My First Experiment with Green and Blue LED Treatments

I have been using a blue LED panel at home for...

I have been using a blue LED panel at home for three days now to treat a pimple and one cystic acne bump. Make that two cysts because there was another that reared its ugly head (no pun intended) today. (Ba-dum-pum!)

Results from the blue LED light panel: AWESOME! Even after the first treatment of the blue LED I noticed a significant reduction in both the pimple and cystic acne. To boost the LED effect on the cystic acne, I dabbed the bumps heavily with OTC 2% Salicylic gel. Blue LED definitely worked for me. 15 minutes nightly. I am continuing with the nightly use to reduce/eliminate the current break outs, and then will slowly adjust to once or twice a week to see if blue LED will help to avoid break outs altogether. Supposedly it can, so I am hoping for a good long term, easy to do at home, program.

I got my blue LED panel on eBay using a search of "Blue LED growing lights" and found it in the home and garden categories. I checked to make sure the 'strength' of the blue LED was the same as "professional" devices. I used the TANDA specification sheets to compare. Costs only $35 with free shipping compared to over $100 for smaller handheld devices. My panel is 12" x 12" so I can prop it up and do my entire face. Awesome!

I also ordered a red LED panel, same cost of ~$35, same professional quality, but have since read up on it more and learned that on dark skin the red LED can actually cause the skin to darken. So, don't think I'll ever use it.

Now, moving on to the green LED. I started that yesterday. Held it to my problem areas for 15 mins each. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a full panel on that, so I have a 2.5" bulb and have to move it around my face. A time drag because there are three spots I want to repair. This bulb also came from eBay from the same Home and Garden category, and has the same specs as "professional" grade LED devices, at only a fraction of the cost. TANDA is $100, this bulb cost me $7, including shipping. No brainer on where I spent my money. I have attached photos of the green LED.

I am using the green LED to treat hypermigmentation. This will be day #2 of the application of green LED therapy. Will post back in a few days or so.

Hoping for the best!


Thanks for sharing, keep us posted on how it goes!

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Mixed results with the Blue LED - It works, but there appears to be a cost to PIH

Alrighty, so I have used the blue LED light panel on my face for four nights now. I suspected that it may be making my hyperpigmentation darker, and am sad to say that it did. I should note that I am a "medium caramel" colored skin tone, so am darker, and don't know if that makes a difference with the blue LED and PIH, but it could because dark skin tones makes everything possibly different with skin treatments.

So, anyway. Today I could tell my skin and the hyperpigmentation darkened somewhat. Am so bummed over that because this change has set me back a little with my goal of getting rid of the hyperpigmentation left over from past acne scars. Am *super* bummed actually, because the blue LED *does* really help with the acne itself. Thankfully my previously horrendous battle with adult cystic acne is 90% under control now following a strict face-care routine, so until the PIH is gone, I am still hopeful for a day when I can use the blue LED full-face panel as a significant role in keeping it at bay for good. If the PIH is gone, then darkening won't be an issue anymore. Right? Right!

So.. the blue LED full-face panel is out for now. What I did last night instead is ordered a small 2.5" blue LED light so I can focus on only the acne bump, not my full face, so I can reduce the issue of having the blue LED re-darken the PIH spots that are all over my face. I will continue to use the green LED nightly for 15 minutes to get those PIH areas eliminated faster... and then I can just use the blue LED full-face panel in the future, perhaps just weekly as a maintenance routine.

Additionally, I was trying not to to another 15% TCA peel, trying to use the LEDs as a less-invasive therapy, but I'm leaning more towards doing another peel in the next few days as it has been about a month since my last peel. Am thinking the TCA peel will help me get to a hyperpigmentation-free surface sooner than LED alone.

At least that's the plan for now. It's a good one to deviate from... ;)

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PIH vs. Hyperpigmentation -- Are you just as confused as me?

So, I think I used PIH incorrectly in the above. I think I meant to just use "hyperpigmentation" all around. Hmm.. Will have to research that one a bit more.


Thanks for sharing your story, just checking in to see how things are going? Have you had any further progress, and have you been getting your TCA peel treatments? Really curious to see how you're making out :) 

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Well, I abandoned the green LED because there's too little information available on whether it causes PIH spots to darken even more on dark skin. I asked a question here for doctor's advice/experience with Green LED and PIH darken, or use on darker skin altogether, but thus far no takers. I know... Green LED to treat hyperpigmentation causing even MORE hyperpigmentation doesn't make sense, but I am positive that the blue and red LED lamps were doing just that, so now I'm leery. As of right now I am only using a blue LED bulb, rigged so that it points just a small 1/4" diameter of light through a hole. I use that for 10 minutes to target a single breakout bump or two. I have gotten most of my breakouts under control, so there is now just the occasional one or two to deal with. TCA peels have been on hold for a month. I am *just* about ready to do a spot treatment for a couple of recent PIH spots from pimples last week -- doesn't matter if I pop, pick or not, I will always get some PIH. Very frustrating, but I have learned so much on this site that now I don't touch them so the damage is less than what it would/used to be, although unavoidable. I was waiting for those couple of spots to completely heal before going after them with a couple of targeted 15% TCA spot cycles. I did take photos last weekend to mark the improvement since I started in July and will post those tonight at the other TCA post now that I have been given a gentle nudge lol ;) Thanks, Eva!

I understand how frustrating acne can be, especially cystic as it is much more complex. I suffered for years with adult cystic acne which left me with some facial scarring. I always attacked my zits and I regret that now. I learned the hard way that you should never attempt to pop cystic acne, it's far too deep in the skin. As you are aware, It's so important not to touch them, or your face at all with our hands as they are full of bacteria and it just irritates the flare up more. Congrats for getting your acne under control, I know how hard that is! My tip to you, lots of water and watch what you eat, for me, I had to cut out all animal products, I went completely vegan, and with that change, my acne went away. I will watch for your updated photos in your TCA review. I Appreciate your contributions to the community!

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