Breast Augmentation Not What I Hoped for :(

I had barely an A cup before i got my breast...

I had barely an A cup before i got my breast implants and have always wanted to get them done. I have researched for about 5 years before i finally made the decision to do it. I wanted to be a full D cup so I originally was going to get 525 cc's overfilled to 575 cc's however the day of surgery the nurse swayed my decision. She said that she only had 500 cc's and because i wasn's stick skinny that bigger implants could make me look heavier. She also asked me if i was sure i wanted to go that big so i second guessed my decision as i was waiting to go into surgery. I went with 475 cc's overfilled to 525 cc's. When i woke up i knew i wouldnt be satisfied with the size. I was pretty upset that i let her convince me otherwise. It's been a little over 3 months and i am very unhappy with the results so far. He told me my breasts were even and the exact same size but not they are completely different from eachother. My right breast has not dropped at all since getting them.I had a horrible indention in between my breast implants, however it did get better but still noticeable. People cant even tell i got my breasts done, i guess because i used to wear water bras before. It's pretty disheartening to hear that they don't look much different. I really want my PS to do a revision but I'm hoping and praying in the next 3 months they will get better.


This should be an easy revision you just need to have 1 of your breast lowered otherwhise they look great!!
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How tall are you & how much much do you weigh? I think the size is terrific and I know it's common for one to drop later than the other but I am sure it's frustrating. I am 5'7" and weigh 133 and 4 weeks ago I got 375 cc's. I wanted to be a small C and I am a very full C so I can't imagine that yours aren't way bigger than mine with the size you got, I was also a small A before. I'm so sorry you aren't happy.:( Maybe when the D&F you will be happier. Good luck.
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How did you make out in the end?
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I know every person is different and he isn't necessarily to blame.

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