I Hit my Nose After Rhinoplasty

Three weeks ago I had rhinoplasty. I did it...

Three weeks ago I had rhinoplasty. I did it because of a dorsal hump and to narrow the base of the nose. I was pleased with the outcome when the splint was taken off 7 days later. Even with the expected swelling (more swollen on one side than the other), the bridge looked very straight and the bone structure on both sides felt and looked even.

But after my accident (I hit myself with a bag of groceries containing a jar of spaghetti sauce) there as a noticeable indention on the upper right side. I felt it immediately and over the last 7 days there it has not improved.

I saw my doctor the day after the accident, he felt my nose and said if the bone structure had been moved at all it was by fractions of a millimeter. He assured me that with patience the results will be beautiful and even. I paid for a 30 day accident insurance policy and feel strong about taking advantage of it to have my nose readjusted now.

Since my doctor feels positive, I am torn whether I should insist on the adjustment. What and how would the revision be made? I would appreciate some information and feedback on this issue. Thank you for your time.

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He is sencere and knowledgable. I find it very easy to talk to him and not rushed what so ever when I have an appointment with him. His staff is also very friendly and personable.

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imo the nostrils seem overexposed but I need to see a before pic for comparison, they may be a possible improvement.
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HI there! I just got 3 surgeries at the same time done to my nose only 3 days ago. I got the bump on the top of my nose shaved down, I got my very diviated septum corrected and i got my sinuses re opened. Well in my sleep my boyfriend accidentaly hit my nose hard witht he back of his head and I am really worried because the doctor said not to bump it at all. There was no bleeding but it hurt so bad that my two front top teeth hurt. I put ice on it. But I am very worried
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I had a rhino septoplasty 4 months ago. This week end i was assaulted an hit in the nose. It is still straight but very swollen. I could be broke although this didnt show on the xray. i was delighted with my surgery and my new nose because i couldnt breathe through it properly before. what should i do?
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If a patient collapses of one of the nasal bones from an injury in the immediate post-op period it might well require what's called a closed reduction. Unfortunately, the window for performing such a procedure is fairly narrow: about 2 weeks from the date of the injury. You might wish to get a second opinion from a surgeon experienced in rhinoplasty.
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I think if it makes you feel more comfortable with yourself, then why not do it. You are the one who has to look in the mirror everyday at yourself. Do you have any after pictures that you can post? Or If you do already.. not sure where to find it (new to this site). I'm wanting to research Rhinoplasty myself... Good Luck!
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the picture i posted was about a week after i hit it. i hit it 11 day's after surgery, and the picture was taken 18 day's after surgery. as you can see it's quite larger on one side than the other. i can still see a difference in each side, and the side that i hit is indented along the bridge line. i'm so upset with myself but not sure rather i truly was the creator of this indention or if it just hasn't healed all the way and maybe it will eventually even out. my doctor say's to give it time but i feel anxious and scared. scared i won't have the money to get it fixed after time goes it doesn't change and scared of additional problems having a second rhinoplasty may cause.
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Hmm...well I suppose the reason you got the surgery was because you werent happy with the nose...so if you will be bothered for the rest of your life by the "imperfection", go for it. Sometimes we are our worst critics...but its your nose...so if you notice it and no one else does...i guess get it done. hope this helps
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