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Prior to my breast aug, my husband and I scoured...

Prior to my breast aug, my husband and I scoured the internet for pictures of what we considered to be the ideal breast aug. We looked for pictures that compared well to my pre-op body, shape and size. We compiled them and showed them to Dr. Chu to give him an idea of what we were looking for.

Today, six weeks post-op, we went back to our list to compare- and mine currently beat them all out. We couldn't find a single picture that could compare in placement, evenness, their natural look and size. They are seriously amazing. They look and feel fantastic. They are perfectly sized for my body type and shape- I wound up going bigger than I had planned because I had extra skin from breastfeeding and he encouraged me to try a larger size. I was concerned that I would look too big and it would feel unnatural; on the contrary, I find that he was spot-on in his advice. I went from a post-nursing 34AA to a 34C-D. I am amazed at how much this change has affected my appearance and confidence. I'm a fairly confident person to begin with, but this was one area where I struggled. It's had an incredible effect on multiple facets of my life!


            are you going to post pics? 
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Yes- I need to find a good/accurate pic of the befores first, though.



Congratulations! Glad to hear you are pleased with our PS and your results! You research definitely paid off. What are your stats? You look fairly small. How many cc's did you end up getting? And what would you say was the most difficult part of your recovery? Looking forward to your photos!

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Since I was so flat as a result of breastfeeding four children (a total of 3 1/2 years of breastfeeding), I had excess skin with little breast tissue. The imaging technology Dr. Chu used also showed that one side of my rib cage (the left I believe) was higher than the other. The right, however, had slightly more breast tissue. To compensate for these asymmetries, I had 475cc in the right side and 450cc in the left. We decided on Mentor's smooth round high profile gel implants.


Great result! I can totally relate to the busy mamma, no time to sit still fit recovery thing. That was THE hardest part for me. WORTH it though! I, too, love my results ;)
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Update answered all your q's but the last- The most difficult part of recovery has been sitting still! As a mom of four (one being a 19 month old at the time), in retrospect I likely would have waited maybe another year, or at least planned better to be down and out. My doctor wanted me to be as still as possible, arms at my sides for 2 weeks post op to minimize scarring and be as gentle as possible on the healing. I'm beginning to get back to working out, but still have to go easy, which has also been really hard for me! Overall, I'm fine with erring on the side of caution and the results have been great in my case. The way I see it, up to 3 months without working out as hard as I like in exchange for up to 10 years of (hopefully) my ideal body is an easy sacrifice to make!

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good bye to flat chest you look lovely.
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Wow! Yours look really great:) How many cc's did you end up getting? I am the same stature as you and size before your BA and I also hope to get the same results on June 13. Thank you for sharing...
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Thank you! I had some asymmetry, so to compensate I got 475cc in the right side and 450cc in the left.


Just so you can truly appreciate the difference, i snagged a pic of my pre-aug printout from my dr last time I went in. As you can see, the girls were simply deflated- exhausted and droopy, they gave their all to my babies!


You look fantastic!!! I, like you, breast fed lots of babies...two at once, at one point, and had lots of skin to fill. I believe now looking at yours too, it makes for an awesome outcome!!! I like that I could go bigger. I knew I needed to because of all the deflation, that's for sure! Lol doesn't it feel great to fill out lingerie, dresses and bathing suits?!! I, also like you, was confident before my BA but what a difference this has made! Who knew!! Congrats Mamma :) We earned this, big time!!!
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Totally agree! I was blown away by how much confidence this has given me, I feel and look amazing! I love filling out my clothes- yes, we earned this.

Wow, the photos from your doctor's office really do show that you did a great job nursing the kiddos. Your results are wonderful...I'm so happy for you! Not sure how old our children are, but how did they react to your surgery and new boobs?

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We originally began to look at him because of a recommendation from another plastic surgeon at Tripler. After looking through many surgeons online, primarily reviewing their before and after galleries, we chose Dr. Chu because his afters were consistently flattering to each body type, evenly placed and very natural-looking. During the consultation (which came after an unfortunately long wait- schedule early to avoid that), he was attentive, professional, knowledgeable, personable and honest. He spent plenty of time educating me about the procedure, the options, risks, and possibilities. I had done quite a bit of research prior to our visit, so most wasn't new to me. I was wowed by the fantastic imaging technology used in the office which allowed me to see a 3D depiction of various implant shapes and sizes pictured on my own body. I came away understanding why his appointments ran so late-- he is very attentive and thorough with his patients. He answered every question I had and in every visit since has also anticipated or even reminded me of questions I would have forgotten to ask (I'm terrible at asking questions). I found Dr. Chu to be every bit an artist- and very concerned about how well I take care of his work. In a cosmetic procedure, this is clearly a desirable quality. In post-op care, he falls on the side of caution, recommending a healthy recovery time with minimal upper body movement. While the consult and the pre-op visits lasted quite a while and started late, the follow-ups have been prompt, efficient and concise. He's been readily available to answer any concerns or questions I may have since as well, even providing us his personal cell number to reach him. Would I recommend him to my friends? I already have.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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