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I have been lurking on this forum since after my...

I have been lurking on this forum since after my surgery..reading and posting a bit..i am 50..almost 51.yikes..and have had these horrible boobs since the sixth grade. I was known as the girl with the red hair and boobs.not fun at all. People..including family would always make comments about them..even tho they thought it was a joke..everytime they made reference to them, i shrunk inside..i have always had back pain, and rashes that i just managed. One chiro told me my back pain was caused by more poor posture...i looked at him, and said are you stupid? Really? You try and carry these around..idiot..i cannot tell you what size i was because i just stuffed myself into something that worked. Usually anywhere from a 38D to a 40 DD. but i am sure that was not accurate either..yes denial worked well for me. I started to have serious backpain about a yr ago..crying daily staring at 4am..went to doc..xray showed my spine being pulled forward terribly. Did some pt, and then just made the decision that it was time. I am probably 20 yrs late, but it was now or never..went to my ps and we started the ball rolling in feb of this yr. he does not take insurance so i filed on my own..didnt really care...i paid out of pocket..ugh

Surgery done on mar 26.. I wanted maybe a small C..he said he would try. Depended on blood supply, density of breast, nerve and skin quality..ok..i thought anything was better than what i had...it took over four hrs! He took a little over one pound out of each side.put my aerolas back where they were once upon a time..like birth! He couldnt do some lipo because i had the max of lidocaine in my chest for a day, and was already out for a long time. He also felt that he cut through me so much, that i didnt need the extra lipo pain..i wanted the side boob gone..it is significantly less, but maybe later we will re visit. I had drains for one day only.

So the wierd thing for me is that he used only dissovable staples. I had never heard of it, but i was like ok..so i am healing and doing well..good home care etc..taking my meds and making progress..at about three weeks, my left aerola is just burning and puffy and swollen a little bit. I called it an angry pepperoni! I still have weight and apparwntly very dense breast so the bottom is pulling on the incision, and thus the aerolas. I feel like i am being shot with a staple gun...all day.. Three staples have decided not to dissolve and just pop out my damn incision and aerola..imagine that pain..especially the aerola..the other parts are kind of still numb, but i was freaking out. Went to the doc asap..and he had to pull them..i was shaking like a leaf..it wasnt as bad as i imagined it would be..but my breast really hurt always...except when i am sleeping. They feel every pot hole here..every breath of wind, every article of clothing or guaze. I would love to go to seep and wake up in four weeks and be better. Doc says the first six weeks is rough..well silly me, i thought ok, i am just about six weeks..i should be good...well im not...i have no regrets..except that should have done this years ago..this kicked my ass...my nerves in my breast are like what have you done? They are paying me back for cutting into them..anyone have ideas on relief for aerolas and nerves that hate me, i would appreciate it..oh i also got a mean paper tape reaction on day two! Haha that was fun..it spread across my top right boob. Thought i would rip my skin off...finally got better and less angry with gold bond powder...no one is touching me with a scalpel for awhile!!!

Oh Mamaish I am so sorry to hear you have been suffering . I am 54;and 3 weeks post op and am dealing with soreness and nipple sensitivity . At my age I really didn't care about having feeling in my nipples. Lol I am thinking its taking me a little longer because of my age . Still with the soreness I am glad I had the surgery . Its truly been worth it. I hope you start feeling better soon .

It is i believe totally my age..had i done this 20 yrs ago, i would be fine now...i just need to rest and stop trying to do everything...type A personality!! Today was a good day..so i will take it! Thank you for your support..aloha
I'm 31 and five days post op. I'm 5'1'' and had 38Fs depending on the bra. My doc is a fam friend and he told me he could reasonably get me down to a full C. He was able to do some lipo on the sides and I got to tell you, that hurts most of all. So far no big problems though. Healing well without too much pain. Resting a lot and absolutely no excercising :(. I'm am glad I didn't wait another 20 years but I will have to keep in shape or I'm sure they'll just grow back.

Went to ps today for six week check..he was...

Went to ps today for six week check..he was snipping out some of the dissovalable staples that were "spitting" out. Thankfully it didnt hurt. My incisions are looking so much better and mynpain has decreased a bit. I do try to rest or nap daily still, and taking my advil and tylenol as needed. Looking forward to each passing week, asi get better and can do more. Hoping my left aerola tames down as well. It is a little puffy still. And gotta love those zingers of pain that shoot thru me at wierd times...still cant sleep fully on my side yet..for a bit but not much.. Still have a lot of boob and will one day....later this year..do some lipo..haha because i love the pain!!
I am 63 and this recovery really whooped my butt too. I also attributed it to my age. I went back to work full time after 4 weeks and my first day back I felt like I was shot out of a cannon. My nipples were extremely sensitive but I wore a pad on them and then when I started wearing regular bras I looked for one's with a thicker cup for protection. My husband thought my nipples were funny and he said it looked like my turkeys were done. I told my ps they should have come with warning stickers. I will tell you it gets better each day and I absolutely love my new boobs. I would do it again a million times over and soon you will feel the same way. Listen to your body and take it easy. I know easier said than done.
Sounds exactly like me...i bought some nursing pads and they are kind of ok..i too was looking for more padding..i wanted madonna cones with softness inside..i ge in an elevator and cross my rms over my boobs..so no one bumps me..its crazy but getting better..i would do it again as well..best decision...thanks for your support...haha

I slept on my side!!!! I cannot believe it!!...

