3 weeks post op today!!!

Hi ladies, I'm getting a TT with lipo and MR on...

Hi ladies, I'm getting a TT with lipo and MR on march 28th and I'm so excited!
I'm a single mom of 1 incredible 7 year old boy. I had him vaginally but I a gained so much weight with him! I'm 5" so all my weight usually goes to my belly and booty! My highest weight has been 192lbs. I did lose a lot of weight and went down to 130 but the belly never changes! Then I got the Mirana IUD and gained almost 50 lbs. so as of today I'm close to 174 on a good day. When bloated I can reach180 and I look 8 months prego! I work out 5 days week and eat healthy. So I'm very conscious about the way I look. Im so tired of being fat! I just want to wear whatever I want again and not worry about looking prego! I love everything else about my body but the tummy!! I'm very nervous about the TT because of my BMI I hope I don't spend 10,000$ to still have a pouch.. If any of you ladies have any tips on what I'll need post op I would really appreciate your input! I'm going for my pre op 2moro!!!!!!yay..:) good luck to everyone...

2 weeks to go until I'm flat!!!!! Omg I'm so...

2 weeks to go until I'm flat!!!!! Omg I'm so excited! And I can't help but think about the what if's.... I read somewhere that 0.05% people die during TT. But it's rare... I'm just a mess.

I got my CG today by Marena.. Tried it on and it...

I got my CG today by Marena.. Tried it on and it fits good although it reminded me why I'm having this surgery!!! Also having a hard time finding a lift recliner so I'm going to have to adjust without one... 8 more days until surgery I can't sleep I'm so excited.

Waiting, waiting, and waiting! I'm at the hospital...

Waiting, waiting, and waiting! I'm at the hospital to meet with the anistesiologist and pre op nurse!!! In not sure what the purpose of this appt is but hopefully I'm cleared and anxiously awaiting thursday:) can't wait to be on the flat side..

Has anyone used scar away? Did it help? I bought...

Has anyone used scar away? Did it help? I bought bio oil but I'm wondering it scar away is better.

2moro is the day! I'm so excited, nervous, and...

2moro is the day! I'm so excited, nervous, and nervoussss!!! House is cleaning, got all my supplies and a recliner being delivered shortly. My mom had it out with my ps so I'm a little horrified she isn't going to do a good job now. But I have to have faith she will do for me what she's done for all other patients. They charged me for the hospital over night stay then didn't schedule me for an over night stay and then turned around in told me it was going to be an extra 1,000$ so my mom kinda got pissed. I didn't want to cause any drama and just go home, needless to say I'm staying the night in the hospital. I just hope to god the ps doesn't hate me.

I made it!!! It looks flat. Wish I could see but...

I made it!!! It looks flat. Wish I could see but have to wait for the ps! Noy in too much painthanks to my morphine pump. Going home later on. I won't have a pain pump then. Very grogy.

PO day 3!! Can't cough or talk. I'm draining all...

PO day 3!! Can't cough or talk. I'm draining all over not in too much pain. I must feel helpless. I have had some complications with my drains the left side stitch came out so its not draining like it should. I just wish I could cough.. Hope I don't have a PE... Loving my results:)

I've been readmitted to the hospital for a PE. :(...

I've been readmitted to the hospital for a PE. :( this isn't fun but my results are phenomenal:)

I'm 15 days post opp, I keep asking myself if it...

I'm 15 days post opp, I keep asking myself if it was worth it? My results are not exactly what I was hoping for but I am still very happy the big bulge is gone. However I am still very swollen and I've had a bad recovery thus far. 2 days after surgery I developed a PE and fluid on my lungs. I'm getting better every day. I still have my drains in and I HATE them lol... I just hope my belly is swollen or I'm gonna need another TT.. Lol I tried some of my jeans on they won't fit my hips are too big:(

Today my ps took out my right drain(19 days po)It...

Today my ps took out my right drain(19 days po)It felt good! Hopefully the left drain will be out by next Monday. Today has been a little rough I just feel like I have no energy and just sore and swollen. The ps said I'm healing very well. So that was awesome to hear. I want to go back to work but she wants me to wait another 2 weeks. When do other girls go back to work?

So I was at Walmart today and bought some scar...

So I was at Walmart today and bought some scar away it was about 17.89 I didn't realize that 1 box would be needed to cover my entire scar. Does anyone know where I can buy it? I need longer strips... I've been using bio oil 2 x daily and coco butter in between.

Today I'm 3 weeks post op.. I still have the left...

Today I'm 3 weeks post op.. I still have the left drain in hopefully 2moro it will come out. I've been very tired the last 3-4 days so I've been in bed just relaxing. Is it normal to be so lifeless? Tomorrow I promised myself I'm going to get out of my recliner and push myself to be motivated... Hopefully I can go back to work on Monday. Do any of you think it's to soon? My scar is looking really good I think and the swelling is getting a little better and it feels so good not having to look at a huge belly.. I can't wait to get into some jeans :) hope every one is healing and loving their new bodies......

Today I feel so great! It's my birthday and I...

Today I feel so great! It's my birthday and I tried on a size 9/10 pants and they FIT!!!! I can't even fell you guys how excited I was... I cried of pure excitement and its only gonna get better after the swelling subsides...

