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TT 11/8/11 Finally seeing the results!! - Hinsdale, IL

I'm a 41yr old mother of 3 (19,13 and 3). I...

I'm a 41yr old mother of 3 (19,13 and 3). I lost 43lbs between April 2006 and February 2008, then I found out I was pregnant with my last and 3rd child (a boy). While I did manage to not gain much after giving birth, I still had the baby fat left and no matter how much I worked out it was budging. I went to have a mole removed from the bridge of my nose and saw the sign for Zerona Laser Liposuction. After completing my final treatment of the laser Dr. B said I would benefit from a TT. I discussed the procedure with my husband and then scheduled my procedure. I am greatly terrified but excited and I have seen great results on this site. I am so looking forward to finally having a flat tummy for the first time in 13yrs.


Hey Philli - we're scheduled for the same day!! We're on the count down!!!
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Welcome Philli70, can't wait to read about your journey! November 8th will be here before you know it! I go for my pre-op on November 15th and I have my TT on December 15th...I'm counting down...
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stephanielpn, my pre-op is tomorrow 10/28/11 and I got a call asking to move the surgery up to Nov 7th instead of the Nov 8th, I gladly agreed!! I am looking forward to postung my progress here. I cannot express how happy I am to have found this site.

10/28/11 Pre-op appt today and everything went...

10/28/11 Pre-op appt today and everything went well. I am even more excited but as the time is drawing near I am getting nervous too. I made the mistake of watching video of a tummy tuck and got queasy, nevertheless I am still ready. My countdown is now in the single digits, 9 days and counting.


would love to see your pics NewMe31.
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Hey good luck on your surgery. I am 8 weeks post-op and lovingI It despite all the swell hell I am going through. Make sure you get plenty of rest while your recovering and let others help you. As women I know we can sometimes be a bit stubborn. :) I wish you the best..
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moved up one day? Hey, that's even better! Now your countdown is even shorter! Looking forward to reading about your journey...;-)

Oct 31, 2011: 7 days and counting!! I a m really...

Oct 31, 2011: 7 days and counting!! I a m really nervous but only about the pain after the surgery. I opened my binder last night and was just wonder, if I am to wear it for 23 hours a day, just how do I go to the bath room with it on and what about the drains? If anyone can help me out please do.


OK Miss Phili70 - I'll chat with you on the recovery side!! Good luck tomorrow!
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Hey girlie! Checking in to see how things went today? Check in when you can...
Hi, good luck on your surgery! Mine is scheduled for Nov. 10, so I'm just 2 days after you, :)
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Nov. 13, 2011: Sorry for the late follow-up, the...

Nov. 13, 2011: Sorry for the late follow-up, the surgery went well! I was only nervous about the pain after but I tolerated it well. We got a late start, surgery started at 9am, I got home about 4pm and was up by 8pm to use the bathroom. I started walking the next day with very little help and have only taken my pain medicine to sleep. I can't see much results because of the swelling but I'm hopeful. The gas afterwards is terrible but once you get pass that it is ok. I had a bowel movement on day 2 and that did help a lot. I got a little depressed yesterday for the first time because I am sick of going from the bed, walking, to the kitchen for an hour or so and then back to bed. I am used to being on the go and this was hard for me, however a friend unknowingly cheered me up with a goofy text and I haven't stopped laughing since. I have my first PO tomorrow and I am hoping to have this drain removed. The swelling had been the worse part for me because the binder feels like it is cutting off my circulation. I am so very thankful for my mother, she has been here since day one, she had emptied my drains(every 6hrs), given me my medications(every 12hrs for antibiotics and in between for everything else), given me baths and fixed meals for me. I well post pics soon.


Good luck sweetie on your recovery ;) I'm on my 12 day and doing fantastic. Did have a major breakdown yesterday just cried and cried then started my period so I think maybe that had something to do with it or I'm just going to say that is what it was lol ... can't wait to see your photos. Wish you the best sweetie xoxo deb
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I haven't posted any pictures yet because I am...

I haven't posted any pictures yet because I am functioning from my phone, as soon as I can access one of my kids' laptops I will post pics. They are not very good however


Glad you're doing better! don't be depressed, Thank God you came out of it a NEW YOU and think of it as a vacation at home. Tell hubby and kids to pamper you, paint your toenails and your nails, etc. make it fun order movies and watch funny stuff thats my plan!!! :-) Can't wait to see your pics!!! I'll be right with you in 2 wks!!! :-))))))
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Hi there! I'm glad to hear your doing well and that the surgery was a success. I got cabin fever really quick so I know how u feel. I had my mom to help me as well waiting on me hand and foot. Don't rush your recovery process and listen to your body.
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where are your pics of the new belly???
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Had my po on Monday, drain is still in and finally...

Had my po on Monday, drain is still in and finally saw my new navel(yuck)...lol. I am finally seeing results, swollen but I can see it. I am standing straighter, still a slight hunch, but I feel better about things. I over did it a bit on Tuesday by trying to do a little shopping. When I got home I was extremely swollen and sore. I bought a dress and loved the results I saw when I put it on and I was swollen. I will post pics later today


You look great! How does your incision look?
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Wow, you do look nice. I'm waiting get one just got to deliver the baby in July, lose some weight and find a reputable dr.
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Wow, you look really nice. Can you send me info on your doctor......
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