My 10 Year Anniversary Gift, 33 Years Old, 2 Kids. So Worth It!! - Honolulu, HI

I feel like a sexy wife and mom again thanks to Dr...

I feel like a sexy wife and mom again thanks to Dr Healy. I believe my husband and I picked the best doctor in Hawaii to give me back boobs I once had before breastfeeding my two kiddos. Doctor Healy and his professional staff made my decision even easier after our consultation. My surgery was very successful and I now look great and feel sexier in my clothes again. My hubby is a very happy man too. LOL!!! Doctor Healy said 400cc would be perfect and natural for my body & small frame, but my hubby pushed for 425cc's Silicone and he happily agreed that would be fine and recommended no more than that. Surgery was a success and healing a breeze except for one issue. I found out I am allergic to something used for closing my incisions or prepping and now have hyperpigmentation around incision areas after my allergic reaction subsided. Doctor Healy and my dermatologist helped me through that hiccup and is still currently helping me correct darken areas. So I recommend all patient request a patch test be done a few week before surgery by him or your dermatologist. Besides my one issue....he is an excellent doctor and has an excellent staff. I love my new curves!! So worth it!! Mahalo


Age: 32
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 119
Before kids: 32 B
Breast size before surgery: 32 -A cup after breast feeding two kids (no regrets, love my babies)
Implant info: Natrelle Silicone Smooth High Profile 425cc's placed in both Left & Right Breast under muscle
Breast size after surgery: 30 DD

Finally went swimsuit shopping

I finally went swimsuit shopping since my bust has softened and found this pretty coral two piece suit at Target. So happy....feeling sex-ay!! I love how I look in a two piece again. Got my bust back!!! Can't wait to plan a day at the beach with my family.

A Comparison Photo

A comparison shot I had to share. One happy woman. Loving my boobs and cleavage. :0)

In love with my boobs!!

In love with my boobs. Finally after 2 months....after all the tightness, random sleepless nights, worrisome moments, pinching, numb sensations, pressure discomforts, itchiness and etc subsided....I finally completely have all sensation, softness, and desired shape. My boobs finally started feeling normal around 30 day post surgery but really feel and look natural after 2 months pasted. So completely happy, I wouldn't change a cc or profile. Soo very happy & hubby too. Best gift ever!! Can't believe April 22nd will be 3 months since my surgery.

3 Months Post Op Time & A Before & After Comparison Pics :0)

Wow I can believe 3 months have come and gone since my breast augmentation surgery. Some days I can't believe I have a soft, round big ole boobies on my chest again. LOL!! Can't believe how natural they feel and how they fit me and my clothes perfectly. Thanks again Doctor Healy.

Fitted Shirt Pictures

I love how I fill out my favorite fitted shirts and clothes. More pics to come. The past 5 months has flown by so quickly.

My Allergic Reaction Areas Have Lightened YEAH!!!

Well it has been 7 months since I have my BA surgery and I feel 100%. I love the size, how they look with and without clothes and most importantly how they feel "so real". LOL!! I can't believe 7 months have come and gone. One thing that I am super super super happy about is how my darkened incisions areas have lightened after my allergic burn reaction to liquid adhesive "mastisol". 7 days after my BA I experienced horrible itching episodes, stinging and skin irritation. This was the only worrisome part of my healing process. After the reaction subsided I was left with great looking boobs but awful looking hyper-pigmentation. Doctor Healy, took great care of me, referred me to my dermatologist who confirmed it was mastisol and got me ointments to apply and medicated for it. Afterward my plastic surgeon gave me this skin lightening product (Lytera) from his office to correct it and "IT WORKED"!!! I am one happy lady and now I can pop on my extra small bathing suit tops LOL!!! Pics attached of mastisol (the culprit), Lytera (the lightener), & my before and after pics. And a couple videos of what my 1st ad 2nd stage of mastisol reaction and irritation looks like (a little yucky/scary, so please don't look if you have a soft stomach). *** please ask your doctors for an adhesive test before any surgery, it makes the healing process so much easier*** :0) Hugs & happy healing. I am one happy lady and my hubby too.

hmmmmm my videos are showing.......

Sorry if videos aren't able to view..... I tried.
Oahu Island Plastic Surgeon

Professional, caring, informative

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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They look so great! :)
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Thanks so much Kimberly, I am excited for you. Sept 4th is right around the corner. I pray your doctor and his staff take great care of you and give you the results you desire. Staying tuned. :0)
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They look great!
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Thanks LoLofromVegas, right back at ya.
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Thanks!! Right back at ya. :0)
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amazing! thanks for the fitted shirts photo, really helps to put it into perspective. i'm thinking your size and profile exactly - I'm taller and not quite as thin :)
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Thanks and so glad my pics could help give you an idea. More to come. Congrats on starting your journey. So excited for you!
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You look great!!!!!!!! I'm 6 days post op and feeling pretty good. Last night, experienced SHOOTING PAINS in the right one --which has dropped more than the left. Is this normal!?
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So happy to hear your feeling pretty good besides the shooting pain. Having shooting pain is very normal. I felt shooting pains and slight numbness down my left arm for three days within my first month after surgery. Just keep your doctor in the know if shooting pain become unbearable or includes fever, bleeding or changes at the incision area. Hugs and rest as much as possible.
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I know how you feel. Oh yes it looked like my right boob dropped more to me than my left breast in the first month. My right boob has always been slightly bigger than my left that's what I think caused it to relax faster because it already had more tissue for the implant to relax behind faster. Just my guess. :0)
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Congrats they look amazing. I am 6 days post op. Did have the 425 cc hp as well. So far happy. They still have to d & f. 2 steps forward 1 step back as far as feeling good I am sure that's normal.
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Sorry for typos. I saw u have it written 2 different ways. did u get high profile or ultra high profile / UHP? Thx
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Totally understand. This website should have an edit button. High profile is what I have. Thanks I'll edit that right now. Oops. :0)
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Did u get high profile or ultra hogh profile. Thanks
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LOL!! Just high profile.
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Hello, im at 1 month post op this Friday & I was wondering if your size changed any between 1 month- 2 months? Your look amazing, I wish I would have went bigger.
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Definitely yes bigger as tim e went on!
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How much bigger and what sizes did you go from. As of right now im at a 34DD & I feel like they may get bigger. I went from a 36B +400cc silicon brest implants "at 3 weeks" =34DD. I heard some people get smaller?
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Hi Courtney_L, I definitely feel after the swelling when down and the skin got use to the new implants underneath, my breast looked bigger and better around the 2 month period. For some people the full results can't be seen until 3 to 6 months after surgery. Personally mine settled right around the 3 month period.
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Thanks so much Courtney you look amazing too. Happy healing. Oh forgot to mention...after the 6 month period you don't see the size you wanted to achieve... that would be the perfect time to talk with your doctor about going up more CC's if you feel the same about size.
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Sorry Courtney, Wish I could answer your question about measurement. I should of but I never took the time to measure or get measured after my surgery. I just went to Ross went bra shopping and bought bras that fit me best. (I know that bad) LOL!! Picture wise I look bigger later then right after surgery. When swelling goes down it makes some feel smaller. Personally, my upper curve went down in the decollete area when the swelling went away and my under breast curve got larger, because the implant settled into its pocket. ( I hope my explanation makes sense LOL.) I love my settled look more than my super high profile super tight look that I had right after surgery.
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Your look fabulous. I am getting same size Worried. To feel too heavy. Do u ever feel too heavy / too big up top in a fitted shirt. Gym clothes?! Congrats. Hope I get similar results
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