(At Home) Derma Roller for Acne Scarring, Female, Age 31, Light Olive Skin

I am writing to review my experience with derma...

I am writing to review my experience with derma rolling at home.I have light olive skin, female, age 31.I don't have wrinkles, I have some very faint fine lines but these are not my main concern, I roll for acne scarring improvement. I have some moderate acne scarring that needs attention while I am saving up for a more expensive treatment. I got the dermaroller in 0.5mm first. It's the MT roller. I got it on ebay for around $6. After my first treatment, I ordered a second roller, this time a 1.0 mm roller. The second one was also an MT roller since I liked the first one so much, and the price is the same. I hoped to work to a 2.0, but for now I am going to continue with the 1.0. I have rolled three times now.
The first time I rolled, it wasn't as aggressive because it was a smaller needle. The second time, it was more aggressive, due to the longer needles and also because I wanted to see if the results would be better if i rolled more aggressively.
I will speak about the second and third time, which were similar experiences. The first roll was more of a trial to see if i could tolerate/ to see if it was a waste of time. I want to start out by saying that the results are subtle and gradual. Rolling extremely aggressively or too frequently is going to be conter productive. If you are an impatient person, please restarin yourself from over doing it! It's not going to help. Collagen takes time to develop and bild and rolling too frequently will damage collagen formation. Rolling too aggressively could result in more scarring. I roll once every 5-6 weeks. I keep my roller in a ziploc bag inside the plastic case it came with. I start out by cleaning off my bathroom counter with disinfectant, then I lay out a clean towel. I also have a clean small towel and a clean bowl. I lay my skin creams (will explain later) out on the opposite side of the counter out of the way. i pour some alcohol into the bowl. ( enough to submerge the end of the roller in.) I soak the end of my roller in alcohol, then dry it with the small towel. Then I start to roll on the right side of my face, on my cheeks under my eyes and on the side of my nose, then on the cheeks by my ear and side of my face. I do get some pinpoint bleeding, however not too much, i don't want to over do it. Every now and again I clean the end of the roller with the alcohol, pat it dry, then keep going. Once i have the whole right cheek and side of my face area rolled, I apply a Vitamin C serum, a second serum. a retinol cream, then a Vitamin C cream. I know it's alot but I figure it can't hurt. Then I repeat the same thing on the opposite side of my face, then my forehead. I do my nose and under my eyes as best i can, but I need to order a smaller roller for small areas. I do the sides of my mouth and chin last. I am not as aggressive here because I don't really have issues with this area of my skin.
The second time I rolled, my skin broke out a little on the sides of my mouth a few days after rolling. Because of the pinpoint bleeding, redness and recovery time, I wold advise not to roll if you need to wear a full face of makeup for a couple days ( like if you have an important event, job interview, etc.) The down time isn't major but for a couple days your face is a little red and puffy. It's very normal that your skin will start to peel a bit a few days after.
I know some people have gone on to write reviews immediately after rolling and given impressions that were a favorable due to the swelling and plumping of the skin being mistaken for results that are better than they really are. The plumping will subside. your true results (like I said earlier) are much more subtle and gradual. Your skin will continue to improve slowly throghout the period in between rolling. Don't get discouraged or try to rush it. It won't happen overnight.... be patient and consistent or just don't waste your time. I will post some pictures once there is enough of a difference to see some good noticeable change, which i am guessing won't be for at least 8-10 months. I do see subtle changes in my skin already but i am not sure if it's enough for photos just yet.
Just make sure you keep your tools clean and disinfected, be patient and consistent, that's my advice. It's a lot less expensive and simple to do at home for those of us on a budget. Thanks for reading and best of luck :)
thank you for your detailed review. i'm thinking of purchasing the dermapen personal (at home use) for lots of icepick acne scarring and hyperpigmentation. my entire face is orange peel. i watched the dermapen advertisement on youtube and it said that it's better than a roller because they can cause wide trenches due to the pressure. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6WczUjxn6x4&feature=player_embedded notice the part where it shows a simulation of a roller creating triangular trenches. what do you think? the dermapen is almost $400 and the disposable needles are expensive too. i'm desperate because i have sensitive skin and can't use makeup to cover.

