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IPL Was Not Painful but I Got a Bad Headache - Hoboken, NJ

It was not painful at all, I went for redness on...

It was not painful at all, I went for redness on my nose from an old rhinoplasty 8 years ago. veins grow bigger after that procedure and it causes swelling! So far so good except for that bad headache next day! I have 3 scheduled. Doctor was great! clean office and nice receptionist. I bought a special they ran $249- for 3 tx!

Posting a pic after 1 week

this is after my first treatment, aprox 1 week later.

my skin is looking very smooth!

I must admit that my skin looks better! My redness on my nose has subsided too so Im so anxious to see how it looks after the next treatment. A definite improvement!

had my 2nd treatment!

I had another treatment Jan 2nd 2014! This time the tech- esthetician did it and she was very good and spent more time on my face. So far so good, my face looks smoother and my pores look tighter. Just prior to this treatment I noticed my redness on my nose went down quite a bit too and the swelling! Im happy with it.

update had the last treatment mid January.

My skin looks smoother and my nose is less red and swelling less! pore size has decreased too and some millia (small white bumps) I had have come to the surface. I think my skin is dryer a bit but that could be the retin-a Im using too. I think it will improve further so Ill wait to see results. It was worth it to me.

so it did a 'little" to help

I'd say unless you get a bargain price like I did or have a load of spots/freckles its maybe not be so worth it. I had read it can make your face 'sag" a bit, I think I look saggier now around my jaw....so I'd say don't do it!

ipl now

it doesn't really seem to have done anything, so Id suggest doing a procedure more long term results like laser or chemical peels.
Dr Pezzaro

Great doctor, had a nice manner and answered all questions.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Thanks ladies! ( I didn't start using Obagi until 2 weeks after the treatments. I swear by that retin-A .5% cream and the wrinkles go away fast with use. for $60 its the best beauty tool! ) My skin is peeling quite a bit! I have to exfoliate frequently by putting a thick coat of ponds on, letting it soften the skin, then use a buff-puff or face brush. It looks very smooth and my nose redness has gone down immensely! I am only concerned that results are temporary so Im looking into doing RF or vein-gogh laser for more permanent results. So far I'm satisfied at at $249- it was a bargain!
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Does any think limelight..(IPL) works for teenage acne? My son has some cystic acne. we have tried everything.. 3 types of antibiotics and next dr recommends accutane, so I am wanting try this limelight first...any one with good results for acne??? Because this is so expensive!!! Not sure if this is what we should do or not?? anybody with results on acne??
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My children got better with accutane though watch the side effects carefully, Never ever would I use IPL left me with terrible scars
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Hi, buY him a handheld blue light LED device! it kills bacteria and thats where the problem starts. cystic acne may be anatomical in nature and the pores do not allow proper elimination so the body encapsulates pus from dead cells as a cyst. see a qualified dermatologist, theres a name for the condition. its not invasive and you can get good buys online at big store sites! Good luck.
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accutane causes depression and suicides please be diligent its a bad drug!
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I'm 60 so if you look at my skin above in pics, its pretty good! Im not a sun worshipper or tanner and I swear by retin -a daily! if you peel heres what you do. cover your face in a good cold cream or mask. let it soak in, then use a buff puff to get the dead skin off. I also heard Dr Brandt on radio say Cerave' cream is the best value! So I went and bought it! I was using french cream at $60 a jar and the LARGE jar of cereve is 16-!
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i am peeling an awful lot! im also using obagi tretinoin0.05% cream, but never peeled like this? I buffed my skin to remove a lot of it. It looks better for sure!
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Your not suppose to use any of those strong face creams while doing a series of IPL treatments. It can cause your skin to burn by the time your ready for your next laser treatment. Just use a good sun screen. I use "Image Skin Care 50 SPF".
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I am glad you are happy with your results but don't you want to stop while you are ahead? I just have known too many stories that including mine that it ends up one time too many and it is to late to back. If you are happy with the wsy you look now stop
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You need at least 3 treatments to get the full results.
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I wouldn't do it! Lasers can def cause damage. It's not worth it.
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If you do the AFT laser treatment, you'll be fine. Just go to someone who has done a lot of them and has a medical back ground. A nurse, PA., or dermatologist.
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Glad to hear you are doing well after the procedure.  Let us know how the final treatments turn out.

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Thanks! so far so good!
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