Dr Y messed up my breasts.... they will never be the same.

Well everything whats very nice till the day of...

Well everything whats very nice till the day of the surgery. They left my alone in a room and gave me a xanax to claim my nerves... I was hooked up to an ivy had to use the restroom really badly I remember I tryed yelling for an nurse or some one to help me.. I kept waiting and waiting.... I was about to go on my self... So i got up and I walked my self to the restroom... and the restroom was trash's and I was shocked... there was like shit everywhere it was gross....

Then i turn around and there was Dr Y they where ready for me... he had a bit of blood on hit shirt... I was like ok he is a plastic surgon i imagem that would happen somtimes...

Well I laid down... I remember being scared and they put me under I woke up... Did not remember much work up with big boobs!

Now I have Symastia... So Bad where I dont know if it can be fixed... No plastic surgon will even. try....

Dr Y said he would take my implants out... or make them smaller... but he doesnt wanna fix the problem... He wont even responde... and he still wants me to pay for the surgery ether way.....

I was a model... Now no one will hire me =(

I am sorry your results (as well as your surgical experience, especially with the restroom) were so bad. This is not the case with the vast majority of ABPS-certified plastic surgeons who do this kind of surgery.

Your symmastia and bottoming out can both be corrected. I have seen these problems with all too many patients, and even more so in transgender patients (I have been performing surgical procedures for transgender patients for over two decades), who have some specific anatomic considerations that I have taught about for years.

Just as an aside, bad results are often the cause of much anger and understandable temptation to engage the services of a lawyer. Seeing a lawyer about bad results that are neither negligent nor malpractice will gain you nothing but a huge waste of time and even more anger at the "injustice" of it all. Instead focus your energy on your surgeon, who should be more than happy to either work out a way to revise his work to your mutual satisfaction, and with clear understanding of the costs involved and who is responsible for what (this should ALWAYS be spelled out prior to surgery so no ill-feelings are caused when things don't work out as planned). If he won't respond to you, seek care elsewhere, and consider a complaint to the state medical board. But remember, bad results don't qualify, since every surgeon has less-than-stellar results occasionally. How he or she deals with them is the mark of a good surgeon!

When a doctor clearly violates standards of care or performs negligent surgery, then legal recourse is appropriate.

If you have lost trust with your breast surgeon, seek out ABPS-certified, experienced plastic surgeons who do lots of breast surgery, and preferably someone who sees lots of transgender patients as well. For some of my before and after photos of trans patients, you can look in my photo section on this site, or go to the photogallery on my website. Good luck and best wishes!

Oh my. I'm so sorry you had to go through this. There are very few things that can't be at least seriously improved. You might want to consider posting your photos and question to the doctors here on RealSelf to see what sort of guidance they can offer.

Go here to do that.

Thank you for posting your story. It's really helpful for people like me, doing research, and hopefully motivating others who did not think it was that important. Most importantly for you, I'll pray that you get what you deserve and waht you want!

Dr Y has since said he would see me again to talk...

Dr Y has since said he would see me again to talk about what is going on... how ever they booked me over someone else so the time I was supposed to come in at I cant now.

Last time i talked to him about revision

he said it will be 3,500 to swap out the implants... I said what about the middle cleveage line....
He quickly walked out and said all i am gonna do it swap out the implants.

I have no problem with him swaping out the implants if it will fix the problem... I am going back in to talk to him about what he is actually going to do... because my last consualt. with him was very disappointing.

I know Dr Y is good at what he does. But this matter has not been handled well. His P.A. Is back in town and she wasnt in town at the time of all this she has been in really good contact with me... and is helping to smooth things out...

I will be posting more updates.
I would let him take the implants out but I would not let him replace them if he is unwilling to correct the problem.
That is sad, it seems like anyone can be a "plastic surgeon" these days and the government should really crack down on these half ass docs doing half ass work. I hate to admit it, but I myself have wasted money on a couple of these "plastic surgeons" who take your money and do crappy lazy half ass work. My best advice to anyone who is looking to get plastic surgery, find someone who is GREAT at what they do, good just isn't enough anymore. And before and after pics dont tell you jack sh*t! Doctor's pics can be photoshopped, they could be using pics of another doctor they partnered with, or they could be using different equipment now than they were when they took the pics...so keep all of that in mind when finding a doctor.

