6 Month Doctor Check-Up!

I'm 5'6 137lbs size 34B cup. I've always wanted...

I'm 5'6 137lbs size 34B cup. I've always wanted bigger breast but after having my first child (2007) made the want for them even more. My breast became a size D for pregnancy and I Absolutly LOVED them! But my hubby would never give the ok to get them. 4 years later I had my second child (2011). Well, just out the blue my hubby tells me if I really wanted Boobies I could get them. He didn't have to tell me twice, lol, the next day I booked my Consultation.

Consultation - The look I want is what my Victoria Secret Miraculous Bras give just without the bra. That's exactly what I told the doctor and we agreed on Saline 450cc. But, I'd like my hubby to come with me to my Appt. to make sure 450cc isn't Too Big. Even thou my doctor and nurse said they think it would look good cause I have wide shoulders. Will post before pics soon.

I forgot to mention I'm turned 30 in Sept so this...

I forgot to mention I'm turned 30 in Sept so this is kinda my B-day present to myself, lol. I'm trying not to think about Boobs so much because I find if I do, I'm constantly thinking about it in my sleep which leads to broken sleep.

Pre-Op Scheduled for Nov. 5th!

I would like to hear Feedback about High Intense...

I would like to hear Feedback about High Intense Cardio. I teach BodyAttack classes and my PS said in 3 weeks I should be good to go but to take it easy at first (Adjusting to Balance). Any fitness instructors out there have advice?
Im 19yrs, I just got my new boobs now to long ago. I always wanted bigger fuller looking boobs too. Im small framed, 5'5",109lbs and had 32A boobs. I always felt out of place going to the beach and feeling flat in my bikini or having to buy padded bras. It was hard for me to grow up feeling bad about my body and boobs. When I turned 18ys old I said im going to get bigger boobs to help make me feel better about myself and my body. So I talked to tons of doctors, did tones of research, and gathered tons of info to help better my knowledge. which was so helpful. I took a whole year to look into it. I also got my boobs right after my 19th BD, so it was a BD gift to me too and a change in my life. I was so happpy. My doctor did great. I am still small framed but look really good with the D that I am now. It amazing the size difference and the wieght difference too. I can really tell. smiles. I bet you and your hubby could when you were pregnant and they were bigger. I am sure you will be very happy with yours too. I also work out and run, its been a while, but slowly getting back into my workouts. its so hard when you have to stop and then start again. Happy BD when you get them. I like the fact i can buy size D VS bras and look fuller in them. no pads or pushups anymore. I went with Saline, contoured style, and under the muscle. I want to get tear drop style. I think that looks sexy. But my doctor recommended that I get the style I got to have a fuller look, which I wanted. When I first got them, they were so tight and swollen. cause I was so small. I was so for a while. Stll doing my massages and they are forming and dropping great. I am sure that it will be easier for you to breastfeed with implants. You hubby happy you are getting a new pair?

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's what some doctors have to say about exercising after breast augmentation. Hope your pre-op goes well. Please keep us updated!


Today was the Big Day! I went in at 7:15am. The...

Today was the Big Day! I went in at 7:15am. The Anastasia Dr came in then they started to Roll me to the Surgery Room and I was Out before I made it to the Room. Doctor ended up going with 450cc in Both. Hubby brought me home and I slept til 3:30pm. The Pain meds make me soooo tired but Im trying to stay awake at least for a little while. Pain feels just like having Engorged Boobs and Some Pressure on my chest. So Far They look Great!
I wasn't bandaged when I woke up from surgery and in my paperwork it said to either wear a sports bra or No bra at all. The sports bra adds pressure so I just don't wear it. I literally haven't been doing anything! I only get up to use the bathroom or eat. I was actually able to wash my own hair today, was excited about that! I NEVER lay on my back or side. Just been sleeping in a recliner with a neck pillow.
How do you not have any bruises, Frankenboobs, etc??? What is your secret? I know what you mean about the VS bra. I wear the VS Bombshell bra and I look awesome with clothes on... but then the truth comes out when I undress. I am hoping to look like I do when I wear the VS bra after surgery
Damn girl, you look phenomenal, especially considering that you that the girls are still newborns! ; )

Day 2: Today I will try not to take my pain meds....

Day 2: Today I will try not to take my pain meds. I was supposed to take one at 6:00am but its now 8:00am and I feel good. I'm starting to feel little bubbles. Guess that's the implant moving around. I was able to take a shower last night and wash my own hair, that was exciting! My arm movement is really good. I'll continue to sleep in the recliner because I truly believe its helping the healing process.
Wow you look good!
LOL, I think you meant the anesthesia Dr., who might be named Anastasia...lol...
Lol, that was either auto correct or the meds, lol

Small Rewind-Day 1 After surgery was just taking...

Small Rewind-Day 1 After surgery was just taking Meds every hrs and Nothing But Sleep! Day 2 came around and I was tired of being Tired, so thats when I decided to try not to take any Meds.

