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Hi, I have done soooo much research on a tca...

Hi, I have done soooo much research on a tca chemical peel. I have very bad acne scars and blackheads.I decided to try a chemical peel at home using a 15% tca chemical peel. Mind u this is my first peel. Once I applied it, it did burn and I start frosting after a minute I had it on. I went through the whole five minutes the. Applied a second layer especially to places where it didn't frost and I let it stayed on for 4 minutes the I neutralize baking soda and water. About almost immediately after I cleansed my face I applied neosprion. Some minutes later my faced turned dark in the areas where the frosting occured. All I'm wondering is this normal? What should I do to make sure my skin isn't damaged. I've read that aa lot of people use Aquphor and/or hydroquinone. I have pictures. My face looks a lot greasy because of the neosporin. Can someone please help me please and I ask that some of you keep the criticism to yourself. What should I do?
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When the skin is burned, it turns dark like that. Try not to panic, and whatever you do, DO NOT peel off the dead skin, it will dry up and crinkle up. Let it shed naturally as part of the healing process. It takes about five days to a week. Now is the time to baby your skin, keep it well moisturized, and avoid the sun (use 100% sunblock and a hat if you go outside). I'm a veteran of several home peels and I was worried I botched up the last one I did, but it worked out OK.
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It is common to have a reaction called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). I strongly recommend that you apply a hydrocortisone cream and you may even mix it with a little Aquaphor. Hydrocortisone will decrease the inflammation, hence lessen the darkening. Neosporin is a definite "do not use" product. Sometimes if someone is prone to hyperpigmentation, a treatment that is too strong can make it worse. Using hydraquinone (not hydrocortisone) as part of your regular nightly regime (you may mix it with a retinol/tretinoin creme) is a great way to also help with pigment and scarring. But do not start with a hydraquinone or a retinol until your skin in fully recovered from the peel (usually about 2 weeks). With all of this said, it would be best if you went to a plastic surgeon's office or perhaps a medical spa to consult with a cosmetic nurse or SEASONED aesthetician. Trying to correct this on your own can do more damage than good. I tell all of my patients that is "takes a village"-meaning it takes professional treatments, a quality home regime, and sometimes prescription topicals. For now, keep your skin moist with hydrocortisone (ask your pharmacist) and Aquaphor. Break down the Aquaphor in your hands by rubbing them together, then apply but put on the hydrocortisone on 1st. A little trick that both I and my patients like is this: use 1/4c of white vinegar and 1 pitcher of water, keep it in the fridge. . 3-6 times a day apply vinegar compresses onto the skin. It will help with the peeling, the discomfort and the inflammation. After the vinegar soak, apply the hydrocortisone and Aquaphor. I know you have dark skin, but your skin is extremely sun sensitive right now so it is imperative that you also wear an SPF with zinc in it for the next week to weeks to prevent the skin from again, darkening. Last but not least, DO NOT PICK. Again, your skin is fragile right now and being African American, it is even more sensitive and fragile. Picking can cause more hyperpigmentation or even worse, hypopigmentation which cannot be corrected. So, do not touch or pick except to apply product. Good Luck! -Cosmetic RN, Aesthetician
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You probably should of went with your dermatologist instead to perform a chemical peel on you. I was going to do a home peel on myself, but quickly changed my mind when I read all the bad reviews on it.
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I think it is very important to treat one symptom at a time. It looks like you suffer from cystic acne, scarring, and hyper pigmentation. It's best if the acne is treated and healed prior to treating the scarring and hyper pigmentation. You could really damage your skin where you had active acne that reached the surface of your skin (because the skin is open and irritated and the surrounding skin is healthy and normal). Please google a good at home remedy for treating chemical peel burns. See a dermatologist if you don't see significant healing in 3-4 days. Next time, please let a professional perform your peel.
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Thank you for posting your review.   Here is a link to some information from our doctor Q&A's on 

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This will provide you will some great information.
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