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Full TT with Muscle Repair 3 Mo Post Op

Hi! I'm a 44 year old mom of two teen boys. I...

Hi! I'm a 44 year old mom of two teen boys. I gained a lot of weigh with both pregnancies and in '05, need to have a cystocele repair (bladder prolapse). I had a fantastic urologist but the 6" incision across my bikini line allowed my extra skin & fat to hang over...It doesn't matter how many sit ups I do, nothing but surgery will fix this "blob". I've wanted to have a TT for several years and know is the right time!!! I'm so excited! I'm thrilled to have my muscles sewn back together & I'm hoping my lower back will become more stable.

My surgery is scheduled for Friday, 28 Oct. I'll be spending the first night in a hotel with a private nurse - hubby will take me home the next day and stay with me for a week.

Hi all! I'm 5 days post op (yeah!!!) & feeling...

Hi all! I'm 5 days post op (yeah!!!) & feeling fairly well....my med's make me really groggy & I'm weak - other than that, i'm fine. Posted a couple 'Day 5' photos! I should get my drains out on Friday. I'm spending my days reading (when I can focus), napping, watching HGTV or staring off into space while trying not to drool on myself (ha ha!). I've got a feeling by week two of recovery I will be very bored!

Best of luck to everyone else on their journeys! C

Aloha! Day #19 Post Op appt yesterday ~ everything...

Aloha! Day #19 Post Op appt yesterday ~ everything is great! The tape on my scar is gone & am using steroid cream nightly; must wear my super tight compression binder 24/7 for one more week and then I can switch to spanx/light girdle for daytime & super tight binder for nights. My doctor is so pleased with my recovery, but he did bum me out a little...he said if I had lost 10 more pounds before surgery he could have gone a little tighter. (I lost 45 since last Dec.). My doc is fantastic but is very cautious....So now I'm thinking about Lipo on my upper arms, inside thighs and maybe more off of my hips/bellly area. (I'll have to wait until I can save more $$ ~ my hubby is totally against having anything else done).

Wow - amazing I can sit down & fall asleep during the days. UGH! I'm tired of being tired! Today was a complete couch day with the TV.... saving up whatever energy I have to go to the movies tomorrow.

Please tell me what you think of my photo's ~ I'm feeling kinda bummed and fat and blobby and old and hormonal (Ha Ha!). Thank's all for listening!!! Cherie

Hi All ~ I have my check up tomorrow but my tummy...

Hi All ~
I have my check up tomorrow but my tummy 'looks' the same to me as it did at week #3 -- I actually had more pain this week then I've had the entire time....I think because I've been sneezing on and off every day! UGH! And tylenol is not doing anything for relief.

Now that my baggy saggy pooch fat tummy is gone I'm dying to start working out with weights & to try slow jogging.....how much longer do I have to wait??? I'll ask my PS tomorrow - I'm sure I won't like his answer :/

On the bright side, we are going to a semi formal dinner Thurs night and I look really great from the front! Ha Ha! Gotta get the fat off my butt!


I had my official check up today -- I'm doing...

I had my official check up today -- I'm doing great minus the part where I had to get another RX for Vicodin since my allergies are acting up & I've been sneezing since Sat = OUCH!!! PS said NO exercise for two more weeks because of my almost 2" x 8" muscle repair, then I can start with light weights (arms), walking and leg work such as lunges & squats. No jogging until Jan 1st at the earliest and absolutely NO sit ups until? Whenever....

So my tum is doing good & somehow I 'pulled' the bottom of my left foot and am limping like an old lady! WTH? Going to take a Vicodin, put my foot up & watch HGTV! Night!

UGH! I can't do simple math...I thought I was...

UGH! I can't do simple math...I thought I was already past the 7th week but I'm not. I'll be 7 weeks post op THIS Friday! I'm so ready to be back to 'normal' :/

My mom had a massive heart attack this past weekend, she's going to be ok thank God -- but I'll need to fly home to help her when she's released from the hospital. I don't know when that will be so I'm trying to get myself ready for a short notice phone call....I'm assuming it'll be next week or the week after at the earliest. I hope my swelling will be better by then. I'm not looking forward to 10 hours of flying with the possibility of more swelling.

Has anyone else flown after only 2 months post op? C

Wow! Time sure is flying by! It's probably because...

Wow! Time sure is flying by! It's probably because I flew back home to help my mom recover from 2 massive heart attacks! Yikes! She'll be fine, but I've been busy for the past two weeks taking care of her & her house, chores, shopping, etc.

I'm still swollen at the scar site - starting to wonder if it will ever go away...feels like two hard golf balls in there. I'll see my PS the first week of Feb. Maybe he'll have something helpful to tell me. I tried exercising and tore the tendon in the bottom of my left foot - soooooo - no cardio (other than biking) for the next 6-9 months (WTH???!!!!) I'm feeling very fat! As soon as I return home, I'm buying an exercise bike!

No new photos - tum still looks the same. Scar is red and mostly flat except for the center area where it feels hard & swollen. Oh well....got other things to take care of.


Finally made it to 3 months post op! {technically...

Finally made it to 3 months post op! {technically 3 mo and 8 days....} I'm the same size I was at 1 month. I'm still "lumpy" at my scar line ~ kinda feels like golf ball size swelling. My monthly period has gotten a little tiny bit better - the pre-swelling is still pretty noticeable but the pain has gotten better.

I ended up with a horrible sinus infection, on antibiotics, steroid pack, and cough syrup with codeine. After two weeks of being sick, I thought I tore something inside from all the damn coughing! Went to see my PS and much to his and my relief, I only 'pulled' a nerve that had begun to regrow in the ab muscles (hurt like hell!!!! Sharp Stabbing PAIN). PS prescribed a couple Oxycodin to get me over the initial pain. I only needed a couple of pills thank goodness! My PS said my abs were mostly healed at this point and once the cough is gone, can start working out as long as it feels ok!