After I did my Day2 update, I lasted another 30 mins and had to take my pain Meds....then at 2:00pm I took only Half a pain med. My stomach has Bloated ALOT. I almost look Prego, off to the sides also and very tender to the touch. So, I decided to look through this site for answers and found some info. The Sever Bloating is coming from the fluids I was giving during surgery and gravity is taking its toll. I have been having to Pee more than normal so I guess it'll take some time for the fluids to make its way out.

Day 3: Happy ThanksGiving and I give Much Thanks to my PS for giving me such Amazing Breast. I Absolutly LOVE them. Every morning I notice small changes and less discomfort. Today I was able to drive but have noticed from driving that my left boob is a little tighter. I feel most comforable not wearing anything. The sports bra becomes uncomfortable after a few hours. Only Half a Pain Pill today mid day.
Sorry about any typos. My computers mouse tends to jump around while i'm typing ;)

Day 4: Because I have been feeling Great the past...

Day 4: Because I have been feeling Great the past 2 days, I decided today I'd go clothes shopping. BIG MISTAKE. I think the movement of trying on clothes was not a good idea. My back is aching and the tighness is setting in. Also, Its sooooo hard not to pick up on my One year old cause shes sooo cute ;)....So as of now, my hubby and mom are still helping me with her.
Glad to hear you're doing so well! I am PETRIFIED! The big day is Wednesday. OMG. Hello nerves! I'll keep following your posts. I hope you have a speedy recovery. Congratulations!
Thanks RavensGal....I'll be following you too! My first follow-up appt is Tuesday 27th....I'm hoping I can at least do the Eliptical or Bike cause All I wanta do is Eat staying at home ;)

Day 8: Had my first follow up appt today. PS says...

Day 8: Had my first follow up appt today. PS says everything looks and healing good. I start my messages today and that should help the left boob settle. But time will tell all and I guess thats something we all have to go through. Patiently await for the final result ;) I'm also clear to lift my soon to be One year old, Yay! I can fully extend my arms a of yesterday. Everyday I feel Progress but I must say...That first week is a Big Hurtle the rest is probley just Patience. My PS also told me not to do anything that will raise my heart rate til week 3. So the gym will have to wait til then ;( I'm still sleeping in an inclined postion but I'm able to sleep on my right side. My left side is a differ story. I still have some swelling on the left. I've been completly off my Meds since day 5 but if I have discomfort before bed then I'll just take Motrin to help me sleep better. Still LOVING My New Boobies. Feels Amazing to have on just a Sports Bra and have the Girls sitting up Proudly from my shirt ;)
Looking great! Sounds like your recovery is going well.... glad to hear it! I have same size implant... 450... i am 2months post op and LOVE them!!
Did you go under the muscle? Where is the incision? Thanks.
I went Under the Muscle and my Incisions are Under the Boob

Day 11: I can finally sleep on my Left side now,...

Day 11: I can finally sleep on my Left side now, yay! Also I noticed today that when driving I no-longer feel discomfort. Everyday small, little changes are happening :) As I mentioned before, I was a 34B...I tried on a Victorias Secret Bra today and the 34D fits like a Glove, AWESOME....I definalty did NOT want to be a DD and Not a small C....My size is turning out just how I wanted :) Something I didnt think about before but I sure am glad I decided to do this around this time of year. The girls should be Dropped just in time of Summer and Bikini Season :)
They look great. Glad you made it a bday present for you. I'm so happy with mine. Xmas present for myself. Congrats
You look terrific marie! Any pre-op piks to share? Would be nice to compare before and after differeneces.  Congrats on the pretty ta ta's:-)
I was so ashamed of my before that I didnt bother to take any pics (wishing I would have now). When I go to my next appt Tuesday I'ma ask my PS if they could give me copies of my before pics.

Today was my first day back at the Gym. I decided...

Today was my first day back at the Gym. I decided to slowly get back into it so I only did a 30 min Body Attack Class. No jumping just yet, low options only. I'm also thrilled to say that I am finally sleeping on my back and sides without being propped up. If I position my pillows right I can sleep on my stomach.
Oh yea Im also going to Dr. Mark Peters =)
what insicion area did you choose?
Under the Boob

The 6 week Mark feels Amazing! Discomfort...

The 6 week Mark feels Amazing! Discomfort completely gone, I can Sleep on sides and stomach, I'm back to teaching Aerobic Classes, and the Hubby Loves them! I must add: I see so many people on here undecided/choosing to go smaller cause they are scared the girls will get in their way during workouts. My boobies are Ds and they Do Not get in my way at all. My advice would be to Go For It. I know everyone is different but I'm glad I did and I'm happy to Not be one of the ones saying "I wish I went Bigger". I couldn't be happier!!
Oh Wow, that's awesome!! He too is Awesome. I totally trusted his suggestions/advice and He did an amazing job, I couldn't be happier!

