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I'm a mother to 5 children, had my first when I...

I'm a mother to 5 children, had my first when I was 19 and gained 81 lbs with that pregnancy, I have children ages 17, 12,11, 8 & 4 and I can finally say I'm done having children and I want my body back. I'm 36 years old and 5'2" and 110lbs.

I'm scheduled to have my TT with MR and a BA on May 29th. I'm going tomorrow the 25th for my consultation, I'm so excited but as the days get closer I'm getting nervous.

I had my pre op appointment today and I got all my...

I had my pre op appointment today and I got all my questions answered, my PS does a few things different then want I read on her:

1. He is only putting in one drain for TT
2. Says I can shower on day after
3. Days I can get out of the compression garment after a week (I don't know about that)

I'm still going back and forth about what size of an implant to use, is anyone a similar size and have pictures? I'm thinking of doing either a 400cc or 425cc. Currently a very deflated A/B. I just don't want to end up too big for my frame.

I am close to your size. I am 5'4" and 128 lbs. I got 400 moderate plus profile.. My PS chose the size based on my measurements. (he said 375 - 425) so middle of the row...

I only had 1 drain. he said I was small and that was really all that would be needed 

I COULD have showered if I didnt get the drain wet but that was WAY to hard so I waited...

Now with that said there are a few things you will need to know.

1. shaving your armpits is a whole new ball game haha.. there is a BIG dip there that DID NOT exist before..  I think a few othe things would help. I have a list on my review scroll to January 5th and then just start looking for it. you'll see it. a list of things that IF I had to do it again thoes are the things I WOULD get again!!.. congratulations and please keep us posted. If you have any questions I'll do my best to help.
Thanks for the tips! I will check your reviews for ,ore info
excited for you!!! you are gonna look awesome!!! enjoy the's definitely a journey but you'll be so glad you did this for yourself.

PO day 1- I got a TT with BA 425cc in each and MR....

PO day 1- I got a TT with BA 425cc in each and MR. When I first got home I actually felt pretty good paint wise I also woke up from surgery in not much pain but the nausea has been terrible, if I'm in bed I'm fine but walking to the bathroom I feel like I want to faint. Pain is getting a little worse, a lot more tighter but still I thought it would be worse its still bearable.

I can see my breast as all that is on them is a top strap to push them down, right now one side is much bigger and the nipple is pointing outward so I'm worried abou that but then again they are both really swollen.

My tummy is completely covered by the binder (i just have a wrap around waist binder) so i can't see that but I could catch a glimpse at the bottom of the binder of some surgical tape and my husband kind of looked and he said the incision looks pretty low, I will be so happy of it is, I think I reminded my PS like 5 times that I really wanted it as low as possible. I can't wait to see my BB. I go for my post op today so we will see. Oh and another thing is the binder is on so tight it's very uncomfortable. I also only have one drain and in almost 24 hours it hang even out out 25cc of fluid.

Things that have really helped me so far:
Back scratcher - my legs and arms are so itchy and I can't stretch to reach it so that is sooo good to have.

Straws definitely

That's all I figured out so far, will post pics if I can get some today at the office later

Post of day 3, its been and on an off day, the...

post of day 3, its been and on an off day, the most pain us under my breast, I have a binder pushing them down and the paid is horrible. The other problem I have been having is heart burn and hiccups. The TT incision has been ok other than the occasional burning.

I went to my post op yesterday and he cleared me to shower even though I have one drain in, I have only had one drain in from the start and it barely drains at all about 10cc a day. The shower felt so good and relaxing, I though I was going to feel faint once all the binders were off but infact it felt so good. My husband put a plastic chair in the shower and he bathed me.

Added new pics below
i had to take milk of magnesia, nothing else worked...............
Hi Mommyof5....what I find helps with hiccups is sucking on a piece of hard candy...maybe get some peppermint lifesavers to soothe the heartburn too? Hopefully that won't last too long. I know the binder and breast wrapping made my rib cage feel crushed, but once I started to be able to take deep breaths (and get the ace bandage off my boobs) I felt better. Just remember with each discomfort..."this too shall pass" btw...i think your back scratcher idea is brilliant and I am going to find mine right now! : )
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