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Horrified by Radiesse Results

I have made one of the worst mistakes of my life...

I have made one of the worst mistakes of my life by using Radiesse. I look like a mishapen monkey. It is two days past the procedure and the swelling I was assured would go down has not receded at all. I believe the material shifted into other areas of my face even though it is not supposed to do so.

Only one syringe was used and in revisiting the doctor she said I have unusual swelling however after two days it should recede a bit. I look totally unatural and in going back to the doctor she agreed with me but still insists it is tissue swelling-yet I can feel the material in my skin. DO NOT get this treatment. I went to a doctor who has been using Radiesse for several years.

It now looks like I have jowls and one side of my face is different from the other. If this is indeed swelling should it have begun receding since it has been 48 hours after the procedure? Nothing has changed since the injection. I am desperate since I have to travel for work next week.

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She does seem to care but my result makes me look disfigured.

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Ladies, Ladies, Ladies, Good luck watching the results of Radiesse causing the deformity you have paid to be done to your face. Yes, this swelling and bag under your eyes will go on and on. I have had the swelling for 16 months now and my face is still deformed. Just a horror story and the Doctors do not care while they make money hand over fist, over and over & on the next gal that walks into their spider web.
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I had Radiesse three days ago on my chin for an indented scar & the treated area is still hard as a rock & swollen, is this normal? It looks & feels as though somebody stuck a jawbreaker in my chin. Should it still feel this hard afterwards? I'm freaking out, seeing as how I've never had this happen with other fillers..
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I had a similar experience! I looked like the boy in the Mask after my treatment. My bruising was horrible and I looked hideous. I had black eyes, bruising and swelling for three weeks. The good news is that it is not permanent. I started to look myself again in about 9 months.
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An update-it took about a week for my face to look normal and I had to cancel a business trip however I have to say I am now happy. I was not prepared for the extensive swelling and bruising I experienced. My other advice is to be absolutely sure you go to an experienced physician-Radiesse lasts for a long time. If I had to do it again I would have started with a less permanent filler.
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I am having this done next week. Should I? I am getting concerned just looking at the comments.
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Relax ... it could take a week or more for the swelling to go down. I had swelling and bruising too. I was certain that I had ruined my face. I looked like a pound puppy with bruises. But 10 days later, I was delighted with the natural looking results. Hang in there.
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I am so sorry you going through dificult times. I just as you had only one suringe and my swelling stayed 3-4 days and i bruised also(10 days to desolve). i fricked after i saw myself! it looked and felt( very hard to touch) that i had product spreading from my smile lines down. one side was way bigger then the other. it all went down! give it time and dont frick up ( even i know it is hard to do) try not to touch the aria - if you will the swelling will stay longer. where i feel the product now and where i tought it went in the begining is a different thing. if you have conserns - ask your doctor. but a lot of people have swelling that last a long time and you are not alone. i was thinking that doctor put too much of the product originally - it was not the case. if something i could use some more but my doctor dont think i need it and i trust her. remember 1 suringe is not that much! and if it fells like a lot - it is fwelling. i hope you feel better soon :)
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