Gastric Bypass in Mexico, MX

Hello, I'm new here and I am hoping for some...

Hello, I'm new here and I am hoping for some insights and advice. I am currently 320 lbs. I have been trying to get approved with insurance for 5 years with no luck. I am going to Mexico! Can't wait! Dr. Jose Castaneda Cruz in Guadalajara is going to perform the surgery. I am curious about post op problems and things to look out for. Any information will be helpful! Thanks

Hi Andrea,

Welcome and thanks so much for sharing your journey with us!

I know this is a big decision to make, but hopefully in the long run, it will all be worth it. WLS is just a tool, but it makes your weight loss journey easier, which also helps to make it maintainable.

We have a Weight Loss Surgery page, with guides and other tools, which you may find useful. Take a look and hopefully you'll pick up some hints and tips.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

Thanks Kristy! I am glad you gave me the link. Hopefully by the end of summer I will have made some real progress with my weight loss. I am excited.

Well, you've got the right attitude, so hopefully you'll get excellent results! Looking forward to reading your updates and keeping up with your progress!


Well I have an appointment with my PCP next week...

Well I have an appointment with my PCP next week to discuss if she is going to be able to follow my post-op care. I really hope she will. I've heard that some will NOT if you have surgery out of the country. Fingers crossed! My appt is the 29th of April. Will let everybody know how it goes.
Isabella did you have surgery in Mexico? Just curious as to your experience? I think I will be able to walk off the plane.. I've had gallbladder surgery, c section and hysterectomy and recovered fairly quickly...
No, I had my surgery in DC but I did research going overseas to get it done. Do you know if your Dr. is a member of the Center for Bariatric Excellence? They have offices worldwide and should any dangers or problems arise, you could always visit their sister branches here in the US.
How are you getting back to the US from Mexico? Driving? Plane? If by car, take extra pillows- the car ride home for me was so bumpy I was in pain. If by plane, make sure you have a wheelchair to meet you off the plane and do not attempt to pick up anything over 5 lbs.

I spoke with my PCP and she has agreed to follow ...

I spoke with my PCP and she has agreed to follow my post op nutrition. I am starting to really get excited not to mention I am under my 2 month mark for my surgery!

I talked to my PCP and she agreed to follow my...

I talked to my PCP and she agreed to follow my post op care by way of blood tests and supplements. Things are really starting to come together.

No long now, you must be getting excited and maybe a little nervous! :-)

Absolutely. It's constantly on my mind!

I know what you mean, I'll be having mine soon (Gastric Sleeve) and it's all I think about sometimes!


Pre Op Diet time!

I started my pre Op Diet two days ago. My beginning weight is 319 lbs. I'm not starving todeath yet but i need all the encouraging words!

Hey Andrea,

How is the pre-op diet going? I'm on a similar plan, just a little longer, as my doctor wants me to lose 70lbs before surgery. It's tough to start with, but you can do it. You just have to keep motivated and remember what your goals are!


less than 30 days

i am less than 30 days until my surgery. I have really been starting to take everything into consideration about my surgery and i admit that i am nervous. I even have an email in to my Dr about changing to a sleeve due to intestinal complications that could result from the rouen y. Please let me know what everyone thinks! Panicking.....
Hi Andrea, I had surgery 8 months ago and have lost 131 lbs. so far. Although i had complications after surgery I am very glad that i decided to take this journey.
Good Luck! You'll be fine! it's really a shame when insurance companies won't approve people in this country, but you are very lucky to have found someone good in Mexico to do your surgery. I understand there are some excellent physicians there who do bariatric surgery. It's awesome that your doctor will follow you here, too. Just make sure you follow up with the labwork, etc, when you get back, and keep up with medication adjustments..that's the main thing!You'll be shrinking really fast :-)
Im getting really excited! 4 weeks from today is my surgery date! I already have a post op appointment for when i get back!


