PICS~ @ 6 Months =) Honolulu, Hawaii (Its Dr. Peterson....not Robertson, typo)

I am a mother of 4 and my 3rd child was a...

I am a mother of 4 and my 3rd child was a C-section and my last was natural. My oldest is 19 and my youngest is 15. I have been waiting 15 years to get a tummy tuck. I have been doing research for 15 years. July 17th, the day my oldest was born and the one that I received most of my stretch marks and skin, is the day my waiting and research is over. I am finally able to get my tummy tuck because I have the most awesome husband of 3 years in the world. I would not be doing this without him in all his understanding, love and support. I am not even nervous one bit. I am so excited I changed my original date of July 25th to July 17th because I do not want to wait longer than I have to anymore. First, when I call looking for a doctor I ask the lady that works with me, "why should I pick your doctor? Tell me, as unbiased as you can, why you think I should give my money and trust to this doctor." So many times they will tell me what they think I want to hear. Because he is just really good. We have had so many happy people. Go check out our website and you will see all the testimonies. He has a great smile. He has this much training and schooling. I could go on but I am not as you get the picture. Gen is the coordinator of the doc I picked and I asked her the same question and the only reason I chose this doctor is because of three things she said that noone else said in the last 2 months that I have been looking. "Dr. Robertson is meticulous, he takes his time, and he pays attention to every detail no matter how small or big. Dr P will not finish until he knows the results are going to be amazing."

I have never heard that from anyone and that is exactly what I wanted to hear. I want a doc thats OCD. I want a doc thats anal about his work and takes great pride in his work and art. Thats what I have been waiting to hear. So, I said, "I pick you." From there Gen was amazing in everything. She even took time with me when I called just as they were getting ready to close. She didnt tell me to call the next day. She asked what questions I had and what I needed to know. Obviously if she is this willing to help me and take the time the doc is going to be the same way as their behaviors and habits will be whats required for his staff. If he is anal about his work I am sure he is anal about who takes care of the patients that come and see him. If he OCD about his work then I am pretty sure he is going to expect his office to be run the same way. Either way thats what I was looking for and Gen has been amazing. I also asked her if he is willing to work with me on what I think is the best option for where my cut is made. How much of a voice am I in this procedure. She said that he always takes into consideration what the patient has to say and what results they want personally. I am not trying to be the doc but there are just a few things that I would like to be a part of. Like, I dont want my scar cutting across my belly like so many pics that I have seen. I want the cut low enough. I dont care about my scar. Its my scar and I deserve it! I dont care how far around it goes my body. Again, make it as low as possible and close to following the panty line as possible. She said absolutely. That is how he works anyway. Perfect~! Am I being picky? Absolutely! I am asking someone to cut into my body, take some of that living body off, and then replace it with a new piece of body that is going to have to be "with one" on the rest of my body. I am asking someone to remake my tummy. Yeah, I am going to be very, very, very picky, specific and anal myself. This isnt playing dress-up. This is the real thing...and its going to be awesome the first time.

Oh, and one more thing. I asked her if he made pretty bellybuttons as I want to wear a bling-bling for the first time EVER in my life and she said, "he makes beautiful bellybuttons!!" =) YES!!!! I am now getting set up for my phone interview and consult with his nurse regarding paperwork, what to expect, side effects of anything, drains, dressings, and labs. Once these are done then all I do is wait for the 16th. I will fly over to Oahu, meet with the doc for my personal and final consult, go have a fantastic time in Waikiki and try to sleep for my big day! I wish I could have made the date sooner but I know there is much to do before that day. I have posted before pics. I am 5'4" and I weigh around 135. I am small boned so anything more than that is considered heavy. As you can tell from the pics I have that infamous kangaroo pouch! Will I miss it? NO! It has been the biggest thorn in my life from trying to find clothes that fit, to buying proper swimwear, to figuring out ways of hiding it in clothes and swimwear, to just being uncomfortable in any standing, sitting, kneeling position you can think of. I~AM~DONE! Just as a note: My tummy tuck price includes a military discount. Ladies ask if the doc has this option as its not always freely advertised. It also includes lipo and the tightening and contouring of the abdominal muscles themselves, post and pre-op visits no matter how many it takes, and all fees, labs, garments, dressings, etc. As my visits come and go and whatever questions come up, answers that are given, info that is shared I will do my best to bring it here so you all can add it to your own research. I am so excited~!
Definitely check out Kimmers25 survival guide!!! Its a must and it will make you laugh so hard! And interact with others on here. They are very supportive, full of advice and their own experiences and encouragement!


PS I hated uploading my pics. I never, never, never, never show anyone my tummy...EVER! And here it is for the world to see....after pics coming soon!

So I am having my consult today, my blood work...

So I am having my consult today, my blood work done, paperwork filled out and any questions that I have answered. This is one of the days towards my surgery that is making it seem so real...and thats its still happening. Its not a dream but a dream come true. I have only told a few people because so many will judge as soon as you say, "I am getting a tummy tuck!" The floodgates open so fast with opinions of why I shouldnt be doing this and there are hardly any positives. This is really hard for me because its such an exciting time for me and something that I have looked forward too for 15 years that to have my family or friend or anyone else that happens to overhear shoot it down and make it seem like a bad thing would really piss me off. This is what I am dealing with 2 weeks before I have it happen. Its a secret that I dont want to be a secret. I want to plaster it all over facebook, share it with my mom, my sister, and a few friends that I havent told yet and I cannot because of the backlash of events that will take place as soon as I do. The biggest one, "you could have used that money for something else way more important..." WTH is that?
For right now I have the best support in the world with my husband, which is more than enough for me and all that matters, and a few friends that I have chosen to share this with. I am also thrilled of all the people on this website that are encouraging and helpful and awesome and positive! I thank all of you for uplifting each other in the big decision to make our bodies awesome again!
I will update as I go along and if there are any pointers or tips or supplies that I am in need of please share, share, share!!!

Excited for you!
katt - good luck on your july 17th surgery. Please keep us posted Praying for you and your recovery.
Katt, welcome! This site is so great because we can all share our journeys, thoughts, and struggles with one another. I agree with you that it hard to talk to people about having this surgery because most people can't understand why you would choose to have an expensive elective surgery. I have only told my parents and 2 close girlfriends. If anyone else asks why I had surgery we are telling them I had to have some ovarian cysts removed. I feel bad fibbing but at the same time I don't feel I need to justify myself to them. This surgery is for me and my self confidence.

Anyway, it seems as though we have pretty similar body types so I'll be excited to see your results. My surgery is July 10, so just a week before yours!

I have such a funny story to tell and I have to...

I have such a funny story to tell and I have to share it with you all. I had a phone consult with the nurse and when she came to allergies for some dumb reason I told her I had an allergic reaction to latex. Its just one reaction and it wasnt any big deal to me. Well, she tells me that I have to get a Doc note that clears me for surgery because of this reaction. If I dont get this note I cant have the surgery. I have already paid them the balance in FULL! I have my plane tickets, rental car and hotel days already paid for. There is no turning back as far as I am concerned and now this nurse is telling me I might not be able to? Oh hell to the no! I start making phone calls. I dont have a primary doc here and I never thought of getting one. No one will clear me because they dont have a history on me. There isnt a history because it happened once and I never talked to a doc about it in the first place which means its not going to be documented anyway! Lets just say I am close to tears.
So I get on the phone with the nurse again and tell her whats going on. I beg her to please not do this to me and I will sign a waiver if I have to releasing all responsibility from the doc. She says to get a latex glove, put it on, leave it on for 5 minutes, take it off and then send them a picture. No problem! I will do that because I am going to show them I am ok for surgery. I get off the phone, big problem! I don’t have latex gloves. OMG! However, I do have latex condoms…
I get this pkg of latex condoms, set my ipod out, and my phone. I set the clock up on my ipod, take a condom out and put it on my right hand…my husband is tripping out! I have this condom on my right hand, ipod on the counter next to the box that says, “latex condoms” so there is no question, turn on the ipod to show the clock and I snap pictures every minute for 8 minutes…to show that’s how long I had this condom on my hand. After I take the condom off I snap pictures every minute for 5 minutes, then 10 minutes later and finally 15 minutes later to show there was no reaction. I send all these pics to the nurse as proof that everything is ok. She writes me back and thanks me for being “so thorough, the doc has looked at the pics and everything is fine. Surgery can be resumed.”
I don’t think I have ever smiled so big. =)
Hi Katt :). Congratulations on your upcoming surgery. The condom on the hand is too funny. You have a great shape to start so your tummy is going to look awesome! Keep us posted :)..
Hahaha that is such a funny story! I'm glad you got everything worked out and that you didn't have another reaction to the latex. I saw in your post you have plane tickets/rental car, etc... where are you going for your surgery? You may have posted it but I must have missed it.

By the way, I know you are concerned about your scar placement. I've read that many women take a bathing suit or low-cut underwear with them on surgery day, this way the doc can mark where he/she wants to make his incision and ensure it'll be covered by your undies. You may want to consider doing that to make sure it turns out the way you want!
Love your new update, that's very funny! The things we do...
Sorry you're not getting good support from people you tell - I've been really up front with people, but I always start by saying: I had 2 huge babies, 2 C-sections and it's left me with this awful tummy, and I've finally accepted that no matter how many miles I run and cycle and swim, I can't get rid of it on my own, so I've taken quite a radical decision to have someone deal with it for me.
And yes, it's a lot of money up front but if you work out the cost per week - say over the next 40 years - then for me it's about £2.67 (British money!) which is less than most people spend on magazines each week. It's worth much more than that to me not to carry this burden on my body and in my head.

