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I’ve been using this cream Lyclear dermal cream...

I’ve been using this cream Lyclear dermal cream permethrin 5% used for scabies and crab lice, but I’ve been using it for my rosacea and my skin been greatly better then ever before for the past years. Not many people know about this, but I did research and found a couple of people who tried it had good results too. The first day I used it my face became little red but the next it became a lot better. I think the redness is caused by demodex mites dying in the skin the first day. Day 2-4 only got better. I spent hundreds of dollars on products that didn’t work. I think the cream kills Demodex Mites that causes rosacea and clears skin, leaving my skin smoother, a lot less red, not as itchy and less dry. I only been using it for a week but my skin looks and feels a lot better than it did for awhile. I wanted to let you know because maybe it could help other people with rosacea.


I went to a dermatologist a week or so ago for the redness of my face. I was once told it's Rosacea. However, she explained to me that everyone has mites on their face called Dermodex Mites. Some people have more mites than others and it causes redness. There is a combination of pills and cream she recommended. I can't remember the pills but the cream has permethrin 5%. Basically that's a pesticide humans can use for the face. The pills she prescribed and the cream typically are used for scabies like you said but can be used for Dermodex as well. So you take four pills one week and use the cream every night. Then two weeks later take the other four pills. The pills are to kill the mites and larva and bring them to the surface of the skin. The cream kills whatever comes to the surface as well. Unfortunately, you get pimple like things on your face while this is happening as it's a reaction to the mites dying. They go away though the longer you use the cream. Just keep up with it!! I also recommend getting Tea Tree Oil Shampoo, Conditioner and Bodywash as that kills mites as well. You can just buy the tea tree oil itself and add it to your current stuff or buy new stuff w/ it already in it. So far I'm seeing a difference. I also have KP on my arms (little red bumps). I have been trying this cream on my arms too and see an improvement!!
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V-beam works well. I tried antibiotics for awhile but they always bothered my stomach and as soon as i stopped talking them the redness would come back. My derm told me about bello moi skincare line. The are online too They use no fragrance or dyes. So far I have had good results with that. I use there mask and moisture. at night I use a low does of Atralin which is a rx vitamin A. My skin has been under control. When I do have a flare up I put the mask on and it calms my skin. So far I am happy no red face or bumps :)

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