in the 1 week photo. Maybe it will resolve itself in time. I'm sure your PS will be able to tell if it's something that needs to be fixed or something that will fix itself. I'll keep sending "evenly balanced" thoughts your way.

**4 months and 2 weeks** Uh Oh! Something...

**4 months and 2 weeks**
Uh Oh!
Something weird is going on with the left breast.
I just noticed that all of a sudden, i have more upper-pole fullness in that breast when looking from the side and it feels firmer when i lift my left arm straight over my head.
I hope its not the beginnings of CC. I will see if I can get in to see my doc.
I tried to massage to make sure its moving up, but it doesnt seem to be going up as high as the right one does.

My appointment is this Monday.

My appointment is this Monday.

Thanks ladies.

I hope it is just my imagination running rampant.

But I also noticed today that the upper pole on my left breast seemed to be more pronounced than the right and is very firm. I can't push it down. I have always massaged, more earlier on b/c as they settled in it was all very soft and the massages didnt feel like much anymore- but I still would massage them every day, but maybe only 1-2x's a day. I mostly just push them up  and from the sides.

But anyways, it feels different from the right. I am going to have the hubbs feel and look at them when he gets home and see what his opinion is.

Until then, I have to wait until Monday to see what my PS says.
What did hubster say and how are you feeling today?
Hi Breasto! I feel fine, no weird symptoms or anything. Hubbs checked it out and he agrees that the top is more firm on the left breast and has a bigger bubble on top. (upper pole fullness). He could see it when looking at my profile too. I tried to take pics of it, but i think it wasnt showing very well. He also doesnt remember if it was like that before. I dont think that it was b/c everyday I massage them and I look at them in the mirror before and after a shower at least. =) I am going to show doc the xray and hope that black round thing over the implant isnt something. I am actually worried I might be getting CC or have suddenly developed a tumor. I am hoping i am just being paranoid! =/

I listed that I was worried about my left breast...

I listed that I was worried about my left breast and that I thought it could potentially be 1) CC or 2) tumor (hope not!) and now my third idea is maybe the implant got pushed UP somehow and is STUCK. Is that possible???
I say this b/c the bubble on top is more prominent and firm, and the bottom feels softer than the other side.
I don't have any other theories, but I thought I would run that one by you as well.
Oh, theory number 4 is paranoia. LOL
Me too!  
If the radiologist who interpreted the x-ray said the black circle represents air, then I'd be inclined to believe him or her. While I'm not absolutely certain of this, I *think* that a tumor would have a solid component to it that would be recognizable through imaging. That doesn't seem to be what we're looking at here. Hopefully this is just some minor displacement that could be corrected through targeted exercises, but your surgeon should be able to say for sure what's going on. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping things go well at your appointment.
Very valid points Breasto- I think you are right. It would prob. appear as a white blob. I am leaning more towards the CC at this point. But it is weird that my boobs are for the most part squishy. I plan on taking some pics of me squishing them and posting them. But when I lay on my right side I can feel a hardness on the side. When I am upright I have to really push in on the lower left and up to feel it. And of course on top. We will soon see what the PS says. I just hope he doesnt blow me off and not take me seriously. He did that when I mentioned they were different sizes/ lopsided. I am hoping that it is just b/c he couldnt see it. I am taking in the pic of the measurements and the xray too, just in case.

**4.5 Months** Hi Ladies! Well I went to see...

**4.5 Months**
Hi Ladies!
Well I went to see the doc today. And looks like I DO have CC. (Capsular Contracture)
He is classifying me as stage/phase 3.
There are 4 phases he explained to me.
Phase I is normal breast tissue, Phase I normal breasts but you can feel the implant, Phase 3 some hardening, Phase 4- something like hard as a rock.
I have 2 options.
I can try Ultrasound therapy which has a 33% success rate, or I can have surgery 1 of 2 ways. With Strattice or without.