I slept on my side!!!! I cannot believe it!! Finally..Almost seven weeks post op...i have been trying but was unable to lay on my side for more than a few minutes..but last night i actually fell asleep for not sure how long..but it was good..
Still having some small pieces of the dissovable staples that want to come thru. Put some sensitive skin spot bandaids on them for padding. PS tweezing them if they break thru. Most have been absorbed by my slow ass body! Feel like i am turning a corner...dont want to jinx it! Still need a nap everyday..and still have burning, and zingers. Cant yet work out too hard..but some at home stuff is ok. Doc says i am still pretty swollen..that makes me happy...because i really want to be a c...right now i am a d..which i am trying to deal with..as i was in denial about my true size anyway..so i will take the progress..
Thank you for your updates. I'm 55 and glad to see info from people who are over 35. Ha ha. I have my pre-op tomorrow. Two weeks to surgery. Is there any advice you can give for a woman over 50?
Oh boy can I!!!!!? Since doing this i have learned several things... Everyone heals differently..we are older..so when you read stories on here about being back at work and to the gym, and shopping etc...remember these women are typically much younger...it is a fact that our skin, nerves, blood flow etc are now slower to heal. Do not compare...it will drive you insane... If you havent been professionally measured..when you try your old bras on after surgery..because you will...dont be disappointed because they will fit...remember a few things...a) you are still swollen..and b) you were probably wearing the wrong size..we just buy bras that we can stuff ourselves into... Take it easy...rest as much as you can..i have a type A personality where i feel if i am resting i am wasting time...sit your butt down and rest..do your crunchies now and make sure you work your core..that helps in getting out of bed or a chair.. Eat well..apples and fiber cereal are great for constipation from meds..also milk of magnesia too...take your meds every four hrs in the beginning..do not let the pain get ahead of you...buy front closure sports bras..walmart..kmart have them..by several..and buy them big enough to have room for pads and guaze..drink plenty of water...dont try to be a hero!! Yes we should have done this years ago...life got in the way...but we deserve to live the rest of our life without this burden...i will support (haha) you always..
Well I'm 30 but I hope my advice isn't entirely useless. Adding to what mamaish said about bras I'd buy a postoperative bra from nordstroms that's at least a C/D Large unless you're real petit. $35 You'll be swollen and your sides will hurt a lot if you had lipo. It closes in the front and is incredibly comfortable. Also, if you smoke STOP. It really effects healing apparently. Ask your dr about SinEcch. It's over the counter for bruising and swelling buts it's hard to find. It's big with plastic surgeons these days apparently but I litterally has no bruising and I've always bruised easily. I slept in a recliner with pillows inder my arms for the first four or five nights and I think that helped a lot to keep swelling down. Take a stool softener a couple days in advance and drink a lot of water. Expect to get constipated so stock up and what you'll need. I also got heart burn from the anistesia so maybe take an antacid the night before.

Accidently turned on my stomach...yikes!

I guess i was in a deep sleep...thats unusual!....and i felt this searing pain and woke realiIng that i was on my stomach...my boobies did not like it at all..they have been a bit more sore and swollen since that incident.hope i didnt mess something up...have been doing so much massage with bio oil, and then arnica gel because on the sides they are so lumpy...if i never had this done, i would be running to a mammo and doc because of this hotdog size lump on my left side..anyone have these? Doc said they will brak up and dissolve...i am impatient...anyone have any ideas? He also said warm baths will help..tried that and not so much..started having a bit more nipple action on the left side which has made me happy..probably all the massaging!!
I am still lumpy too. Doesn't look like it, but once I start massaging I can feel a lot. Especially right underneath my scars. It's all hard there. Glad to hear you have some feeling! It's such a relief
Yes my left one goes right to the scar..i wish they would go away..i keep running warm water over it..hoping to "melt" it away!
I am 54 ... 5 weeks post op. The best advice I can give you is to make sure you and your PS are on the same page . Make sure your dr knows what your expectations are such as the shape and size of the breast . Some takes pictures they've found online . I realized that my idea of a C cup wasn't the same as my PS . We have one chance to get this right so make sure your dr knows what You want . That's my advice for what its worth . Best of luck .

