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Horrible Experience with Botox!

I went to a spa to get an overall assessment of my...

I went to a spa to get an overall assessment of my skin and some ideas about how to achieve a more youthful look. The physician told me that I would get the most "bang for your buck" with botox. He said it would take 10 years off of me and that there was extremely low risk involved and almost no pain. This was absolutely not my experience. Although he numbed the area with a topical agent, I still experienced sharp pain at the injection site. But the worst part of all of this was that later that evening I got an incredibly bad headache (think migraine) a terribly sore, dry throat, anxiety and flu-like symptoms.After several days, I'm still experiencing the unbelievably bad headaches. I phoned the doctor and explained this. He said, "Maybe you have the flu..." NOPE. All one needs to do is to perform an online search for "BOTOX SIDE EFFECTS". I told the doctor that I'd done a search after experiencing these side effects and learned about the dangers of Botox from the FDA site. He said "You should do a search for Tylenol and see all of it's side effects...But how many people really experience those??" I was appalled at his lack of concern and his apparent deception toward a patient with very real issues. I just want to caution anyone who is considering this treatment to read about all of the potential side effects BEFORE getting the shots. Yes, it's true, it may not effect you in the same way that it did me, but then again...it might. This is poison that we're playing with.
I had my first Botox session today. It was absolutley horrible. Not sure if I can do it again. I have heard many people say that the injections have minimal or no pain. No ice packs, no topical. It was SO painful. I have these lumps all over my forehead. I was suppose to have 4 areas done. Forehead, brow line, eyes and frown. I stopped after the forehead. it seemed as iff the whole office had to come in and laugh at me. I could not endure anymore. It was also difficult with the language barrier. We are here in South Korea with the Military. All areas would have cost 400,000 won which is about 334.00 us I only paid 200,000 about 160 US. I do wish you luck and I am so sorry you had to deal with such an ass.
Sorry you had such a bad experience. Ii is ironic your doc suggests looking at dangers of Tylenol, because, despite the public's familiarity with this pain reliever, it is one nasty poison, highly toxic to the liver, especially if combined with a drink or two. Fairly predictably, I get a minor headache shortly after a Botox injection. Otherwise, I've had good results.
I think it depends on the doctor. I went to a plastic surgeon and he did a wonderful job. I went to a local family doctor that also does botox in his spa and he did not do a good job! I went back into his office and he tried to charge me more money for the job he didn't do in the first place. I know there are some doctors that will mix too much saline with it. Becareful. Read reviews.
dr. kruy at spamedica

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