A quick photo of progress after 3 rolls

The yellowing on the first photo is due to an issue with my camera, and the photo isn't optimal but it's the best "before" I have. The second is the progress so far after three rolls. The improvement is very subtle but it has improved a little. Not sure why realself site downsizes the photos almost to the point of having to bust out a pair of glasses. Anyway here is the photo.

fourth roll

I just did my fourth roll which will be the last roll for quite some time as I am having laser done next month. I won't even attempt to roll for at least 4-6 months after that (probably 6.)This was my most agressive roll to date- I had some pipoint bleeding but it's really surface. I am attaching some photos of how it looks after my roll. it doesn't look as red in real life.
Conservativefry, I just got my dermaroller 1.5mm but haven't used it yet. Can you tell me if you have seen a big difference in your cheek areas? That is my troubled area.
Not a huge difference, it takes at least 10 rolls spaced 30 days apart minimum to see noticeable results. It's going to take some patience on your part. If you take good before and after photos you will be able to see a good improvement, but if you just look in the mirror it won't be as easy to see the progress. It's little by little. I do see some improvement but then I went and did laser.
Ok. Thank you!! I am excited and scared all at the same time to do this. My scars are pretty deep so I am willing to do anything to get rid of them. I can't afford the C02 or Fraxel like my derm recommended. So dermaroller it is! I will be in contact with you as I start to use my dermaroller!

Rolling again after laser

Yesterday I rolled again for the first time since my laser treatment. In about a month I will update with a photo, once any results are evident. I rolled a bit more agressively than normal. My face bled a lot. I think the bleeding was a result of taking an OTC pain reliever that is a blood thinner. Today my skin is still swollen and a little red. When it's swollen like it is now, it seems like the results are better than they are. Oh one more thing, after rolling I used some Lancôme collaser 5x stuff for collagen boosting in addition to some strivectin resurfacing serum and some vitamin c cream.
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I just a question about your ice picks acne scars , have you seen progress on it becoming more even ? Also does it bleed like that every time you roll ? And does it scab at all ?
I'm new to the rolling and I don't exactly know where to start. Groupon is now offering a micro needle for $24 that I may purchase. I dont have bad acne on my face, but I am getting wrinkles so I am looking for any anti aging procedure that I can do at home! What creams or serums should you use afterwards? Are you only suppose to roll once a month? Any help would be much appreciated! Thank you!!

Time for update, it's been awhile

I thought it would be a good time for an update since it's been awhile. I haven't been rolling often because it takes a while to recover and if I have places to be I don't like to go out in public with sores or scabs on my face, it's embarrassing. I plan on rolling tomorrow which is going to be Labor Day. My mother-in-law has a Tria age defying laser and I'm going to use the tria on my skin directly after the dermal roll. I'm posting some pictures of what my skin looks like currently and in 30 days I'll post some after pictures.
To be honest your are doing something wrong, I end up with acne scars bcuz as everyone was so scare of acne that make my skin dry, when the skin is dry are not able to heal well. I learn that for fact like about tree months ago, I have 3 cats the female is more neurothic meeting strangers so my niece from USA want to meet her, so I grab her in my hands to show to her, as I do with the males, one stay quiet just miau when he get tired of been in the hands, other male get away from my hands and run but didn't use the nails so don't hurt,but the female was the neurothic,so I end up with few scratch on my neck and hands and other's areas not much, the point is that the one on the neck and boob heals quickly and without leave any mark, the others take so much longer too much, the difference on the same day scratch to heal are that I use oils on regular basic on those areas that heal faster the oils was apply two times a day or more bcuz I use oils on that areas, use tanamu oil and coconut oil. I still see a line on the one that never been treated with the amounts of oils. Then I read over web recently and find for sure that moisture is the best thing to cure quick and good. So if you are going to use the dermaroller to the point of bleeding use some oils after that like tanamu, cocunut oil, after few minutes apply something like cacao's butter, and maybe some Vaseline, yes sound like too much but is the best way the skin heal to a trauma keep it moisture, won't go to bed with a dry skin or the skin will stretch more harder to cure. After all babies grow around placenta yes a liquid so that give you and idea that new cells form better in moisture. So keep moisture!
It didn't bleed much until I started rolling more aggressively. On my ice pick scars i have noticed some improvement but I'd really like to see more dramatic/faster results than what I have been seeing. I might pay to go get lasered again, if I can come up with the money.

Skin after rolling + tria laser

Just wanted to share a quick photo of how my skin looked after rolling followed directly by the tria laser. It is still pretty red right now, 24 hours post and my scars still have micro-swelling. The photo I'm sharing here is not the after result, just a photo if the amt of redness I incurred. And yes it hurt lol but I really want to see some results, hopefully this pays off. After the roll and laser I put my usual regimen of like 7 creams and serums. I'm going to start back up the retin a too, and in 1 month I will post a new progress photo. Here is the redness level pic: cute, right ? Lol
I am 65 yrs old, and I purchased a .5 Dermaroller a few months ago. I use it gently everyother day being careful to keep it clean by soaking it in Hydrogen Peroxide. I have some deep wrinkles around my mouth and chin, and acne scarring from when I was young. After derma rolling I apply a peptide mask which made my skin feel oily, but refreshed. What I'm after is a few candid replied about if the derma rolling is helping older women, as I'm disappointed from no results except the breakout of white heads or pimples? I don't desire more scarring from the whiteheads.
Wonderfully detailed review, I really want to try an at home Derma roller but I am so scared. I saw this post from one of our members and wondered if you could offer any help: 
Ok Eva I left them a comment on their page to help them out.


