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I have a desirable body shape- that hourglass that...

I have a desirable body shape- that hourglass that people talk about- 25 in waist and athletic. So when I gain, it goes straight to my hips and arms. It always bothered me that my arms were larger, maybe mentally to a somewhat unhealthy degree.

Recently I put on a little weight (extended vacation- 3 months) so in an effort to lose the 7lbs I had stacked on, I was researching to make even more 'improvements' and it became aware that coolscultping may actually work as they now recently developed a applicator to fit arms.

My results may vary from others as this was part of a total body transformation, simultaneously losing weight and gaining muscle (working out 2 hours a day)
Stats: 5’6’’ 137lbs
Measuring 6 inches down from shoulder circumference: 31.5cm on right, 32cm on left

I have a higher pain threshold- However the procedure was a nightmare- not because of pain, but fear. I was in Asia, and contrary to popular belief- people are different here- emotionally and socially. My type A personality has had its difficulties....

My arms were propped up (90 degrees), and two devices were applied (one to each arm). Within a few minutes my hands were tingling, and falling asleep. 30 minutes in, my right hand lost all feeling, I was unable to wiggle fingers, or even move my wrist. It became limp and was extremely disturbing- more disturbing than any surgery I had ever encountered (knee, abdomen, hand, etc). The panic involved in not being able to move a entire limb was traumatizing.

I was instructed before the procedure to press the ‘emergency button’ if I needed anything- however I had no movement, and therefore could not press this red ball attached to a chord which was mounted to my chair- I started yelling and biting at the emergency button chords as I was unable to grasp the button with my hands... gently and carefully I pulled on the chord with my teeth and tongue until I reached the round red tip- placing it in my mouth I bit down to press it into the center- alerting someone- anyone to my precarious position.

Another 9 minutes passed, and the nurse returned- saying she had never seen anything like this- and left to get the doctor. Another 8 minutes went by (I had to TV, movie or music- but rather a clock- to watch the second hand tick tock- wondering if I was causing some sort of permanent damage to my limb.... listening to the click clock inevitably increase my panic. Another 8 minutes passed- finally the doctor entered and briefly commented ‘don’t worry it will be fine, you are almost done’ and left the room.

Sure enough, the applicators were removed, and I regained feeling- which was extremely painful. The following massage was excruciating- I actually passed out for a few moments.

Returning home I had no pain, and no general discomfort- my arms just felt 'chilled'. For the next few days, the area was numb, but comfortable. Day 4 was intense itching- under the skin and pain. I could not sleep it was so bad. Itching subsided by day 7 and I was left with just moderate pain and strange numbness. Still swollen.

18 days after measurements: right 30.5 left 32

3 weeks- numbness almost gone. Mild pain.
Measurements: right 30.5 left 31.5
(Weight: 135lbs)

4 weeks- Injury (knee) had to have surgery- going to try and stay on a strict diet, but exercise is difficult with the cast. However I am taking a 'aggressive recovery' approach recently developed in 2013- hoping to be back on my feet in a matter of weeks- relatively speaking.

5 weeks- had a enderologie massage and the original pain came back- doesn’t seem to be fading. Side note- learning to walk again sucks.
Measurements: 30cm each arm
(Weight: 134 Also lost 3cm off each thigh, and 3cm off of my waist)

6 weeks- still have strange numbness, pain when touched- only very mild
Measurements: right 29cm, left 29.5cm
(Weight 130)

7 weeks- still have strange numbness, pain when touched- had endermologie and couldn’t take the pain (normally fine) during the procedure. I was hoping to have another big loss- but unfortunately, not- however I can now walk due to PT three times a day for 1 hour.
Measurements: no change 29 and 29.5
(weight 130)

Ill keep you updated further.... next week I go in for my 'after shots' from the doctor, and we will see how those look. I have no doubt Coolsculpting works- but to what degree is what I am interested.

8 weeks post

Results are the same as before. It was noted by the doctor I may have overdid my weight training- and therefore gained more muscle (while losing fat)

You can see the before an dafter pictures- I tried to make sure the lighting was the same, etc.
Overall I lost a few CM but I also lost 8lbs (nothing to do with cool sculpting- it was from diet). Im going to lose another 5 lbs of body fat, and see how my arms look then. If needed ill do another round of cool sculpting.

There was also a question of whether my trama (knee surgery) could have slowed down the results. And it was never answered. I will post images and results in another 2 weeks until I hit the 4 month mark.
Dr. Chan

No B*S top of the line- he travels around the world doing seminars and is widely regarded as a fantastic doctor. He could be more 'human' but I am a scientist as well, so I completely understand.

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Wow, what an experience! Thank you for sharing. I've never heard anything about losing feeling and movement in your arms like that.

Your arms look great, whether it's from the CoolSculpting or the dieting. With what you went through, would you still recommend CoolSculpting to a friend?
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Coolsculpting is proven to work- to what degree is the issue most have. If I have a huge bushel of tomatoes- and take 2 away- no one will notice. But if I have 6 tomatoes in a line, and take two away- everyone will notice. If you are a thin (I mean actually thin- no more than 23% body fat) then I would say yes. However, if you are larger than that- I would say to diet before you do the procedure. There is no magic bullet- make an honest account of calories in, calories out, workout and drop the extra weight.
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That's a great way of putting it!
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