I've added a few photos in clothes! I haven't changed sizes -- too much eating! I'm 200% pleased with my TT and would do it all over again if needed! I'm know working on my diet, exercising, toning up and getting on with life! My next goal is to lose 20 pounds and get strong. I'd like to do a few spots of lipo next summer! Gotta meet my goals first!

Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

Excellent doctor with a ton of knowledge! Dr Rizzo called to check on me in the first few days after surgery; every follow up appt he takes the time to sit down and really listen, visit, & teach me. He is one of the kindest doctors I've ever been treated by! I definitely made the right choice! This was 110% worth it!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait tmes
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You look great hun! Curvy girls rock!!!
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absolutely stunning great tummy tuck chica . so sexi and flat! i can't wait. god speed,and enjoy it,cause your gorgeous!
love it!

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You look great in your Bikini!
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PS said from all the muscles contracting when coughing the pain and location fits with a pulled nerve. Yes I'm finally feeling better! The pain lasted about 6 days ~ glad that's over with!!! I did wear my bikini to the beach for a little bit - not sure I can get used to it in public! LOL! I'm so used to covering up my belly area! Feels weird to not do that anymore! :-)
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Wow, that's the awful thing about catching a cold when recovering from this surgery, not to mention the pain of coughing. ouch! You look great in your bikini, and you have a beautiful face, so your body now corresponds with your face!
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cmac, how was your PS able to diagnose the pulled muscle? Are you still hurting from that?
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You certainly look awesome! Congrats on your bikini!
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cmac, thank you. Yes, I'm planning on a big recovery. LOL! You're funny though. Your tummy laying next to you on the bed. :)
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Cmac, you're looking so good, and your scar is a very thin line!
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Hi Kathe! Thanks for your kind words! I just stumbled on your page and will read your diary when I get home and am fighting jet lag! :-) I'm so happy for you! You'll be amazed!!! Just plan on a good 6 months for recover...it get's kinda tedious but take it all one day at a time and it'll be well worth it! I get so tickled when I lay on my side in bed and my tummy is still flat! Not laying on the bed next to me!!!! Talk to ya soon! Cherie
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So sorry to hear about your mom :-( Remember, before your flight, to load up on the water. Staying hydrated will help keep your blood thinner (to prevent dvt's during flight) and will help keep the swelling down. Good luck with everything.
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Bella83, Thank You! Originally my PS thought he was going to have to do vertical from the incision up to the BB -- my waist is really unnaturally high. Thank goodness he didn't have to do this additional cut! But I did tell him I've never worn a bikini, I've had my kids & I wasn't "20" anymore so I didn't care what he had to do - just to do a good job 'cause I only wanted to do this once! I'm lovin' it!!!!

Don't worry about your sides! I had a bladder repair in '05; the scar is one inch lower than this one and is completely white! Give it some time, and it should really fade away where you'll probably be the only one that can find it! :-)
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I hope you're right! I am praying for a nice, light scar ;-)
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Cmac, you look great! I love that nice, low scar ;-) I'm just jealous really lol! Mine goes up so high on the sides :-(
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Looking good girl!
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CMAC you look amazing! Your shape is awesome. Ur looking very nice!
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I think u look awesome! Mines in feb. Wish it were over!
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mommy73 ~ Thank you! The waiting (for me) was the hardest part!!! I couldn't wait to get started so I could get back to my 'new normal'.
You've got 3 months to really work on walking and building up your strength ~ I think it will really help with your recovery! Best of luck! Let me know if you want to chat....C
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Hi girls! My drains came out at yesterday's 1 week post op appointment!! Such a relief ~ as the best place to put the bulbs was under my bra stuffed into the top of my binder. I feel more "normal" without them! :) Yesterday (11/4) was a big day for me and in hindsight I think I did too much: hubby & I did a quick trip to the supermarket, lunch out (ramen soup), went to my doctors appt and then a stop at Costco -- had to fill a new RX for Vicodin as other pain med's were too strong....And if you're at Costco, you might as well pick up a few things....anyway....I've been on the couch all day today zoning out with the TV. My energy is zapped!
My PS said two more weeks of 'very limited activity' - don't know how that's going to be a sit's already driving me crazy :) My boys have until Wed to finish the halloween candy or it's gone! Feels like I've gained 5 pounds just lounging around, couldn't have anything to do with eating said halloween candy (ha ha!). Oh! Doc says he'll take off the tape on my incision on Wed's appt (the stitches self dissolve) but at least I'll have a better picture of my new tum! I'm so excited! And sooooo glad to have done this! Cheers
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Congrats cmac! Glad you are doing well. Drool and all! LOL!!
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Way to go girl!!  You did it..

Hang in there and rest all you can now.  And minimal drool is allowed with this procedure:)  Your tummy looks great!  Keep us updated.

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So good to hear you're doing well. . . :)
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Good day! I think it's Sunday & I'm 2 days post op!!! Everything went well - spent first night In a hotel, fabulous! Was catherized so I could just rest. Drive home on Sat wasn't too bad, I don't remember much. PS said he closed a 1 1/2" gap in muscles. Is this a lot? My hips hurt the worse so far! Weird. And not very much draining.... Have my follow up appt tomorrow afternoon - will get to see what this looks like! Thank you for all of your well wishes! It's so nice knowing I'm not alone :)
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Hi! Yes! This week has flown by!!!! Still have a few errands & getting my hair done tomorrow. Show time at the doctors office is 0615 Fri - hope I can sleep tomorrow night!!! Thanks for your thoughts :)
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Your day is almost here!!!! You excited? I look forward to seeing your post op pics!! Good luck!!
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