I know what you mean about posting the before pics up. I haven't taken any yet and I'm DREADING that bit!!

Good for you and stay strong.

So I went in and had my labs done. I went on Wed...

So I went in and had my labs done. I went on Wed but couldnt find me in the system which was a bummer but they called me on Fri and told me my doc called and got everything set up for me. This made me feel better knowing my doc was already preparing the way for me. I just jumped the gun too early =) Oops. Next week I will be sending over my paperwork. I have already bought my wedge pillow, gauze pads, tylenol, MOM =/ (OMGeeee), my Palmers Vit E oil rub, my compression garment came in yesterday and I will be shopping for my granny panties soon. I am so antsy and trying to occupy my mind with other things so I dont think about it all the time. Its hopeless though because I have been thinking about it for 15 years and now that its here and getting closer I am thinking about it even more! Now its just a different level because its not the research phase....its the -OMG-its-real-and-going-to-happen phase! The next phase for me is the -OMG-I-am-having-some-of-my-body-cut-off-me-tomorrow -OMG-today-is-the-day!!! These are all great phases for me =)
I told another person today and she was so excited for me. She told me, "thats awesome to be doing something like that for you!" It meant alot to me and I felt good about telling her. Every time I am out and about and the thought comes into my head that I am able to move forward it just catches me off guard and I start smiling. I wonder how many people out there in Hilo think I am nuts for smiling and giggling to myself outloud...HAHA! I am so giddy...anyone else giddy about it? Has the giddy ever gone away after its all done?
You look great already and I can imagine you will have great results...happy healing!
Thank you Coco! How are you feeling now? I saw your pics with you and your friend the binding garment How does that garment feel? I bought one from a website, still not opened, and my nurse said the doc will give me one but to bring mine in to see what the doc thinks. I guess you wear a certain kind for a time and then they change you into a different one? How about drains? Do you still have drains?
I am so waiting to say goodbye to my pouch! I have earned it but now its time to let it go and move onto the next chapter of my life. It will be so nice to pick out clothes without having to think about what I am going to do with my pouch with pants, a skirt, a shirt, a bathing I tuck it in, let it stick out and just layer tank tops and tshirts, do I wear a maternity shirt? UGH!!!! I just dont want to think about it anymore....
@Newyork...I LOVE Einstein...isnt he the greatest? And thanks for the encouragement...whew! I wish I would have had it made for July11th...the next two weeks are going to be the longest o_O
hi kattmoccio I am ok thank you. Time is going slow healing as its a week tomorrow and I don't seem to be able to do anything at all. I do have a binder on and my drains were out 2 days after surgery. My stomach is really tight and its hard walking up right yet. I think I will be snooped over for ever. I am having my dressing changed tomorrow and my stitches out in my tummy button so I hope all is well. Not too long for you now too.

I have a really great friend who is an RN and has...

I have a really great friend who is an RN and has been around these types of surgeries before and she has told me that she is able to come and check up on me. OMG I about fell off my chair. All of the stories that I have read everyone has been able to get to their doc straight away if there was a problem. I think the furthest I read someone had to go was a 2 hour drive...and then one was down in Mexico from CA. I am on the Big Island of Hawaii and my surgery and doc are both on Oahu! This is not something that I can just get in a car and drive to get something taken care of and so I am absolutely batty about this. I have not been sleeping good because I think about what I am going to do if something goes wrong. The other thing is I have no primary doc as I dont have insurance. I must say when my friend told me that she would be around to help me with drains, assessing for infection, making sure I was bandaged correctly, helping me measure from the drains, etc., I was thrilled! She is even able to help if there is any fluid build-up or something needs to be aspirated with a needle...she can do it! She has over 30 years experience and I feel so safe in her hands and my prayers are answered! I hope that I can sleep better
Can everyone who has time please send me questions to ask my doc? I would love to go with a huge list of questions =)

Lol I love your posts. The condom story was frickin hilarious! Lol I'm glad it all turned out well for you because it would have been crazy if they would have not let u get surgery because of that. Your before pics look great so I'm sure you'll get an awesome result. Good luck!
Thanks Beauty...I was literally in tears when they said I might not be able to get it done. And thanks for the compliments and encouragement =)
Im so excited for u!

I have been reading and rereading the posts and...

I have been reading and rereading the posts and gathering questions and supplies and as much info as I possibly can. There is so much information that I am afraid I am going to miss something =) My husband is being very supportive and came up with a really good idea. 4th of July evening we were enjoying a very quiet, wonderful steak, baked potato and veggie meal that he made, while I was watching youtube videos of how to drain and measure drain balls, tummy tuck surgeries and scar treatments. He is a retired detective and has seen all kinds of stuff while on the force so he didnt care about the graphic nature of things and I have always been interested in the medical field and surgeries and have done my own dissecting in school so I dont care...until I asked my husband if he would be willing to help me with my drains. He looked up from his plate and said, "there is a huge difference in being around body fluids and actually having my face that close and my hands actually touching it. I will if you really want me too but...." I told him I his look was classic. Just the fact that he was willing was sweet!
My husband then mentioned my friend Nancy who is an RN and has experience in the field of almost 30 years in surgical, operating departments. OMG! Thats a perfect idea. So I called her up and she told me in detail without me having to say a word, on what to do with the drains, what to look for, that she knows how to aspirate or drain with a needle if need be, if I develop a seratoma she can help with that too....this is a lifesaver for me. I am on the Big Island and my doc is on Oahu and I just dont have the $200 to fly for everything that goes wrong! I wont find one on my own island and I have tried...none have the qualifications that I want. =)
Today I picked up a walker for $10 and a shower chair for $40...I am soooo glad that I have these items. I do not have a recliner but my bed is super comfy and I bought puppy pads....yep, puppy help with the leaking. I will finish with the rest of my supplies this next week. I dont want to get everything all at once because I wont have anything to keep me busy while I wait these 7 WHOLE DAYS!!! I hope the time flies by...for me and the other ladies that are on the same day...
I still have not told my mom. I see many stories where ladies have been able to tell their moms and I wish I could share something like this with mine but I just cannot. I am thinking about it alot and I might right before just because I really want too. I just dont want any negative thoughts coming my way before this huge life change happens. Its not a bad thing to wait til after right? I have told my oldest daughter, only, and she is very excited for me. I dont want to tell my other kids because she was so excited that she was the only one that knew and called it "her secret..." I almost dont want to take that away from Oh time goes on we will see.
Anybody have good results with quercetin with bromelain and arnica? I will be going to a health food store, unless GNC is cheaper, to pick these up if they are worth it. Anyone have any suggestions for meals this next week before I go in and then some ideas for after? I hear alot of stories about not being able to "potty..." or go shishi as we call it here...I already have issues in this area as I have a gluten and a lactose allergy...any suggestions will be most helpful =)

I realized I posted about my friend twice...I...

I realized I posted about my friend twice...I guess I am really, really excited that she is going to be with me to help
Hiya ewo =) I have been writing them down and sometimes its in the middle of the I do not want to forget anything. I am also going to try the Suave dry hair shampoo/conditioner I have been seeing floating around on here. I have really long hair so I hope it works. My husband told me he would help me wash my hair. I mentioned I was getting a shower chair to help me with washing my hair and he got hurt thinking he wouldnt be able to help me after I told him I would love to his help as I will only want to just sit there while he does it as I will be too tired and sore to do anything...and then he was happy again. I

I am youtubing the heck out of my laptop today and...

I am youtubing the heck out of my laptop today and I am watching tummy tuck surgeries and listening to all the documentaries out there the ladies have posted....and I am getting so emotional. I am 6 days away and I cannot believe this is actually happening to ME! After thinking about it, reading about it, watching about it, listening to others about it....ITS MY TURN! I am so excited and tearfully happy!!! I have so many questions for my doc that I was able to put together from watching all these vids. I also have some very real statements for him, from me, that I want to let him know and want him to talk to me about. My consultation is going to be taken seriously and I am going to make sure that I leave out of there with a smile and the confidence in my doc to know its going to be awesome and he is going to use me as his artistic canvas...He will know that I expect him to do his magic on me with the skills of the 30 years he has been doing this but with the care, focus and meticulous energy he had from the first time he did one on his own. I have high standards and he is gonna know it and respect it. I will not....WILL NOT....have to do a fixed TT because of a botched first one. *sigh* So many emotions going on....a huge pendulum from one extreme to the next...I feel like I am a bi-polar mess =) LOL.

