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I am still going through the process of Clear...

I am still going through the process of Clear Correct. They seem to be working really well! I am only on my 2nd set of aligners and they seem to be doing their job well. The team at Clear Correct are very nice and sincere and are very good at working with you and your needs, as well as my dentist. The aligners only make my teeth sensitive for a day or two then I don't feel any pain. They did give me a slight lisp the first couple of weeks, but it seems to have slowly gone away. They are very easy to clean and I LOVE that I am able to take them out eat whatever I want then snap them back in with ease. So far I really enjoy the Clear Correct process and will be posting more updates as the changes become more noticeable, I recommend Clear Correct to anyone who is looking for a simple way to change their smile, Two thumbs up!


Today is my 3rd day of the clear alignment process. Although it gives me a little hope that your pain was gone after a day or two, I am wondering if this is normal? I had to take out my first aligners in the middle of the second night, because I couldn't take the pain in my gum anymore, caused by the sharp edge of the alignment, which literally cut into my gum and hurts my tongue as well. There is a 2-2.5 inch wide line where my gum is swollen, so I can not snap back the aligner at the moment. I am 46 years old and very enthusiastic about this way of teeth correction, but I think I have to go back to my doctor today to correct or change it, because I can not wear it like this. What was your pain like? Was it caused by the pressure only or did you have gum injury - similar to mine - as well?
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When I first got my set, it would cut the side of my tongue towards the back, the discomfort was there, and I did take them out a couple of times during the first night because I the pain, but I did not have any swelling of the gums, I apologize for the late reply

Glad to see you're doing well with ClearCorrect so far.  You may not have noticed, but at the top of your review, you've listed the procedure as "Not worth it".  If you meant only that you've just started, you can change that to "Not sure", so people aren't confused by a positive review and a negative rating :D!

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Slow progress but noticing differences!

I am finally started to see light changes!! Yay!! They're awesome I don't even realize I have them in anymore and I have such a routine with them between eating and brushing it's like second nature, I love it!!


Yay!!  And thanks for adding a picture! How many aligners will you have and how long will your treatment be over all?

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I will have 16 aligners over a period of 18 months

Okay, thanks :)

Fifth set out of sixteen!

On my 5/16 set. Almost halfway done! I'm finding small changes that are starting to change! One small problem I had with this set is my bottom aligned wasn't shaved down enough and was bothering my gums, but after a few days I became accustomed to it, so not to much of a complaint. Still finding them worth it!!!


A lot of people with Invisalign have the same problem with some of their trays.  Sometimes people get their doctors to file them, but I also remember mostly getting used to it after a couple of days.  Glad that things are still going smoothly for you, and that you are starting to notice some changes!  Thanks for the update, and the updated pic. :)  I feel like I can see a little movement in the tooth that was the farthest behind in the first pic.
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7 out of 16!

really starting to see a difference!! i am almost half way done (7-16) and couldn't be happier! they put little grippers on my two front teeth to help with movement, but they have not been a bother at all! the only thing is it has been the worst pain getting them out, especially for the first two day. but now they feel much better!! definitely seeing a good improvement!!


Did u feel sensitivity when Burbank something with them out?
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Can you repeat that ?
U drink something cold with them out***

Set 10/16

I'm almost done with six sets to go, and I'm pretty pleased with the results, I can definitely tell a difference!!!

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Adorabomb!!!  Is that your horse?!
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Almost done!!

Almost done!! So happy with the results that are showing!

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The difference so far!


Wow!  Are they all straight except for that one tooth at this point?
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I used wax to help with the gums and tongue. The same wax they would use for regular braces. I purchased at Walgreens, and its called sunstar G.U.M in a little green box where you find the floss. I'm just starting on phase 0. As I've just started phase 0, They seem to go over the gum a great more than the other company. Almost a straight ling across covering a lot of gum as opposed to be cut around the teeth. Is that normal? I'm afraid it going to damage gum line.
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Keith has been very helpful with the process so far, he is very precise and makes sure there will be no problems when I leave the dentist office. He is very good at answering any concerning questions and is also very good at being able to explain what certain stage i'm going through in the Clear Correct process and how it is affecting me.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
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4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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