All of a sudden...

I am 10 weeks po today, and a few days ago i started having a lot of pain on my right side..the good side! Started to feel really swollen so i started to take it easier..maybe going to the gym and doing light arm stuff wasnt ok..not sure..for those that remember i had dissovable staples where most did dissolve but some are still inside trying to escape thru my damn skin. A piece popped thru my areola..i know..fun..not! My ps pulls them out as the "spit" thru..well a few are trying to come thru my scar on the right, and they frickn hurt. Last night after my shower, so puss bubbled out and i was freaking out because i could see this plastic looking piece in there...i see my ps tomorrow but for now just putting some bacitracin and feeling like crap...i have had so many issues..and i was feeling so good finally and now i feel set back..i am tired..i want him to just make some small incisions and take out whatever is left..guess i will have to recover from that too..dammit...thanks for letting me vent..
I can't imagine why they're not dissolving! I'm about five weeks out and sometime while I'm sleeping (or waking up really cause the pain) I feel the stitches kinda snap from rolling over I guess but I'm so sorry those staples are SUCH a problem! You'd think they'd be gone by now. I'd say that, for readers about to have the procedure, they should talk to the doc if they want staples. Sounds scary and painful! Like you don't have enough healing to deal with! Sending prayers your way. Hope your visit tomorrow helps!
dallasdd..i agree they should be gone, but there are a few stubborn ones i guess..feel like soaking in hot tea!! the good thing about them is that my outer scar has no staple marks at all..but still not sure if they were any more beneficial than dissovalble stitches..cant wait for tomorrow. he will probably have to make small incicion and i will end up with a stitch!! oh well..thanks for your prayers

12 week po update

I made 12 weeks post op today. I am feeling soooo good..i had some issues with my dissovable staples not fully dissolving, but that has gotten better..i actually removed two pieces myself!! I am loving that they are so much smaller..i am learning to love them as they are. Still some swelling and they will swell if i do too much. Massaging bio oil and arnica gel daily..a lot of sensitivity has come back so that is good..sex is great again! I ran on the treadmill for a bit today..and then walked..i can wear my shelf cami tops with no bra...love love that..they dont move as much..love that too!! Dont love my left aerola..seems a little flimsy, but itmis what it is..i am not posing for playboy..my back issues have disappeared and for that i am so thankful..have been sleeping on my tummy more and more..still gotta hold the girls when i roll back over because they pull and can hurt a bit..but i am handling..tomorrow i am going for a massage so we will see if i can lay on my stomach..they have a pillow for me ncase i have to turn on my side..they have been forwarned!..so for the most part i am finally starting to live again!! Very grateful!!


Thank you for sharing, I feel so much more prepared, I've learned a lot. You look great, I, love what you said," it is what it is" The perspective is priceless, perfection is not the goal here, joy in not having painful breast, just nice ones. Thanks girly.

5 1/2 months

Went to see ps yesterday.. I was looking forward to it, as i am well..as in no more serious issues..my staples have mostly dissovled..wont do that again..got to share with him my thoughts looking back..my emotional turmoil that we all can relate to about wanting to be smaller..my red scars that i know will turn white..but i am not a patient person...my left aerola being smaller than right..the need for a revsion (see pic) where my drain was..and the final decision to go with some lipo for my side ugly boobage. We couldnt do the lipo during the br because i was under for four hrs, and had received the max lidocaine in my chest..so of course he was like wow you look great..and im like yeah they are ok! I mean i am happy that i am not being crushed anymore, but i still feel large..i want little ones..also i hate my nips, but i hated them before so thats not his fault! So we have scheduled the lipo and the revision for nov.. I am scared of course..cause i didnt have the greatest time recovering, but he has assured me that this is easy in comparison. So i am going for it..it will make me smaller in the side..so overall i think my results will make me feel better..i really hate that drain area..we knew after day one that this would be needed..i dont even like to touch it...it grosses me out..so i will be happy when it is gone..so thats my update...please excuse the fat in my pics...i didnt know i had all that!!! It was covered by boob!! Lol
This one doctor told me that I needed to lose weight so my breasts can go down. Uh... Really? How many big people have big breasts? Not all of them do. Even when I lost weight, my breasts were still big. It's great that you are going to get your lipo done. I barely made it out in four hours with my side liposuction and nipple reduction. Areola usually comes with it but I wanted my nipple reduced as well. Now next month, you will be recovering again but it won't be as bad. I'm still sore from my side liposuction but only when it's being pressed on. Good luck on your upcoming surgery! You look very good so far and it will be even better in a couple of months!!
You look really great! I'm glad to hear your doc is working with you and touching up some spots. Do you have to pay for that part or is it covered by the surgeon? I always wonder who covers what in a revision. Anyhow, keep us posted :)
The revision is covered under the already paid surgery..the lipo..um not s much!!! More money for me to give to him! Ugh

Revision postponed

I was going to do my revision in nov, but that has been pushed back to january. I needed to take care of some other issues and january will be a better time. We are going to do a little fat graft as well. Anybody ever have that done? We are doing lipo on the sides and will transfer some of it to my left side because when i lift up my left arm, there is some sinking of my left aerola..blech..i just want to be done..so january 10th it is. I need prayers that i will heal quickly..i am so nervous..