I just posted a new pic of my lap buddy =) I got some shots while standing and when I was sitting here at my kitchen table watching all the vids I became increasingly aware of my lap buddy sitting on my legs. Over time one starts to ignore their lap buddy and pretty soon it becomes NORMAL! I do not want a lap buddy and I do not want to have this normalcy of dragging around this lap, 6 days from now...its detachment time! Separation anxiety??? WHAT? Oh hell to the no....its FREEDOM!!!
You are going to look great. You have a beautiful figure already. There is not much work to do on you. Are you also having some lipo? It doesn't look like you need it :) good luck to you. You are next after me next week I see ;)
Hi Katt. Nearly there! You'll be great and I'm sure you'll get a good result. I was at a festival yesterday where Jessie J and Rihanna were singing and I just kept thinking "Ha! When this is over I'm going to have abs like that!". Well, maybe not quite - not at 42 and after 2 children, but hey, it's going to be a whole lot better than now!!

I know what you mean about the emotion - every time I think about waking up after the op with no belly, I could just cry. And quite often I do cry! I'm going to be in all kinds of a state...

Got my pre-op with the surgeon tomorrow so I'm getting my list of questions ready too...

Take care
Helen x
I seriously focus on everyones abs no matter where I go as well...magazines...suck! Lol. Even though I know they are almost always just sucks. My few questions has turned into a I am wanting to be so thorough and I want to sound like I know what I am talking know? I want him to know that I have done my research and I know what my expectations are. let us know how your pre-op goes....I am really excited with you!!! (((HUGS)))

This is just to share a little bit about the...

This is just to share a little bit about the surgeon I picked.

Dr. Peterson at

Our staff at Athena Clinic in Hawaii understands the sensitive nature of cosmetic surgery. Dr Peterson is well respected as a surgeon with a gentle manner who can create extraordinary improvements while maintaining a very natural look. His extensive training includes Harvard Medical School, general surgery training at the University of Hawaii, cosmetic surgery at the Texas Medical Center as well as advanced specialty training in Japan and China. Dr. Peterson has been chief of Plastic Surgery at Kapiolani Medical Center for Women and Children for the past 10 years.

Each patient has unique needs, and Athena Clinic in Hawaii employs a cosmetic surgery staff that strives to offer individualized care to fit those needs. The goal of Dr. Peterson's staff is to make patients feel relaxed and confident by answering all questions and being as informative as possible.

Dr. Peterson

Harvard Medical School (M.D.)
Williams College, Cal Tech
Institute National Polytechnique (France)
Rice University (M.S. Electrical Engineering)

Surgery Training:
University of Hawaii (General Surgery)
Baylor University (Plastic Surgery)
Shanghai Ninth People's Hospital (China) Microsurgery
Showa University (Japan) Pediatric Plastic Surgery

Board Certification:
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

I am feeling perty good about my choice =) Is it bad to brag about my I hope not...I am getting really anxious and nervous now that I am 5 days away.!!!! I could just be trying to calm my nerves by looking at his website every hour on the
I got a hand held shower head attachment which has been very helpful and it was only about $20 at home depot. Best of luck!
Hiya Bedurde!! I do have one of those and I love it and I am so glad I am going to have it for after this surgery. It really is a lifesaver...especially since I have been reading the ladies havent really been able to raise their hands up over their heads very well. I did get a shower chair and a walker this past week so I am very thankful for that. Craigslist for a total of $40! Whoo Hoo!!!

OMG I just had to share with everyone that I...

OMG I just had to share with everyone that I realized I have only 4 more days!!!! I am driving my husband absolutely nuts with my giddiness and hyperness about the whole thing. He just laughs and laughs at me cuz I am sooooo crazy about it! I already have my kitties taken care of for the 4 days that I will be in Oahu so I am glad I dont have to worry about them. My one concern is my Tiggerette. She loves to sleep with us, she lost her mommy when she was only 4 weeks old, was bottle fed, and still does the nursing, sucking thing with her paws and mouth (so cute), and she has a tendency to jump. I hope to GOD I am able to stop her before she does because I just cant imagine what that would feel like if she was to jump on my tummy. Oh Lord! I would shut our bedroom door but she will cry. I cant handle that very well so we will just have to manage. (And I know all this is TMI and probably I dont have any of my kids at home anymore as they have all grown up and so my kitties are my life). I taught my husband how to clean the litter box this What a riot thats going to be. I am a bit OCD with my cats so he understands very well to do it exactly the way I showed him.
I have seen several ladies on here talking about nesting before their surgery. I have officially walked into this phase. I am cleaning everything! This Sunday is the big day though where I will scrub the entire house. I dont want me, or my husband, to have to worry about anything in regards to that. I do have a question. Is a toilet riser really that helpful? I havent got one of those just yet so any advice is appreciated.
Just 4 more days....EEEEEK! *jumping up and down*

I know I already posted today but I was at my...

I know I already posted today but I was at my internship and didnt get to finish everything I wanted to share....

I have 3 more days to go. I am so nervous and excited. These two emotions seem to be the ones that hang around the most throughout the One of the things I struggle with is drinking enough water. I really hate water and so any ideas on how to make it taste better would be awesome =) I have heard about lemon, which I am trying now, and I bought this stuff called pomegranate Miso that you can add to your water. It only takes a little and its ok. Not my fav but ok for now. I keep seeing cucumber water? If anyone knows how to make that please share =)
Another of my concerns is my surgery is on another island. I fly in Mon, surgery Tues, see the doc Wed and then again Thurs before I leave to come home to my island. I am not sure what to do with the drains and security at the airport. I am sure I can get a doc note that will explain everything for me to carry but OMG...being wheeled in a wheelchair, not being able to shower (I think but I am hoping I am wrong), having these drains sticking out of my body and being completely miserable...and then patted down by a TSA agent!!! Bloody hell! I am not looking forward to this at
I am down to 4 days. I am trying to keep busy preparing for the surgery so the time flies I planned my surgery so that during my downtime I can write my huge paper for my school internship. I just finished with 125 hours and now I have to take all my intern log hours and turn them into a 10 page paper. Not a big deal for me but I am worried about the pain meds. I really need to focus and not be "under the influence" I am really hoping that I can get off the hard core stuff and switch to Tylenol straight away. I am still volunteering where I did my intern and I told them I would be gone for 2 weeks...I am wondering if this is enough. I will have to ask my PS but anyone else have an opinion on that? I walk alot there. I am up and down from my desk walking back and forth to offices, court houses, file rooms and such and I have been told they will have some work for me to do at my desk so I dont have to move all that much...this makes me more comfortable in going back at 2 weeks. I guess I will just have to see. I am really trying to get a job there and I dont want to jeapordize that in anyway. There is a position opening up, two actually, and I would love to get in one. I wont get my degree til Dec so hopefully that wont shut the door on me. *fingers are crossed and hands are folded in prayer*
I am thinking about asking my PS for lipo of the inner thigh...hmmmmmmmmmm

So my question is: what should I wear into...

So my question is: what should I wear into surgery? Is it going to be the same thing that I have to walk out of surgery with? And button-up shirts and dresses are a necessity right?
I met my PS in the ER where I worked 12 years ago, he was sewing up a 2 year old's dog bite to the face & he was so sweet & caring. I made an appt & went to see him. He was a great choice. It is always great to see them in action.
Yay....our time is almost here. I go in the day after you.....I can't believe it's almost here! My days are still mixed with all kinds of emotion...calm and excited, then on the verge of panic attack!!! Lol! Btw your latex story had me laughing so hard!!!
Your PS sounds terrific, glad you found such a great one. It's the best feeling to go into your surgery with lots of confidence. Can'twait to see your results!

Today is finally Sunday. This means that I have...

Today is finally Sunday. This means that I have today to get all my things ready for my trip to Oahu to have the pre-op with my PS. I fly into Honolulu around 9ish, get my rental car and head over by 11. I have my questions, concerns, paperwork and goodies all ready to go. I am feeling pretty confident about my doc and his skills as a surgeon. I guess my one major concern is hoping that the stupid latex doesnt mess things up and that my blood pressure is good enough. I am rarely over 100 for my top number and rarely over 65 for my bottom number. My low BP doesnt give me problems really and I have been told by several docs thats its because I am very active. I am also hypo glycemic...hoping this doesnt cause me probs either. Grrrrr.....I dont have a regular doc because health insurance is to expensive and I dont qualify for the free stuff so I am unable to use that as a source before and after my surgery. I am free-wingin it as they say. Really praying there arent any complications.
I was reading through the paperwork and saw that he is ok with his patients taking showers. Of course he says yes or no depending on the person and the type of surgery and how things are I hope that I am able to at least by the second day. God forbid I have to get on the plane to come home without being able to shower.
I just got done cleaning my house and I am thrilled that its finally done. I have my two cats all prepared for my absence complete with a babysitter. My dad will come by at least once a day to check up on them and our house. So glad I dont have to worry about them. I did finally tell my mom what I was doing. Before I told her though...I mentioned that I wanted to tell her something and that I wasnt telling her for her opinion...I know sound harsh right? But I wanted to be able to talk to her about whats going on in my life and that I want to be able to do this without the annoyance, fear, irritation or madness of her opinions or remarks. (I do love my mom and she is the best in the world. She just doesnt accept the fact that I am a 36 year old grown woman at times...and thinks she has to input her thoughts and opinions into everything and that she has to fix things). So I told her. She instantly became worried, which was expected and normal and ok, because it is a major surgery, and this is ok, and then proceeded to say that I didnt need it I was fine just the way I am...typical mom response...right ladies? LOL. Which is fine I would never be able to take the mom out of the mom....but before I could input my own thought in she said, "well, if this is what you really want to do..." That was the perfect answer and made me smile because I could tell that she was really trying to see the bigger picture my way. Alot of the responses that I have gotten from telling people, "Oh but you dont need it. You are thin enough. There is nothing wrong with your stomach...blah, blah, blah" is my own fault. I say this because I have become a MASTER of disguise. I have become SOOOOOO amazing at hiding my pouch and stretch marks that people really dont know what I am talking about. The pictures I have shared here...I share with everyone that I tell about my surgery so they can SEE that I am NOT kidding. HAHA!!!! The looks I get when they see them are classic!
It is 1pm my time here in Hawaii and I still have a few more things to do so I am off for now. I will update after my pre-op to let you all know how it goes, what my thoughts are, and all the new and exciting information that I will be getting from my up close and personal interview with the Doc himself. Boo-yeah!!! Over and out!!! Cheers ladies!!!

