BBL then eye surgery later - Honolulu, HI

Hi, I'm 42 and like a lot of you feel like my eyes...

Hi, I'm 42 and like a lot of you feel like my eyes make me look tired and older than I am. Unlike some Asians, I do have the double lid but the tops have been feeling heavy and forget about eye makeup staying on. The irony is that it took a lot for me to decide on surgery but after getting five consults and talking to doctors about 'other options' for getting a refreshed body and face, I actually scheduled some major procedures. I'm getting a BBL in two weeks (so excited!!). And then maybe a month later is going to be face surgery including upper and lower blepharoplasty AND rhinoplasty. I know I know. It's crazy but now the eye surgery is so minor compared to all of the other things. I think it's because I see these ps before and afters and I think, 'wow that person looks amazing but I wouldn't think that they needed all of those procedures to get that look.' I initially wanted all procedures at one time so I wouldn't have to take more time off but it's hard to sleep on your stomach (because of BBL) and avoid smashing your face work so I agreed to break it up.

Ok, so back to eyes. The surgeon I was originally going to go with was young, handsome, had an amazing modern office and was the most expensive. In addition to upper and lower, he recommended a browlift (endoscopic) and canthoplexy. Basically another $7k in add-on procedures. The other four ps said that it was not necessary because of my age and look. I asked for a revised quote to take out those procedures and was told, well... that's what the doc recommended so it stays... as is. They were nice about it but I thought it was a tough stance.

Luckily had the most amazing experience with my selected surgeon (yea!!). Lots of details in my other two reviews (BBL and rhino) but in a nutshell.... he's great. Attentative, rapport was excellent and very supportive and knowledgeable, and very complimentary. I really felt like these things were going to improve my very decent looks into the next level. I was convinced even before I got the quote!

Honestly I haven't thought about this surgery that much because I'm obsessed in the BBL and looking at bootays all day. That RS board is especially active and very interesting. I'm not planning on taking much time off (in Friday and back at work Monday --- abeit very sore). I figure even though I won't be able to sit for 3 weeks, I can still hide it better than a bunch of bruising on my face... so I'm saving two weeks off for that recovery. Given that I'm actually way more excited about augmenting my nose than even the eyes at this point. The thought of a nose job always freaked me out but talking to my surgeon and reading RS stories.... I believe that will make the biggest difference of all in my overall appearance. Just wishing I was more savvy like some of these reviewers who decided in their 20's to get the surgery instead of 40's!

pre-op for BBL last SAT

Hi, went in for my preop and still love the doc and the office (who will also be doing the face work later in January). Didn't talk about eyes that much but lots about getting aggressive lipo and finally getting a butt! So excited. After surgery Friday, I'm sure that I'll be more active on this board for updates and such but now the eye surgery seems so minor in comparison. I'm sure that it will improve my looks though... especially on this days when allergies or fatigue make me look like I have dark circles.

I'm trying to get to be able to work from home after face surgeries so cross fingers! That would be a blessing.
Ok, psyching up for Friday surgery. Wish me luck!

DAY 6 Post Op from BBL

So the BBL surgery went well. I'm in love with results. For full review and all of the gory details.... Basically, laid down on the operating table, didn't even get a chance to count backwards... all I heard was "you're getting a cocktail in your IV" and that was it. Next thing was in recovery room with nurse. No pain, just numbness and general discomfort. Having ups and downs... some days I feel like I can conquer the world and recovery is no problem, the next it's exhausting just getting out of bed and I wonder if I won't go crazy before I'm all healed. It's not the problems and pain with recovery.. it's just all of the TIME! I'm impatient. I think my ps did an amazing job. He took out a ton (5L which is basically the max) and put back in all that my butt skin would allow (600 cc/each) and spent five hours doing it even after the other two assistants left. Not sitting is incredibly hard and sleeping is super hard. Ugh. Your legs tend to get numb and swollen. Taking Tylenol at night cause that's when the aches in the stomach and back are the worse. I'm always thinking... "am I on my butt?" when I'm on my side sleeping which makes me afraid that I'm killing my fat graphs.

