Hoping Tumescent Lipo Can Add Better Contour to my Petite Frame

I had tumescent lipo done on April 13 on my upper...

I had tumescent lipo done on April 13 on my upper arms, upper back, flanks, abs, and inner thighs. I am currently 8 days post op and I'm feeling almost back to normal. I have a small frame and I'm 4'll and weigh in between 105 to 108 lbs. So I didn't have a whole lot of fat but definitely enough for it to bother me. I've always been active, doing cardio 4 times a week and strength training 2-3/week, yet despite my efforts I didn't have the exact contour I was working so hard for. Also, to be truthful, the hardest part of working out is working through a sensible diet plan. I'm pretty sure if I stuck to a strict low-carb, high-protein diet that I would have gotten the result I wanted. But the key word is "if"... yah, it just wasn't realistically going to happen... not with all the other things I got going on.

So far, I can kinda see a result. As I mentioned, I am after a slimmer and more contoured physique so there hasn't been a dramatic difference in appearance in just this one week.

I am hopeful though. The doctor said he removed almost 2 litres, which he said was quite a lot for my frame. I hope he's right. We'll find out in the coming weeks. I'll continue to post on my progress.

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Day 10: Of all the areas that I had done, I can...

Day 10: Of all the areas that I had done, I can confidently say that my flank area and waist line look slimmer and definitely measure smaller. There is a subtle difference in my upper back & arms. And as for the abs and inner thighs, I'm patiently waiting for them to reveal themselves to me. :)

As far as the recovery, I'm still sore & extremely tender to the touch in the inner thighs and around the lower back. Arms are back to normal asides from some numbness and the other areas are healing just as quickly. I'm back to working out 30 minutes a day for the past 3 days, but I can't run or lift just yet, just settling for walking for now.


im getting the same areas done soon (except arms) i'm interesed to see your results;) can u post some pics?

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Day 15: Seeing some improvements. I'll post...

Day 15: Seeing some improvements. I'll post pictures at the end of the week once I get my camera back. But here's my measurements so far:

Arms- 25cm (10")... no change

Thighs- 46 cm (18.4")... no change

Waist- 69.5cm (27.8")... now 66.5  (26.6") Lost 1.2"

Hips-78 cm (31.2")... now 74.5cm (29.8") Lost 1.4"


Im getting the same areas done next Wednesday. Did you have general or local anes. How long did your surgery last? Thanks, Mia
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I had general. And it was great. One minute I'm in the OR, the next I'm in recovery. I'd hate to have had to lay there for 1-2 hours awake. I'm not sure exactly how long it took, but I believe it was 90 minutes. I awoke in the recovery room 2.5 hours later, but the nurse said I had been there for an hour already taking my sweet time to awake. Good luck on your surgery! Feel free to ask me anything else!
Hi, I had two small incisions done in my belly button with local anesthetic. Pain free! My proceedure lasted 5 hours. My dr couldnt get high enough with the belly button incisions so she did two small ones on my ribs just under my bra, which are invisible! I have no scaring what so ever, but not really happy with the fat loss!

Day 19: What a difference the past 4 days has made...

Day 19: What a difference the past 4 days has made. Day 16 and onward every morning I would literally wake up and feel smaller. I feel like the amazing shrinking woman. The swelling has subsided substantially in my waist, abs, and upper thighs. The arms are finally getting there too. If I were to stop losing now, I would be thrilled with the results. I also stopped taking Percocet. So the healing is going great.


you look great! I had lipo 8 years ago and love the new contour even after I gained weight. I had about 2 liters removed form stomach and thighs. Now I want to go in again for the other areas, like my arms back and love handles. Where are the incision sites for the flanks and back? Did you have a lot of pinchable fat in those areas before?
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Day 28: Almost back to normal. Met with my doctor...

Day 28: Almost back to normal. Met with my doctor today. I told him I had a few bumps and lumps and after examining it, he suggested to massage the areas, drink plenty of fluids, and exercise. He also said that he thinks I'm about 80% there as far as results, which is great because I'm alread thrilled, and its awesome to think that it will only get better with time. Since my last posting, there hasn't been any dramatic changes in inches lost.