PS Really hoping to have some more pics that the doc took. Also taking my camera cuz I want pics of my surgery! Wonder if he will let me do video function??
good Luck Katt, Have a safe flight and Happy Healing,
Good luck and happy healing!!!
Go Katt Go!

I am on my way to the airport. I am very relaxed...

I am on my way to the airport. I am very relaxed and quiet...i am still wanting to make sure its real. Will let you all know how my preop goes. TTFN!
Good luck katt!!!! I can't believe after reading through everyone else's experiences that our days are here!! You're gonna do great and look fabulous! Big hugs....update when you can!
i am going in tomorrow for TT as well! good luck, i will be thinking of you! :)
thinking of you! best of luck!

I will post more when I get home but...I am going...

I will post more when I get home but...I am going in for my surgery! I have t let everyone know that I LOVE MY PS!! I am so excited! Wish me luck!

I am going in for my surgery! I am so excited. I...

I am going in for my surgery! I am so excited. I have to let everyone know...I LOVE MY PS!! He is the bomb-diggity...i will write more when I get home... Keep me in your prayers... Speak soon!
Thinking about you! Hoping you have a restful first night.
Katt! hope it went great today Im post op day 2 now and feeling fantastic.Wishing you all the best!
Good luck! ((Hugs))

So I am going to say thank you to my husband for...

So I am going to say thank you to my husband for getting me this wonderful gift of a TT that I have waited on for so long. It's the neatest bday. Present in the whole wide universe. God, I love you baby!
I am venturing into my 2nd day post-op. I am really, really,really sore from my liposuction sites more than the incision site. Cannot really feel the incision but I can feel where the drain comes out on my right side. Doc. Said he juiced me up inside pretty well before he closed me up. All my nurses were awesome and sweet. My tummy has been rumbling so I hope I don't have probs. In the potty area =)
I met my PS for the first time on Monday, the 16th, and I just became calm instantly. He was so attentive, he didn't interrupt me when I was asking questions or telling him my concerns, and...he was sooo funny. As we were going over my questions, and questions I didn't ask or think to ask, he would give me very specific answers as to why he would or would not do a certain procedure. I loved how he was very thorough and detail oriented just like his staff said he was.
He was also very picky and very, very,very detailed as he was drawing his blueprints on me. I spent almost an hour with him before he was finally finished. He took his time, drew, erased, drew some more, I was standing, sitting, were taken again...I felt like a ballet What was really awesome is he included me in the conversations. Told me step by step what he was doing and why. I mean WOW! And he let me decide what music I could have in the OR. I choose Howard Shore...composer to sone of my fav. Movies...Lord of the Rings, Braveheart, Star Wars...awesome!
The way I think and the way I am is...I have waited such a long time for this moment...that I don't care about the scar itself. He said that my pouch was more prominent on one side and that he was going to have to take the scar and make it go further back so I wouldn't have a dog ear. He wanted to make sure every angle was covered and he was thorough with every angle. I told him I didn't care. I just want my flat tummy. My only concern is I wanted my scar low enough so I could wear the pretty panties. I didn't want the high scar like so many pics I have seen. He actually went a week bit further on the other side just to even it out which was also fine by me.
Another area of concern was my tummy button. Like I mentioned before I didn't want my scar high. I wanted it low. He was very honest with me when he explained to me why that would mean and look like. He said it might be a problem because I might not have enough loose skin to do this. Meaning the hole where he cuts my button out will be down by my incision...looking kinda like a kitty face. I told him I wasn't worried or bothered by that one bit I just wanted my scar low. Turns out he did have to do a kitty face but it's so slight and far enough down by the incision that when it heals it will be barely noticeable. =) Yay! That's a bonus for me cuz he was able to go low and I got a new, pretty tummy button. He makes them look youthful he said. Cannot wait to wear the bling-bling!
Did I mention I am sore...ugh. Only discomfort is the liposuction sites....and I am taking my pain meds, half a pill, every 3-4 hours. The day before surgery my dearest, sweet husband took me shopping at Victoria's Secret and he got me some pretties! I have never owned anything from there. My pretties are so SEXY! The scar is nit a big deal because I will be sexy with a scar that took 15 years of waiting...for my flat tummy and awesome hourglass figure my doc gave to me (he even threw in some extra liposuction on my back and an extra bonus)!!! And if there are any probs he does revision work at no cost..nice!
The first time in my life I am able towards pretty tops, pants, skirts, underthings, without having to hide my bulging lap buddy, my lopsided muffin top. Did I mention I cry every time I think about this? It's unbelievable and so amazing and it's really happened becuz my husband worked his booty off so I could have this done. I love him so much and he is taking such great care of me!!
I have to mention my nurses again. They were so wonderful...from stripping me down to my birthday suit. TO rubbing me down, front and back, with their anti-bacterial stuff, to getting me laid down, making sure I was warm and comfy with pillows and blankets...I just wasn't nervous anymore. My juicee doc...anesthesiologist, was the best. She said it would take 30 seconds for the juice to kick during that time we all joked around and laughed and when I could tell it was starting to work I said, "goodbye everyone...doc gave me her juice so I am going for awhile...see you all on the flat side...peace out...zzzzzzzzzzzzz" and I was gone. I only had the local with the IV so I didn't need a catheter or to be intubated. I am thankful for that.
Next thing I remember I am waking up and the nurse is asking me if I want to see what they took off. I was like, "hell to the yeah..." with this huge smile on my face. It was amazing and weighed 10lbs!!!! That's not even counting the liposuction. The nurses even took pics of the whole surgery.
It's time for a pain med and the husband and I to chill out. I am going to try and post pics of my before and after and I hope they come out. For those that are going or have gone into their surgeries...good luck and sending prayers your way! See you all on your flat side!! Hugs!

Sorry for all the annoying that darn...

Sorry for all the annoying that darn spell check. :) will post more pics as I get them from the doctor...
Katt, I'm so happy for you - and giving big points to your hubby as well, he sounds awesome. I nearly cried when you said about him taking you to buy new undies - what a star! Your pics look great already so your dreams are coming true straight away! Take care of yourself and congratulations! Hx
Your tummy looks great! Unbelievable that they took 10 pounds off you! You didn't look like you had that much going on there! Congrats! :)
Hey katt....your tummy looks amazing! And you're ps sounds like a wondful doctor!!!! Sooo happy for you!! Now for the healing!!! How are you today? My nurse said I would definitely be more sore tomorrow and I can feel the anesthesia start wearing off. Feeling a little more sore now but def manageable! I'm drinking tons of cucumber and now I'm peeing like crazy lol!!! Yay we did this!!!! Enjoy your rest xoxo

I have to seriously go potty!! OMG!! This is the...

I have to seriously go potty!! OMG!! This is the worst feeling ever. My incision site doesn't hurt as bad. Help!
Today is my third day and besides the potty issue I feel a little better. I slept more last night only waking up once. I have been taking half my pain med every 3 hours instead of a whole one every 8 hours. My husband is fantastic! Really looking out for me. I am ready to get home tho. Oahu is beautiful but the big city is not for me and I want my bed, my kitties, my yard, my coquie frogs, my neighborhood...etc. It's so noisy here.
I have one more appt today before I head back home. I am getting staples removed so I am happy about that. I would love to get my drains removed but that might be possible. I am not really draining alot but the doctor wants to keep them in for at least a week. He said my RN friend could take them out...yay! He was very proud of his work and wants me to send him updated pics as I can. He wants to see my progress and wants to hear from me on a regular basis til I see him next in Aug. 3rd. My honey has outrigger state races that weekend so it works out perfectly buying plane tickets once, not twice, and I won't have to go alone. I was worried about that.
Off to see the doc and get more pics to share. Thank you all for your encouraging words, prayers and just being there with me through thus. I appreciate every one of you! =) As soon as I get home to my laptop and get settled I will write more to you all. I know there are several that I need to get in touch with as we had our surgeries the same week...hope you gals are feeling okay and healing fast! Hang in there...speak soon! Hugs and loves and prayers to all of you!
You are looking so good! Tiny waist :)
Woo! When that swelling is down you're going to look even better!!! Congrats :)
Hi Katt, Your tummy looks great! Your PS did a great job! Time for plenty of rest and relaxation now. Thats funny about your hubby mine did the same thing. He had me laughing for hours one night shopping online for me at VS I got a package a couple days later with allot of goodies in it. They have allot of online deals if you haven't ever checked them out. We have certainly had enough time lately to surf the web recouperating.
Healing hugs your way! Ree

I dont think I have ever been so happy to potty as...