Revision in Five more days..freaking!!

Well my next surgery is on the 9th. I am really starting to get terrified..revising a drain flap, and doing lipo on the sides..saying goodbye to that damn side boobage..also doing a little fat transfer because my frickn left aerola falls in when i raise my arm! That makes me crazy..i am afraid of the pain..it has been 9 months since my br..and it was hell...please tell me that the lipo wont be that bad.....
Cast your fears on Him. I will be praying for you girl! We can do this, it's part of our nature, we are women, we are strong in a special way!
I too had to have a revision. I was 5 months out. My original ps died so I needed to find a new one. The new one was very young , not even 35. He was wonderful. I had both of my drain scars revised, a mass of fat necrosis from behind my right nipple and I had both of my anchor scars revised. I never dissolved the original suture material and my scars were like ropes. He, new ps, wanted to do some lipo on the sides but I was afraid of the pain as we were going to Seattle for my granddaughter high school graduation in four days. The surgery was not as painful as the first time around, but I did have constipation and major bloating. My new ps put me in a tight surgical bra post op and he said to wear a sports bra at night after three days. No drains this time but he did use wound glue and it took two weeks before it came off. My boobs are still the same size and shape and my scars are ok. I am 63 and not too many people see them anyway. I still have overly sensitive nipples which is annoying in the cold. I am sure you will be fine but I can only tell you from my experience, it hurts. I am glad I had it done and I love my new ps. When I am ready for my facelift I will go to him. Be ready to be uncomfortable and to be happy with your results. Good luck.
good luck, you will get through it and it will be worth it

Revision done

Had my surgery yesterday..went really well. He fixed my drain flap from br in march..lipo'd the awful side boobage..removing one lb each side..holy crap..he did a fat transfer under my left aerola using some of that fat he took from that side..after the br my body didnt distribute much fat under there and when i would raise my left arm, the top portion of aerola would cave in..he filled it in and that has made me so happy. There is some bruising but have been taking arnica for the past two weeks so it is already changing to yellow..minor stuff..have to wear a compression bra for six weeks. I also have to stuff or line the sides of the bras with hand towels or wash clothes or pads to compress the now empty skin into a moldable shape. So funny because all my childhood people thought i stuffed my bra and i didnt..now i am!!!! Thats made me smile..i can shower by myself and am trying not to be to active right now..i dont want anymore surgery...well maybe a tummy tuck one day!!
Yay! All very good news! I hope they are perfect for you! Take it easy! Can't wait to see the new girls
Thank you

Five weeks post revision

Just came from my ps fo five week check..all is well..but.....on my left side, there is a portion of skin that will need to be fixed..it is really lose, and ps said that he will fix that..he probably didnt do enough of the lipo there..ugh so in six months he will fix it..im tired of sore boobs....my sides a a little bumpy, but i just have to keep massaging them to break up that tissue so it doesnt bulge!! Lord knows i dont need more bulges.. Will post pics later...
Glad your revision went well - I hope things heal up well :-)

One year reflection

Well its been a yr since br...it has been a very tough journey for me...however i have no regrets..i am still not as small as i would like, but i am much smaller and i feel when i look at myself that i am more proportionatly correct. I look at old pics and cringe..so thats been good...i had a revision and some side lipo in january, and have struggled with that as well...my left side has drooped and i will need more revision later..i also have developed a horrible mastitis as well...just finished my antibiotics today..yup my severed milk duct decided to start producing milk..yup you read that right...i am almost 52!!!! They became inflammed and i started to leak milk, blood and fluid through my incision..it was horrible..its much better today, but still lumpy and very sore on my sides..shooting towards my back!! I really just want to be normal again without breast pain..they hurt still whenever i turn over in bed..like i still have to hold them as i move..got a bit depressed after the last surgery because i was eating and not able to work out so i could feel the 20lbs i lost coming back..trying to pull myself back from that hole..i think my family is over my boob issue as well..but i am still happy with the way they look...under my clothes anyway..i cant seem to love the left side naked...but i do love the right side!! Not looking forward to another revision so for now i just continue to heal...no regrets..except the one i cant control...that i should have done this when i was much younger..but oh well..love to all that have gone thru it all, and those that are just starting their journey
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