Arms are still numb and a little stiff when stretching. Flanks and inner thighs have a bit of a burning sensation when I move in certain ways. And the abs are slightly tender to the touch. Overall, I feel great and look great.


Your photo's are superb! There is a big difference! I'm so glad you are happy with them and know in time you will be even happier!
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Jer2911, I would say my back looks like your before picture. I would love to have your after results. You look terrific. I am booked to have liposuction done in June. I want more of a contour in the back. I also have underarm fat. I am 5'6" and 119 lbs. I am pretty happy with my shape other than not having a waist and the fact underarm fat keeps me from wearing spagetti strap dresses and tops. Thank-you for sharing your experience and pictures. I hope you realize how amazing your after picture looks.
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Thanks for the compliment! You can see the incision sites in the pictures. There is one a little under the shoulder blade, right where the bra line would be. And then there is one right at the hips just at the top of my butt. And yes, I had a lot of pinchable fat. I have to say, I am most happy w/ my flanks and back. And while I have some swelling along the flank area, I saw the most immediate results in those areas.

Day 35: I love my new body, especially now that...

Day 35: I love my new body, especially now that its time to show it off in the hot weather! The skin on my inner thighs and stomach still feels like there's a sunburn, but overall its 100% better than that first week. I haven't had any new "inches loss" in my measurements but visually I can still see improvements everyday. Having said that I am hoping to lose at least one inch in my upper arms and thighs within the next 5 months. 

Anyone have any experience in these body parts? Do they really resolve later than the midsection? 


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Thanks Allison! Good luck on your procedure. Keep us posted!
I'm wondering what dr you used? It possible sounds like my Dr. Can you share, I'm having lipo as well already got a Tummy tuck from him.

Day 45: Everything is 99% back to normal-- no more...

Day 45: Everything is 99% back to normal-- no more feeling of being beat up, numbed up, or sunburnt. I think the most important thing to remember in order to be happiest with your result is to aim for improvement and not perfection. I read that on someone else's posting on this site the day before I went into surgery. And I'm glad that I adhered to that advice. Although it would be awesome to say that I look like a Roman goddess, with curves in all the right places.. I can't. But I do look a whole of a lot better than when I started this journey over a month ago. I do wish that my inner thighs were a little bit slimmer, my arms a little more toned, and my stomach a bit more flat...but hey that's what exercise is for, right? 

By the way, I am continuing to do cardio/strength train 3x/week and I'm careful to stay within 1200-1500 calories/day.  No change in inches or pounds. But I feel great. I believe that in about 6 weeks I'll have that tight, toned physique that I've been going after. Hello summertime!

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60 days post-op. Here are my new...

60 days post-op. Here are my new stats:

Weight: 108lbs.... now 105.4lbs Lost 3.4lbs

Arms- 25cm (10")... now 24.5cm (9.8") Lost 0.2"

Thighs- 46 cm (18.4")... now 45cm (18") Lost 0.4"

Waist- 69.5cm (27.8")... now 64.5 (25.8") Lost 2"

Hips-78 cm (31.2")... now 72.5cm (29") Lost 2.2"

For the past two weeks I have been doing 45 minutes of cardio 3-5x/week, LPG6 massages, and adhering to smaller portions. I love the results!


Thank you for the detailed timeline journal! Your effort really helps those considering lipo. Mine is scheduled for next week and I'm so nervous. Reading postings similar to yours put me at extreme ease and gives me expectations I just can't get from plastic surgery websites. Many thanks and congrats to you. You look amazing.
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Hi Kayla831, Did you get your lipo done? How did it go? I actually got a touch up done on my inner thighs since I felt like I didn't get enough result from the initial procedure. I wanted to have that separation between my thighs and I hope that after the swelling and bruising goes down, I'll be able to say it was a success! Let me know how it went.

So at 1-year post op I was happy about my results,...

So at 1-year post op I was happy about my results, but I felt that my inner thighs still didn't have the separation between them that I was hoping for. In general, my PS is a self-pronounced "conservative" type. And he felt that he didn't want to be so aggressive with removing a lot of fat from the inner thighs because he was concerned that too much fat loss would result in sagging skin in the area. Fair enough. So when I called him about the inner thigh result, he asked me to come in so he could examine it. And he said that since he felt that the skin has contracted since the procedure, and since there was still a "fullness" that he could lipo out, he said he would do the revision basically for free. I still had to pay $100 to cover the cost of the medical supplies for the revision, but I thought it was fair.