So ultrasound is $134 for initial visit, then $22 a session on ONE boob, for 3 sessions a week for 6 weeks.
Surgery without Strattice, only removing scar tissue and replacing implant is a little over $3K. With a 33% chance of recurrence, and if I get another surgery after that my chances go up to 66% or so.
Surgery WITH Strattice is arounf $7,800 K, but will reduce my chances of recurrence to 1%.
And this is just one boob we are talking about. =(

Soooo, we are going to try the ultrasound route, and hope to God I am one of the lucky ones as that will total around $500 for that time frame.

If it doesnt work, I can either choose to wait for whenever to get my CC fixed or do it soon. I am thinking if I wait and it gets hard as a rock, he may have to remove more tissue. I dont know if that affects how much tissue I will have left over. If its the same as my original or much less. I forgot to ask about that.
But anyways, that is a lot of money. NO bueno!
They said surgery takes longer, and I will prob have to drag a "drain" around as it will be hanging out of my boob for about a week. =(

I did take pics, although I dont think they'll help too much as they still look squishy in the pics.
The only visual thing you can see is the bubble on top of my left breast is bigger.
But maybe this will be a learning experience for others as well.

Just to add to my last post. I asked my PS why...

Just to add to my last post.
I asked my PS why this happened since I am massaging, and he said that sometimes it just doesn't matter what you do. When you have CC coming on, nothing will stop it. He had tried Singulair for patients for about 5 years and did not notice a decrease in the amount of cases that would get it. It kind of sounded like your body is rejecting the implant. Although, I dont know why it didn't happen to the other side. He says there are many theories out there about CC, but noone really knows anything about what causes it or how to prevent it. How depressing is that? loll
I may be getting my first ultrasound treatment on Wednesday.
And I will post pics of my mostly still squishy breasts tonight, and you'll prob be as confused as I am. =)

Ok, I am adding my pics. If you were like me,...

Ok, I am adding my pics.
If you were like me, you would think that if you have CC, your breasts won't move.
Amazingly mine still do, although I can feel a hardness when I am laying down, or upright at the top of my breasts. yadda, yaddda.
So I posted these pics in case it happens to someone else who doesnt think they might have it b/c their breasts still move.
Again, this is Phase 3 Capsular Contracture (CC).
Scrappy, so sorry your going though CC. I hope you can work though this without it costing you a fortune! I do have a friend who got CC and she had it fixed, it never came back. Fingers crossed for you!
Thanks RXgirl. Who was your friends PS? And did she say how much it cost and if it was with strattice or not? I am considering having someone else fix it. This cost of my current PS makes me feel like I'm taking it in the bum, based on what I hear others are being charged.
I was hoping for better news for you. You are such a huge support to everyone on here and it's awful that you have to deal with this. Did you find out any stat's on the percentage of BA's that result in CC? It seemed to happen suddenly, but maybe that is the reason you were noticing the size difference before. You are really brave and compassionate to keep posting and updating pics so others of us can learn about this and the options. I know we all have our PS, but learning from another woman going through it means a lot more. Good luck with the ultra sound treatments. I truly hope they take care of it for you.

So I went for my first Physical therapy...

So I went for my first Physical therapy appointment today.
The good news is that I am catching mine before they turn into rocks so my chances of success are very good.
They fully believe that I will totally benefit from the ultrasound treatments and have told me about the progress of others.
The have noticed significant improvements after treatments, but patients who have had mastectomies are the hardest cases b/c they have even more scar tissue than someone who had an augmentation. They expect to notice a difference by 3 weeks.
So if any of you are starting to get CC, or find yourself in that position at a later date- I would recommend considering the treatments as a conservative measure.
I will report back after my 6 weeks of 3x's a day and let you know my results and if I would still support the idea.
BUT i would make sure it is a PT center that deals with many of these kind of cases (not just every once in a while), and of course only has female PT's who apply the treatment.
Who knows what a guy would be thinking while he was doing it. Eeee.....
Oh- and it is the same kind of ultrasound wand that some chiropractors use for breaking down scar tissue. It is not painful at all.

I meant 3x's a WEEK for 6 weeks. It wont let me...

I meant 3x's a WEEK for 6 weeks.
It wont let me edit the post.

