It's my Time :-) 1 Week Before I Get my Babies, YAY! - Honolulu, HI

So after being on and off of RealSelf for about a...

So after being on and off of RealSelf for about a year now, I FINALLY have paid for my twins in full and am ready to get my babies! A little over a week left before the procedure, and I am sooooo nervous about everything, but excited at the same time. If I could get my boobies tomorrow, I would do so in a heartbeat! I'm strongly considering making a blog about my experience, considering the fact that I've seen very few women of color (African American in particular) blogging their experience. I sometimes wonder if there's some type of stigma associated with BAs and our culture... Hmmmm.... whatever the case maybe, I am fortunate that I am able to do this, and have always wanted bigger boobs since college :-). The plan right now is 500-550, or possibly 600cc (leaving it in my surgeon's hands :-)) silicone unders via transaxillary. Just started taking my Vit K today, and now it's settling in that my boobies are just around the corner waiting to meet me. Ill keep yal posted, and will do photos after the BA :-)

Mission Complete!

Aahhhh, so the boobies are finally in!!! Wow, what an experience it's been! I'm so glad I got it over with! So far things are okay. The pain is bearable, and the ladies look decent. My transaxillary incision looks great this far; the stitches will be coming out today :-). Will post more after my post op appt!

5 days post-op- Cleared from the hideous wrap :-)

So I Just hit post -op day 5 and I thought I would never be happier to hear that sentence... "Oh, you don't need the wrap anymore" at my post-op appt ... I thought I would at least be on it for another 2 weeks...

I had to shake my head in disbelief for a few seconds.... gosh, I was so relieved I actually jumped up and hugged my PS!!!! That really made my day!

So the girls are in their pockets, just bought the Motherhood Lily Pads (which are awesome!), tried on a few shirts without the ace wrap, and could not believe what a few silicone nipple covers and a cute shirt (sans bra) could do for a fresh post-op BA gal.... Still have healing to do, but this is definitely a milestone :-). As far as pain goes, it's more of a pressure than anything, but it's something that I can easily acclimate to... Still have some bruising under the breasts at the creases, but im sure the DMSO will help with it. Still can't lift my LO, and I'm more comfortable sleeping upright, but it's all part of the healing process...

I was also very fortunate to speak to a few ladies while I was in the waiting room about their BAs :-) Its so nice to be able to converse face-to-face with fellow women who've gone through the exact same thing as you :-). You learn so much and can share valuable information with each other that can ultimately have an impact on the healing process. What a support system!


3 weeks PO

Yay! almost to that month mark!!! Feeling pretty good; just a bit of tightness , but it's going away.


3 months PO! Where did the time go!?!?!

I forget that I even had a boob job! Love the results!!!
Dr. Larry S. Schlesinger

I LOVE MY PS! He really is an awesome down-to-earth man who is extremely knowledgeable about what he does! I don't think I could trust any other PS to even lay a finger on my body besides Dr. S. He's kind, has an awesome sense of humor, and hubby and I appreciate the fact that he explains everything down to the tiniest detail. He takes pride in his work, and takes the time to address any concerns without making you feel as if you asked a dumb question. His offices are amazing beautiful, and his entire staff has pretty much become family. My breasts look amazing, and my husband and I are in love with the results. Dr. Schlesinger is THE BEST plastic surgeon in Hawaii, hands down!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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I didn't know silicone could be placed transax!!!???
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Yes! My PS use the Keller funnel :-) Look it up on youtube it's very easy and safe to do! He's put 800cc implants in transax, lol!
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You look great girl. How many CC's did you end up getting? Are they high profile?
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Hey thanks :-) I got 550R and 600L. Yup they are HPs Allergan. They are still hard though. How are your tatas doing???
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Mine are hard and still really high. It's depressing seeing all these other women's breasts drop so quickly. My surgeon said because I got such large implants it would be a while before they dropped, but then I look at yours and I'm like dumbfounded.
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I think yours look great for crease incisions though and from looking at your pics I can see slight dropping! Do you have a pic from today? You have no bruising (which I have under my arms and under my boobs horribly),and I think that since I had to wear this terrible ace wrap that forces the implants down for almost a week (and my incisions were transaxillary), it helped a lot even though it was a total pain! If im not mistaken, I dont think you can wear an ace wrap for too long with crease incisions , as you dont want to place pressure on that incision site. Have you been doing exercises/massages?
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I took the ace bandage off at the 48 hr mark. My PS advised to massage only the top half of my breast at my day 4 post-op appointment. I'll post a pic later tonight.. I'm too loopy on meds to do it now hehe.
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I wore two tightly wrapped ace bandages for a week after my BA, crease incision and 650cc HP... And now it's a max impact sports bra and bandeau strap for 4 weeks day and night.
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I saw your update and can see a difference!!!! I looked at mine in the mirror today and noticed that my left boob is dropping waaaay faster than my right now..... I hope I'm not experiencing any cc or bottoming our yet :-/. Think I'm gonna just put the band on my right boob only... I'm also feeling my skin stretching and it actually buuurrrnnnsss! R u experiencing that???? It's especially around my sternum!
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What is a bandeau strap? I'm hoping I don't HAVE to wear any strap but since I see one dropping faster than the other I'm def gonna bring up To my PS. It's sooo hard to believe u have that size. It looks so natural!
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I'm not feeling the burning but my skin is so dry and flakey!! I'm having to put vitamin e oil on like 3x a day! And my right has dropped more than my left but I've asked multiple docs and at this point it's normal for them to be different :)
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The strap goes around your back and up over the top of your breasts. It increases the way "gravity" helps them to drop and I wear it at night to keep gravity from helping the implants to slide to my sides...
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Oh girl my sternum burns so bad too!
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I noticed your surgery was the same day as mine. How are you feeling?
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I'm feeling a ton of tightness across my chest! I've been walking around and trying to Do small chores, but still rest about twice a day. The worst thing so far is my ace wrap that I have to wear :-(. I have a post op appt today so hopefully I'll be able to be cleared from the wrap! How are you feeling? Your pic looks awesome!!! I need to post a pic soon, but I want them to settle more...
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I thank you for saying my pics look awesome because I certainly dont feel that way (yet). My chest is extremely tight as well! I was surprised at how much my shoulders and back hurt, especially in the morning.. Well EVERYTHING hurts in the morning. I was able to take my ace wrap off at 48 hrs - I see the Dr tomorrow morning and will give an update then!
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Please do! I'm about to go See my doc now and persuade him to let me Take off this thing! Yeah, for me it hurts really bad in the mornings as well. I'll keep u posted as well, I'm sooo glad I found someone who's in the same boat as me, yay!!!
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My doc taught me how to massage this morning. Not as painful as I thought it would be!
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That's cool! My ps doesn't want me massaging :-( uugghh and I still have on the ace wrap :-( it's soooo uncomfortable and makes me second guess all of this :-(... I wish I could wear a bra like yours , boo-hoo... I'm such a baby and don't know if I can deal with this much longer :-/. Are you still on pain meds??? I have one left and am saving it lol. How's your sensation? Did u get overs or unders?
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I asked my Doctor for a refill. He told me to try to take them as little as possible because they're addicting. I take 1 in the morning and 1 at night. I take 2 Extra Strength Tylenol's every 6 hours. As far as sensation, the lower breast feels numb. I got unders.
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So happy to see it's your turn to get boobs and to write a review on RealSelf! Will you have someone to help you or check on you the first few days after your surgery? Here are some helpful recovery items you may want to have on hand. Keep us posted as the day draws near!
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