Ok so I have 3 WEEKS til my surgery date. I have been on my pre op diet for 3 WEEKS now and according to my PCP I have lost 23 lbs! I am starting to get cold feet. I won't back out but the nerves are starting to get to me. I think I may change to a sleeve with a rouen y. Has anyone done that before? Am I just being silly?
Thanks everyone for the support! I am excited and nervous. 2 weeks to go!
Wish you the best! Will be following your story!
I'm excited as well my surgery is june 19 and I'm already doing the opti fast shakes not fun but I know it will be worth it I'm excited and a lil nervous just want everything to go smoothly

12 days to go

10 days til I arrive in Mexico

I am down 25 lbs from my pre op diet in the last 3 weeks. surgery is in 12 days and I am ready. Any suggestions on what to take with me?
My husband had the gastric bypass in December 2010. At his most, he weighed 320 lbs, after his surgery he went down to 165! He is diabetic and had problems healing properly, then had emergency gall bladder surgery 5 weeks later, so his total healing time was six months. Just remember to follow ALL of your doctor's instructions, especially for any vitamins, etc., to help give you the proper nutrition you need. My husband is much more active, despite his degenerative disk disease and rheumatoid arthritis. Good luck!
I will. Thanks!
Hi...I'm a previous bypass patient who has had nothing but complications since having my surgery 7 yrs ago. My pouch kept closing and they had to keep opening up with balloons. I have reoccurring ulcers that are baffling to my doctors because meds haven't worked and cutting the nerves that create acid to beak food down being gone they aren't sure why I continue to have the ulcers. I have been an experiment to my drs because they have never had a patient with my degree of complications. The inside of my pouch looks like a pepperoni pizza and do to poor calcium absorption ive lost most of my teeth and will be getting dentures at the end of the month and im only 37. Sooo sad. I would NEVER EVER do it again if I had a choice....I'm a slave to my pain and nausea meds and would give all of my worldly possessions to go back to Feb 2006. My ins paid for it bcuz I was a federal employee..I pray u don't experience any complications but I wanted u to hear a true story to know its not all unicorns and rainbows. I almost forgot they hav a hospital n the state where I'm from that has a specific floor for bypas patients and one time I remember they told me not to come out of my room bcuz a patient has just passed away and he lost so much blood it spilled under his door! Like I said I wanted u to hear from someone who went through it 1st hand. Good luck and God bless!

Pre Op weight loss.

I have been on the pre op diet for 3 1/2 weeks. Down 30 lbs and counting! My surgery is Monday! Can't wait!

on my way

Can't wait to hear how it goes best of luck :)


Ok So it has finally arrived. Surgery in 30 mins. Will keep you all posted on my progress!

14 hours post op!

My surgery went really well. I had a ton of gas pain yesterday but other than little twinges here and there my pain is minimal. Been up walking since 3 hours post op. I am very thirsty but I have to wait for the leak test before i can drive.k anything. The doctor was impressed that my surgery only took 1&1/2 hours. He was expecting a 3 hour surgery...

Glad everything went well for you. Let us know how you're doing, when you get a chance!

So glad u are doing well :)

Back Home

I just got off the plane and got home. I missed my kids but Im glad I went for the surgery. Full liquid diet til the 15th then soft foods. Everything is going good so far. :)

Get the handcuffs! I love your shout-out that it should be illegal to be doing so good. I'm so-so-so happy for you. Keep it up. I hope the swelling goes down sooner than later. You are doing so great and are an inspiration!

Thanks Alicia! The swelling went down last night! Went to the grocery store today and I hot really worn out, but that was after working 9 hours so I guess that's pretty good. :)
I have lot 10 lbs in 10 days! I am down 35 lbs total. 293 lbs! I haven't been under 300 for 6 years!

Am I losing enough?

2 weeks post op and down 12 pounds. Is this normal or do ppl usually lose more?

I'm not sure of the rate, but you can always ask the experts in our Q&A for board certified doctors to answer. It seems like a pretty good start for sure. You can also jump on other community members threads and simply ask them how much weight they lost in the first two weeks. Keep up the good work. Must feel amazing to see the numbers drop off...12lbs in 14 days? Seems pretty great! Thanks for the update.


Eating Post op

Tried to eat the soft center of a grilled cheese today. First bite was good. Second bite hurt like hell! Guess I better give it a little more time. On the plus side Im down 16 lbs in 17 days. My total weight loss is 46 lbs!