I dont think I have ever been so happy to potty as I was this morning....YAY!!!!
Still kinda sick to my stomach and it feels like I want to get a headache. I am taking only tylenol now becuz I am not taking anymore narcs. Not with the way they plug my body up...I am not going through that again...Tylenol is just really hard on the liver so I hope its not too much longer I can keep from taking those as well.
Today is post-op day 4! I am still swollen, especially down where the drains are sticking out of my ladyness, and my tummy button looks really, really.....icky. I am very happy I get to shower today!!! OMG can I hear an AMEN! Once I am done with that I think I will feel loads tummy is still rumbling so I am going to end now just in case there is something else that needs to be Speak soon!!!
Hey girl....I'm super über jealous that you pooped!!! Lol!!! Im still waiting! Anytime now would be great! I've been feeling nausea on and off all day too :( we just have to remember every day will get better!!!! And rest rest rest!!!! Thinking of you!!! Glad we can go thru this together! I think a visit to Hawaii may be necessary after all this ;) xoxo

Glad to hear all went well. Welcome to the other side!
Hi Katt. Finally u r on the flat side and happy healing. Hope u r doing ok xx

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I just didnt...

Yesterday was a rough day for me. I just didnt feel good at all. I am swollen and my tummy protrudes out and I am really hoping it goes down. I was told not to wear a CG until my drains come out and I have to wait a week for that. When I was taped up the first couple of days I just felt more secure and safe and now without all the binding I feel like I am going to pop my seam. My doc told me I have 5 layers of stitches so thats not going to happen. I didnt have the separation of the muscles around my tummy button I actually had this down low and across my tummy below my button. This is where he bound me up the most. He did tighten my waist but really focused more on the bottom part as this is where most of the prob was. He said my muscles had very good definition and was very impressed. (Yeah, I smiled. I worked hard on my tummy muscles....all that fat got in the
My husband set me up on the couches today. They were most uncomfortable yesterday but he found a way to make it work and so I am all snuggled up with my laptop, phone, ipod, and Lord of the Rings trilogy (my fav movie of ALL time). All set and happy. Today is much better but still feeling swollen and bloated on the inside. My drains really burn though and its annoying more than anything. Anyone else have this burning? I put iodine/betadine on my scar and tummy button 4-5x a day. It was starting to swell and be painful yesterday and my doc said to clean it. Every time I pee I clean it! LOL. I dont like my drains just hanging around lose so I use gauze and tape and secure them up so they dont move. The doc said they were getting irritated because they were moving in and out of the skin bringing bacteria in with them. OMGeee!!!! I did not want to hear now I am a germaphobe. Clean, clean, clean!!! I am not moving as I think I might have overdone it the first couple of days. Not doing that again. Being set up in the living room during the day and the bedroom at night....walking with my walker to bathroom, a couple of laps around the island in the kitchen, then laying back down...will work for now. I just want to be careful. Does anyone else get these twinges around their incisions? LIke going up their stomach? Almost like a nerve twitch or spasm?
I did get an email from my supervisor and she told me not to worry about rushing back. Its a blessing for me because I am only doing my internship which gives me more freedom and flexibility so I can relax better knowing that I am being supported in my healing. She knows what I did and she is very curious to see me when I return. I will have to make sure that I wear something easy so that I can show
My husband is mowing the lawn, very noisy, and my movie is playing so I am off to chill out and not think. I have a 10 page intern paper that I will have to start working on soon so I am going to play and enjoy my movie and time off as long as I can before I start on that. Ugh! Cheers ladies and speak soon!
Happy healing and good luck to all those that are having their surgeries soon!!!

Hi there, I'm 10 days PO and I feel super duper swollen. Isn't it awful?! I wish there was a solution I could offer you but, at least you're not alone! We will get through this :). Get some rest!
Hi Katt Glad you have had a better day. I still am having good and bad days and my tummy burns and twinges. Its the healing process. You scar looks sore, do you not have a dressing on it. Mine is still taped up after 3 weeks now also I have had my compression garment on since surgery 24/7. The PS's all do things different don't they. Especially from the US to the UK. We don't have our drains in more than a couple of days. Well hope you are ok. I'm now thinking Im Never going to feel myself again but then I look at my tummy and think (have Patience) xxxx
Yay poop!

OMGeee does it ever go down? I still cannot stand...

OMGeee does it ever go down? I still cannot stand straight, my back is killing me, and I am sooo swollen, really, really tight! Is this normal??? When does it go down? When does it go away? I am going into my 6th day as I type and I want it to be over already!! I feel so icky! Someone tell me this is normal? ,,,>_
Hi Katt, hope your feeling better soon! All the stinging and sharp pains are normal and will soon get better with time. I have been told many times since surgery by the hubby it takes time and you need to be patient. I'm 3 1/2 weeks and all those pains have gone. The only thing that bothers me is the stiffness and swelling when I over do it. Oh also when I laugh to much my muscles tighten up. It will get better everyday and you will feel great.
Healing hugs to you. Ree
For Sue~ The flight sucked! I wasnt in pain but I was really uncomfortable and its because I wasnt able to go potty yet. Ugh! It was just a long day too. The flight was only 40 minutes long but the packing, the driving, the waiting, the boarding, the flying, the unboarding, the getting in a car and driving again...getting into the house, finding all my things to put next to me, getting comfy again....OMGeeee it was a really, really, long day. I was so glad to get home. I slept alot that day and the night.
Coco and Mia~I am doing better today. Its PO day 5. Still swollen so thats not comfy at all. I do not have any strips or padding or ointment of any kind on my incision or drain sites. I am not wearing a CG either and wont until the drains come out. Even then it will be a lightweight one. My doc wants my incisions and sites as dry as possible and I am using only iodine 3x a day, taking an anti-inflammatory and antibiotic. There is a high chance for moisture or humidity living here in Hawaii and he doesnt want my incisions to be moist with anything because I can become a breeding ground for many nasty bacteria including the infamous staph/flesh eating bacteria. Oh hell to the no on that one. So he wants dry and dry. Bacteria LOVE warm, moist areas...and sometimes Neo cant stop that if it gets started.
Calgary~Girl, you are welcome to Hawaii anytime and I would love to meet you. Its awesome here and I would show you and help you out on any of the activities and beaches...for sure!!! And a hint on the nausea~ Its because you need to potty. My doc and nurse said that when there is nausea after a surgery its because you are all backed up. Your body wants nothing in when nothing is coming out. Hang in there girl...
MyGirls~I am still super swollen after 5 days. I can not stand it...and its irritating! Ugh~ I hope this goes away soon. I keep seeing patience....but thats so much harder to do than
Ewo~Thanks for the tip on the drains. I did figure out a system that works really well. Its similar to yours but I dont do the Y...I cut the tape and slip it around the tubes that way. I think one of my pics shows that. It makes it more comfy and causes less irritation and burning. Thank God!~That was painful at times.
My appetite isnt that great and I probably dont drink enough water like I see everyone else doing....becuz I hate water. I need to try the cucumber water....hmmmm. I do have powerade but its so full of sugars that it makes me feel icky at times. Blah! IDK what to drink....I do have to figure it out nurse got onto me about that yesterday...that was not
How is everyone else doing so far???
Please share your method for drain comfort. Mine "burn", they are located on each hip at the back of the incision. Right now i slather Neosporin at the site to keep the area moist.

I get to leave the house today!! YAY! My husband...

I get to leave the house today!! YAY! My husband has some errands in town so I am going with him for the fresh air and to get out of the house for awhile. Walked around my yard this morning and saw I had some new blueberries coming up so that was awesome! Tiring, but awesome. Still feeling tight and hunched over but I dont feel as bloated as I have been. I hope I dont get worse from being in town today. I really want to keep getting better....not have anymore bad days...but I am thinking thats probably how it has to go.
I had a great bday weekend in spite of feeling icky. My husband spoiled me, not from the surgery, but for my bday too. My present was my tummy tuck and I could not have asked for anything better! Even with the pain, the bloating, the drains, the good and bad days...I am glad I was finally able to do it. Something all the ladies on here keep telling me....hang in there because its something I have always wanted and its worth it! Ladies....right you all are! Thanks for the encouragements! =)
Hey katt....glad to hear your spirits are up today!! It's still such an emotional roller coaster!! But i bet it's soo nice to get out of the house and a change of scenery!! I think I'm officially in swell hell today! Feeling really really tight today but I'm glad to be wearing the compression garment. Im walking a little more upright and finally tomorrow i will see my tummy =) =) yay!! When do your drains come out? And will you be wearing your cg again? Cheers to happy days ahead for both of us! And happy birthday!!!! It was my hubby's bday today :)
How is your swelling today? I totally feel your pain. I feel like I look worse than I did before surgery because I am just so... round!
Girl hang in there. This swelling thing lasts for a while. I'm 11 days PO nd really swollen were lipo was done waist back and my tummy swollen too. Just wearing yoga pants right now. Not sure what I'm going to be wearing when I start working on septemper

I am looking at all the pics of everyone that have...

