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Bunch of Crap!!! - Hollywood, FL

This stuff is a bunch of crap!!! There should be a...

This stuff is a bunch of crap!!! There should be a guarantee. They make you sign up for 3 months at least and then it doesnt work and they wont let you return it without being penalized for $60. I am reporting you to the BBB. I called customer service and the person had an I dont care attitude. And the supervisor was also not willing to help. Dont waste your money!!

Don't waste your money! They talk about all these...

Don't waste your money! They talk about all these great results. They make you commit to 3 months of the stuff that doesn't work and they won't refund your money. Customer service is terrible too.
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Don't fall for it. You know what they say "if its too good to be true...." Don't fall for it!!!!
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I agree, I bought these in hopes I would lose some inches and NOTHING happened...I basically wrapped myself in $59 worth of Vicks Vapor rub and saran!! WASTE of money and time...now I have to buy something from this company for the next 2 months...because I believed the pictures and what they said it would do!! NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!
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I am an independent distributor for the company and we do not require anyone to purchase from us for 3 months. I personally let my clients try a wrap for $25. If they love the product like 85% of them do then they have the option of becoming a loyal customer. A loyal customer is required to get any of our products on autoship for 3 months. It does not have to be the wraps. We offer several amazing products. The perk of becoming a loyal customer is receiving wholesale pricing on our products, but it's not a requirement. You can always purchase an item at retail price with no commitment. I'm sorry you did not see results. I can say from experience that these wraps do work. I recently suffered a back injury and am on doctors orders against exercise besides light walking. I've been using our wraps for a month & I've lost several inches, a pant size and about 10 lbs. I also have several friends with similar results. The one thing I notice with people who aren't getting the results they'd like is they aren't drinking enough water. The wraps get into the subcutaneous layer and break up fat/toxins. If you don't drink water then the fat/toxins will not be flushed out and will remain in your system possibly even causing you to bloat.
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I drink lots of water, I do a lot of juicing and eat vegetables, no meat, no processed foods, etc. My stomach and legs are a little fatty so I thought this would do the trick and it didnt do a thing.
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Can you tell me more about the product. What are the ingrediants?
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I'm going to try Slender Results. They've been in business for quite awhile, do not over-promise results and one of their wraps is a dry wrap without the wet bandage mess. I'll let you know if I like it.
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Thank you for your feedback. This is good for me to know.
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There is NO requirement to sign up for 3 months. That is an option to get a lower price on the product. One may purchase a single purchase at the retail price.

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You are correct. There is no requirement to sign up for 3 months but if you do sign up to be a loyal customer, are you allowed to cancel before 3 months?
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no you have to do the 3 months or there is a $50 cancellation fee plus restocking fee. I did the 3 month because the cost is lower and I believed that it would work - I have to stop falling for this kind of BS!
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And then you must pay shipping costs and for some reason the company is allowed to charge sales tax even if you don't live in Arizona so it's even more expensive. Every month I got an email apologizing for the late delivery because the product is just so popular so I dropped out. Very poor service
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Sorry to hear your body wrap didn't do what you had hoped. What product did you use, and what changes were you hoping to see?

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