8 Days PO - Anyone Feel Like They Went Too Big? - Houston, TX

I know (and hope) a lot of swelling still needs to...

I know (and hope) a lot of swelling still needs to decrease, etc. but I am so scared that I went too big. I never liked large breasts and only got a BA bc I was going under for a TT. I am 5'8", 150lbs., was 36B, and got 250cc's. I have always idealized an athletic physique and I love to run. I feel like I've just made the worst decision of my life. Horrible feeling while I am recovering.

Photo Update

Day 15 PO and I just saw my PS who had to stitch a...

Day 15 PO and I just saw my PS who had to stitch a drainhole bc the bugger wouldn't stop bleeding. But everything looks great, including the distended lower ab I was worried about. He says it's normal swelling. I'm so happy that the worst is behind me, and can't WAIT for another couple weeks to come!

Also, I am constantly reminded how perfect my PS is for me and how lucky I am to have chosen him. The first PS I consulted with didn't take pics, didn't have sample BA sizers, and actually told me I COULD NOT go less than 325cc's. I am so fortunate and happy.

One last thing, I had paid for everything pre-surgery including the hospital's $550 overnight stay. I ended up having to stay a second night bc low blood pressure and too much drainage. I called the hospital yesterday to hopefully settle up, and they informed me of my $22,000 charge with the uninsured discount for a grand total of $9,000. Wow, certainly hope they get that figured out. :)

I finally posted some pics yesterday. It's so awesome to have this site to journal everything and read others. Hope you're all doing great!
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I would love to see a pic to see how big they are.. Your tummy tuck looks great!
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Now that it's been so long, how do you feel? I'm 12 days postop and afraid I went too big as well. I run and do a mma class for workout. I hope they'll fall into place soon.
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Yes, 45, Houston Northwest. I can't believe I didn't inquire as to pricing before I left. I just assumed that nurses and my PS would have no idea of the cost. But I had 100% confidence that there would be NO WAY one more night could possibly cost more than the first ($550). I am seriously starting to stress out about this. There is NO WAY one more additional night could be $9k, right?! Good lord, this MUST be a huge mistake somewhere. I already have such a headache.
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Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry this is happening to you! It sounds like you will have a fight in your hands but if they did not tell you about the conditions then hopefully you can get them to accept cash price for the second night stay and be done. This is why the lady that pre admitted me talked to me in detail about it to make sure that I didn't get screwed if I needed to stay a second night. Maybe your PS office can help in the battle also. Sorry again but it will wait so don't let it ruin your recovery.
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It's all good; thanks, 45! I've spoken with my PS and he assures me the hospital staff is just mixed up. Phew! :)
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I just read your hospital story. Did you have your surgery at Houston Northwest? I too opted to stay overnight and pay the extra $550 and the lady that was checking me in and taking payment told me that if I needed to stay another night that it would be an extra $300 but I had to make sure and pay it before leaving the hospital to get that rate. She said if not, I would be charged the regular rate which apparently is astronomical! I hope you get everything squared away with that! Congrats on your surgery and you will be back to running before you know it!
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I just want to say how great I think this web site is for those of us who have been wanting this type of thing for a long time, and now that I am going to be "adopting twins" (as my guy says with a great big smile), it has been so helpful to read before and after thoughts! I am excited, nervous, and feel good about my upcoming procedure. I have never had surgery before, and at age 46, am going to go for it!
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Good for you, Davenport! I'll be 41 in a couple weeks and that's exactly how I felt - gotta go for it now bc we're not getting any younger! :) I'm 13 days PO. Drains came out at day 10 which was wonderful, drainholes stopped bleeding the next day (again wonderful), so now it's just a fight to relax. With little ones, it's hard to take it easy so I'm struggling. Good luck to you!
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Tulsa, you probably feel big & like you have 2 mounds on your chest because you are & you do and it's fantastic. 400ccs seems to me to be the perfect size for almost anyone. Not too big or too small. In fact, I just read online that implants between 300 and 400 ccs are the most popular and/or requested size (80% of the time!). You're only days out. You will drop & settle & change for the better (although I think you probably look awesome right now) a little every day. No worries, I'm sure you're smokin' hot! Enjoy.
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I feel the same way. I had a deflated 36B and had a lift and augmentation with 400cc gel. I am 12 days out and although I don't feel too big with clothes on I do feel big without clothes. Does anybody know how long it takes for the swelling to go down all the way? I feel like I have 2 mounds sitting on my chest. They do drop some right so they look a little more "less fake"
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OMG thanks so much for your opinions, girls! I have to say, since my initial post a couple days ago the swelling has gone down considerably and I feel much better about my decision. (Wow, NJ 600cc's - god bless ya, darlin!! :) Congrats!
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Lol, Dawn! I know!! Try to post pics. I keep meaning to as well but I'm always too lazy or busy.

When I first got home I was really upset but I was coping by making jokes about my boobies. I said I was eating for 3 now & that my PS should have sent me home with a complimentary pole to dance around. And once, when my friend texted me playfully asking how the "twins were getting along," I kidded him that they were fighting and he suggested I give them each a time-out in their own room! That's how swollen & just plain huge I was.

I really thought I looked ridiculous. But things settled down a lot and if I'm not too big with 600cc's (well, maybe I am a little too big but in a good way...) then you're not with 250. Enjoy them! I'm sure you look waaaayyy hot!
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Yes, you had very modest implants on a taller frame. Once the swelling goes down, I bet you'll be much happier. Please come back and let us know!
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I completely agree with Perry4538. Your implants are not large (at all), plus you're tall (I think taller women sometimes benefit from a larger implant to balance their frame). It's probably just a combination of being swollen and simply having to get used to your new look. By the way, your breasts may look that much bigger because you had a tummy tuck, thereby enhancing the contrast between your newly flat belly & bigger boobies.

I'm only 5'4", 120lbs and I got 600cc implants! I was freaking out right after but now I'm thrilled-- and so is my boyfriend (who kept saying I didn't even need augmentation but still loves, and I mean LOVES, the results).

Good luck but I doubt you'll need it. I'm sure you look beautiful and hopefully you'll think so soon as well.
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I felt the same way after my BA. You didn't get very large implants so I think you will probably be happy with the results once the swelling subsides. I had 400cc added to my 34a/b size and thought I had gone too big. I am 18 days post op and love my new look. You really can't tell I had anything done in my clothes because I have always worn a heavily padded bra. Give it a few weeks and I think you will be thrilled.
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