30 Year Old... Transaxillary, Sub Muscular, 450cc-475cc Mentor Moderate +, Cohesive Gel Silicone "gummy bear", round/smooth

A long time coming... (5'2", 116lbs) I've always...

A long time coming... (5'2", 116lbs) I've always been small up top but before children my breast were not a major issue that I felt needing fixing right away...they were small but perky and I felt comfortable with them. Fast forward a few years and two years total of breast feeding...and now my once perky 34B's seem to have deflated and are no longer as full and perky...my 34B bras have extra space to fill, and this wasn't an issue for me in the past. I always wanted bigger breast, but was very patient bc I wanted to finish expanding our family and I wanted to make sure I could breast feed them both before I underwent breast augmentation surgery...in fear that I would no longer be able to breast feed...but now that I've fulfilled those mommy goals :) I feel it's my turn to do a little something for myself...to make me feel sexier and more confident in my own skin...and the hubby isn't complaining :) he can't wait to see the soon to be new girls! As he likes to refer to them "Fun bags" lol!

*I had my consultation on July 25th 2014....and was very impressed! I was recommended by my very good friend who had an amazing job done and awesome experience. He is an amazing surgeon and his staff is fabulous...very informative, listened to my wants/needs, beautiful/clean/organized office, made me feel extremely comfortable....I absolutely loved my experience and I was sold :)
$6,000..costly compared to other consults I've been to....but paying an extra couple thousand dollars for a top quality surgeon is truly worth it to me....and a bonus is that he does the surgery by the axillary which will cause less visible scarring, and surgery is done either in the hospital or in a surgical center affiliated with a top hospital in our area (big bonus...it's a scary thought for me to have surgery done in the back of an office)

*Surgery is scheduled for September 18th, 2014!!!! 450cc moderate Plus cohesive silicone gel, transaxillary incision, sub muscular :) I took 13 straight days off from work post surgery...Hope it's enough time to heal and start to feel a bit normal/pain free.

*Pre-Op appointment is scheduled for September 5th, 2014.

More Wish Photos...

Photos are from another Realself member....her post BA photos are AMAZING!!!!!

HP vs Moderate plus

When I went to my consultation my PS stated that Mod Plus would be great in order to achieve results based on my wish photos...but now looking at the results of other Realself members...I'm liking how the HP's look :) Any thoughts????

450cc Rice Sizers...I loooove!! Should I ask for a possible 475cc because it will be sub muscular

I made rice sizers last night to show my husband....and received a wonderful response...he said they looked amazing!!!
Since we love how the 450cc rice sizers look...and because my implants will be placed sub muscular...should I ask for a larger size (475cc)??

Before and after (rice sizers)

Before and after rice sizers (450cc)

Mentor Moderate Plus Silicone Implant BWD chart... I'm 13.6...Hope 475cc fits!! :)

Thinking of moving up to 475cc :)

Loving the 475cc sizers!!

Okay, I really love how the 475cc sizers look!!! I guess go big or go home!!! :)

Next week Thursday!!