I am looking at all the pics of everyone that have had their surgeries the last 2 weeks or so...and I am a little discouraged. I am still swollen, my tummy button still has stitches and looks puffy, I am still carrying around my drains, and my tummy isnt looking as flat as I want it to be. I am just not moving in the same direction and its frustrating. I keep waiting to stand straight, walk straight, lie down straight...not happening. I keep waiting for the flat tummy every time I wake up...not there! I am still draining 25-30cc every day and I have to be down to at least 5-10 before they even think about taking them out. I am going on day 9 tomorrow and I am just not there....Is this normal? I know people heal at different levels but this is really a ginormous difference here. *sigh* I am whining, yes, because I just dont see it. My tummy button is probably the most discouraging really...I know the stitches are still in there...yes there is swelling.........stilllll........but its discouraging. I really hope my tummy button turns a corner and starts to look cute....I mean, to at least TRY and look somewhat cute...
And the headaches...Oh Lord the headaches I get later in the day...very annoying. =\ My doc said I didnt need to wear a compression garment...but I think I am going to try it. I want to see if it makes me feel better and feel more secure. I am just out there with all this swollen hanging out and its really uncomfortable...blah!
Hang in there it gets better, my swelling was so bad for 5 weeks I looked bigger than before the surgery especially towards the end of the day. I started noticing that my swelling really went down at about 6 weeks. Now I think I just have a bit in the pubic area and a little in the pooch of my tummy. Your incision looks nice though, mine isn't but I just think its better then where i Im in Hawaii too :)
When all I see are set backs I read the one year posts; people describe their original struggles and doubts then laugh at themselves a year later.

Not to know more than your surgeon but a few ps on here said they take the drains out soon as they are often the cause of the fluid; but lipo PTS have more difficulty with fluid buildup in general. Don't take my word for it, I'm just becoming a RS know it all.
Hey Katt, hang in there. It will get better, I'm sure. Think how long your body had the pouch, and now it has to learn to live without it. It's going to take some time. I love my compression garment - I almost wish it was tighter. It surely can't hurt to wear one? Mak46, I like your idea with turning the spanx into just a girdle. Does it roll up? Hope you have a good day tomorrow Katt to give you a break. Hx

Well, today is a better day than it was yesterday....

Well, today is a better day than it was yesterday. OMG it was a horrible day. Today I feel much better, standing straighter, I get my drains out TODAY!!! YES!!! And I can start wearing my CG. I was not able to wear one until the drains came out. My stitches for my tummy button come out next Fri when I go and see my PS. I have only been able to send pics and questions and complaints by email, as he is on another island, but I finally get to go in and SEE him next Friday. He wants to take pics of how well I am doing and then wants to see me again in 3 months, 6 months, 8 months and then a year. Not a bad plan as I do love taking a skip to Oahu and hanging out!
I am actually able to walk around and stand for longer times today. I laid a little bit more flat last night and I slept pretty good. I have to do things during the day or I am really restless at night so I am trying to get walks in here and there. Today I will be heading into town for shopping. We are making a gluten-free pizza! I cannot have gluten or dairy at all so its really a pain trying to eat we cook alot at home. Better for you tho =)
The pic that I uploaded is from today. My scar is not as even as most are because I had more to take off on one side than the other. I am really not happy with my tummy button and I hope that it starts to look better. I am told its because its still swollen but we will see. I am thankful I have done what I did though so I wont complain too much about that. =)
Thank you to all the ladies who posted encouragements on here for me. It really did make a difference and I was able to smile through it all. I am now over another hurdle and I have all of you, and my wonderful hubby, to thank! HUGS and
Hang in there! We've all felt the same things you're feeling nowvbut it'll get better. Just remember its gonna be a long healing process. Try to focus on one good thing or one new thing you can do everyday to help get you through & just keep your end goal in mind. You already look great & you're going to look better & better the more time passes!***Big Hug***
You Look Awesome!!! Glad to hear from you, and your planned day sounds fun and easy. Btw... I like your tummy button :) it looks great!!
Hi Katt sorry your not feeling well it does get better though. You will start to turn a corner soon and will love it. I'm post-op 4 weeks now and I still have my good and bad days. My BB had a place that wouldn't heal and is just now looking good and yours will too. I went for a walk in a nature preserve here (on vacation) this morning and now I'm back at the house resting because I'm swelled up. I told my husband this sh## has to go im getting tired of it. When I get frustrated I look at old pics and then in the mirror and say to myself I can deal with it and it will get better with time. It will get better just have that image in your mind. You wrote your not wearing a CG it would probably help with the swelling and make you feel more secure. I've read all kinds of stories about things they have done to their CG to make them feel better to accompany the drains. Mine had hooks on them and just snapped to the CG others pinned them to it some had made pockets for them. I hope that your able to get your drains out soon and that is a big corner turned. It will make you feel allot less constricted. Hope you feel better soon! Healing hugs to you. Ree

Thank you all so much for your kind words!!! I...

Thank you all so much for your kind words!!! I will never tire of telling you ladies this because you just bring so many happy thoughts my way...that I just appreciate you all.
Today I am at day 11. I had my drains taken out yesterday so I am FREE!!! OH YEAH...and I am finally able to wear a spandex garment so I feel really comfy and secure. I do not have to worry about my grenade drain anymore. I am actually wearing clothes now!!! I have been running around with nothing on but panties and a spandex tank top for the last 11 Thank God its Hawaii right? I am going to get bold enough to try on a bikini but I am still a little swollen. My ladyhood area is really swollen since the drains came out but thats probably because it was the worst experience of my life >_< The stitches were the worst but when the nurse tugged on my left side it was stuck so she had to yank a bit and OMGeeee I thought I was going to throw up. My doc did those stitches so well that we had a hard time getting to them. In the end it was me that snipped those buggers off. Its probably a good thing that I am still a bit numb in that area. Anyway, the drains coming out felt like worms coming out of my body and I did NOT appreciate that...I hope my drain story doesnt freak anyone out...and so far everyone has had a blessed time with theirs so I am feeling a bit jealous =)

Today my hubby and I are going into town. I think I might actually get to wear something other than the same black skirt that I have had to wear because it was the only thing that wasnt tight on my drains and was perfect for hiding my tubes and grenade up under it. I might try on my new capris that I bought before my surgery....hmmmmmmm. I might actually get brave enough to try on a bikini in the next couple of days but that depends on how much my swelling is around. Hopefully with the CG I am finally able to wear this will help with that.

Hugs to you all!!!!
Hi Katt, so please that you are feeling better and that you're drain free! Your tummy looks great and when you do try that bikini on be sure to post a pic or two cause you will be rocking it. Take it easy and happy healing!
You are teeny tiny now! Your pants are HUGE! So cute! My belly button was also crusty & goofy looking, it is slowly coming around. Don't worry. I'm glad you are doing so well. Good luck on getting the drains out, YAY! Hope you have a great weekend!

I am at post op day 14... 2 weeks ago, to the day,...

I am at post op day 14... 2 weeks ago, to the day, I went under the knife. I am still swollen and tight. Does anyone else feel burning, itching, pulling, tugging, annoying little pains here and there on incision sites? Wow!
Still sleeping like I am a vampire but I have almost graduated out of my shower chair.... Oh yeah! Drove into town, by myself, for errands and that was a challenge but I did it! =)
Also... Does my tummy button look OK? I get my stitches out this Friday but it sure looks weird to me. and the reason for my scare being so lopsided... Is because I had more skin on one side than I did the other... Which, I don't care... Just want to have a pretty tummy button tho. =(
How its everyone else doing? I have been reading updates and posts... So sorry I haven't responded but please know I am with you ladies still... Thinking of you all and praying for your healing! Hugs and speak soon!

Thanks guys for the reminders. You would think...

Thanks guys for the reminders. You would think that I wouldnt think like I do because of all the posts...but our minds do run away with us doesnt it? =) Today I woke up, stood up and realized that I was flat. OMGeeee it was weird. I havent been flat yet so this was the first time....of course I started to swell as soon as I started moving around.....ARGGGGGHHH!!!! but I got a glimpse. Just a glimpse but a glimpse all the same. HA!
I do have a funny story to tell. Its only funny now because its over though...I used to be deathly afraid of spiders. However, 5 years later, I have beaten this fear. I used desensitization and exposed myself little by little to the 8 legged freak-a-zoids and I can now be in the same room with them. Before I would freeze up, cry, be paralyzed, shake out of control, and have a complete melt down. Now I can actually watch them move!!!! If I am caught by surprise I just breath deep, move away slowly and then I can kill Unless they are outside then I just move away.
I was in the bathroom one evening and happened to see something moving and right above my head hanging upside down was the biggest, ugliest, cockroach I had ever seen. Now here in Hawaii they are huge!!! But they FLY! *gag* Totally tripped me out....called my husband in to get him and before he got there the bugger disappeared into my cabinet. My husband comes in and starts looking for it...during the time he was walking to the bedroom and my noticing cat sees it. Here I am with the heebie-jeebies, my cat meowing and pacing and meowing and pacing, and then my husband...all in the bathroom for one bug. My husband opens the cabinet and the roach, not exaggerating here, FLIES out and lands...somewhere! We have no idea where this bug is. I refuse to use that bathroom and for the evening and night I use the spare.