Anyway you can see more on my BBL post, I know that you're here for the eye lid surgery details so basically.... postponed till after 2/1/2014 only because my husband's company's having their annual party at that time and I can't have bandages on then. At least then I won't have to lie to the office about it. I mean they know about the eyelid, not BBL and only some know about the rhino. They know I'm already planning on taking time off (two weeks I think).

Ok more soon I'm sure. Thanks for checking.

Butt Done, now nose then eyes

Hi all, I'm on day 18 post-op after a Brazilian Butt lift. I really love the results but recovery is slower than I want it. Everyone says that I'm ahead of schedule and that my body is bouncing back nicely but I'm impatient. The first week was a breeze because everything was still pretty numb. Just had a hard time going through the day without a nap. Of course swelling was ridiculous but to be expected. Week two... all bruising gone and swelling is going down but guess what... more pain! Ugh. Last night was the first night of week three without a perc before bed. Anyway, on day 7 had my post-op visit with doc and he asked if I would be ok with splitting up the nose and eye work into two separate days. I think that he anticipates the nose taking a while and wants to be totally dedicated and focused on that and then do eyes later once nose swelling goes down a bit.

Eyes will be 2/10 which is also my 43 birthday... but I don't mind spending it in surgery. The only bummer is that I am taking off two weeks for recovery and that means going back to work with stitches in my eyes. Oh well. So far hiding the BBL at work has been successful but the office has been quiet because of holidays.

I know that this is the the eye lid board but this procedure has become so minor compared to the other two. At times I debate whether I need the lower lids done. I want to pull back the muscle so that the crepiness from a "drapery effect" won't give me dark circles. I admit that at times when it looks good but today, even though I'm not particularily tired... I look it so yes I want it both done at the same time. I think that the result will be nice. Still me but more awake.

I'm also planning on getting a short hair cut after the procedures (or at least before returning to work) so that people are more focused on the hair than the "work".
OK, that's an update.... more to come.

16 more days till eyes!

Still recoverying from BBL. It's actually more sore this last week than the first two! Strange. I thought that the pain was supposed to keep decreasing. No regrets though. The results are amazing. It's not as convincing in photos but in clothes and already getting comments on my "curvy body"... never heard that before.

So regarding the eye surgery... Dr. S originally showed me a picture of a lady who had lower bleph and there was a small mole near the bridge of her nose in the before. In the after, it moved to more the corner of her eye and upwards too. He said basically he would move the muscle out and up (not diagonal because that would be right into the eye). I know a lot of lower bleph is removing fat (don't have that problem) but not sure if "regular" bleph is mostly skin or muscle. Another doctor recommended canthoplexy but I'm not exactly sure what the differences are... just that it's more of a solution for droopy lower eye lid (which I don't have).

I think that recovery will be a breeze though. I'm planning on taking pharmacutical grade oral arnica before, during and after. You can get it on amazon and I think that it's really helped me during my BBL. Also, it's important to apply ice immediately on the night after surgery to reduce bruising and swelling. I also have some stronger allergy sinus meds on hand just in case they start acting up while I'm trying to recover. I don't think sneezing and sniffling is going to be good during recovery.

I'm excited to try new eye shadow techniques after. Right now I keep it rather plain or bare due to the fear of it coming right off or smearing.
I'm also considering plumping up lips at the same time (I know such a slippery slope). I also though... should I get a peel a the same time since I'll be out of work anyway???
My husband's been pretty good. Especially recently that we have been able to have some sex again but I know he's not looking forward to another couple of weeks of me being out of it. Hopefully he sees how happy I am with the results (which was his biggest fear) and see that it will all be worth it and more!

