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I had the Brazilian butt lift procedure done by Dr...

I had the Brazilian butt lift procedure done by Dr.Bruno I'm not really sure how I feel I do have concerns about the out come of my surgery but his staff assured me that Dr.Bruno will take care of my concerns because he wants to make sure his patients are satisfied and happy.So Im going to wait to post before and after pictures and my full experience. I must say he and his staff have been great and understanding about my concerns....So stay tuned
Oh that's not too bad. Ok good luck :-)
Did the dr. ask you to gain weight pre surgery ? Did he sculp your body or you don't c any deference at all.... I myself want a bbl with dr.bruno I'm just afraid of being disappointed :/ Realself is a great site for support ...hope to keep hearing from your jurney Best wishes Hun
No he didn't ask me to gain wait but I still gained 7lbs more before surgery he made me feel like I would be happy with my results after that's why I made the choice to go with him I had went to 2 other consults before him but now I'm feeling very disapointed I don't see a big difference at all even friends tell me I kind of look the same Im hoping that he does a touch up in march and I see results or it was $8000 dlrs lost..I will keep everyone updated

My advice

I don't want anyone to be discouraged on choosing Dr.Bruno for this procedure because he is a great doctor and did make me feel comfortable that's why I chose him and I would recommend him I know I say I'm a little disappointed but I'm sure once I get a touch up I will be more satisfied I just expected more of a diffrence I'm staying positive that after everything I will walk away a happy patient and be able to post before & after pictures. My advice to anyone getting this procedure tell your doctor to put as much as possible because you do loose 35 to 40 percent of the fat cells within 2 months after the surgery.I think that's why I got dissapointed because I was super happy the next day after surgery I just wish it stood like that

Blk before my bbl white after

Do you see a big difference my friends say very little =/

before&after my bbl

Before&After my bbl

2 1/2 months after


I see a little bit of difference in your butt but not in your torzo, he could have done a lot more lipo which would have accentuated your figured and made your booty pop a little more. So what would he do in the revision?
Is the pic in the dress before or after ? To be honest your butt looks a little bit bigger but maybe if he of done more lipo to make you have a waist smaller it would be more noticeable...not much of a differanece as of now
The picture with the dress was after ..yeah that's why I felt a little disappointed all my friends say the same thing Not much of a difference from before my Bbl =/

Happier =)

I just thought I would update my review on my BBL by Dr.Bruno....I posted 2 months after my bbl that I was unsure how I felt about my surgery and was a little unhappy but its been 4 months now
and I have to say its gotten better I have to say I'm much happier now with my results and glad I chose Dr.Bruno I still have to go for a touch up but just for lipo to fix a couple flaws I feel need to be fix but as far as my butt I'm more satisfied =)

Happier =)

I just thought I would update my review on my surgery with Dr.Bruno on my first review 2 months after my surgery I said I was unsure how I felt and a little unhappy but its been 4 months now I have to admit I see much more of a difference and am happier with the results of my BBL and am glad I chose Dr.Bruno but I still need to go back and get a touch I think I need more lipo he didn't take enough off my waist but as far as my butt I'm happier =)
You look good but I can see how much better you would look with more lipo/sculpting. Glad to hear you are happier.
Yeah that's exactly what I think so I'm definitely going back ....Thanks :)

Dr Bruno

I don't recomend doctor bruno I wasn't real happy with my results didn't see a big difference went back after 6 months to see if he could fix and he had a bunch of excuses don't waist your money I feel I should have went with Dr.Hues I see so many happy reviews from everyone who went with him...Disappointed!
i agree! waste of money and more important time! he had the nerve to tell me bbl are for "younger women" what? i am 44 and in great shape! he made me gain so much weight only to leave all the fat on my body...and i have a lot of dents on my thighs and stomach is lumpy. he burned me too. why can these ps do a bad job and keep our money?
Well he is wrong about being young because I'm 30 & I'm in good shape. I thought I would have been an easy Patient bcuz I have booty & I wish it was a law that he had to give me my money back
what was his reason for not giving you your money back?
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