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Aloha!!! I've been lurking on this lovely website...

Aloha!!! I've been lurking on this lovely website since September! First of all, I would like to thank everyone who has shared their experiences!!! It has helped so much :)

Well, I'm 36, I'm 5'2'' 112-115 lbs (depending on the time of the month!) I've breast fed one child. During my pregnancy I gained over 60 pounds leaving my body and boobies in bad shape!!! I've been wanting a breast augmentation for such a long time. I guess you can say I was afraid of what people were going think!! Anyways, I'm finally at that stage in my life that I no longer worry about what others may think. So I'm going for it!

I had my consultation back in Sep 2013... Do to timing I set my surgery date for April 30th. :) I can't believe it's almost here!!! My preop appt is April 17th at that time I will b finalizing the size.. I'll be going with 350-400 HP silicone under the muscle!! I've been torn between sizes.. Hopefully, my preop appt will put my mind at ease :)

Pre op appointment done!!! Going with 500 cc silicone high profile under the muscle!!!!

Doctor Schlesinger and his staff were just amazing!!! From the moment you walk in you're greeted with friendly smiles, they make you feel so comfortable, and the spa like atmosphere brings a sense of calmness to an otherwise slightly nervous patient as myself.

My pre op appt began with Jenna! We took care of the payment portion and the anesthesia fees!

Next, my vital signs were taken, labs were drawn, and pre op teaching done by two wonderful girls.

Each person I came into contact made me feel so comfortable! It was like I was talking with my girl friends!

Jen, helped with picking out my size! I shared with her my desired look, my goals, and my concerns! I was initially going to go with 400cc. However, after talking with Jen and after she shared her experience with me, I decided to go with 500cc!! Thank you Jen!!!

Next, I met with MD Schlesinger! We went over the pre op paper work, meds, and surgery. Md Schlesinger is so knowledgable and has been describe by other pts as an artist! Then it was the final sizing time :) He made me feel so comfortable! He took my measurements, pictures, and reassured me that the size I was choosing would look good!!!

Now the count down begins! :)

Surgery went well!!

I'm now post op day 2! I received 600 cc high profile under the muscle via mg arm pits! I'm still very swollen and my boobies are still riding high!

Sorry for typo ..

I got 500 cc not 600cc

I can't believe it's been 9 days since surgery

Healing process is going well! My surgeon has been wonderful! He's very maticulous! I had my surgery on Wednesday April 30th, the next day (Thursday)I got my JP drain removed, (sat) part of my sutures were removed, (tues) the rest of my sutures were removed, and yesterday (thurs) he manually manipulated my mondors cord! He also taught me how to wrap my right breast to help it drop!
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You look amazing!!!!
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Thank u! I can't wait till I can start exercising!
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I look forward to keeping up with your journey after surgery !
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Hello Selenas, congrats only doing this. I am also trying to decide in the 350-400 range. I think I'm going to try doing the rice sizers this weekend. Hopefully that will help me make a final decision. My surgery is May 9th so I still have some time. It's liberating when you reach that point in life that what other people think no longer matter isn't it? :-)
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Yes, it's very liberating!!! The sizing part is my biggest struggle!! I don't want to go through all the surgery and be disappointed with it being too small or too big.... However, I think would rather be bigger!! Does that make any sense!! Lol :} best of luck to u!
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Yes it does make sense. I think getting the right size is the one thing we all worry about. Good luck, I hope it all works out for you.
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Hi Selenas, congratulations on your decision! I like you gained 65lbs with pregnancy, and breastfed. I wanted breast augmentation for many years. After ending a long term relationship at the age of 39 I decided to just go and do it! I am 5'4 117lbs. I have a very narrow/petite frame, was a 32-34c or d depending on the bra. I went with 300cc HP silicon gel under muscle implants with mastoplexy. I just had my surgery on April 2nd, and I have to say I am thrilled with the result! Very happy with the size (I feel huge!). Make sure your surgeon gives you Valium and muscle relaxers for post-op pain. That's the only thing that helped in the first few days. I am now only taking Tylenol and Motrin but have to take it religiously every four hours or the pain/tightness gets a little out of control. The tightness is the most uncomfortable part of healing. I feel so tight like I have boulders for breasts lol. The larger you go, the more pain/tightness you will have. Good luck to you! I wish you the best!
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Hi Honey 120! I'm sorry for responding so late! I'm glad to hear that you 're doing well!! And thank u for the tips! I just finished my pre op appt and we decided to go with 500cc HP unders! After reading that you felt huge with only 300cc I'm feeling a little nervous!!! How's the healing process going? I hope you're doing well!! Xxxx
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