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Bags, Crepinesss, Wrinkles from Restylane - Hoboken, NJ

In May, I had restylane injected in my eye troughs...

In May, I had restylane injected in my eye troughs - the first cosmetic procedure I'd ever had done. In my research of doctors, I thought I had been thorough and decided on Dr. TG Khan of Hoboken and Edgewater. I had found only positive feedback of him online.

During the consultation the doctor initially said he didn't think there would be much of a difference if I had the injection done. He didn't elaborate why and, at the time, I respected his candor. I told him I wanted to go ahead with it anyway.

He started on my right side where he was decidedly more aggressive than the left. After he finished, I was pleased with the immediate results.

The next day I woke up swollen which I assumed was normal. But after the swelling went down a few days later, I was left with a large pronounced bags under my eyes (a significantly puffier one on my right side) as well as a map of new wrinkles and crepiness. I looked twenty years older! Thank God I wear glasses which hid some of it.

When I went back for the follow up, the doctor immediately went on the defensive asking me, "What is it you think you see?" I was flabbergasted, but I calmly tried to talk through everything. He then told me I had absorbed most of the restylane (one month later) and that I actually needed more. More? He also said my face wasn't symmetrical to begin with so one bag being larger made sense. He at no time gave the slightest hint of sympathy or suggested using Hyaluronidase to dissolve the Restylane. I was absolutely disgusted when I left his office.

A very bad first experience.

Dr. TG Khan

Edgewater and Hoboken Cosmetic & Laser Centers were founded by Dr. T.G. Khan where continues to practice today.

Finally getting it fixed

Update: Yesterday, I finally went to a doctor to have the Restylane dissolved. I used Dr. Eviatar at Chelsea Eye Associates (NYC) and it couldn't have gone better. He's really great and as he promised, the restylance was almost completely dissolved within a few hours. True, it looks a little like deflated balloons under my eye at the moment, but at least I can start again and I don't have that monstrous bulbous look. Seeing Dr. Eviatar next week to move forward with another procedure. All good.

Last Visit...

Yesterday I had my follow up visit with Chelsea Eye Associates. I've now, in total, had three visits there.

On the first visit I was seen by one of the nurses, who injected Hyaluronidase under my eyes. The cost of the visit was $300 and, sadly, nothing happened. The following week I had to leave on an extended business trip to Europe and was gone about a month.

When I got back, I was able to see Dr. Aviatar who injected me also with Hyaluronidase. The cost of the second visit was again $300. But this time I began to see results within hours.

I was then scheduled for a follow up appt. (yesterday). The doctor eventually saw me about an hour and a half after my appt. time. Although the attending assistant was very pleasant and repeatedly apologized, when the doctor finally arrived, after sitting in that tiny room for so long, I was pretty much ready to leave. Although Dr. Aviatar in no way acknowledged the hour and half delay, he did answer all my questions and is quite obviously an accomplished practitioner.

He finished by suggesting more Restylane plus Perlane to act as support. Having gone through months of the Restylane mishap, I became hesitant - which the doctor picked up on and, shortly afterward, excused himself. At that point, the assistant, who kindly said he understood why I wanted to consider everything carefully, told me that to make up for the waiting they would take off $150 from the two filler procedure - making that final cost $1750. They could see me in a few weeks.

To be honest, it simply felt a little like a conveyor belt and, for that reason, I won't be returning. There was no cost for the third visit.

I wasn't sure whether to write this follow up because, I guess, I wanted to wrap everything up in a nice bow and be done with it...but then I figured I should mention exactly what happened - especially after reading other online reviews from people who got the same impression I did.
New Jersey Oculoplastic Surgeon