Oh, I forgot to mention, the PT also recommended not wearing bras during this time either.
So I may be going back to my tube top or a cami tank w shelf bra. I havent worn the TT in forever. I wonder how it fits now....
Oh scrap,so so sorry to hear this. Did you just figure it out because they're getting harder? I'm hoping for the best for you....please keep us updated.
Hi Pink, yeah seems like all of a sudden my left was feeling firm. Esp. when laying on my right side, the side of my left boob feels really firm. But remember how I said they dont feel like nothing and felt weird? (On my 3.5 month August 23rd post. ) I wonder if it was starting to contract at that point and I just had no idea?
I forgot about that. I'm so glad you caught it early and I hope you get it fixed without another surgery. Crazy how you can tell all the sudden in your pics...hopefully you aren't in too much pain :(

I know it's too soon to tell, but I think the two...

I know it's too soon to tell, but I think the two US appointments I've had, are already showing an improvement.
Today I go in for my 3rd appointment, so that will make 3 US appointments in a row.
Also, the night before my first appointment, I really dug in there trying to loosen the scar tissue. And yes, it is a little painful.
But I am going to do what I gotta as I cant really afford the revision. Not at what he's charging me anyway.

I just found an interesting post on someone who...

I just found an interesting post on someone who beat CC, for those of you interested~

This was posted on the other forum, but I thought I would bring the good news over here. C.C. stands for Capsular Contracture. I offer the following advice and what helped me. Please, before you do anything, consult your P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

I was diagnosed with C.C. at 6 weeks, my P.S. said I had early signs. I was devastated, but then determined to fight back. Every chance I got I was touching my boobs! lol. I massaged vigorously, which actually means I would squeeze them together and separately. I would take the right one ( the one with the C.C.) and with each hand on either side and push as hard as I could. I would do this all the way around the circumference of the breast. I would move it around all the time, kind of out, in, up, and down. I didn't do this once in awhile, I did it ALL the time.

My doctor also prescribed Accolate and I started taking 800 vitamin E.
Try to take them on an empty stomach, the body absorbs them better. You can get pure vitamin E at a health food store which in not synthetic.

If your chest muscle feels tight, try to do any type of exercise for your pec muscles. One that is good is you stand straight and put your hands behind your back so your hands clasp together (by your waist) and pull up and hold. I also did a Google search and got some other ideas for exercises to stretch those muscles.

The next direction will sound strange, but I think it helped a lot. I would lay flat on my stomach on the floor and kind of rock back and forth. Doctors say its good to lay on your stomach to keep the pockets open. Then my daughter would sit on my back and push down by applying pressure. At first it kind of hurt to do this and there was some pain in my rightie, but as time went on it got better. I think the pain came from the scar tissue restricting the implant. My daughter kept saying, "mom we are going to beat this and everytime I push down we are breaking that up."

After a few days of doing all the above, I really hurt and was crying to my husband. Then suddenly it started to get a little better at a time. The pain wasn't as bad and it seemed like rightie started to soften up. I really think that the pain was part of the healing process. In the beginning since my right one hurt so much; i had a tendency to baby that side so I don't think that was such a good idea but i didn't realize what was happening.

Finally the last thing to happen that was a good sign to me was the fact that the tightness in my chest went away. I thought it was going to be there forever. I knew that both boobs were feeling good, and my husband said that my right was just as soft as my left. I kept having to ask him for his opinion because I was touching them so much I wasn't sure of the difference.

The best day was last monday when the doctor said they were perfect and beautiful! I now have giggly, wiggly, and jiggley boobies! WE are going out tonight to celebrate. I have an awesome bra and a low-cut shirt! lol.

I believe that you can get rid of early C.C. Take a pro-active attitude and tell yourself you can beat this thing. If it doesn't feel like you are making progress in the early days, remember it didn't develop overnight, so it will take awhile for it to go away. But you can do it!"
Scrappy, that is awful to have that diagnosis. Thank you for the post on beating CC. That was a major concern of mine (and still is, since I'm 5 weeks PO). It seems like a random occurence. I sure hope the ultrasounds works. Keep us posted.
Thanks for sharing that post scrappy. I'm thinking of laying on my stomach on the floor in addition to the massaging I've started doing.
Hi Pink, no pain at all. It just feels tight. The upside is that I have had 2 ultrasound appointments in a row, going in for the 3rd today, then next week it'll be mon., wed., fri for the rest of the duration. And I think it feels a little softer already. Hard to tell though- it could be my imagination. I am going to stay positive. Stat said she was going to update and hasn't. I hope she doesnt forget about us. Should we send her a message?