On the plus size...hahhaha...not for long. Congrats girl. Keep on truckin'



so I had my 3 week follow up and I've started taking my multi vitamins. Try as i might I don't seem to be getting enough protein in and my legs have started having some bad cramps. Other than that Im down 50 total pounds and not regretting anything!

What? 3 weeks? Congrats. You're legs are cheering you on. Did they mention bananas for potassium to help with cramps? When I played basketball we used to eat them to reduce cramps. We'd love pics if you're willing to share :)

I will post a pic next week for my month post op review. :)


how much weight do ppl normally lose before they plateau? Or how long does someone lose before they plateau?

1 month post op

on the losers bench

started this process at 330 pounds. Weighed in today at 272 just 7 weeks post op!
What is the num cell o contac
You're doing so well! I am on the pre op diet for a gastric sleeve, I have to lose about 40 pounds to qualify, I am in the UK and the National Health Service pays but you have to lose 5% of your weight first. I lost 65 pounds on Atkins last but I can't keep it off. May I ask why your dr went for Roux en Y rather than a sleeve? You mentioned eating some melted cheese and feeling some pain, is there a diet you have to follow after or are you eating the same things as before in just smaller amounts? I hope you don't mind me asking but this surgery is so scarcely performed in the U.K, most people have lap bands but weight loss surgery is frowned upon so I am not telling anyone but husband (of course) and close family and friends.
Hi Allie! My actual surgery was a BPD or BilioPancreatic Diversion. It's very close to a GBP but not exactly. I opted for the BPD/GBPdue to the number of Pete who have had to have a revision after getting a sleeve. My diet is still softer than just normal food but I can eat anything I want just in much smaller portions. My stomach is the Size of my thumb.

3 months post op

80 lbs and counting! Weighed in today at 250 lbs! I'm wearing clothes I haven't worn in 7 years! Thank God!
Thanks for sharing your story! Hope all is going well!

Inching Closer!

I am glad to report that I am down 92 lbs! Almost to 100! Still have about 50 lbs to reach my goal but I feel great and look even better! Even with theall of the loose skin!
Awesome weight loss.

4 and 1/2 months

I am very pleased with my weight loss. I am down 97 lbs and still loosing. I hsve lost about 70% of my hair which I am not so happy about. When does the hair loss stop? Will it all fall out? Help!
You look great! How can I contact your doc
All new patients must go through ask for dr. Cruz. He has 2 locations. 1 in Guadalajara and the other in Puerto vallarta.
"I am very pleased with my weight loss. I am down 97 lbs and still loosing. I hsve lost about 70% of my hair which I am not so happy about. When does the hair loss stop? Will it all fall out? Help!" In reply to this.. Yes, it does eventually stop/slow. For me it was about the 6 month mark but some don't see slowing until 8-12 months. How much protein are you taking in daily? What sort of vitamins are you taking every day? Drinking plenty of water? (at least 64oz a day?). You look amazing by the way. If you need any support, don't hesitate to ask me!

6 months post op

Down 120 lbs! I weigh 210 now and I can just taste ONEDERLAND!
Wow, look at you! Looking awesome and sounds like you're doing really well! Congratulations and keep it up! :-))
Milestones for 2013... Getting under 300 lbs Climbing stairs and not being winded Being able to wrap a regular bath towel completely around me Buying clothes in the Misses section. Sharing clothes with my teenage daughter. Not having to use a seat belt extender on an airplane. ..I actually had about 4" extra! Probably more I just haven't thought about.
Thankyou so much


Today I made it to Onderland. Yeah!!!
Finally made it to ONDERLAND in March. I have reached my goal weight! I need to have the skin removed. I am super excited today!!


I am at my goal weight!!
Wow, what a journey! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your video journal. Your goal photo is priceless. Love hair and that you made it. Congratulations. You did it and I hope you feel amazing and proud. After reading your story, I feel like we need a forum listing the out of country places people have gone and link them back to the reviews. Happy 4th all!
Wow, was it scary to go to Mexico?
Not at all. My mom went with me. I went thru a US Medical Tourism Company. Aside from the deposit it was fully refundable up until I went into surgery. I felt safe and comfortable the whole time!
Jose Castaneda

Dr. Castaneda is GREAT! No complications and his team is fantastic!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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