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
1 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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It's disheartening to read so many bad restylane reviews. There seem to be a lot in the NYC-meteo area. I've had some less than stellar experiences, but they pale in comparision to what I've read on this site. If anyone is interested in seeing someone who injects regularly, has a great track record and a great personality, I'd recommend Sam D. at Saddick Dermatology (Tamara also does amaaazing facials at the 15th street location). Sam injected underneath my eyes. I was terrified, but she explained everything to me. I'm not a spouse or a paid reviewer. I saw both Sam and Tamara based on personal/trusted recommendations and after reading so many horrifying, expensive, negative experiences, I just wanted to share their names in hopes of others having positive experiences. NYC has some of the best, but there is also a lot of glitter and smoke screens. Wishing you all the best.
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David- I am sorry to hear you were not pleased with your results and you did initially experienced some swelling from Restylane. I have a lot of experience injecting the lid region with fillers and have a 99% satisfaction rate - it is impossible for 100% of patients to have a perfect result and unfortunately you fall into the 1% of the unsatisfied. I must respond by saying that I did attempt to answer all of your questions and concerns and I do pride myself on excellent bedside manner and after care follow up. I do screen all of my patients with a thorough consultation prior to treatment to ensure you have realistic expectations - and perhaps your expectations were higher than you thought with this treatment. I do welcome you to return for another visit should you wish to consult on other possible treatment options to achieve a positive aesthetic result. My goal is to make my patients look great with a very high satisfaction rate. Respectfully, Dr. TG Khan.
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I'm delighted you pride yourself on your bedside manner. I saw none of it. What I did see however were months of puffy, uncomfortable over-filled eye troughs, ludicrous bags and new wrinkles follow my visit to you. That said, I have no doubt you would welcome my return - chiefly to purchase further treatments (which might be odd, don't you think, after I had to pay another doctor in Mahattan to dissolve your handy work from the first visit to you). Nothing would induce me to return to your office or recommend you to anyone. With complete sincerity, David.
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NFC, no, that was before!!
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Sorry, mff, I meant. :)
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I think your eyes look great in the glasses. Was this after the restylane?
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Who was your doc in NYC I had my cheeks done 1,400 said would help with my dark circles. Went back in 500.00 for underneath the eye. He did a great job, but I still have dark circles. Wish I would have posted pics. He said I really needed surgery 7,000.00. I'm not ready to go underneath the knife. I'm only 43
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I'm glad to hear it went well and restylane dissolved without any problems.
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I had restylane injected into my cheeks to I was told it would make the hollows in my eyes look better, 2 years later I am still suffering today I had my 2nd ultra sound I have lots of small cyst like lumps under the skin. I have been on steroids for 2yrs now to keep the swelling down, if I don't take the steroids I look like I've done 10 rounds in a boxing ring. I now have cholesterol deposits under my eyes and I broke my foot last week I do believe this is caused by the steroids, my doctor has tried everything and has never seen anything like it. Stay away from fillers.

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I have had restylane in my upper eyelid now for 2 full years, and shows no sign of dissolving on it's own. The skin is wrinkled and spongy. My other eye (no fillers in that eye) is smooth so it is not "normal" aging but the filler causing the wrinkling.
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Thank you all for your comments! I had an appointment scheduled next week for Restylane injections under the eyes, and I just called to cancel it. Even though I think I have one of the best doctors, I don't want to take a chance!
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RL, I understand your concern (boy, do I) but after my experience and reading up and speaking to experts restylane under your eye is usually pretty successful. It's all about technique and not over filling. But of course do what you think it best. Good luck!
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David I am so sorry you dealt with Dr. Kahn. I've been depressed for a while now about how he ruined my face with improper & sloppy injection technique. I went back to him several times to try to correct it, not knowing anything about how it, all I knew was that I did not look normal! He permanently changed the way I look because there is now scar tissue built up.. All the reviews online are from his wife, Natalia, the Russian girl at the front desk. Re-read them, they couldn't be more bogus. Glad you're never going back & I want to warn others of this careless doc.
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Kaili, I'm so sorry to hear about this! I thought I was the only one who had a bad experience with Dr. Kahn. It really is appalling - his technique, attitude and his taking no responsibility for the outcome. I'm trying to stay philosophical and see this as a wake up call for being more careful in the future. But in the meantime, it's hard looking in the mirror and seeing the imbalance and puffiness and new wrinkles - all in the space of a few months and all because of the bad technique and less than honest online reviews. I really hope everything works out for you. Thanks for your kind words.
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david sorry to hear about your bad experience! Be very careful with who you allow to inject anything into your face, it's actually an invasive procedure (even if not as invasive as scalpel, that's what my doc told me.) Also, I think you're right about how he may have injected too much, with restylane, it seems that less is more, it just has to be strategically placed. I went to dr. K near cuny hunter in October and she did a great job, only now (june) am I seeing it wear off (I believe I only got like 1/2 of a syringe though bc I remeber it was $500) so I might be going again. Try her out her consults are free and she is awesome. Hope this helps
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Sou, I'm really happy to hear all went well with you. I think my experience was more of a wake up call. I'm having it corrected now. I hope I'm not Wall Street vain but I want to look ok. My guy was $650 a syringe and he insisted on two and then tax on that. An annoying lesson. I've already spent $300 on a first correction visit (in Chelsea) to have it dissolved and will need a few more. Life! :)
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Meagan - I will. I'll just be more careful in the future choosing the right doctor. :)
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I'm really sorry to hear you had such a rough first experience. From what I understand the under eye area can be a pretty tough one to treat. How are you feeling at this point? Do you think you will try something again, or has this turned you off from the idea of future treatments?

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I'll try something but maybe not injectables. Thanks for the kind note! :)
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Completely understandable - once bitten, twice shy kind of thing. Well I will be wishing you the best with anything you do decide to try in the future!

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