Super excited for next week!! Went for my pre op appt last Friday :) they collected blood to check CBC, coags, and pregnancy...was pretty impressed when my PS came in to draw my labs and got it on the first attempt (it's not something Drs usually do on a daily basis or at all even...so it's pretty impressive)....the lady before him missed twice :( so this was the reason he came in to do it himself.
I had a great pre op visit, and all my scripts have been filled, all supplies I need have been purchased, and now it's just waiting waiting waiting .... Time since my pre op has been dragging, but it's a good thing...gives me even more time to prepare mentally and physically for my BIG DAY!!
My PS doesn't seem to be interested in "wish photos"... I showed him during my consultation so he can have an idea of what I want done...but after that that he focused mainly on what my needs were (fuller, natural appearance, side boob and etc...), what my body can handle BWD 13.6, and what size will look proportionate on my body type. On my pre op appt he focused again on my needs...not the photos, and I completely agree with that bc if I stay focused on the "wish photos" I will never be happy with the results bc it will never be 100% exact....bc obviously my body is different than the women in the photos. I want to go into this with an open/positive mind, and the understanding that my boobs may not look identical to the thousands of photos I've seen...even with the photos of the same sized implants I'll be receiving. So I fully agree with my PS in wanting to solely focus of my wants and needs :)
So, there was a huuuuuuge packet to sign...scary information, but nothing I didn't already know EXCEPT that some medical insurance companies may not cover any breast diseases after a breast augmentation...so ladies please check with your insurance companies...
During my appt we discussed sizes and we agreed on trying both the 450cc and 475cc during surgery.... With the goal of looking proportionate of course. If I haven't said before....I LOVE MY PS!! Amazing bedside manner, never once made me feel rushed, great office staff, and my list of positive feelings about him and his staff can go on and on!!
I've been taking multivitamins, vitamin C, massaging breasts with Bio oil 2 times/day, drinking 2 liters of water/day, low sodium diet, foods high in protein, my usual yoga and exercise routine to strengthen and stretch my muscles prior to sx... My husband took one week to stay home with me...since we have two young children-I could definitely use the help!! :)
My scripts were for Vicodin 5/325mg, Valium 5mg, phenergan suppositories, and Cephalexin 500mg.

I'm praying for a great pre, intra and post op experience and definitely for a quick recovery!!! Wish me luck and please send all your good vibes this way ;)

Thanks beauties!! ;*)

All done!! 450cc moderate plus cohesive gel :)

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Happy healing :)
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Good luck to you and happy healing. I'm sure you will love them.
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Yay congrats! It's a great feeling to look down and see cleavage finally haha :P
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Best wishes today!!!! I have 450-475cc and I'm 5'2 and weigh 114. Love them!!!
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Made it on the other side :) 450cc and feeling wonderful! Worried about post op day 2.... But we shall see :) will post photos ASAP!!
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Congrats!!! You will do great. Just take it easy.
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Good luck !!!!!!
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I have 500cc HP ones :) and I'm small. 95 pounds, 5ft 1in. They have to drop still, I just got the bandages off today! You should always go bigger :P
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Thanks! My PS is going to try out both sizes 450 and 475cc...hoping the 475 fits perfectly :). You look amazing btw!!!! ;)
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Hi mommy of two! I have 475cc HP if you want to take a look at mine. I am built a lot heavier then you but it will give you a little bit of an idea about how HPs look.
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You look great!! Thanx
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I'm leaning more towards HP :)
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I'd go with the larger size. The difference between the two sizes are so small anyway. I'm in a similar situation, I'm getting either 533cc's or 492 cc's. I prefer the 533's but my doctor said they may be too big and might not fit. He is ordering the 492's just in case the 533's don't work out. At the end of the day I am so happy with either size. Either size is going to look great on me and be a vast improvement lol So I'm grateful for that. If the 475cc's don't fit for you, that's okay. You are gonna look smokin' in the 450s!
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Thank you :) you're right....it's not a huge difference in size between 450-475cc and it'll totally be an improvement regardless
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Fitmommieof5 :) Thanks!! My BWD is 13.6... So 475cc Mentor moderate plus silicone unders should fit well.... PS will test both sizes and compare them to my wish photos during surgery :) Hope the 475's fit well!! Btw, you look amazing with the 550's, your PS did a great job! I'm taking 13 days off post op....hope it's enough time to heal...I'm a RN and do long 12hr shifts-lots of lifting and pulling...a little worried about returning post operatively :(
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Definitely go with the larger size! Love your wish pics and I think going with the larger size will get you closer to those pics! Can't wait to see your results!!!
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Thank you :) Yes, I'm hoping the 475cc fit!!! Wish me luck! ;)
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I would go with the 475cc because you lose some size when they are sub muscular and everyone wishes they went bigger. I'd do the 475 to keep the look you have with the sizers so you don't lose any size :)
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I got HP silicone and I love them! I initially wanted mod plus but my plastic surgeon recommended that I go with HP. I wish you all the best! :)
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Yay! A little over a month away!! This experience will be so worth it! I hope you feel excited! Best of luck on your well deserved procedure! Looking forward to seeing your results !!
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