7 weeks po and finally ready to show areola reduction scars before and after! Brace yourselves lol! - Hopkinsville, KY

My friend and I at work one day decided that we...

My friend and I at work one day decided that we were going to have our breast done prior to our husbands redeploying. We went to see several doctors and we finally decided to go with my doctor. To be 29 at the time I had saggy breast after pregnancy, so he recommended implants with a lift and areola reduction. I decided to have my surgery after my birthday so that I would not be in any pain on my day. I started my vitamins and video diary a week prior.

On 18 Dec the day of my surgery my doctor asked me what I wanted and I said I want to have nice breast not to big but worth the money I'm paying.

After surgery I was informed that I have 400 cc's mentor smooth round high profile. Also I believe I received the Benelli lift because he chose not to do the full anchor lift. which I'm grateful, I did not want that scar.

The first day I was ok but when the meds started to wear off I must say it was very uncomfortable and felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest. I recommend that someone stay with you for at least 4 days or until you are mobile. So glad my mom flew in, I was her 30 year old baby, lol. I had major swelling which was primarily my fault because I can't sit still, but I did eventually. I was scared for one day because I thought my boobs were too big for my body (due to swelling) but my other friend who had surgery told me it takes awhile before the swelling goes away and that I would be please and just to relax. Which I did and now the swelling is going away slowly and looking great.

I am currently 8 days post op and feeling great. I spent three days on pain meds but came off because I don't like taking prescription drugs. The tightness in my chest is still here but not as bad. I have an appointment of Friday to escort my friend to have her surgery done and to have my stitches removed. Not to excited about that part. But I will post pics and continue to blog my journey.

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I'm 10 days post op and I had my stitches under...

I'm 10 days post op and I had my stitches under neath my breast removed. I must say it wasn't that bad but would not want to have it done again. To bad I still have to have the stitches around my areolas removed, Dr.V did not want to remove them as of yet. Next appointment is next Thur.

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Also I'm 125lbs 5ft 4 400cc's

Also I'm 125lbs 5ft 4 400cc's


So I forgot to say, I have saline implants and under the muscle. I chose saline because I feel if it leaks it will be safer. It will deflate at a higher rate but thats what insurance is for. So if I wake up with one boob, I'm going straight to my doctor..lol
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Thanx for sharing ur journey glad it went well and ur happy!! Congrats they look great
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Thank you so much

So I'm 14 days post op, I still have my stitches...

So I'm 14 days post op, I still have my stitches around my areolas which should be removed on Thursday . I haven't been cleared to do massages yet not until Thursday. Before surgery my right boob appeared larger than the left and now after my BA it seems to be the same slightly. My breast are still numb around the nipples and the bruising has darkened and going away a little. I was instructed to continue taking the swelling and bruising medication. Every now and them I have sharp pains in my breast and that kind of sucks but it's not that bad.. I must say they feel like they are apart of my body now and not like I'm carrying 2 children. Can not wait to go shopping at VS guess I won't make the semi annual sale right now but I should be good for the sale in July... Can't wait until I can wear regular bras because these BA support bra sucks, they are tight.


I was sayn the same thing abt the sale lol...but I'm glad ur doin well and that they feel part of u
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So tomorrow I will have the stitches around my...

So tomorrow I will have the stitches around my areolas removed...I'm not really excited about that because the sensation is coming back and I really don't want to feel discomfort right now. I may have to take a muscle relaxer before I go in... Pray or me :/


Yayy ur almost done w it all tho !!!
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Hopefully tomorrow will be my last hurdle and then start massages... :)
Happy New Year!! They are coming along well! I can tell they're dropping too! ;)
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So this morning I had the majority of my stitches...

So this morning I had the majority of my stitches removed and I must say it did not hurt due to my chest was still numb. But after he removed the stitches my areola was bleeding a little and now it's burning due to the bacitracin. Also I have random sharp pains which I heard was normal. I just changed the bandage and cleaned it again but removed more skin so they started bleeding again :( but I'm still happy how my areolas look...


Congrats! You look awesome!
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They look great! Congrats!
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Thank you! :)

18 days post op. So I just measured myself to day...

18 days post op. So I just measured myself to day with the bra calculator and I'm a 32dd...
Below boobs 30
Above boobs 34
Across boobs 35

Hopefully in the next months breast won't be as swollen if they are swollen...I can't even tell anymore...lol I hope they are though I like them either way a 32D seems easier to find Bra wise I think. We will see...lol

My boobs are still numb and nipples are still healing. But at least it feels like they are apart of me..