6 Week Check-Up today and I was basicly told I'm...

6 Week Check-Up today and I was basicly told I'm good to go back to my regular/normal activities. So I decided to lift weights today (starting off lifting about half of what I used to) and everything felt great. I did a few push ups but didnt really work out chest. I'm not sure if I will ever work out chest. I just dont see the point. Lefty is still higher but I'm thinking this may have alot to do with the fact that I have issues with a muscle in my shoulder blade area thats always tense. It causes my posture to be off :/ (you can tell in my pics) .... I'll start doing massage therapy and a little chiropractic therapy to help my shoulder and maybe that might help. HaPpY HeAliNg to All!

Oh, and my PS says I No-longer have to Massage, Yay ;)

Oh, and my PS says I No-longer have to Massage, Yay ;)
Looking great. Did you get yours put under the muscle or over? I'm cleared 6 weeks post op as of Friday so I'm very happy. Go back in 6 weeks for pictures and 3 mo checkup. I love the cleavage in my sportsbra as well. Amazing isn't it compared to what we use to have.
I got them Under the muscle. I dont go back til I'm 6 months Post-Op and I think it'll be just to take pics. I saw in your post your PS said you have to massage forever! Wow, crazy how every PS is differ. I do notice on days I lift weights they'll get hard, so I'll massage and then a few mins later they are soft again, lol.
Looking great!! What size did you end up going with? I am only 3 weeks post op and telling everyone to go bigger LOLOL! ;o) xoxo

Just when I was about to start freaking out cause...

Just when I was about to start freaking out cause Lefty wasnt dropping, the past week I've noticed small changes. I've come to realize Lefty is just gonna take her good ole time but we'll eventually get there.
Bra shopping has become a challenge! I have had No luck at Victorias Secret. Went there 3 times and left empty handed 3 times. Their Bras run small so I would need a 34 Triple D. I've gotten 2 bras from Dillards and 1 from JCP in 34D.
Aerobic workouts are completly back to normal. I'm doing Weight lifting/chest workouts but my weights have been cut in half of what I used to do. Honestly, I probley could do my original weights but I'm just to nervous to do it ;)
Besides picture updates, I feel like my journey is coming to an end. My new girls are a part of me now and All is Good!
Did you guys feel the tight pain in between your breast?
Yes! If you look closely at my pics right after surgery you can see the bruising between. I didnt notice it until I looked back at my pics
Love your results!!! I cannot believe you had kids looking at your before pics LOL! =)

All is Doing Great!! I have a little getaway to...

All is Doing Great!! I have a little getaway to the beach next week and I cant wait! Feels Amazing being comfortable in any type of tops I put on. My favorite bra to wear is Walmarts version of the Genie Bra. My next fav is sports bras. These are my favs cause they are more comfortable on the shoulders. If it wasnt for my Nips showing through I'd prefer to wear nothing. And still, Lefty is being stubborn but shes Slowwwwly catching up. Sometimes Lefty will be a little tender to the touch and thats when I know I need to ease up on the weight lifting for chest. For High Impact Aerobics I really try to strap'em down. I'm still a 34D but depending on the bra sometimes I'll fit into a DD.

I remember being Freaked Out about ending up with DDs. I wasted lots of worries about that cause the end result truly isnt the "cup size" , its about the size that fits "Your" body type.
You look amazing! I have pretty much exactly your stats and your before pics look a lot like mine...I hope mine look as good as yours after!
Your boobies look so good!!! I am Going w 475cc! I hope they look that good
Did you go with saline or silicone??? They look amazing!! (:

6 Month Doctor Check-Up

My little beach getaway was great with the new girls. Feels great to have a new kind of confidence.
So my check up went very good. I asked my doctor about Lefty still being higher. He said because my left shoulder muscle is higher, that is most likely why Lefty is having a hard time completly settling. He reccomends that I give it til my year mark. At that time, if its still higher then he can put more cc in Righty. At this point I'm not sure if its that big of an issue. As women we critique every ounce of our bodies. I asked my mom if she has noticed in my bikini that Lefty was higher and she said no. I asked my husband if he notices with my cloths on and he says no. Hubby says he doesnt even notice when I'm naked until I make him take a close look lol. Even in my before pics my boobs were not identical twins. So, until my year mark gets here I'm not gonna even give it a second thought.

Love, Love, Love My Boobies!!
You look great, I have a consult set with Dr. Mark Peters for Feb 19th shld have the surgery sometime in March so I'm hoping they are not in my face over the summer, I'm 5'6 with wide shoulders so I'm thinking about double d's , was dr peters the best?
Wow it's been a while since Ivs been on. Still looking good. Glad all is well. Keep us posted. I need to update mine.
you look awesome!! you are a brave lady working out so soon and hard!I am 4 weeks post op and only have done walking lol. but it gives me hope! Do they feel like a part of you now?I am wondering if the feeling of bags in your boobs when you lean forward go away ever??
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My mother-in-law and friend had their procedures done there.

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