I went back to work today. OMG I was in so much...

I went back to work today. OMG I was in so much pain and so uncomfortable so I called the ps and she got me in right away.. She aspirated almost a gallon of fluid out of my stomach!!! I have to go back Thursday and get more taken out. She also said I can only work 4 hours a dAy until further notice. My tummy went down so much after she took all the fluid out... I didn't really feel the needles either just lots of pressure...
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Hey there! You happen to live very close to me, I'm in Antioch. Anywhooo, noticed your about same height/weight as me! I too carrry much of my weight in my midsection, also my chest : ( I am trying to schedule a consult for breat Reduct and tummy tuck. Dr. Leonard Lu is right in middle of switching offices to start his own practice, just my luck to have to wait,lol. I wanted to tell you how great you look! Your story gives me much hope : ) Take care!
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Oh Christyy, I am SO sorry for you! That fluid pressure is painful! I had seromas from my breast reconstruction and that pain is painful! (did I just say that?) but unless you have had that pain, you don't really know.....! Ouch! A gallon? That's some serious buildup! I hope you get better and better each day! Good luck! Feel better dear friend! Hugs!
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U go girl....happy belated
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Happy belated birthday christyy27 and u looking good!!!!!!
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Happy Birthday and YAY for small sizes! So happy for you!
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Yes I got lipo in my back as well not much because ps said it wasn't needed. I still have the Mirana. I went to my ps today because I'm so swollen it looked as if my scar was gonna pop open. It's been a roller coaster! But I think once the swelling subsides I will be very happy.
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You look amazing! Go back to work when your ready. Don't push it though, last thing you want is a set back! Did you get lipo on your back? I'm interested to see how your scar heals because I think I'm going to do the same thing, bio oil and coco butter. Do you still have your mirena? I had one and it's caused me so many problems. A year after having it in I had a dermoid tumor the size of a grapefruit, I had to have my left ovary removed. 7 months later I got another one and had my right ovary removed. The doc says I can't say it's the mirena but it caused nothing but problems and alot of other women got dermoids as well. That thing is evil.
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You look great! 3 weeks isn't unreasonable to return to work if you feel that you are up to it and can stand up straight. I gave myself a month but that last week I could have done without and I was going stir crazy anyway. Good luck and happy healing!
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You're very swollen, but isn't it exciting as all get out that we can wear the cute little undies? And we don't have a belly hanging over the top of them??!! You look fantastic! Don't worry too much about gaining, you still in the middle of the swelling. I'm just over 3 months and still have swelling, though it feels like weight gain, but the scale says I'm only up a few pounds and I've been working out like a mad woman, it's very exciting! Hang in there and be positive!
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Glane32 I just posted some. I'm still very swollen. I'm afraid I'm getting fat in my tummy agai. Because every day it feels bigger. I'm sure it's all in my head. Lol
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you look amazing!! can you post a before front shot and a now front shot side by side?
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You look fantastic! What great results and think about it, it will only get better! How exciting! I'm so happy for you!
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Looking good. The new gel strips are great my scar is healing very nicely because of it I saw a huge difference in one week.
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I cut mine in half and i got 3 weeks use out of them because they are so thick. Your scar is a bit longer then mine so it might be for 2 weeks for you. I tried curad after scaraway and they were not the same so tomorrow i will be buying scaraway again. I have heard you can order the actual tt strips from web but they run around 80.00. Good luck, let me know how they work out for you. :)
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sorry you're not happy yet...I think you look great...I'm sure you'll think so after the swelling settles
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Looking good mama. Single mama power! Happy healing :)
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You look great and your scar is healing so well and looks great too.
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You look awesome! Congrats on the new beautiful you! :)
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I have the same problems with my jeans. I think it the swelling. It will get better, that is what I keep telling myself.
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You look fantastic girl! Keep your head up and keep the before pics close when you get down. I totally understand that feeling... We're still early in the recovery. I know my wait can fluctuate up to 6lbs in a day from swelling. Sending you lots of healing wishes!
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THank you all:) I also love my results I think I may have been a little depressed earlier when my jeans didn't fit.. Lol but then I weighed myself.. I know I shouldn't but I think I lost 22 lbs so far and that's with all the swelling.. I'm gonna weigh again on another scale it's just unbeleilable:)
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You look fantastic! I'm almost 12 weeks po and still have swelling, but I look at my befores and am so happy with the after! Keep your eye on the prize. I'm sorry that you have had so many problems, but I was happy to read that you are getting better every day! Hopefully the drains come out soon. My before surgery jeans don't fit me yet either. Actually I can get them on, but they are a bit tight and I don't want anything tight on my tummy yet. I bought a couple pairs that are super low and hit right on the incision line and are stretchy. I absolutely love your results! I can't tell you enough how wonderful you look!
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It just cracks me up...I see your pics and think, wow! She looks so good, and then I go to the next one that is posting pictures and saying how swollen they are and I think, wow! They look so good. Then I look down at my big puffy tummy and I think, oh sheesh, I sure hope that is swelling! hahahaaahha, we all are SO much alike!
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OMG, your kidding right? You look gorgeous!! Don't be so hard on yourself..it's just swelling!! Congrats to you!
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Don't regret it. You look amazing!
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