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$550 + tax per pixel treatment I just had my...

$550 + tax per pixel treatment I just had my second pixel on aug 25th, 3 days ago. I have each treatment 6 weeks apart to be safe. First one was on 7/15, it took at least 10-14 days to see improvement for the first time. First pixel, I had 7x7, 900 setting, one pass, 2 stacks on scars. Second time was still 7x7, 900 setting, but 2 passes, 2 stacks on scars. I am planning to have 3 pixels, next time I will tell technician to go more aggressive. Then I will take a break after the third pixel for a few months to see how skin heals since improvement continues at least 4 months after last treatment. Then decide if I will go back for more or not based on the result ( I have mild acne scars)

Since it's been only 6 weeks from my first treatment, and 3 days from my second treatment, I only see maybe 10-20% improvement, my mom told me around 30% improvement. I was told by my technician it will take at least 2 months from first treatment to see a significant improvement.

Pain level is like 5 out of 10 with numbing cream, please do ask for numbing cream, it helps a LOT, I don't think I can do it with the cream. It takes 3 days to look normal(slight redness, most flaking gone), 5 days for full recovery without any flaking. During treatment feels like rubber band snapping on face, burning smells. After treatment, feels like needle sensation on wounds. Second time hurts less, as research shows subsequent treatments requires less downtime, I do agree on that.

I really expect to have better significant improvement one month after this second pixel, since it's the second treatment with more passes and 2 1/2 months after first treatment. Waiting makes me anxious and impatient.

I guess it does takes time for the result to show....

I guess it does takes time for the result to show. It has a significant differences 1 month after my second pixel. I just had my third pixel 6 days ago, I think I will go for another 1-2 treatment in total of 4 or 5 pixel.

Third pixel 9/23/10, it's back to 4 weeks...

Third pixel 9/23/10, it's back to 4 weeks apart from last pixel since second pixel healed pretty well. 7x7, 1000 setting, 3 passes and stacks Three pixel healed with same speed, 3 days slight redness, 5 day full recovery regardless any settings or stacks.

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Yay! Glad to hear the results are starting to show. After the 4th or 5th, do you think you'll need any "maintenance" treatments?

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Forgot to say I had 1000 setting 3 passes on my third pixel, stronger setting and more passes. For maintenance, my technician told me one pixel per year. For once a year, I think it's reasonable for pain, money, and time wise. Just think of it as a high end annual facial.
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Your setting at 1000??? Gee, I was in severe pain at 400 with numbing creme on my face for 15 minutes cuz they were running behind scheudle. I was there at the office 20 minutes before my appointment. This is my 3rd day and I kept aquaphore on my skin at all times. There was brownish spots the 2st two days, but now I don't see them. My son told me he see bunch of tiny brown dots on my face. The first day I had bleeding in the nite time, then I just applied more aquaphor and then I don't see the blood spots later on that evening. Anyone out there bleeded on and off for the first two days??????????????? I am east asian, so I am afraid of hypo pigmentation and I was told keep my skin cover aquaphor to prevent scaps. For caucasian they usually don't have much side effects from what I read.
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yes, 1000 was the first time, the highest could go up to is like 1200 or 1400, I forgot. But they started at 800 first time, then 900 second time. Yes, first time hurt like hell, second n third time too, but recovery time is getting shorter the on later treatments, maybe that's now your skin adjusts to it. I am asian too, oriental, but I have fair skins, so heall was pretty good... the improvement keep going on months after the third treatments, it takes months to see significant result, be patient and mineral matte mousse, foundation is good, natural, and the mousse texture fills the holes, matte keep it from melting, I use bourjois, u can order on ebay or amazon for less than $15, good luck on your treatments
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typo, I mean 1000 was the THIRD treatment
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yes, I used aquaphor too, blood and spots are normal, it looked scary at first treatment, second n third will heal a lot nicer. I had 3 treatments, I think it's good enough. They lower the price from 550 to 399 per treatment a yr later, it's tempting, but don't think I want to go thru the pain again, and result is pretty damn good
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