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Ready to welcome the new me in 2013! My surgery...

Ready to welcome the new me in 2013! My surgery will be January 17,2013 ! Surgery has been on my calendar for 3-5yrs, I am finally ready for a new me. My sister and myself, decided to have surgery together on the same day. My motivation is from hearing from other people who have had this procedure letting me know what to look forward too.

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First I searched youtube, internet for reviews, Texas license board.

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welcome. i have no advice yet but my date is on 1/18/13! so im trying to get ready too. hope all goes well :^)
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I have my surgery date 1/9/13! Good luck ladies! Too excited!
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congrats on ur date! i hope everything goes well for u
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Hi there,

Welcome and thank so much for sharing your journey with us. It's so cool that your sister is doing this with you, that's a great support network you have going!

Are you all prepared for your big day then?

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