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Has anyone try this chemical peel yet? I was...

has anyone try this chemical peel yet? I was actually introduced to this chemical peel by a youtube beauty guru so I thought I will will it a try and purchased this peel since I have a lot of hyper-pigmentation from adult acne scar.

First Try: I tried this peel four nights ago and since I didn't prep my face properly nothing happen. There was no sensation, no pain or tightness of the skin. After 4 days I figure the peel didn't work BUT I did some research and realized I didn't prep properly.

Second Try: Last night I tried again with the proper prep and it seems to work this time. After washing off the peel, I feel tightness around my skin. Hopefully it works so I can get beautiful skin.

I read a lot of scary stories here and it scare me. I am Asian with light skin-tone so let's see if it works. I will updates more later.


I'd love to hear what ended up happening after your second try. How did your skin end up? Also, what was the name of the peel you used?

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