Here are my serums I use after rolling.
Hi conservativefry, your results look so great. May I ask for how long have your scars been there. I want to undergo dermarolling treatment as I have tiny indented scars all over my face. But I wonder if it will work because my scars are around 8 years old... I tried different things to improve my scars but nothing worked. I still have active acnes so hope they will be gone soon and I can start the treatment. Cheers, :):)
Hey there o'henry. I'm not sure how long I have had the scars but for the past 4 years or so they have really been bothering me. They may have been there for quite some time before that though. I had horrible acne from the age of 12 until around 24. Then my acne cleared up but the scars were already there. It would definitely be a good idea to wait until your active acne clears before beginning treatment, because it would be very painful and the bacteria from the acne might cause an infection. I would try retin a to clear up the acne first.
I have seen your progress with dermarolling.I just want to ask that did your large open pores closed by dermaroller.cause I got my first treatment of dermastamp by a dermatologist on 12 Sep14 ,I had acne scars but didn't have open pores problem.. N just after one day of dermastamp I can c my face filled with large open pores n it's been around12 days they are not leaving.. I'm so worried..

Ok so update with pictures

These are my post results side by side with my before photos. The before photos are from my skins' original condition, at the beginning of my journey. I cringe looking at those pics. Please keep in mind that I have had laser treatment once. I would say my skin has improved about 50 to 70 percent, and I am continuing on my journey. I'm getting married and I want to have beautiful skin ( at least comparitively speaking.) of the 70 percent, it's been about half of the improvement from the laser and the other half from derma rolling. If you can afford laser of course I recommend that but if you can not afford laser multiple times a year, like myself, I recommend derma rolling. If you can combine the two ( of course with a healing time after laser, by all means) then you may be able to reduce the number of laser treatments you need. With derma rolling alone it will take 10 times as long, but at almost no cost. You will see results but you have to stick with it and be consistent. I just had to replace my roller because it was getting worn and I decided to go up to the 2mm. I am not gonna post any more pics here except to post my final results. Not sure when that will be. Hopefully soon lol but not betting on that. I will still come back and answer questions in the comments from my own personal experience. Anyway, here are the pics and best of lucky to anyone dealing with this horrible skin problem. Retin A also helps :)
hi! I really loved your description and pictures. Very, very helpful, but can you post the picture of your dermaroller or give a link where you bought it? There are so many of them and some are quite expensive. Thank You
Oh the derma roller came from eBay, it was under $7, I don't think I'm allowed to post a link but it was the clear and light blue green roller.
Hi again. I went ahead and found my box for my roller so I could tell you which one I use. The one I have is called the MT roller- I am attaching a photo of what it looks like. This is a stock photo though but mine looks just like this. I got it on eBay from an Asian seller who had the best feedback score . The MT brand is pretty good, I have had 3 of them now, I went up on the size twice. I have not tried the last size I got, the 2mm and I don't think I will be going beyond that. I initially started with the .5 because I was apprehensive about the pain level but actually the .5 turned out to be easily tolerable so I went up in size. I would recommend starting with the 1.0 size though if you have a high tolerance for pain. The only down side of ordering it from china is that it takes a few weeks to come in and there's no way to track if but mine did come in sealed packages 3 times now. Altogether I have spent under $20 on 3 MT rollers. Of all the creams I use, I would say the Lancôme collaser5x is the best one and the vitamin c cream is the 2nd best. I only use those when I roll, other days I use retin a at night and boscia tsubaki oil in the day time.

Pic of my roller

One of the commenters below requested a photo of the roller I use so I am attaching it here. I did not set out to endorse any particular brand but since someone asked I use the MT roller and it was like $6 on eBay. I know other companies make them at varying price points. I got great results with the inexpensive one. There are other brands but I really just chose the one I chose based on the color and the design. The other brands probably work just as good.
Im just looking for some advice to treat acne scars. I have just finished accutane and in my right cheek i have two rolling scars. I dont know what to do, I dont know what treatment is better if dermarolling or fraxel laser.
Graceland would probably be more effective but you could combine the two by starting derma rolling about 6 weeks post laser.

A couple of quick photos

Here are a couple of quick photos
I've used a derma roller too, it helps with skin and also with bald spots after getting hair extensions.
Hmm I didn't know that, I don't have any bald spots or hair extensions. My hair is super long already,,like 2 feet long lol
Hahahaha... Made me laugh too...so glad you shared! Thank you for keeping your review up to date!
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