Hi Ariana,

I would be happy to discuss your concerns and try to make some recommendations that make sense to you. I can answer general questions, but to get really specific as to details of a revision surgery, it might be more productive to talk by phone with a full set of photos to refer to. You can call my office and leave your contact information and I will be happy to call you in person. You can send photos to {removed by RealSelf to protect you from spambots. Please communicate through RealSelf's PM system}. I look forward to speaking with you!


I am moving to undecided i talked with Dr. Y. we...

I am moving to undecided i talked with Dr. Y. we he is going to go in and do another surgery. he is going to stitch me up all the way around my breast. He said he wont use alloderm on me tho. I am a bit nervous about that...
Lets see if he can fix me...
I am going to pay 4400 he said this is the "cost" of everything...
Lets see if he can fix me.
I'd be happy to talk to you if you wish. Please call my office next week; I'm not in surgery Tuesday afternoon and Friday mornings, or you can leave your contact information and I'll call you in the evening.
Yes, I was going to have the dr fix my Symastia... but.... I cant have him do it .it is just way to much stress i rather have somone who delivers proof that they have fixed it before =).
Dr Y. Lied to many times to me...
i dont think you went too big.. i think you will have beautiful breasts once the symastia problem has been fixed.
am following your story with interest.. look forward to your after pics

I decided not to use him. Because I felt like he...

I decided not to use him. Because I felt like he was lieing to me.

Now he is getting lawyers to threaten me... I have said is 100% true.

My boobs are really starting to hurt.... they are...

My boobs are really starting to hurt.... they are so sore lately... I know why...
DR Y read this review and he just "dismissed me from his care"...
but he did that before eh even said that...
I would like to go to him and see if everything is normal but I know everything isnt normal.
He would...
Still I am planning on getting them fixed soon but its going to cost allot... Symastia is a very hard problem to fix. I really wished the dr yarish would have worked with me and wasnt just trying to rip me off at every turn...
it seems like he wanted to make money even off my revision =(
I feel your pain, I had similar problem with a NJ Surgeon. Take him to court for breach of contact.
Good Luck.
Do not get nothing done by him even if he does it for free. He does a lot of studies for the FDA he is one of the 26 docs nationwide. Your problem can be corrected. Unfortunately I was just a lab rat for him. I fell for his line of charity for children with deformities but one of his nurses said we are the ones that pay for it. Wish you the best .
That's sad to say that I am not the only person that Dr Yarish has done, something like this to. Pleas share your story with the website people need to know about this stuff.

My revision is coming up, Dr Moliver is Doing it....

My revision is coming up, Dr Moliver is Doing it. I am going to have to to give Dr Moliver money to fix Dr Yarish's Terriable mistakes bringen the total spent on this surgery to 15,600.

The Mental Damage that has been done by having symmastia, I am hoping is repairable it took a huge hit in my confidence and effected my daily life. Dr Yarish said "I was already this way, People don't become depressed because they boobs aren't prefect." I tell him my chest rubs raw because my chest lifts in the middle so far. You try having the pains in the middle of the night where it feels like you chest is ripping. Is that enought to make a normal human depressed.
Now add looking like a freak in a bikini.

I just cant wait to be normal again.
my gosh you poor thing. i hope you get this fixed and can return to your normal self. all the best x
I just had a revision surgery =).

... I keep coming back and thinking i can't belive...

... I keep coming back and thinking i can't belive this man put me threw all of this pain =(
hope all goes well, post pics after please!

I am recovering from my Revision surgery that Dr....

I am recovering from my Revision surgery that Dr. Y didn't do..... its gonna be a long recovery...
i have a question for u.. were your breast natually close together?
no they where pretty far apart.
Hi Ariana,

Just a quick point to expand on your comments about a specific doctor. Discrimination is indeed illegal and unfortunately still present, but a doctor saying that he isn't comfortable or qualified to operate on transgender patients (because of lack of experience, training, or prior poor results) is actually commendable.
As a plastic surgeon who has operated on transgender patients for over 2 decades, I can attest to the fact there are specific transgender (surgical) issues that many if not most plastic surgeons are never trained about or experience. I can tell you that I never received training or experience in transgender genital surgery, so I tell my transgender patients honestly and frankly that this is something I am not qualified to do. Please understand that this MAY be the reason that a given doctor has decided not to operate, and be thankful for the humility and honesty that allows that degree of frankness. If, on the other hand, a surgeon refuses to provide services he or she is capable of providing on the basis of race, gender, or sexual identity, then that is indeed a problem and potential legal issue.

