2mm At Home Derma Roller Treatments for Deep Pitted Acne Scars

Hi everybody I just wanted to write a review on my...

Hi everybody I just wanted to write a review on my experience with the 2mm derma roller. I purchased the device on ebay for about $70.00 (Titanium) 2mm. I was scared at first but I've had Fraxel Restore and Fractional c02 laser done so I'm a bit more tolerant to facial pain in the name of beauty :)

I just want to start by saying, don't let anybody tell you this treatment doesn't hurt, because it does! The results are worth the pain though. I see really quick and progressive results and everytime I look in the mirror my skin is looking more and more smooth. I just can't believe that such an inexpensive at home product can work so well :)

I can confidently say, with hand on heart that I've seen the same, if not more results from Fraxel as I have with derma rolling. The areas of my face that respond most to rolling is my temples and cheekbones, which happens to be my most noticeable (Sunlight, frontal conversations and photos). So I was very happy with this. I've also seen results on my soft fleshy part of my cheeks and forehead too but not as much.

I highly recommend at home derma rolling. My pain tolerance/ experience is quit high however so maybe for newbies I would recommend purchasing a 1.5mm. I didn;t use numbing cream either, which would help with the pain I know but it costs like $150!!!

Anyways here is some video reviews I did on the derma roller, enjoy! :)

Live at home derma rolling treatment - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8yBlgr5Tsc

Derma roller review video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7YreFI3dV6A

At home.

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I've been microneedling for 3 months and can see progress
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I love all the great truthful reviews. Thanks for sharing. I'm on the same journey but still a newbie but hopeful dermarolling helps
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I've noticed with derma rolling, different people respond differently. Some people have amazing results, and some see no difference. For some people it's life changing, and for others they even cause damage. My advice is go slowly...start with 0.5 roller, let your skin adjust to the process, and then upgrade to 1.00 % etc...
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I agree. It also depends on the types of scars people have. I have been using 1.5 dermaroller with numbing cream for my boxed scars. I have had two sessions, 8 weeks apart. It is a slow process as my scars were deep (I had a 3 professionally done first and this was too brutal for me). After my own two sessions, some of my scars have closed up. I aim to do another 4 sessions on my own as I am convinced it is working. One is best to only roll over the scars themselves. Growth serum after the session is essential, like TNS serum. It is expensive but worth it. I also use ASAP super A serum.
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Great to hear you're having such results.
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Ashley, I just bought my new dermaroller. I can't afford the fraxel laser or the C02 as my derm as recommended. How many times did you have to roll before seeing a difference? I am so scared to do it but I really want to!!
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Are you aware that numbing cream can be very cheap and doesn't need to cost that much? You can pay about 40 dollars for a vibrating titanium derma roller from ebay and also find good and much cheaper numbing cream. Numbing cream not only takes the pain away, but also allows you to go over the same area several more times. Here is a link to the product I am talking about in case you are interested. You can also buy Dr numb from the internet for about $40.00 or speed numb cream for ten dollars and five dollars delivery from ebay USA. Hardly felt anything and went at it for a while. I'm not allowed to post links in here but look these up if interested.
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Hey! I didn't know how to find my acc again lol sorry for the late reply. Yes, I have numbing cream now and it's amazing I hardly feel a thing. I can go more aggressive now too :)
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Haha you didn't give yourself a good rating, but you did give yourself a good review. :)
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I was wondering how often you do the 2mm treatments and how long before you saw results. Or how many treatments before you started noticing any changes?
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Hey! I have done about 7 treatments and 1 with numbing cream (most recent) I space them out monthly :)
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