The next morning I walk back into the dreaded bathroom and I want to take a shower. I check EVERYWHERE!!! No bug. I take my shower. I grab my towel, wrap it around my back....I feel LEGS!!!! Let me just say....I turned into a kung-fu master that morning. I twisted my body and karate chopped that air and shower curtain with everything I had in me! The little bastard slammed into the wall and just sat there; looking at me. I could have sworn he was licking his lips...(do cockroaches have lips?). The only word I could get out was, "ROB!!!!" The roach disappears behind the curtain, by the door, and I hear meowing again. There goes that damn cat finishing the job she should have done the night husband starts asking me if I am ok and I melt. I start to bawl like a baby. I am hurting because I twisted my body around so fast so hard in every direction humanly possible. He thinks I fell or something happened...and he is right...just not what he THINKS happened.

When he sees me standing in the shower, butt naked, bawling like a baby, holding my towel still...cannot believe I held onto that trap, he laughs. HE LAUGHS at me!!! This, of course, makes me cry more. He asks me whats wrong and I told him, "the cockroach attacked me.....*sooooob* He laughs some more...."awwwww my poor baby...." while laughing. This is not something I appreciate and command him to KILL the BUG!!! Between him and my cat they trap the bug, he squishes it in a tissue and flushes him down the toilet. He comes over, helps me out of the shower and gives me a big hug. I did hurt and it wasnt funny....I dont recommend this to anyone at all ,,,>_
Oh heck No!! Not the big flying roach??!! Bless ur heart, not sure I'd recover from that one :0!
Worst nightmare, Katt!! Ewww. Hope you've recovered from the twists and turns. Hx
Oh my gosh I would have DIED!!!! I am so sorry you hurt yourself but I have to admit I did laugh a little bit! lol

So my doc thinks I have a seroma... Thats great......

So my doc thinks I have a seroma... Thats great... Thank God I am able to see him on Friday and he can drain it. I also think my tummy button is starting to get more red on the bottom. I am getting stitches taken out on Friday so it could be my tummy button is just as fed up as I am. Yes it is still worth it... And I am only just coming out of my 2nd week... Patience! =)
Hey Katt...your posts always have me cracking up!!!! I am very terrified of spiders and bugs in general!!! I can't imagine having a roach flying at me!!!! Ugh!!!! Good luck at your ps...hope everything goes ok and NO seromea
Oops posted to quick....NO seroma!!! I'm kinda worried about developing one I'm anxious to hear how it goes. And good luck to your hubby =)
Thank you so much for everyones responses and well wishes. I hope the doc can do something. Its gettin kinda uncomfortable now. Like pressure, a balloon, pregnant Helen said...I agree. Its not big...but its just uncomfy and I dont like it. I am gonna have to get my friend nurse to drain anymore....if they do come along...and I am hoping and praying they dont. ***everything will be fine, the doc will get it all, it wont happen again, its gonna all go smoothly from here on out***
Off to the airport tomorrow morning bright and early. My husband made states in the outrigger competition so we will be there having a fun day on Sat. YAY! Its not all GO BABY! I really like to watch the races and this will be my first time watching them and being a part of the ones on Oahu. It gonna be a blast!!!
Cheers to the ladies, and gent, on here who are healing, already healed, going in for their flat tummy's and going to be healing...hugs to you all and speak when I return!!! And there will be good news =)

I am very thankful to say that my doc thoroughly...

I am very thankful to say that my doc thoroughly checked and there was NO seroma! He laughed at me too o_O He said I wasnt carrying around a waterbed and I wasnt *Sigh* So glad. He took out my tummy button stitches, OMGeee that was weird and a couple of spots were so sensitive. The redness was just from the stitches bugging my body so its good there is no infection wanting to happen. My incision is starting to flatten out and he cleaned it all up and said I was good to go. I do have to wear a compression garment, except at night, and this is to keep a seroma from happening. So, I will wear it faithfully. He wants to see me in
6-8 weeks and I am planning it already. I do still swell and it sucks. Whats really cool tho is when I first wake up in the morning and I stand up I am really flat! Doc said, "thats what it is going to look like when you are fully healed..." OMGeee that makes me soooo happy cuz I AM FLAT! I cannot wait to work out my legs and my ass cuz I will tell you what...I feel them widening by the day! I hate not being able to move like I used to. UGH!
My husband had his paddling races yesterday, and they did very well, and even though it was a beautiful day at Ke Ehi Lagoon in was bloody hot! All I could do was sit down on a folding chair, tank top, girdle, tank top, and my padeo...or wrap around sarong as some know, and watch from under a tent. I was so pitiful sitting there moping wanting to walk around in my bikini already with everyone else and getting in the cool water....bah-humbug! However, the doc did say I could get in a pool...just not the ocean yet. He doesnt want me getting sand, or the salt water, in my incision and wants me to wait at least 2 months. I told him no worries! =)
Lets just say the last 2 days were very, very, very long. I am glad to be home, glad I didnt have a seroma, glad that everything looks good and glad that I am still moving in a forward direction. =) Yay!!!!
I am hoping that one of these mornings, while I am flat and before I swell, I can put on my new bikini my babe got me from Honey Girl and get a pic! =} I have to do it in like....25 seconds or less tho....HA!
Hi kattmoccio just read your review, you are looking really good and glad you don't have a seroma. I could not help but smile when I read your story about the bug. I know exactly what you mean and how you feel, karata chops and all hahaha. We have those same hugh freak bugs here where I live and they do indeed FLY. Let's just say my investment in Raid a month ago was not a disappointment. :)
you look great
I'm really glad to hear everything is good after your run-in with the bug. I can imagine how worried you've been about developing a complication. I feel the same way about 1st thing in the am! It's the best. Can't wait till the results are there to stay:) happy healing!

I am not a happy camper at all about my tummy...

I am not a happy camper at all about my tummy button. I do not like the way it looks and I am thinking if it doesnt start to look cute real fast the doc and I are going to have a sit down and a chat. It looks like a little butt, has a weird shape, and its just overall funky! And I have a bulge above my incision on my left side. If this doesnt go down either me and the doc are gonna have another sit down and he is going to start talking about fixing it. *sigh* I just want it to go smoothly and perfectly the first time. I am glad that he does revisions without cost. This makes me smile! =) Pics below...

Does the one pic look like a dog ear to you guys or just swelling?
Doesnt it look like a little butt tho....lolol...Cracks me everytime I look at it. =)
I understand how you feel but I bet once the swelling goes down & the scar around your naval heals you'll like it more. It has potential for sure. I was really worried about my bb but its starting to look better as the days go on. I also have a lump on my right side. I think it's normal & will go down as the swelling decreases but ask your PS to be safe. Don't get discouraged just give it some time & know you're not the only dealing with these issues.
Hey Katt!!!!! OMG I feel your pain....I hate (and we don't use that word in my house) my belly button :( its prob similar to yours...i think mine looks really flat and almost flush with my tummy. I may hafta try this marble/ear plug trick. And Im pretty sure I have a dog ear :( and my hips still look swollen over my incision. I see my dr in 9 days and we'll be having a chat! Lol I'm still at my cabin with no wifi so I can't post any new pics. Back to civilization next week so I'll try and post some new pics then. I don't think yours looks like a dig ear? But I'm not an expert?! Haha I'm glad we're feeling the same way....misery loves company right?? Lol

Does anyone else have tummy issues when wearing...

Does anyone else have tummy issues when wearing the compression garment or am I just putting mine on tooooo tight? Every time I eat, walk around, sit around, my stomach gets bad cramps....and I hate it!
loosen it a tad and keep your meal small and frequent - I am eating 1/2 the portions I was before and feel great but a big glass of watergulped in 30 seconds make me uncomfy!
I think I will google dog ears....good idea. It will definitely break up the monotony of looking up behavioral theories for domestic violence. I have to write a 10 page paper for all my intern hours and anything to take a break from that is welcome =) Googling.........NOW!
I would try the earplug but i would also call Doc and text a pic. Seriously - all the money we pay - they are expecting calls. Send him the dog ear one too but I think that is just swelling I have no idea though. Maybe google dog ears after TT and see what ya get and compare! Looking nice and flat though! =) I hope the plug works for you! Yeah, this is SUCH a process for sure! Hang in there hon!!

So, today I am finally seeing some flatness....I...

So, today I am finally seeing some flatness....I still have the "swelling" on my left side and I am gonna bet its a dog ear. Doc already said if it was he would fix it...not gonna worry about it anymore. I took pics and I just LOVE how my clothes are too big...HA! I am really glad I didnt take the string out the shorts in the pic...I would never be able to wear them anymore...I love these shorts! I am gonna have to go clothes shopping for sure. Love it! My incision is looking better. I snagged a piece of the healing scab and a little puka (hole) opened up but I went on full "freak out mode and gonna catch this early so I dont unzip" mode and its looking much better. My scar is starting to flatten out and heal up alot so now I am just waiting to hear from the doc on putting cream and oil on it...I want to massage it already!
So glad things are moving forward in a much faster way. I am going to do the ear plug trick and I hope that helps my tummy button. If not and I am really not happy with it my doc will fix it. It seems to be a little less its going to be interesting to see what it does. I am so ready to start moving too. I want to get on my elliptical machine already. Does anyone have any suggestions for leg and butt exercises? I feel like a WIDE LOAD walking around. And does anyone else get this stretching feeling every time they wake there legs just have to stretch out and then the tummy gets that weird stretching feeling? WTH is that? And my doc said, "no stretching!" Sometimes its involuntary and I cant help it when I unbend my weird!
Happy healing guys!!!
Wow! Just Wow! That is amazing, congrats!
Hi ladies :). Katt, the old pant shot is unbelievable! Congrats! I'm at 4 1/2 months post and I still do the ab stretchy thing every morning. I thought it was just me. It goes down to my legs too. When will it stop ?
I get the involuntary stretching thing first thing in the morning, too! It's like my body doesn't remember at first that's a no go. It feels like it will be sooo long before I can do yoga...

