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I had my first fraxel treatment around my eyes...

I had my first fraxel treatment around my eyes today. I am scheduled for my next of 6 treatments in 3 weeks. I was told that I can expect my wrinkles to improve, the darkness to minimize and have more overall lift in my eyes. I am in my mid-40's so I am at the beginning stage of showing the effects of aging around the eyes but for me I feel the lines are many and deep - I posted a few photos but the really deep lines mainly show when I am making an expression. There was some pain and redness but it went away within a few hours. Will continue to post as I have more treatments and am able to determine how much benefit I am experiencing. One note - It was recommended to do botox to help with the lines and restylane to fill in my bags but I opted not to do anything else for now so I can determine the full effect of the fraxel.

Medical Clinic Center

Sylvia Ho - I am in Hong Kong and the procedure was performed by a nurse not a doctor. Next time I go I will find out more about the credentials required to do the procedure as Sylvia informed me she cannot do the injections but can do laser treatments.

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I initially bought a package for laser for my eyes only (6x for 3000HK). When I went in for my 2nd treatment they suggested I also do my forehead. I can already tell that if I only do my eyes and forehead there will be a difference with the rest of my face so I really want to do my whole face which is why I am thinking about doing the fontana. But this month I am moving so I wont have time to do anything and will probably use my trial for the fontana in May. Bottom line, I recommend doing the face instead of parts which sounds like what you want. I can call Sylvia at the Medical Clinic to ask how much she can offer a package for the whole face if you are interested b/c I am sure you will get a higher price if you call yourself. I'll also ask for a one-time trial so you don't have to commit immediately, but they will want a commitment after the trial if you are interested in continuing with the treatment.
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Sala, I'd appreciate it if you can help me call Sylvia, I'd be interested to do a one-time trial first, I think everyone's experiences differ, so it'll be safe to have a trial first .I'm thinking to do my under eyes first as they are they are really aging fast and wrinkling for my age (30) .Would you mind if I send you an email privately? Thank you.
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Hi Zen
I have been going to a lot of medi spas in HK and have been very impressed with the results. In addition to doing the fraxel I have done laser for hair removal on my legs and am currently doing it for my bikini area. I have talked to the women who do the laser extensively about the procedure and have felt confident in their ability to do a good job.
Bottom line it is whatever you are comfortable with.
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Thanks for your reply. I've just inquired with Skin Central about their Fraxel laser procedure, they said they do offer that as well as FCO2 procedure which is less painful and has shorter down time than Fraxel. Have you tried this before? Also, is it ok to share your clinic/doctor information where you had Fraxel done? Thanks and appreciate your response.
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I went to The Medical Clinic Center in CWB. 96281617. I am getting my bikini laser at BNS in CWB - I really like them so I would recommend talking to them about their laser options for the face 2151 9993. Also I am scheduled to try the fontona laser at The Skin Clinic in CWB 28383181. The fontona seems to have really good reviews so I have to check it out for myself. To get the best price in HK you have to know what you want and do a little negotiation as they will all offer promotional packages. For instance, the reason I decided to try the Fontona is because they offered my a trial price of 680HK (full face) for the first time and I know once I try it I will have a few days to decide if I want the package of 5 for around 7,000HK (normally they make you decide on the spot but I told them I would need to see the result after a few days before I would decide so they made an exception for me). However, they don't offer this price for just any customer. Let me know if you would like any more tips.
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Sala, that's really informative. Could you share your experience at Fontana too after your laser procedure? I've inquired with Skin Central and one session of FCO2 cost $5000, it's really pricey. Btw, did you buy a pakcage for your fraxel treatment in The Medical Clinic Center?
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Hi, is it legal to have the nurse administer the procedure instead of the doctor? I am a bit apprehensive about that. I had fraxel laser while I was in Taipei, and though the nurse prepped me for the procedure and spent more time with me, it's always the dermatologist who operates the machine. Now I'm in HK and is interested to have fraxel again. Thanks!
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I have Beautiful skin....and I practice good skin maintainence.....and prevention of further damage from aging and the sun. I am 68 years old. I love to see the comments of the younger women who are more saavy than I was 40 -50 years ago regarding taking care of themselves.
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I was very happy with my results.....please don't misunderstand. I had my entire face, neck and chest done all at the same time. When I asked about it again @ 6-8 months later, I was told I should wait the full year.
Maybe it was just me and my skin.
I was reccomended to VI Peels if I wanted something sooner and/or more often. Any feedback there?
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SZH - sounds like the reason your doctor is recommending to wait a year is because you had so much done at once - must have been painful.

I used to do chemical peels all the time when I lived in LA and loved them, but I don't think I have done the VI Peel.
Can I ask your age and what you think of your skin condition? Are you looking for maintenance / prevention or are you looking to improve on current results?
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I was advised by my plastic surgeon not to have this treatment more than once a year. I am surprised by the frequency you plan. Are you doing a complete face/chest treatment or sections?
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Hello SZH
I have always heard that the treatments are to be spread out weeks apart but not by as much as a year. The first treatment I did was only around the eyes which I was able to have my second treatment about 3-4 weeks later. At my second treatment I also did my forehead. I was informed because the forehead is a larger muscle I would have to wait longer between treatments about 6 weeks.
The recovery time for my second treatment was approx 2 days. The second day my face was very swollen but it went down quickly. The treatment was somewhat painful however, I have a high tolerance for pain and pushed them to use a high frequency for better results. The result so far is much smoother skin and lines from my wrinkles have gotten lighter. I see how adding a filler would be beneficial as my skin is thinner than a few years ago and can use some plumping.
Hope that was helpful
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Hi Megan

Sylvia is fluent in English. My experience is the higher end clinics/ spas are fluent in English. I initially went in for laser to treat my dark circles but Sylvia had a long discussion with me about how she thought I could benefit from fraxel. I told her that I had seen reviews that it does not always work and that I was skeptical and did not want to commit the money to the process. She was a bit surprised since she said she always saw great results and that people who don't get good results must not be using the right machine or some lower quality manufactured machine and then offered me a trail price of $50. Since I knew what a great price I agreed to try it.

My results on day 2 – I still have a lot of redness and tightness around my eyes. I realized that the deep lines did not show up on my photo because of the tightness and slight swelling I am experiencing from the treatment.
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Wow, $50 is a good price. Please keep us posted on how you are feeling and what changes you see in your skin. :)

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Thanks so much for posting your review. I think it was smart of you to hold off on any botox or fillers so you could really assess the change you see from the Fraxel.

Since you are having this done in Hong Kong I'm curious if you are bi-lingual or if the people at the clinic speak English. Have you found that there is a communication barrier at all?

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