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How to Heal Skin Damaged by 25%TCA Peel

A series of 25%TCA home peels gave fantastic...

A series of 25%TCA home peels gave fantastic results in the beginning but the last one left me with scarring and dry skin similar to rosacea. It was blotchy, bumpy overall horrible. And this was still several months after the peel. My skin is almost back to normal after using a home RF device and a thoroughly researched line of skincare.(after using EVERY type of eczema,psoriasis cream, organic, natural creams-I really wish someone had told me none of them work and actually seem to irritate. I also wasted so much money on these creams! Before my current regime, jojoba oil seemed to be the only neutral thing that seemed to help but still could not 'nourish' and 'moisturize' enough, and the appearance was horrid. It was so dry. I even tried not washing it for about a month just to let the natural oils in my pores help with the moisture but to no avail. I really believe it was the combination of halyuronic serums, creams and spray and the RF/LED that has began the 'incredibly fast' healing process. It really looks great now. It has taken approx half a year to get to this point, but only around 3 weeks with current regime which is the cause for improvement. The original TCA peels left my skin waxy, firm looking and bright, which I loved, but the 'bad' one left it crepey, and even left new deep wrinkles around my mouth that I believe are permanent.

The reason I did this peel in the first place was because I had sun damaged skin growing up-never was educated to sunscreen etc. Even the best skincare did not produce any visible results(I have fair complexion with red hair and of mixed ethnicity) Then a couple of years ago(I am now 33)I had a series of IPL(ILLUMENIS) that improved my skin so much I truly was for the first time in my life happy in my skin, so to speak! After almost a year or so after, I felt I needed IPL 'maintenance' but, at the time, could not afford for the expensive IPL course (I had a terrible experience with IPL before the ILLUMENIS machine which was of a cheaper model and the expertise was minimal) so thought I did enough research to perform a TCA peel on myself. Once again, I had wonderful results so did them a few months apart over the period of a year. Then the 'bad' one was done in the winter. Perhaps my skin was too dry for the peel(also my skin care products at the time weren't great) Anyway, I hope somehow my experience helps somebody weigh up the pros and cons in their decision of a TCA peel. My only suggestion is if you do decide, make sure your skin is in optimal condition and you follow the aftercare properly and also have good products to nourish your skin when you are able to resume your normal routine. Also, do not do the peels too frequently as I feel that was part of my problem. Thanks for reading:) PS The cost below of $30 is what I paid for the TCA bottle. It does not include the xxxx amount of money for the wasted money on the useless creams, cleansers, and RF device I spent to repair the damage I did. I could have done the IPL afterall:))


Hi, Just use alovera plant and slice it down the leaves and take off with a knife the out side prickles, and inside the leave you have a glue substance, put directly onto your skin. Do this everyday for as long as possible and your will look like new again. I hope this helps. cheers.
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Thanks for posting! I am a victim of doing the same thing to myself with the vipeel. Now I am micro needling trying to fixture own damage. Interesting though through this journey I can see the fine pine holes left from the nonablative laser that was performed on my face 2 yrs ago. How my journey began... I went into my Derm's spa for my annual IPL laser which has been done for years previously with no problems. However this time I had a new nurse doing the laser. She left me with a scar on my cheek. I was depressed. I did see my Dermatologist and he placed in a filler under the scar which helped but I wasn't happy still. I did a lot of research and decided to do some peels. I watched the videos. How hard can it be? I did several at home vi peels ... Great but after 7 or so I scared my forehead. Very depressing! I am now micro needling trying to improve my mistakes. Funny, though. Now really looking at my skin I can see the pinholes the nonablative laser left behind that I did about 18 months ago. I hope micro needling helps with that STUPID decision too. Please Never get this laser
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Paperbag. Please do not do anymore IPLs. IPLs and lasers can be VERY damaging to the skin. I'm so glad u have seen improvement but lasers have ruined my life. Just a word of caution for you and anyone else reading this. My skin has aged about 10-20 in the past 4 months, fat has melted from my face, my skin scarred excessively started one month after my laser treatment. My lips lost pigment around the edges so they look small and flat and I have ice pick scars covering my cheeks for pores. It breaks my heart and it will probably continue for two years as it does with a lot of laser/ipl damaged people. I wish i would have known this but now this is my life. I am 27 and sometimes get so tired of living like this that I wish it could all be over. Pretty sad as I was a very happy person before this. I was a nurse and just had a baby. I was ecstatic and felt blessed. Now I am a recluse. I hope someone stumbles upon this and decides not to undergo fraxel or ipl as it can change your life forever. Thank u for your post.
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