BTW... watching a marathon of Dr. 90210. Guess this whole plastic surgery thing has really opened an area that I hadn't really considered and now I'm fascinated and want to know everything about it. The biggest reason... such major changes can happen and people get so happy and lives are changed. Also, to believe in the beauty of the body and it's ability to heal! Amazing.

one week post op

sorry I've been mia. The rhinoplasty took a lot out of me in terms of patience and some complications and then just having to reschedule eyes. Surgery was a week and a day ago and I lovelovelove it. The lids are still swollen but stitches came out three days after and it's healing up so nicely. Dr. S also did some rhino touch ups (left side of bridge was taken down more and further defined and right nostril scar was redone). Bruising was a minimal. No pain except one stitch on right corner was sore when removed. He also did something to my eyes where the whites were so white... no red at all. And I'm very prone to having red eyes. I took off a week to do lots of cold compresses and no bending over. I also think that the ARnica Montana helped and pineapples and papayas. Back to work and getting lots ofcompliments... just looking more awake and refreshed. Also love the nose now ... still looks like me. I added filler in lips which I love but its temporary. Dr. S wanted to touch up my right upper lid but I think its fine. Highly recommend procedure. Highly recommend doctor! Two surprises 1) woke up in retraints because apparantly I was trying to scratch at my eyes after surgery and 2) very very quick recovery!!! Detail work was excellent. original creases were double and triple (not well defined...) correction subtle but effective. No more extra crepey skin! The only thing that I'm waiting on is the complete recovery of my smile from the rhino (cutting under upper lip) but that's softening up nicely!

One week photos

No Regrets. No more tired looking eyes.

So it's been a while since update and just wanted to say I highly recommend this sx for everyone. Recovery is nothing and the results are amazing. Always hated all that extra skin. Don't waste your money on expensive eye creams... Just get the surgery. Used to get so distracted by crepey folds on upper and lower lids and now they're completely gone. Always thought I had dark circles but it's was the shadows of the folds. Always looked tired. Now I feel and look fresh.
Honolulu Plastic Surgeon

My consultation was amazing. My surgeon made a connection with me and I felt an instant familiarity with him and his office staff. Very warm and knowledgeable. You can tell he's passionate about his work and genuinely interested in his patients as unique individuals with their own set of challenges. He was more interested in making sure I was basing my decision on correct information, than 'getting the sale'. As far as his expertise.... no yelp reviews (bummer) but over a hundred RS reviews... all excellent. I was like, 'is that possible?' But as I clicked on their stories, I could tell that they were real people in various different backgrounds and situations but with all the same conclusion. Gives me confidence about his expertise and follow-up support. I emailed the patience consultant one morning with a laundry list of questions and to my surprise, Dr. S called me later that day to answer them all. How cool is that? Also--pls check two more reviews on him on the BBL and rhino board.

