Works with Patience and Gradual Not over Use

Started with 10% to get skin used to peel twice a...

Started with 10% to get skin used to peel twice a week then moved into 20% after 6 sessions twice a week or once if skin was still peeling. Kept skin moisturised as it gets dry.

Broke out at first which is good it's decongesting the skin then I noticed no new scarring appeared from new breakouts whilst using peels when usually a mark would be left. Breakouts didn't last as long as usual disappeared quicker than usual. Breakouts decreased at the moment. Soon I will just use 20% once a month for maintenance. Next I will seek something to reduce appearance of previous scars to a unnoticeable level. This peel didn't gt rid of scars but noticed a difference possible fades. See pic and decide for yourself ???? good luck! I use an at home peel kit from eBay.

At home peel

I choose to do this at home because I couldn't afford it professionally.

Salicylic acid peel results!

Above show my salicylic acid results but I have now purchased a salicylic/mandelic 20% peel. I have used twice. Same routine same feeling. Sometimes the feelings intense sometimes it's a slight stinging. It varies I don't know if this depends on how much I apply I only ever put on one layer. Sometimes I see frosting of the skin where it goes white but most time I don't. I was my face with a wash that has salicylic acid in you do t have to any face wash will work but that's what I use. Then I put rubbing alcohol on a cotton pad and rub all over face to get rid of excess oils to allow peel to work effectively. I have only recently started to do this because I couldn't find alcohol to prep face suppose I could get it off a home face peel wen site but I have not done this as yet. Then I apply the acid peel to a separate cotton pad I like using two cotton pads together but use one if running low. Then in circular motion rub all over face. I don't have acne on neck or back but if you do apply this method on those areas also. I wait 7 mins then wash off with luke-warm water and a little face wash after to make sure all traces are gone I then use cold water to close pores and calm skin as a toner may react with skin at this point so I minus toner and always apply a moisturiser. My skin never used to get dry at first but did after awhile trust me prevention is better than cure. The dry skin is not a good look looks like peeling. I'm not sure of this was just dry skin or a combination of the peel really working and peeling dull skin to reveal new skin. But looked like I had eczema for a few days.

Updated image

I stopped using peel because it is advised to take breaks. I think 6 weeks peels n then 2-4weeks break I can't remember how long I waited but I started have put breaks so have new scars now so not happy with skin trying to work on getting rid of new scars.

Drinking loads of water
Using apple cider vinegar and rose water mixed as a toner
And a garnier peeling night cream
Lemon works apparently but done nothing for me but maybe because I used bottles lemon juice think it needs to be fresh lemon juice squeezed
At home

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hi thanks for answering did, not know you are from the uk, i also based here in London. I was not aware that tsaylic acid peels were sold in the uk, i was thinking about ordering it form america, what vendor did you but the saliyic acid from ? thanks in advance
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Yes I'm from West Midlands. You've heard of the dermatologist sk:n??? They advised me to have salicylic acid but wanted over £300 I would only pay that for a complete difference perfection, so I went brought off eBay and the next time I purchased I used this web site: You will be glad to know every peel is available to us.
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Thanks for the link ...
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hi was this a glycolic or saylic peel
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The results are from a salicylic acid peel 10% to 20%. But I started with a very low concentration glycolic peel from boots uk, this was only to gt used to doing peels because I was scared and have never of done one before and I thought the glycolic peel sold in the shop on the shelfust be safe enough to build my confidence. This glycolic peel was so low there was only smoother skin as a benefit. I'm sure people have had better results but a much much higher percentage.
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Yes, I can definitely see a big difference.   I guess it just takes a layer at a time to get results.
Keep posting the pictures as you do the treatments.
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