You're looking great, Katt! I hope the earplug helps to reshape your tummy button more to your liking. :)

Can anyone please help me out with the ear plug...

Can anyone please help me out with the ear plug trick? Did you use silicone or the foamy kind and how in the heck did you put in? I have both kinds and right now I am using a silicone one that I had to shape myself...I washed it in hot soapy water, air dried really good, rolled it up, shaped it, and stuck it in. Was this right? Kinda weird. I feel like I can leak now....lolol
Hey Calgary! I am not going to do the ear plug or marble trick. I have taken several microbiology, pathology and pathophysiology courses in my schooling that to think of putting something inside of my body, somewhat, with no way of sterilizing or cleaning it just doesnt appeal to me much. Ugh! I am sure one could soak it in alcohol or iodine...but ear plugs, as they sit in the warm, dark, moist area of the tummy button, will become a breeding ground for all kinds of interesting bugs and thats not something I can think of right Same with a marble. No, I dont think I am going to go there. I just posted on your site that my doc said he will fix it if I am not happy with it after the 3-4 month mark so I am just going to wait and not think about it. =)
Thank you for your compliment....been looking at your pics as well and you are smokin it girl!!!! You hang in there...we have come a long way huh?
Hey are ya?? Did you try the ear plug/marble trick? Any luck? I'm thinking of trying it....I don't like my belly button :( But good news is that my ps said he could revise it after 5-6 months if it still looks like it does now. Hope everything is going great!! You look soooooooo super fantastic!! Love the pic in the shorts...awesome!! =) Oh and btw I do the ab stretch thing every morn's automatic lol. My ps said it's ok just don't stretch them too aggressively lol

Time sure flies by when you are having fun and its...

Time sure flies by when you are having fun and its been one hell-uva-ride! I would definitely take this ride again if I had to tho. Its been challenging and I know its not over yet. I sit and ponder about this journey and its amazing that it even happened. I never thought I would see the day I no longer had my lap buddy. I get kinda sad at times thinking about it and the events that occurred to bring me the lap buddy in the first place; the birth of my 4 wonderful children. When I told my second oldest, she is 17, that I finally had it done she said, "MOM! I loved your squishy tummy!" So sweet, but I told her there are just some things in life that we must let go of....HA! She laughed and said she was happy for me. My older daughter, she is 19, said she was really happy and that she was glad I finally got it done. She knew how much and how long I waited to have a TT.
Before getting my TT I would tell anyone and everyone that was willing to listen how BADLY I wanted a TT. I would go on and on and on about it...and I did this for years! Throwing it out there that I really hoped to get a TT someday. Of course they would throw their, "I would love to get this done, that done, blah blah blah" out there. Now that I had it done its amazing how quiet I have become about it. I sit and realize that once I was blabbing all over about getting one and now that I have had one I dont want to tell a living soul. And its because people react differently to, "I want one," to"I got one..." Amazing the difference in people. It can be jealousy. It can be shock and disbelief. It can be, "wow thats really a serious surgery you had there." It can be the opinionated person of "why would you do something like that when you didnt need it in the first place..." Its the person that says, " you could have used the money for something far more important..." There is a huge difference from talking about actually doing it. Kinda like skydiving. You talk and talk about it...and everyone thinks how brave you are for wanting to do it...then when you do are a crazy person and should be placed in a jacket that gives you hugs 24/7. People are different because you did something they themselves were not brave enough to do...not savvy enough with money to save for it...didnt have a strong enough was a fleeting thought...or they just dont have the motivation nor the drive to want to change for the better. Either way its really irritating me lately and so I am thinking about telling anyone when they ask. I shouldnt have to keep quiet because people might be offended, jealous or think I am selfish. I really dont give a damn really what they think or feel about the situation. I didnt do this for them....and the fact that I did it in the first place speaks volumes that I really dont care what they think because if I did I would not have done it...and Thank God I am not like that. For those that are thinking of not doing it because of what people might think....DO IT FOR YOU! If its something you truly want....then do it.
I am venting because I am fed up with people who want to burden others with their opinions of matters they know nothing about. I am venting because of people who want others to be just as miserable as them so they dont feel bad being miserable while the rest of the world is happy. I am venting because I did something that brought volumes of happiness, and not to mention health benefits, to my life and I am hiding it away like I am ashamed of it. No more! I am no longer hiding it. If someone I tell doesnt like it and they say something to the effect they dont like it....well, as outspoken and opinionated I can be myself all I can say is, "WATCH OUT cuz here I go..." is to NO SHAME in being able to do this for US! CHEERS!!!

HAHA!!! Love it!!!! That is kinda how I am can love me or hate me...either way I am on their Its still me and they can accept me for who I am or not be in my life. I am just not gonna worry about it anymore! You go girl!!! Let them hate! You just love life and yourself and those that genuinely love you back for any journey you go on!
Hey katt! Good for you! I told my Sis in law. We're on vacation on the emerald coast in Florida right now. I made a comment about my tummy and then I told her I was getting a TT she was so excited! She said good for me for doing this for myself! She's the 1st person I told. And then she went on to tell me about other people we know that has has plastic surgery. I'm so glad I told her but I still dread telling anyone else. Sad huh? You never know where you will find resistance or support. You look great! Happy healing and thanks for sharing
Reply I am 47 days PO and I must say that... I am 47 days PO and I must say that I am feeling better than I have the last week or so. Its weird how you have your bad days and then POOF! you are having good days and you are actually able to move around. Sometimes I even forget that I had a major surgery just over a month ago. I think its finally hitting me that I no longer have this pouch thing sticking out from my body. I was rubbing my cream on my incision and just happened to look up in the mirror. I had on my very sexy tight tank, that I bought for after surgery =) and my underies...and when I looked up I was flat! I had my shirt just down to the top of my undies, saw no bulge, turned sideways, no bulge, and I just freaked out! You know those pics of the underwear models where they have those cute, tight fitting tank tops and undies and they look GOOD? I was one of them today! I never thought in a million, billion, gajillion years that I would ever look in the mirror and see FLATNESS!! I was so excited I started to giggle and my husband already thinks I am off my rocker so who knows what he thinks I fell off this time...lolol. I LOVE IT! My tummy button is not exactly what I want, and the doc is fixing that in Sept along with a small dog ear, but I dont have this growth hanging off the front of my body intruding into every pair of panties, sexy negligee, shirt, pair of pants, capris, shorts, or skirts that I wear. I dont have to raise it up to stick my undies underneath it, or push it down into granny panties to try and smoosh it so tight into my body hoping I can make it go away to wear something form fitting...only to look down and see a smooshed growth that went from somewhat round to now a square, plateau hill of some sort. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I am so excited I could pee!
I must also share that my skin is waking up more and more. I get these twinges and deep itches that drive me nuts sometimes. And the stretchy thing? Still have that too. Weirdness. My incision is healing nicely and turning a pretty pink. I do have 2 spots that want to hang on a little bit longer and are not quite healed all the way. I think it might be because of the hydrocortisone my doc told me to put on will call him tomorrow and see what he says. I do use scar cream on certain spots of my incision for now as well as on some stretch marks....hoping to lighten those up a bit too Anybody else use scar cream on stretch marks with good results? I mean these babies are 19 years old so if the scar cream does something to them....I will be surprised. I
I just re-read your review recalling the "bond" us July 2012 Tummy Tucker's had through the experience. yesterday I finished what I started with posterior belt lipectomy (butt lift) and gynecomastia reduction (male chest). my flat belly is fantastic. I have almost 6 pack abs now, not bad for a 53 y.o. Recovering alcoholic. there still aren't many men in these parts though.
While scrolling down to comments I stopped at "getting my labs today..." then scrolled to "..doesn't hurt but cant wait to go potty...". I am so glad i wrote a review too. I look back over the last 47 days and can't believe how quickly my life changed. Your results are going to be fantastic! i remember how your reviews helped me out of isolation so many weeks ago. thanks for taking the time to check in on me. It just reminded me about an interesting side effect of the Palmers E oil and all that other goo I have been putting on my scar: a planters wart on my thumb for 15 years is gone! one day i was like" holy sh## that wart is gone! Not even a scar there. i can only think it was the Palmer E Oil, Palmer Tummy Butter, or straight Vitamin E oil from Walgreens. In a few months the surgery scar will be hardly noticeable if it keeps healing like this. I do use silicone strips on it when its not all slimy from that cocoa crap.
You look so sexy in your tank n undies Congrats, you are looking really great :)
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

I found Dr. Peterson through a search engine using the Google Maps feature. I called every single name on the list given, wrote down every bit of info on them as I called, and made my selection that I explained in my post.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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