I Started Cosmelan Two Days Ago - Hollywood, FL

I developed Melasma when Dr prescribed Lupron...

I developed Melasma when Dr prescribed Lupron contraceptive pill and two months later went to Hawaii without Sunblock at all!
Spots started showing like freckles first and then like big brown patches...
I tried sooo many things-- you name it (Triluma--$300, Aclaro, etc) but nothing has worked for me.
I decided to try Cosmelan MD with Hydriquinone 8% ingredient. The real thing. I'm sooo excited to try this new treatment so we will see...

Day 1-- face very red and kind of orange in a way.
Day 2---Peeling started, especially around the lips--- Not the cheeks though---is it normal?
My spots are around my cheeks
Im applying Cosmelan 2--3 times a day as prescribed.
I'm going to keep u updated.
Wish me good luck!

This is my update after several months. This product Cosmelan MD does not work. My brown patches still on my face. I went though a lot of peeling and changes on my face after using this product but no results. Don't waste your money. Now I gave up, I am using sunblock every day and that's it. It is helping me to prevent more sun damage
Can you give an update on your commelan treatment please....
Be careful with this product. It contains hydroquinone in high percentage, a very dangerous and prohibited substance that can provoke irreversible side effects. Treatment with cosmelan leads to a very aggressive skin desquamation and reddening that makes the skin very sensitive and vulnerable to external factors. Hydroquinone may cause many undesirable side effects such as permanent post inflammatory hyperpigmentations, ochronosis, lack of skin elasticity and in many cases cancer. The cosmelan manufacturer has a lot of legal complaints and the product has been prohibited in many countries. Please, don’t risk your health, there are other solutions in the market less dangerous and more effective.
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