Experimenting with TCA

I used a 25% TCA peel on my eyebrows. I have a...

I used a 25% TCA peel on my eyebrows. I have a tattoo eyebrows that im not happy with so I thought I would try TCA to fade it before I got it re-done.

First of all the 25% TCA peel is lighter than I expected, all I got from it was a slight stinging sensation which I felt was comfortable and enjoyable. I did apply a few layers but when after I applied a third and fourth layer it started to sting a little so that's when I decided to neutralize it. I've learned to be careful with TCA as to prevent burns.

I wouldn't even bother paying hundreds for it at a dermatology clinic. But I would probably only use it for spot areas. Because it does make the area feel a bit sensitive.

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Yes much so. Are you better too now?

So how did it go? Did it fade the eyebrow tattoos?


Worked perfectly

Yes, TCA peel perfectly faded out the eyebrows after only 3 applications. Much cheaper and easier than getting laser removal and very easy to use. had them re-done to my satisfaction. Don't ever worry if your eyebrows don't look right, you can easily TCA them away!
Hi, I am thinking about doing the TCA peel for my eyebrows as I am not happy with the results of my eyebrow tattoo. Did you only use on your eyebrows? How bad was the peeling? What product did you use? Any advice you have would be helpful!
It was really easy and did not hurt much. Def use it for bad eyebrow tattoos

TCA on face

I'm using TCA on my face because I have noticed I have aged. Microderm doesn't seem to be doing anything at this stage. I did tca two days ago to no effect so this time I used more and layered it, burned like hell and frosted, but my skin feels nice and tight today. Should shed soon and hopefully reveal younger looking skin again.

shortly after tca peel

Which brand of tca did you use?
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