Need A BiG Round Butt ASAP!!!! Dr.Ghurani - Hollywood, FL

Okay ladies im new so hopefully yall can help!!! ...

Okay ladies im new so hopefully yall can help!!! planning on going to Dr.Ghurani in december to get a bbl surgery done i feel like i deserve it!!! i will not be alone my boyfriend is coming i love him even though his kind of against me getting it he says im perfect the way i am blah blah blah lol!!! first i wanted about 1100cc in each cheek but now im thinking anywhere from 1500cc-1700cc each cheek im 5ft 7in and weigh 155lbs and have long legs so i think 1500cc will look good but Cynthia which is dr.Ghurani assistant told i had to gain about 5lbs which not bad and they said my skin look good so nothing should sag and it should heel fast. Can not wait about 5 more months till procedure hurry up and come Ps and any that got a bbl procedure 1500cc in each cheek plz let me see a post op pic trying make sure it what i want


Welcome, thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Have you taken a look through the other BBL reviews? It may help you to get a better idea of what different amounts of injected fat look like.

Please do keep us updated with your progress!

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Okay so going back and forth

Okay so i keep going back and forth trying figure out how many cc's i want im thinking 1200 per cheek than im think 1250-1300 cc's what do yall think is a good amount

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I know what i want and im sticking to it

Okay so decided FINALLY i want 1300 cc's per cheek and 200cc's in hips so i hope Dr.Ghurani can deliver can not wait for this bbl so excited

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Might just be :(

So is less than 2 months away before my bbl surgery and my boyfriend which is now my ex-boyfriend is clearly not coming no more due to a small argument we had and now we not together and im left alone to be in Florida by myself with no support i had a plan B which was my friend that stay out of Florida but she probably gotta work and 10 days is a lot a days to ask from somebody when they gotta job. So now im heartbroken hearted and through something serious like this i have nobody in my corner smh but i know God got a plan and this situation will work its way out

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What i Want

So thinking 1000-1100 cc's per butt cheek and 200-250 cc's per hips


Try finding a travel buddy. Doesn't even have to be someone who's going to the same doctors you, there are lots if girls going to the Miami area in Dec. And if it comes down to it, you can go alone and stay at a recovery house afterwards so you'll have help and other ppl around. And I think 1000-1100ccs to the butt and 200 for hips is fine. I don't know what you look like but make sure your new booty doesn't overtake your whole body to the point where it looks super fake. I saw you wanted 1500ccs at first, that's a LOT of ass lol. Glad you brought it down to a reasonable amount. I'm 5'5 145lbs and will be asking for 800-900ccs, my surgery is in less than a month! Anyways sorry about your situation, don't let anything stop you if this is what you really want. If you feel comfortable getting a travel buddy or going alone then staying at a recovery house then go for it. Good luck!
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Thank you so much for your response yeah that what ill probably do find a travel buddy and stay in a recovery house if it comes down to that.. And im 5'7 and 165lb since weight gain yeah idk what i was think when i said 1500ccs but 1000-1100 will be perfect for me but thanks a lot for your words

Lipo to arms and inner thigh

Okay so im thinking of having my arms and lm inner thigh lipo to but i trying is that going be a good idea cause i know ima be very limited when it comes to helping myself.... If any of you girl got your inner thigh and arms done can you please!!!!!! Give me some advice


Did you have your surgery any pic
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if your going to be alone don't lipo your arms!! you are going to be limited to the things you can do by your self so you need your arms! trust me! also cant stress to u more to have someone u trust with you for at least 2 weeks! this is a very serious surgery and you need to be with someone who won't mind cleaning up your pee and poop also your fluids you are going to have drains that need to drained constantly and you are king to be so sore and drugged up that that is the last thing u are going to think about! lol!
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the last thing you are going to be thinking about is draining your drains is what i meant to say! :)
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