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I said "So what!" and got a referral from my...

I said "So what!" and got a referral from my dentist. At age 58 and living in Honolulu, I began wearing Invisaligns. My case was not typical in anyway: my age (58), number of trays (120), and number of attachments (19), along with wearing rubber bands for six months. Some people have questioned/challenged the use of Invisaligns for such an "extreme" case. But my orthodontist was highly recognized and recommended, and I had complete confidence in the team's decision. For half of the time, I changed trays every week, and for the other half, I changed them every two weeks (hence the high number of total trays worn). They were comfortable, easy to remove and insert after two days of practice with the first pair, the rubber bands were not a problem. With so many attachments, as well as the rubber bands, they were hardly invisible! But I didn't care-- they were almost a badge of honor. And many many adults would ask about them and tell me how envious they were. Total treatment time was 3.5 years. Longer than I expected, but half way through treatment, we had to relocate to Los Angeles, as my partner needed treatment for a heart condition that could not be done in Hawaii (a heart transplant, and a very successful one). The recovery time for the transplant was one year, so we had to live in Los Angeles, and during that time I kept my ortho in Honolulu. That proved to be one of the benefits of wearing Invisaligns over traditional braces: instead of seeing the ortho every 6 weeks, I was able to just change my trays weekly, and only made an office visit every 10-12 weeks. or even longer at one point. I did not want to find a new orthodontist in Los Angeles for just a year, and fork over even more money. And I had enough airline miles to commute back and forth for ortho visits, and my apartment for the overnight. Invisaligns for me turned out to be very very flexible and accomodating. I am very happy with the results. I wear a retainer 20-22 hours a day for two years. I continue to brush and floss, tounge scrape and rinse with mouthwash four times a day.
Life does not stop or even slow down while wearing braces, so be prepared for many/any eventualities. Good luck to all who seek orthodontic care. I will never regret my decision at age 58 to have straight teeth when I turned 62. And please consider being an organ donor.
I started at age 66, and it's been easy after 9 months. Biggest challenge is the self discipline around eating, but that's manageable. It took me a year to make the decision, and this website was a great help in weighing the pros and cons. I kept coming back to the thought "why not?", and once I started treatment I thought "this is no big deal". I'm very happy I took the plunge
I am older at 64 and consider my invisalign a gift to my good health. I have had a relatively easy invisalign journey. Also...people...you can also become a bone marrow donor! My sister had a successful bone marrow transplant from a non relative. So...there are so many ways to give.... both while you are living and once you leave this earth!!!!!
Awesome story!  So impressive and congratulations on the successful transplant for your partner!  We've got quite a few older people here on RealSelf doing Invisalign.  At least one of them is older than you and going through treatment now!  She is having a great time, too :D.

Do you have any pictures of your smile you could share with us?  It'd also be great to know what the actual issues you had with your teeth were (like overbite, crossbite, crowding or diastemas, etc.) that made your case so difficult.  Not all issues are equally problematic, and our community members are looking to see if they have a shot :D.

Thank you so much for sharing, and good luck with your maintenance!

Honolulu man invisaligns

I do not have a "before" picture, but am adding a picture of the final product. I am happy with the appearance and function/fit/bite. Also I am adding pictures of the first and last trays to give an idea of the change. I'm not sure of the technical diagnosis, but the front teeth were crossing over, the back teeth were chewing my cheeks, and my arches, especially the top one, was V-shaped and is now U-shaped.
Wow, that's still young though !! People give up on themselves way too early in life , and consider themselves 'past it' before they are anywhere close lol. Great looking teeth knock years off people. Love the outcome :) hope mine turn out similar ! PS I am a donor . I think it's a great thing !
Thanks for the response. I just did an update with the best photos I have. BTW-- this is a great website, and very easy to post, update, and add pictures.
I'm so glad to hear it!  We try to bring community members' concerns to the RealSelf gods, and they are very responsive in making things as easy as possible :D.
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