So 17 days ago I had the revision done under local anesthesia. It took about 45 minutes from the time he started numbing me up until the time I left the room. Overall the procedure was good. He talked me through everything that he was going to do. So first he injected the local anesthetic using 4 shots in each thigh. It definitely was bearable. Just think of when you had to get shots as a kid for vaccinations. It was like "Not so bad, but when is this part over?!" Then after that he injected the tumescent fluid. I couldn't feel anything at that point, except for the tugging and the pressure of the injection. After he used a tulip cannula to manually do the procedure. He explained that these were the steps he would take in a full lipo procedure, except of course he uses the vacuum to assist him. But he said he just uses the cannula during revisions, because the sound of the vacuum would freak out his patients. Kinda like when you go the dentist and you hear that whirring coming from the drill. So thank you Dr. P, glad you thought that one out-- being awake during a procedure is already pushing the envelope as far as comfort level. I must say you can feel that cannula working through your leg. So weird. Its like when you cut up raw meat and you feel through the knife handle the pressure of cutting through tissue...now think of that same sensation but you're the raw meat. I mean you can't feel pain, but you definitely feel that something is getting tore up. On that note, I did see what was coming out... honestly it just a pink/light red fluid speckled with white. My PS said, "see just like chicken fat." Which is right on point with my raw meat analogy.

Anyway, the recovery was similar to the first procedure: bruising, sensitive to the touch, and sore. I used Traumeel for the bruising and that seemed to help. The bruising just faded, but it already started looking good on Day 8. Overall, everything felt 80% better on Day 8. I didn't have my original compression garment, so I used Spanx and that made the recovery easier for me too. Just don't want anything rubbing up against your skin, especially jeans! As far as pain management goes, I used Motrin 2-3 times in the first week. But that's it. And that was because I have 3 kids and they kept accidentally running into me or jumping on my lap. OUCH! But overall, not bad at all. I haven't lost any inches in the area, but my hubby says that it looks thinner in the region. But as my last post says, most of the result became apparent Day 16-Day 35. So now that I'm in that zone, hopefully I can update you soon with the result. Lastly, I must say that I think I'm finally seeing the final result from the lipo procedure in my arms...it only took a year! I mean my upper arm looked smaller about 2 months post-op; it may be imagination, but it really looks like its leaned quite a bit in the last month. People are commenting how my arm muscles are really starting to pop. Just in time for summer too.

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Pictures to follow

Pictures to follow


oh man! where are the pics? =/
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Hi Jer2911 - are you still willing to post photos...since this is a featured review on RealSelf, I know others would love to see your results.

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San Jose Plastic Surgeon

My doctor is fabulous. After interviewing 7 docs for my procedure I finally decided to choose him because: 1) it was clear that safety was his highest priority (he insisted that he wouldn't work on me unless I had resolved a certain minor health issue that the other 6 docs dismissed or said they could "work around it") It was good to know he wasn't after my money, he genuinely was concerned for my health. 2) He's board-certified and trained at Yale University (I admire those that have gone through the discipline it takes to be a master in their fields-- although I did consult with other doctors who weren't even a board-certified plastic surgeon... just one piece of advice-- don't do any plastic surgery with someone who isn't certified in it! You only have one body, you must trust it to someone who has the track record & certifications to do a good job) 3) He had some good references to back his work. Although he didn't have a whole bunch of before and after pics on his website, he was voted best surgeon in publications and was recognized on a couple of local tv talk shows. And what was even better was as I was getting prepped for surgery I found out that some of the nurses had used him for their surgeries. Awesome! In my one year journey to finalize this procedure, I had to make a lot of decisions-- what doctor, what areas, lipo or tummy tuck, now or later, etc-- and I have to say the most important decision was choosing the right doctor. So my advice is take your time, research like crazy, then interview at least a handful of board-certified plastic surgeons and then choose the right doctor for you. It will make all the difference in the finaly result.

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