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Hi , I'm considering this Doctor too, were you able to call freely with questions ? Who helped you ? How long was your consult ? Thanks ! You look beautiful , I'm also considering eye surgery, he did amazing !
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Hi blutee! You are going to love the eye procedure (go for both upper and lower). Dr. S is amazing. Eyes were perfect and no complications. I opted to spend the night ($500 more) but it's great cause there is someone ice- ing your eyes every 20 minutes so bruising was very minimal. Can't tell you how many times I catch myself in mirror and just loving results. I had many procedures so length on consult(s ) depends but initial was over an hour. Basically I still see doc a lot just to touch base so I have lots of opportunity to ask or tell him whatever. I've also said things that may have been critical and he has no problems with that either. I never felt like he got defensive or offended. Jenna the patient coordinator is great too. Prompt with responses and will even shared her own story with you. It's a tough decision but I have no reservations recommending Dr. Schlesinger to anyone. The only criticism I've heard is wait times can be long but I think that they have been working on that too. He gets carried away with consults but I figure some of mine were long too is I wouldn't want to be rushed. If you pick Dr. S, mention my post! Whatever you decide, good luck with your journey!
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I felt rushed and many ppl were in the room , did you have time with just you and the doc ? I don't kno why everyone was in the room when I was their ? Well 2 ppl were and the doc. And they don't answer w- mails, did u call to get answers or email ? I kina feel like just another number,
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But I hear good things , so I'm confused
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That's one thing they could be better at clarifying. When you first chk in, they have you sign this thing saying that you decline a chaperone. If you don't then that means other ppl have to be in room with you. Weird. Maybe you need to specifically ask about meeting with doc alone(?). Are you emailing Jenna directly? She always gets back to me quick. I would email Jenna your concerns about being rushed and communication and I'm sure she'll help you. That's strange. Sorry you had bad experience, hope they fix it for you.
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No one told me a specific email to use , I was using the one on their site that sais e- mail for apptmt cuz didn't have any other. Did they give you Jens E- mail ? I really wanted to get answers to important questions b4 surgery, When I call they are so buisy and rushed that I don't feel comfortable asking over the phone in that circumstance , if they were calm and helpful and willing I would but that's not the case. I'm doing a huge proceedure and it's costing a lot , I don't want to walk on to the operating table without knowing what I need to kno and without feeling that they care about me, I bet Dr. S doesn't even know this is the case because it's the staff , NOT HIM. How do I get Jens E-mail and now I feel she didn't want me to have it if she didn't give it to me at first . This all worries me so much , wish they were more helpful
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Surgery is stressful enough and patients need to feel safe and in good hands.
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Durring my appointment when I was laying in the table undressed , someone came in and out the door that Leeds to the waiting room, and their were two men out their that could see inside my room with me undressed !! That was soo unprofessional and I felt really like no one respected my privacy or feelings
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What would you do ? I can't believe this happened to me at a place I'm spending thousands of dollars and need to feel comfortable at , I really don't get it or understand, and I'm just honestly saying what happened.
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I believe you. To be honest the whole process was strange to me too but I figured it was because I had never done it before. I did give them lots of suggestions to make it more comfortable with others. I'm assuming that like everything else they get used to naked people or surgeries and forget that it's truly traumatic for some of us. I urge you to let them know how you feel regardless of what you decide. Jenna's email is I'm sure they don't care if I give it out. Tell her all of this. I spent $30k with these guys since Dec. maybe they could be more compassionate right off the bat but when they weren't and I asked them about it, it was quickly resolved. Sure it would be nice if they understood what each of us needed and gave it to us immediately but they will if we ask but this is almost as good. Intellectually I've thought about this... Is it more important to have nice people or technically perfect? I want both but that latter is more important. I know you Want to like this experience and I hate that it's not for you but hopefully that doesn't turn you off too much. I'd be happy to talk to you or even meet up with you to share my experience in person. Send me a private message and I'll give you my contact info. I live in town.., Nuuanu .
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Ok great, I feel the same, I'm trying to get past all the nonsense irrelevant events and realize too that it's about the Doctor and that most important, I believe I can truly trust him and his work, and he has awesome results, that's why I went their, thanks for opening up to me tho, I'm not sure if I want to tell them how my experience was , I know he's a dam good PS !! Look at what he did for you !!! He transformed your body !! Your results are the best I've seen !! Absolutely gorgeous !! I want several procedures done, maybe after I gain some confidence I can give some suggestions on the other stuff .
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:-) thanks! I'm really happy with results but for instance nose started in Feb and this is three total surgeries on it! So you can imagine that I had to really trust Dr S during the interim when I wasn't completely happy and the recovery was harder than I thought. It's frustrating but he will do whatever he can to make it perfect. We are still working on a lipo scar since March. Lotions and one dose of laser so far and it looks like it's shrinking but still there. I'm not crazy with the long process but I know he wants what I want... For it to be completely gone. I'm sure most individual results have complications. That's what's good about RS, all the gory details. I have this theory that surgeons cannot focus too much on the pain... It would just be too depressing and distracting. I bet most of them don't have to know you to do a good job but you need to like them to trust them to. It's a big decision and expensive and it's your body! So yea take it seriously! I like this doctor so I am brutally honest with him even when it's not particularly flattering to him or his staff but I know for a fact he takes all comments to heart because it's his business and reputation! I believe it will help with the experience of others to come. I would hate for someone not to pick him because one of his staff was thoughtless but I'm sure it happens. I envy you for doing your homework. I know you have asked RS a lot of questions and have done your research. I did some but mostly I trusted my instincts on the doc and it's worked out for me. For me.. I'm done. My poor husband has been though a lot with.. "Ouch" "don't touch me there" etc...! I have zero regrets for BBL, eyes and nose. Love it all.
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Well said
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So glad you are happy with your eyes so far!
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How's your BBL operation and the result?
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Very exciting- keep us posted!  Can't wait to hear about how surgery goes :)

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