BTW, he started using the Name "Dr. Robert S."...

BTW, he started using the Name "Dr. Robert S.".

Also I didn't know this till my surgeon told me he told me that my skin is also detached from the muscle.
my doctor did an amazing job and he's in charlotte, nc. please let me know if you need a referral or if you want my before and afters. he's incredible!
Did he do Symmastia repair on you?
Is it terrible even tho its fixed i look bad and I still get angery and even nightmares about how horrible this experience was for me..

Added the Video of how my breasts look and the...

Added the Video of how my breasts look and the processe of fixing it
how are they coming along? I know the healing for symmastia repair is probably long...
It is long and there is some perminate damage that was done that cannot be fixed but they are looking alot better I need to post up some stuff about it soon
Hi, why dont you have your implants out and no replacement? Go check out the removal board for how positive the vast majority of women feel after this decision.

I AM still dealing with everything that this...

I AM still dealing with everything that this doctor did to me.... I hate him =(
I will keep you in my prayers. You are so young. I have spent the past years just on Gods grace and my strong faith . Everyone in my family is tired of hearing me complain they think I am crazy. It's me and my loving God that keeps me through the days. Remain strong.
if you wanna talk pm me

I Reread this, I am still having a ton of problems...

I Reread this, I am still having a ton of problems with my chest. I am still in pain. Im about to be 23. I feel like these problems are holding me back from so many things. I want to be Normal Again.... I would like to just be able to wear normal clothing.
I am so sorry you are in pain ariana. I can not imagine the humiliation and angst you must be feeling. Was your doctor board certified??? I just learned recently ANY doctor can claim to be a PS and give BA's. For instance, a podiatrist could do it just because he has a medical licence....Scary,huh? You are so young to be a victim. MY HEART GOES OUT TO YOU!!!!!
He was Board Certified and has a great reputation considering that he threatens people with lawyer action for posting stuff like this....
I am so sorry you are in pain, ariana. I can not imagine the humiliation and angst of spending so much money with poor results!! Was your doc board certified???? I recently learned that ANY doctor can give BA's. It's VERY scary that a podiatrist could legally give breast augmentations just because he has a medical license. You are so young to be a victim. MY HEART GOES OUT TO YOU!!!

BTW - Since this topic has been posted these are...

BTW - Since this topic has been posted these are the things have happened.
1. Dr Yarish lawyer's have shown up to my family's door
2. I have had 1 corrective surgery. I have had some improvement because of the surgery i had but not nearly enough.
3. Dr. Y is starting to practice in other states like Scottsdale, AZ.
4. I have became a bitter B-Word
WOW! I'm so sorry to hear what happened to you. After reading your story, it made me realize that my worries about being too small after BA surgery are so trivial. I never took into consideraton all of the things that can go wrong. It is scary to think that there are PS's out there that are that unqualified and unprofessional! Thank you for sharing your story and I hope that you are healing better :))
I am another victim of Dr. Scott Yarish. Face lift botch job and I feel like a freak. I hope we are talking about the same Dr. Yarish as I believe he goes under 2 different names? The Dr. Scott Yarish I'm talking about is in the Memorial area of Houston...may he has another location?
I am another victim of Dr. Scott Yarish. Face lift botch job and I feel like a freak. I hope we are talking about the same Dr. Yarish as I believe he goes under 2 different names? The Dr. Scott Yarish I'm talking about is in the Memorial area of Houston...may he has another location?
Houston Plastic Surgeon

He offered to repair it but I did not feel he was educated enough about what he did to me to be able to fix it when i brought it up to him the first time.... he told me that nothing was wrong and i can live with it..... HOW CAN ANYONE LIVE WITH THIS.... Anyways I am done!

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