Wonderful Picts! Thank you so much!! I am feeling better about my upcoming surg in feb! You look amazing!
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Looking good. I know you will love then once they settle and fluff. I'm right there with you. Gotta wait til July to catch the sale at VS but I just bought lingerie I can wear no matter what size my babies end up. Welcome to the other side and I will def follow your progress.
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Thank you...I thought I was the only one waiting for July...lol...thank you for the warm embrace..very excited to see what the end result will be :) I will check out your review as well..

So my areolas are still healing. I refuse to...

So my areolas are still healing. I refuse to change the gauze right now though because every time I take the gauze off it bleeds..I remove the gauze in the shower and it still bleeds... Its not that bad, or hurt...but its irritating.....I want my boobs to heal so I can do my massages.. I still have stitches left that wont be removed until this Thursday ... Am I looking forward to that...Uh No .... o_O . My boobs are still a little numb so maybe it won't be that bad... Glad my hubby is not home, because they probably would never heal...lol....


Thank you, glad that my journey helps you... just make sure you are comfortable after surgery.... And be patient because these boobs take time to settle....lol :)

21 days Post op.....So I said I wasn't going to...

21 days Post op.....So I said I wasn't going to remove the bandages prior to my Thursday appt but I did today and my areolas did not bleed...so far so good.. They are not completly healed and still have some stitches to have removed but..I know it's a healing process and make take a while but it's starting to look really good.. The bruising is looking better also. Still excited about bra shopping...VS your going to a few dollars richer when I get through.... :)


Sooo glad its better hope u heal soon
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Thank you and I am so ready for them to heal...so I can go shopping..lol
glad to read that you are doing well. did you get saline or silicone & were you instructed to do any massages yet?
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23 days post op - Sooooooo stitches are all out.....

23 days post op - Sooooooo stitches are all out...Finally and I go back on Tuesday for my follow up...I must say a couple of those stitches hurt.. ;( glads that's over with. Now one of my boobs are swollen but that was from last night don't know why the doctor said that is normal. My babies are finally falling in place though.. ;) will take more pics soon. I love these things..I might name them..lol...


Glad everything's going well! Can't wait to see how they are progressing.
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Thank you...will post more soon! ;)
Ha! It'll interesting to hear what you'll call them!
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So I have finally experienced morning Boob...and...

So I have finally experienced morning Boob...and it happens every now and then.... When I wake up my left breast is a little hard then softens..... Then I guess when ever I'm moving to much...can't wait until they are soft and stay soft...Tuesday I should learn my massage techniques...maybe that will help...

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So I'm added more pics...hubby hurt my feelings...

So I'm added more pics...hubby hurt my feelings kind of last night via Skype ..he asked do they make more breast like implants vs. round ones.. He apologized and meant no harm...but he had to suffer because my feelings was kind of hurt. I explained they are still swollen and healing and will look more natural once I begin my massages.. :( ...but anyways I must say I love this site because others post relates to mine and it makes me feel better that if I'm worried or have any questions.. I'm not alone. ;)


Looking great! How are you feeling?! What is your cup size now?
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I feel good. Have the occasional discomfort every now and then but feel great...still can't wait for them to soften more..but Thats because he says I can't massage until Fe...I really dont know my cup size will find out today at VS prob a 32DD or D...
DD? Whoo hoo LOL! I have been massaging since the day after my surgery .. it is interesting to what other docs recommend. ;o) Have a boobaclicious day!! :)

So I got measured yesterday about 6 weeks...

So I got measured yesterday about 6 weeks postoperative I'm a 32dd.. So when I went in I said a D but got a 32dd...it is ok.. I love them anyway..wouldn't mind a tad smaller but I will work with what I have. And who knows in about two months they may go down a bit... o_O lol..who m I kidding...well I uploaded pics. Enjoy and have a booby day... :)


Your looking great!! How time flies>> How are your incisions healing?
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they look amazing omg cant wait for mine!! congrats and glad ur enjoying them
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Thank you..you will be so excited..great decision I made...brace yourself it might be scary at moments but the end results are Awesome :)

Finally scars on areolas are healing better. Have...

Finally scars on areolas are healing better. Have to increase the massages to reduce the scar tissue so they can become fluffier. Was so scarred to post my babies before but they look better now so had to share. So any woman who has to have it done, be patient they look like monsters at first but then then start to look normal again. Lol


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Hey how are your scars doing? I too had a lift and went thruthe Areola. I'm almost 8 SMS post op and my right still looks a lol scary. Lol. Any input would be good. Thx You look great :-)
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Hi,I am scheduled to have surgery in a few weeks, breast implants and tummy tuck and your results look great!!! How is everything for you now as far as the healing and have they dropped???
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