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Stats: 30yrs old 5'3" 108lbs Athletic build ...

Stats: 30yrs old 5'3" 108lbs Athletic build Currently pancakes sized at 34 C/D

As a teen I quickly blossomed and was between a 34D/DD. After having two children, breastfeeding each for over a year, the girls have taken a sagging position. At only 30yrs old I have many years to go and want to be able to wear nice things. Currently the girls have sagged down to probably a 34C, but are very deflated since while nursing I was up to a 34 G/H. Ultimately I want my pre-child breasts back, but I do not want them as large as they were when I was nursing. They were too big, making it hard to buy bras, impossible to find clothing that fit nicely, and uncomfortable.

After meeting with Dr.S he said I may be able to do an aug. without needing a lift, but he will have to make the final call in surgery. Initially he said probably somewhere around 600-700cc silicone, submuscular. I am a little paranoid that it will make them much bigger than I want, so looking to have another sizer appointment before pre-op.

Surgery schedule for 10/25! Estimated cost if only implants needed $9000, estimated cost if benelli lift also needed $13000


Had pre-op last week. So excited now. We have settled on 600-700cc. Looking forward to posting some after pics.

Healing Beautifully

I am now 20 days post op and the girls look AMAZING. I ended up having the benelli lift and 700cc implants. I am so glad that I trusted my gut and put the primary decision on size and lift in my surgeons hands because he clearly knew exactly what he was doing.

I have only a very little bit of swelling left and they are pretty much the exact size I was hoping they would be, and once all swelling is gone they will be perfect. Even my nipples are healing better than I could have imagined.
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I'm the exact same size as you and hoping I can get by with a lift! Keep us updated! :)
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Oops I meant without a lift, just the implants
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I had large implants today but I went for overs because it can interfere with the muscles and can take so much longer to heal up my surgeon wouldn't do the size I wanted 525 cc as unders so i got overs they look great and I am so happy with my outcome maybe talk to your is again and ask what he suggests for the best outcome hope you get what you dream of xx
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I would be very cautious with submuscular augmentation with such a large implant. It is likely a high profile implant that will be too narrow to give you an appropriate result and the submuscular placement is very likely to amplify the pectoral-breast dysjunction( change in angle between axillary fold and breast. The combination of a large round highly projecting implant in a submuscular plane is very likely to deliver a widely separated result that will quickly progress to a "down and out" position. Discuss the possibility of anatomically shaped highly cohesive gel implants with your doc. from the pictures it looks like I would recommend Sientra anatomic Classic Oval shape or Allergan style 410 FM around 450-520cc but of course a surgeon evaluating you directly can be more accurate. I also strongly recommend a subfascial plane insteaad of submuscular which allows internal support od the lower pole of the implant in addition to increased shaping. With such an implant and technique selections it looks to me that you will not need a typical lift, only a small amount of skin removed at the inframammary fold (distance looks too long from nnipple to fold especially on left). It would require better pictures to judgge this more accurately. I hope this food for thought helps! All the best, Rian A. Maercks M.D.
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Also, to clear up soime misconception, the Keller funnel does nothing to affect the visual result. The device jiust makes insertion of the implants easier and may offer limited protectin of the implant itself.
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Dr S did explain that :)
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Wishing you the best! Enjoy!
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I dont think you need a lift,but alot of ladies here really have wonderful results with the keller funnel.does your dr do this?congrats on deciding to do something for yourself,looking forward to your updates
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Yes he does the Keller funnel method. I too am looking forward to the weeks to come
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Thank you for starting your journey on RealSelf! I am happy to see that you have already posted questions and photos in the Doctor Q&A. Some women prefer to do a lift right away instead of having the weight of implants and gravity take it's toll over time, resulting in a second surgery in just a few years. Great idea on getting on more sizer appointment! Let us know how it goes!

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