So it's almost my 5 month anniversary ( the 11th)...

So it's almost my 5 month anniversary ( the 11th).
And I am employing a few techniques to try to break down my scar tissue for the CC.
I really hope something works!
I am
1) trying to massage deep in there. Weird thing, is that it feels "stuck" closest towards my ribcage, and doesnt want to budge. The top does not want to push down either.
2) Laying on the floor, and laying on a rolled up camping mat (I dont have a roller- should of bought the one I saw a little while ago, cuz now they are out). I try to lay at differnet angles and to move left and right or forward and back. Talk abotu awkward!
3) And Ultrasound treatments

I am considering taking the Vit. E, although I have heard it doesnt really work, and my other thing was to take a hot bath and try to massage deep in there to rip up the scar tissue.
I dont know if any of these things will work. I can only hope to God at this point. The surgery is just way to expensive to consider. I am very disappointed my doc doesnt give a price break for the complication- even if its not his fault. Just to help his patient out, you know?? And he doesnt beleive any of those meds help,like Singulair.
So what's a girl to do?
I can only hope it doesnt get worse, but it might regardless of what I do. I will post a question to the docs about it.

I think the ultrasound has been helping- but hard to know for sure at this point.
Well I hope all you laides are doing well and enjoying your new girls! =)
Hopefully I can get this figured out and get back to enjoying mine too!

I recently read a post from a gal who suggested...

I recently read a post from a gal who suggested Aspen Rhabilitation for CC treatment (main facility is in Florida), so I looked it up. They have conducted studies on this rehabilitation technique (patent pending machine) that they have created and have really good results. And it seems that they treat tons of CC cases. Lucky for me, there is a doctor here in Texas (Dallas area) who has the system, been trained in the technique, and does the treatment
It would cost around $1500 for one boob (or $1600 for two) for my choice of 1wk, 2 wks or 3 wks of treatments. Of course, I would consider the 1 week as the costs of staying somewhere other than home will increase my costs. 1 weeks requires 1 hr treatments twice a day. The study looked like it really helped people, and the website showed pictures of before and after. So I am considering it and will talk to the hubbs about it. They dont like to treat if you have Bakers stage IV, I am stage III so it might be the way to go.
They also take care credit with the promo of no interest if paid off in 12 months.

That particular doc charges $4-5K for capsulectomy for one breast, so I guess my doc is charging me less than him. Imagine that.
But anyways, that is what I have found out recently.
If anyone has any information about someone they know who has tried it, please let me know.
Scrappy... really so sorry this is happening to you... what I can tell you, is I have been taking vit E since the day I came home from surgery and am still taking it every day with my other vitamins. I have also too been laying flat on the floor on my boobs, arms out every day since month 1. I know CC does not happen to everyone, but so far I am good to go :) I hope everything your doing will work! You are defiantly hitting all angles!! Good Luck Girl!
Thanks Rxgirl! I am trying to stay positive. How much vit. E are you taking?
I take GNC Vitamin E 400, Softgel Capsules. There are 100 in a bottle.

As a follow up about the Aspen Rehabilitation...

As a follow up about the Aspen Rehabilitation Center and treatment for CC.
I found the the Center in Florida is not BBB accredited, but other doctors using the system (as in the one in Dallas may be),
and I have not found ANY reviews of anyone who had CC treatment using this system.
Needless to say the little skeptic here is not jumping on THAT wagon until I find out more.
If you know of someone who has gone through it, I would to hear about it!
Try a kids foam pool toy instead of foam roller. They are MUCH cheaper and work the same way. I work in a PT office and that is what we recommend instead of buying the real deal.
Hi Aes, I alrady bought a foam roller. Got it at Walmart for $14. It works good for other massaging, so its all good. Great idea about the foam pool toy though! I wonder if it is dense enough to apply enough pressure? I will check them out when I go to the store next. They is probably a great idea for others who may be interested and dont want to spend the dough.
Actually it might be nicer since they have a smaller diameter. I am going to check into it!

