Works with Patience and Gradual Not over Use

Started with 10% to get skin used to peel twice a...

Started with 10% to get skin used to peel twice a week then moved into 20% after 6 sessions twice a week or once if skin was still peeling. Kept skin moisturised as it gets dry.

Broke out at first which is good it's decongesting the skin then I noticed no new scarring appeared from new breakouts whilst using peels when usually a mark would be left. Breakouts didn't last as long as usual disappeared quicker than usual. Breakouts decreased at the moment. Soon I will just use 20% once a month for maintenance. Next I will seek something to reduce appearance of previous scars to a unnoticeable level. This peel didn't gt rid of scars but noticed a difference possible fades. See pic and decide for yourself ???? good luck! I use an at home peel kit from eBay.

At home peel

I choose to do this at home because I couldn't afford it professionally.
At home

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Yes, I can definitely see a big difference.   I guess it just takes a layer at a time to get results.
Keep posting the pictures as you do the treatments.
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