FIT LUV IS coming into Houston today!!! (She's...

FIT LUV IS coming into Houston today!!! (She's getting her revision)
Any other RS girls who we have been talking to (NO STRANGERS PLEASE!) want to meet up with us either tonight (thursday) or friday, let me know!
I believe that RENEW will be joining us on Friday also!
( i am not sure who else we talk to is from Houston area)
I am so excited!! =)

You can read Part 2 of my journey here.

How did the CC start? What wee the symptoms? hat is that like and are you seeing any improvement since your last post?
Just a strain in my breasts during a certain movement at 3 months, then I discovered a hardness at 4 months. I have too much fat on me, so might be why I didn't notice. If you look at my progression pics though, it does look uneven at month 1. No improvements. If anything it has mostly stopped changing. As far as I can tell anyway. I dont have any pain, but you can see i have more upper pole fullness in my left breast. The bottom part of my breast feels empty. The capsule has contracted and pulled up. I dont know why it goes up. Thats something I've wondered about with CC.
I have always had a real weird feeling in the right breast. Immediately after surgery I was afraid that he made the pocket weird. A friend through this process had the same doctor and her left side had issues. The implant looked like it slid down out of the pocket (like double bubble) So I was always over protective of that bottom of the pocket making sure to give it extra support while healing. I also have a small dimple kind of thing on that one - cleavage side area (but low). Like he dissected or nicked the muscle by mistake. Anyway, that is the side of concern even today. I don't feel any particular consistant hardness (hardness comes and goes) I do feel a weird tightness at times and see a little upper pole fullness. That side seems bigger too so I just figured it is filled bigger. My other breast used to be slightly fuller when natural so I assumed that he filled that a little larger to compensate and in the process over compensated. He told me prior to surgery that he would fill equally since the difference was so slight. Who knows what he did! My paperwork shows equal fill though. I am a little concerned so I am going to get a check in August. I do not know what to feel about a check up. The person I mentioned in this post went in to have the double bubble looked at and he scheduled a redo. At that appointment he was really quick and after she got home called him about the firmness in her right one. He prescribed something I think, but she later went in for a complete revision but same thing happened. Double bubble and cc in right so she elected to end the hell with ex-plant surgery. She is a very strong person and is looking great now. Somehow the grass seems greener for all of us but, after making that journey sometimes we find out how lucky we actually were in the first place to have what god gave us. ---Oh, the point I intended to make was, I am not sure I have faith in his exam anyway. He never even said a word about the cc to this other woman as far as I know. So, will he be honest? Will he give me a proper opinion? Or will he just say looking fine and see you in a year? Ugh! Some days I really regret the whole thing, and others I just love having boobs!

Scrappygirl revision finally scheduled!

If you've been following my story, my revision is scheduled for tomorrow. Going to bed now, see you on the other side! Oh and I have a "revision" review, where I will be continuimg my story- find me there!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Vitenas and his team were awesome. Made me feel very welcome and were highly professional. I was very confident in the quality of his work before going in, and I believe that my post-op recovery is a confirmation of that. I would recommend anyone to him if they are considering breast augmentation. PROS: Stitchwork is excellent (Inframammary incision, no puckering, or gaps, no stitch removal) Recovery was a breeze- didnt even need pain meds but had them, i was able to lift arms overhead right after surgery He chose a good size to make me proportionate CONS: If you are looking for a doc to baby you and give you lots of emotional support, Dr. Vitenas isn't really like that, but his staff do provide that aspect of it. They are always happy to answer questions. For me, I was more concerned with a doc who was gonna do a kick ass job - and he did. So I guess not too much of a con for me, but might be for you. I should mention that the price breaks for revisions aren't as cheap as some docs give their patients (but still cheaper than having a new doc do it), but i think that's ok because we are paying for quality. I believe the mans got "skills." So discuss possible revision pricing with him if that is a concern before you have surgery done to make sure you can afford another if necessary. I didn't mind his no-nonsense way and really appreciated his high quality of work. The quality is after all what matters the most in the end.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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